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ISSN: 0036-8075 (Print) 

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Synthesis and characterization of the pentazolate anion cyclo-N-5(-) in (N-5)(6)(H3O)(3)(NH4)(4)Cl (vol 41, pg 354, 2019)
Zhang C, Sun C, Hu B, Yu C, Lu M
831 - 831 Smaller, greener, better
Thorp HH
832 - 832 VIROLOGY Coronavirus name splits scientists
Brainard J
832 - 832 NASA picks mission candidates
Brainard J
832 - 832 Japan builds giant neutrino trap
Brainard J
833 - 833 Databases can impair reviews
Brainard J
833 - 833 Facebook frees up political data
Brainard J
833 - 833 Former IPCC head dies
Brainard J
833 - 833 Engineers led job growth among US Ph.D.s
Brainard J
833 - 833 Satellite worries deepen
Brainard J
833 - 834 Bezos offers billions for climate
834 - 834 Agency restores animal records
836 - 837 Coronavirus epidemic snarls science worldwide Experiments are halted as China remains locked down; many conferences are canceled
Service RF
837 - 838 Microbiome researcher accused of sexual misconduct Questions arise about the work of researcher Jeff Leach, known for studies of Hadza hunter-gatherers in Tanzania
Vogel G
838 - 839 Strange bedfellows for human ancestors Homo erectus and other "super-archaics" may have interbred with ancient humans
Gibbons A
840 - 840 Tough microbe's DNA could be a lasting archive Artist and DNA storage pioneer says microbes could preserve a record of humanity
Nadis S
841 - 841 In 'living materials,' microbes are makers Cells enable materials to reproduce or manufacture medicines
Service RF
842 - 845 #METOO MOVES SOUTH The fight against harassment in Latin American science gains strength
Wessel L, Ortega RP
846 - 848 Old methane and modern climate change Old methane is less important for our immediate future than contemporary sources
Dean JF
848 - 849 Two paths to intrinsic quantization A pair of materials demonstrate new and different routes to an exotic quantum behavior
Wakefield JP, Checkelsky JG
850 - 851 Cross-modal sensory transfer: Bumble bees do it Stored sensory input permits two sensory channels to exchange and compare information
von der Emde G, de Perera TB
851 - 852 A time to grow and a time to pause Mechanisms of programmed arrest protect animals from the passage of time
Van Gilst M
852 - 853 Toward a universal flu vaccine A vaccine adjuvant elicits broad protection against influenza in animals
Herold S, Sander LE
854 - 855 Stem cells and the heart-the road ahead After 20 years of research, pluripotent stem cells move to the fore to treat heart disease
Murry CE, MacLellan WR
856 - 858 Promoting biosecurity by professionalizing biosecurity A credential system could improve policy and practice
Moritz RL, Berger KM, Owen BR, Gillum DR
859 - 859 Electric Brain
James C
860 - 860 Antimony, Gold, and Jupiter's Wolf: How the Elements Were Named
Pohl N
861 - 861 Conservationists deserve protection
Bohm M, Henriques S, Hochkirch A, Rodriguez JP
861 - 862 Public health scientists in the crosshairs
Wandschneider L, Namer Y, Razum O
862 - 863 Illegal poachers turn to helmeted hornbills
Li W, Huang W
863 - 863 Treadmilling by FtsZ filaments drives peptidoglycan synthesis and bacterial cell division (vol 367, eaba6311, 2020)
Bisson-Filho AW, Hsu YP, Squyres GR, Kuru E, Wu FB, Jukes C, Sun YJ, Dekker C, Holden S, VanNieuwenhze MS, Brun YV, Garner EC
863 - 863 Loci associated with skin pigmentation identified in African populations (vol 367, eaba7178, 2020)
Crawford NG, Kelly DE, Hansen MEB, Beltrame MH, Fan SH, Bowman SL, Jewett E, Ranciaro A, Thompson S, Lo Y, Pfeifer SP, Jensen JD, Campbell MC, Beggs W, Hormozdiari F, Mpoloka SW, Mokone GG, Nyambo T, Meskel DW, Belay G, Haut J, Rothschild H, Zon L, Zhou Y, Kovacs MA, Xu M, Zhang TW, Bishop K, Sinclair J, Rivas C, Elliot E, Choi J, Li SCA, Hicks B, Burgess S, Abnet C, Watkins-Chow DE, Oceana E, Song YS, Eskin E, Brown KM, Marks MS, Loftus SK, Pavan WJ, Yeager M, Chanock S, Tishkoff S
867 - + How mycorrhizal associations drive plant population and community biology
Tedersoo L, Bahram M, Zobel M
869 - + Pulmonary surfactant-biomimetic nanoparticles potentiate heterosubtypic influenza immunity
Wang J, Li PY, Yu Y, Fu YH, Jiang HY, Lu M, Sun ZP, Jiang SB, Lu L, Wu MX
870 - + Vertebrate diapause preserves organisms long term through Polycomb complex members
Hu CK, Wang W, Brind'Amour J, Singh PP, Reeves GA, Lorincz MC, Alvarado AS, Brunet A
875 - + Structure of nucleosome-bound human BAF complex
He S, Wu ZH, Tian Y, Yu ZS, Yu JL, Wang XX, Li J, Liu BJ, Xu YH
881 - + Molecular mechanism of biased signaling in a prototypical G protein-coupled receptor
Suomivuori CM, Latorraca NR, Wingler LM, Eismann S, King MC, Kleinhenz ALW, Skiba MA, Staus DP, Kruse AC, Lefkowitz RJ, Dror RO
888 - + Angiotensin and biased analogs induce structurally distinct active conformations within a GPCR
Wingler LM, Skiba MA, McMahon C, Staus DP, Kleinhenz ALW, Suomivuori CM, Latorraca NR, Dror RO, Lefkowitz RJ, Kruse AC
892 - + Cooling of a levitated nanoparticle to the motional quantum ground state
Delic U, Reisenbauer M, Dare K, Grass D, Vuletic V, Kiesel N, Aspelmeyer M
895 - + Quantum anomalous Hall effect in intrinsic magnetic topological insulator MnBi2Te4
Deng YJ, Yu YJ, Shi MZ, Guo ZX, Xu ZH, Wang J, Chen XH, Zhang YB
900 - + Intrinsic quantized anomalous Hall effect in a moire heterostructure
Serlin M, Tschirhart CL, Polshyn H, Zhang Y, Zhu J, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, Balents L, Young AF
903 - + Disassembling 2D van der Waals crystals into macroscopic monolayers and reassembling into artificial lattices
Liu F, Wu WJ, Bai YS, Chae SH, Li QY, Wang J, Hone J, Zhu XY
907 - + Old carbon reservoirs were not important in the deglacial methane budget
Dyonisius MN, Petrenko VV, Smith AM, Hua Q, Yang B, Schmitt J, Beck J, Seth B, Bock M, Hmiel B, Vimont I, Menking JA, Shackleton SA, Baggenstos D, Bauska TK, Rhodes RH, Sperlich P, Beaudette R, Harth C, Kalk M, Brook EJ, Fischer H, Severinghaus JP, Weiss RF
910 - + Bumble bees display cross-modal object recognition between visual and tactile senses
Solvi C, Al-Khudhairy SG, Chittka L
912 - + Ancient origins of allosteric activation in a Ser-Thr kinase
Hadzipasic A, Wilson C, Nguyen V, Kern N, Kim C, Pitsawong W, Villali J, Zheng YJ, Kern D
917 - + Biocatalytic synthesis of planar chiral macrocycles
Gagnon C, Godin E, Minozzi C, Sosoe J, Pochet C, Collins SK