Science, Vol.367, No.6478 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0036-8075 (Print) 

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605 - 605 For science, Brexit isn't done yet
Wilsdon J
606 - 606 Colombian science head faulted
Brainard J
606 - 607 Reaping resources from sewers
Brainard J
606 - 606 China virus response criticized as slow
Brainard J
607 - 607 Locusts overrun Horn of Africa, threatening famine
Brainard J
607 - 607 Wildlife breeding plan criticized
Brainard J
607 - 607 NSF 'big ideas' pay off
607 - 607 Reproducibility tool scales up
608 - 608 BRAIN Initiative gets leader
608 - 608 Rare disease grants awarded
608 - 608 Easing of bird fines proposed
610 - 611 Will novel virus go pandemic or be contained?
Kupferschmidt K, Cohen J
611 - 612 Combo of two HIV vaccines fails its big test
Cohen J
612 - 613 Climate change spurs global speedup of ocean currents
Voosen P
613 - 614 Prominent spider biologist spun a web of questionable data
Pennisi E
614 - 615 Prosecutor details China probe that snared chemist
Mervis J
616 - 616 CRISPR takes on cancer
Couzin-Frankel J
617 - 617 Underground oil fires liberate carbon-free fuel
Hand E
Cho A
622 - 624 No hasty solutions for African swine fever
Gavier-Widen D, Stahl K, Dixon L
624 - 625 Porous crystals as membranes
Carreon MA
626 - 627 Discovering the limits of ecological resilience
Bridle J, van Rensburg A
627 - 628 Room-temperature magnetoelastic coupling
Zhou Y, Han ST
628 - 629 In the heat of the night
Lazzari CR
630 - 632 Using sewage for surveillance of antimicrobial resistance
Aarestrup FM, Woolhouse MEJ
633 - 633 18 Tiny Deaths
Adam A
634 - 634 The Uncounted
O'Hare WP
635 - 635 Marine heat waves threaten kelp forests
Arafeh-Dalmau N, Schoeman DS, Montano-Moctezuma G, Micheli F, Rogers-Bennett L, Olguin-Jacobson C, Possingham HP
635 - 636 Marine restoration projects are undervalued
Gordon TAC, Radford AN, Simpson SD, Meekan MG
636 - 636 US action lowers barriers to invasive species
Simberloff D, Barney JN, Mack RN, Carlton JT, Reaser JK, Stewart BS, Tabor G, Lane EM, Hyatt W, Malcom JW, Buchanan L, Meyerson LA
640 - + The biology, function, and biomedical applications of exosomes
Kalluri R, LeBleu VS
641 - + Enhanced sustainable green revolution yield via nitrogen-responsive chromatin modulation in rice
Wu K, Wang SS, Song WZ, Zhang JQ, Wang Y, Liu Q, Yu JP, Ye YF, Li S, Chen JF, Zhao Y, Wang J, Wu XK, Wang MY, Zhang YJ, Liu BM, Wu YJ, Harberd NP, Fu XD
642 - + Butyrophilin 2A1 is essential for phosphoantigen reactivity by gamma delta T cells
Rigau M, Ostrouska S, Fulford TS, Johnson DN, Woods K, Ruan Z, McWilliam HEG, Hudson C, Tutuka C, Wheatley AK, Kent SJ, Villadangos JA, Pal B, Kurts C, Simmonds J, Pelzing M, Nash AD, Hammet A, Verhagen AM, Vairo G, Maraskovsky E, Panousis C, Gherardin NA, Cebon J, Godfrey DI, Behren A, Uldrich AP
643 - + Mechanism of homodimeric cytokine receptor activation and dysregulation by oncogenic mutations
Wilmes S, Hafer M, Vuorio J, Tucker JA, Winkelmann H, Lochte S, Stanly TA, Prieto KDP, Poojari C, Sharma V, Richter CP, Kurre R, Hubbard SR, Garcia KC, Moraga I, Vattulainen I, Hitchcock IS, Piehler J
652 - + An AMPK-caspase-6 axis controls liver damage in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
Zhao P, Sun XL, Chaggan C, Liao ZJ, Wong KI, He F, Singh S, Loomba R, Karin M, Witztum JL, Saltiel AR
661 - + CO2 electrolysis to multicarbon products at activities greater than 1 A cm(-2)
de Arquer FPG, Dinh CT, Ozden A, Wicks J, McCallum C, Kirmani AR, Nam DH, Gabardo C, Seifitokaldani A, Wang X, Li YGC, Li FW, Edwards J, Richter LJ, Thorpe SJ, Sinton D, Sargent EH
667 - + Na+-gated water-conducting nanochannels for boosting CO2 conversion to liquid fuels
Li HZ, Qiu CL, Ren SJ, Dong QB, Zhang SX, Zhou FL, Liang XH, Wang JG, Li SG, Yu M
671 - + Room temperature magnetoelectric coupling in a molecular ferroelectric ytterbium(III) complex
Long J, Ivanov MS, Khomchenko VA, Mamontova E, Thibaud JM, Rouquette J, Beaudhuin M, Granier D, Ferreira RAS, Carlos LD, Donnadieu B, Henriques MSC, Paixao JA, Guari Y, Larionova J
676 - + Total synthesis of the complex taxane diterpene canataxpropellane
Schneider F, Samarin K, Zanella S, Gaich T
681 - + Mosquito heat seeking isdriven by an ancestral cooling receptor
Greppi C, Laursen WJ, Budelli G, Chang EC, Daniels AM, Van Giesen L, Smidler AL, Catteruccia F, Garrity PA
685 - + Climate change contributes to widespread declines among bumble bees across continents
Soroye P, Newbold T, Kerr J
688 - + Microglia mediate forgetting via complement-dependent synaptic elimination
Wang C, Yue HM, Hu ZC, Shen YW, Ma J, Li J, Wang XD, Wang L, Sun BG, Shi P, Wang L, Gu Y
694 - + Valence and patterning of aromatic residues determine the phase behavior of prion-like domains
Martin EW, Holehouse AS, Peran I, Farag M, Incicco JJ, Bremer A, Grace CR, Soranno A, Pappu RV, Mittag T
700 - + Structure of an active human histone pre-mRNA 3 '-end processing machinery
Sun YD, Zhang YX, Aik WS, Yang XC, Marzluff WF, Walz T, Dominski Z, Tong L
710 - 710 Just for fun
Roebuck BD