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ISSN: 0036-8075 (Print) 

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Global wildlife trade across the tree of life (vol 366, pg 71, 2019)
Scheffers BR, Oliveira BF, Lamb I, Edwards DP
350 - 350 Avoiding another Hiroshima
Albright MK
351 - 351 Systemic racism persists in the sciences
Wingfield AH
352 - 352 Interferon drug shows promise
Brainard J
352 - 352 Bats' antiviral defenses revealed
Brainard J
352 - 353 COVID-19 data diverted from CDC
Brainard J
352 - 352 US OKs tests of pooled samples
Brainard J
353 - 353 'Challenge' studies gain backing
Brainard J
353 - 353 Ancient ramps for disabilities
Brainard J
353 - 353 EU research budget falls short of hopes
Brainard J
353 - 353 Space telescope delayed again
Brainard J
353 - 353 Trial enrollment inches up
Brainard J
353 - 353 US reworks environment rule
Brainard J
354 - 355 Earth's climate destiny finally seen more clearly Landmark study narrows bounds for "climate sensitivity," ruling out benign warming
Voosen P
355 - 356 Tools suggest people reached Americas early Skeptics question Mexican finds that suggest settlement during the last ice age
Curry A
356 - 358 Data secrecy may cripple US attempts to slow pandemic California and other states don't release as much detail on cases and contacts as epidemiologists want
Piller C
358 - 358 Research cruises gingerly resume With quarantines, social distancing, and smaller crews, US ocean science sets sail again
Graber-Stiehl I
359 - 359 University reopening plans under fire As the pandemic surges in the United States, academics worry returning students could spread the virus
Madhusoodanan J
360 - 360 Polio vaccinators are back after pandemic pause Mass campaigns resume after modelers warn about risk of "explosive" outbreaks
Roberts L
361 - 365 AFTERMATH
Normile D
366 - 368 COVID-19 affects HIV and tuberculosis care The COVID-19 response should be balanced with the need to manage other diseases
Karim QA, Karim SSA
368 - 369 Mathematical models to guide pandemic response Models can be used to learn from the past and prepare for the future
Metcalf CJE, Morris DH, Park SW
370 - 371 The COVID-19 pandemic and human fertility Birth trends in response to the pandemic will vary according to socioeconomic conditions
Aassve A, Cavalli N, Mencarini L, Plach S, Bacci ML
372 - 373 Tying amines down for stable CO2 capture Sequestering greenhouse gas for different fuel mixes requires better sorbent stability
Peh SB, Zhao D
373 - 374 Fine-tuning stemness Targeted degradation determines whether embryonic stem cells undergo differentiation
Borsa M, Simon AK
375 - 376 Interrogating hot electrons in tunnel junctions Electronic transport reveals excited-carrier energy distribution in plasmonic nanostructures
Martin-Moreno L
376 - 377 Was smallpox a widespread mild disease? Ancient DNA from the Viking Age suggests a rethink about the origin and evolution of smallpox
Alcami A
378 - 378 Beth Cindy Levine (1960-2020) Visionary physician scientist who linked autophagy to disease
Virgin HW, Cuervo AM, Xavier RJ
379 - + Ecology and economics for pandemic prevention Investments to prevent tropical deforestation and to limit wildlife trade will protect against future zoonosis outbreaks
Dobson AP, Pimm SL, Hannah L, Kaufman L, Ahumada JA, Ando AW, Bernstein A, Busch J, Daszak P, Engelmann J, Kinnaird MF, Li BBV, Loch-Temzelides T, Lovejoy T, Nowak K, Roehrdanz PR, Vale MM
382 - 383 The Sirens of Mars
Shindell M
382 - 383 Once Upon a Time I Lived on Mars
Shindell M
384 - 384 Burn-In: A Novel of the Real Robotic Revolution
Lucas G
385 - 386 A community-led approach to COVID-19
Artelle KA, Brown K, Chan DE, Silver JJ
385 - 385 Nicaragua's COVID-19 crisis demands a response
Huete-Perez J, Hildebrand J
386 - 386 Lessons from viruses that affect lagomorphs
Rouco C, Abrantes J, Delibes-Mateos M
390 - + Simultaneous cross-evaluation of heterogeneous E. coli datasets via mechanistic simulation
Macklin DN, Ahn-Horst TA, Choi H, Ruggero NA, Carrera J, Mason JC, Sun G, Agmon E, DeFelice MM, Maayan I, Lane K, Spangler RK, Gillies TE, Paull ML, Akhter S, Bray SR, Weaver DS, Keseler IM, Karp PD, Morrison JH, Covert MW
391 - + Diverse variola virus (smallpox) strains were widespread in northern Europe in the Viking Age
Muhlemann B, Vinner L, Margaryan A, Wilhelmson H, Castro CD, Allentoft ME, Damgaard PD, Hansen AJ, Nielsen SH, Strand LM, Bill J, Buzhilova A, Pushkina T, Falys C, Khartanovich V, Moiseyev V, Jorkov MLS, Sorensen PO, Magnusson Y, Gustin I, Schroeder H, Sutter G, Smith GL, Drosten C, Fouchier RAM, Smith DJ, Willerslev E, Jones TC, Sikora M
392 - + Cooperative carbon capture and steam regeneration with tetraamine-appended metal-organic frameworks
Kim EJ, Siegelman RL, Jiang HZH, Forse AC, Lee JH, Martell JD, Milner PJ, Falkowski JM, Neaton JB, Reimer JA, Weston SC, Long JR
397 - + Chaperone-mediated autophagy regulates the pluripotency of embryonic stem cells
Xu Y, Zhang Y, Garcia-Canaveras JC, Guo LL, Kan MY, Yu SX, Blair IA, Rabinowitz JD, Yang XL
403 - + The activities of drug inactive ingredients on biological targets
Pottel J, Armstrong D, Zou L, Fekete A, Huang XP, Torosyan H, Bednarczyk D, Whitebread S, Bhhatarai B, Liang GQ, Jin H, Ghaemi SN, Slocum S, Lukacs KV, Irwin JJ, Berg EL, Giacomini KM, Roth BL, Shoichet BK, Urban L
413 - + The impact of COVID-19 and strategies for mitigation and suppression in low- and middle-income countries
Walker PGT, Whittaker C, Watson OJ, Baguelin M, Winskill P, Hamlet A, Djafaara BA, Cucunuba Z, Mesa DO, Green W, Thompson H, Nayagam S, Ainslie KEC, Bhatia S, Bhatt S, Boonyasiri A, Boyd O, Brazeau NF, Cattarino L, Cuomo-Dannenburg G, Dighe A, Donnelly CA, Dorigatti I, van Elsland SL, FitzJohn R, Fu H, Gaythorpe KAM, Geidelberg L, Grassly N, Haw D, Hayes S, Hinsley W, Imai N, Jorgensen D, Knock E, Laydon D, Mishra S, Nedjati-Gilani G, Okell LC, Unwin HJ, Verity R, Vollmer M, Walters CE, Wang HW, Wang YR, Xi XY, Lalloo DG, Ferguson NM, Ghani AC
423 - + Determining plasmonic hot-carrier energy distributions via single-molecule transport measurements
Reddy H, Wang K, Kudyshev Z, Zhu LX, Yan S, Vezzoli A, Higgins SJ, Gavini V, Boltasseva A, Reddy P, Shalaev VM, Meyhofer E
427 - + Ultrahigh-strength and ductile superlattice alloys with nanoscale disordered interfaces
Yang T, Zhao YL, Li WP, Yu CY, Luan JH, Lin DY, Fan L, Jiao ZB, Liu WH, Liu XJ, Kai JJ, Huang JC, Liu CT
433 - + Structural basis for membrane insertion by the human ER membrane protein complex
Pleiner T, Tomaleri GP, Januszyk K, Inglis AJ, Hazu M, Voorhees RM
436 - + Remote structuring of near-field landscapes
Ginis V, Piccardo M, Tamagnone M, Lu JS, Qiu M, Kheifets S, Capasso F
440 - + An evolution-based model for designing chorismate mutase enzymes
Russ WP, Figliuzzi M, Stocker C, Barrat-Charlaix P, Socolich M, Kast P, Hilvert D, Monasson R, Cocco S, Weigt M, Ranganathan R
446 - + Anomalous absorption of electromagnetic waves by 2D transition metal carbonitride Ti3CNTx (MXene)
Iqbal A, Shahzad F, Hantanasirisakul K, Kim MK, Kwon J, Hong J, Kim H, Kim D, Gogotsi Y, Koo CM
450 - + Itaconate is an effector of a Rab GTPase cell-autonomous host defense pathway against Salmonella
Chen MX, Sun H, Boot M, Shao L, Chang SJ, Wang WW, Lam TT, Lara-Tejero M, Rego EH, Galan JE
456 - + Genomic insights into the early peopling of the Caribbean
Nagele K, Posth C, Orbegozo MI, de Armas YC, Godoy STH, Herrera UMG, Nieves-Colon MA, Sandoval-Velasco M, Mylopotamitaki D, Radzeviciute R, Laffoon J, Pestle WJ, Ramos-Madrigal J, Lamnidis TC, Schaffer WC, Carr RS, Day JS, Antunez CA, Rivero AR, Martinez-Fuentes AJ, Crespo-Torres E, Roksandic I, Stone AC, Lalueza-Fox C, Hoogland M, Roksandic M, Hofman CL, Krause J, Schroeder H
460 - + Large-scale mutation in the evolution of a gene complex for cryptic coloration
Villoutreix R, de Carvalho CF, Soria-Carrasco V, Lindtke D, De-la-Mora M, Muschick M, Feder JL, Parchman TL, Gompert Z, Nosil P
466 - + Cell growth dilutes the cell cycle inhibitor Rb to trigger cell division
Zatulovskiy E, Zhang SY, Berenson DF, Topacio BR, Skotheim JM
474 - 474 Working through grief
Nordseth A