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ISSN: 0036-8075 (Print) 

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Efficient access to unprotected primary amines by iron-catalyzed aminochlorination of alkenes (vol 365, eaay8140, 2019)
Legnani L, Prina-Cerai G, Delcaillau T, Willems S, Morandi B
301 - 301 Quo vadis, Mexican science?
Lazcano A
302 - 302 INFECTIOUS DISEASE Ebola declared international emergency
Brainard J
302 - 302 India launches moon probe
Brainard J
302 - 302 Germany mandates vaccine
Brainard J
302 - 303 Hawaii protests shut scopes
Brainard J
303 - 303 UK animal experiments decline
Brainard J
303 - 303 Twins with rare disease die
Brainard J
303 - 303 Neutrino hunter to get upgrade
Brainard J
303 - 303 Two-year deal boosts spending
Brainard J
304 - 305 RESEARCH POLICY Indonesia gets tough on foreign scientists
Rochmyaningsih D
305 - 306 RESEARCH POLICY Cuts and dismissive remarks unnerve Mexican scientists
Wade L
306 - 307 ASTROPHYSICS New tactics clash on speed of expanding universe
Sokol J
308 - 309 STEM EDUCATION Vaunted diversityprogram catches on
Mervis J
309 - 309 BIOMEDICINE Once-a-year implant shows promise against HIV
Cohen J
310 - 313 MITE FIGHT
Stokstad E
314 - 316 The cells of regeneration
Reddien PW
316 - 317 Immune control of the microbiota prevents obesity
Wang YH, Hooper LV
318 - 319 Tales from the crypt(ic)
Lee JA, Marx CJ
319 - 320 Lowering ceramides to overcome diabetes
Kusminski CM, Scherer PE
320 - 321 A durable semiconductor photocatalyst
Swift E
322 - 323 Keeping air pollution policies on track
Fuller GW, Font A
324 - 324 Magnetic modification of electrical resistance
Hassinger E, Meng T
325 - + The case for a supply-side climate treaty
Asheim GB, Faehn T, Nyborg K, Greaker M, Hagem C, Harstad B, Hoel MO, Lund D, Rosendahl KE
328 - 329 Among the Pigeons
Losos JB
328 - 329 Deadly cats down under Science meets the great cat debate
Losos JB
329 - 331 Cats in Australia
Dicks L
329 - 331 Small wonders
Dicks L
329 - 331 Small wonders The curious and vital role of insects takes center stage in three new tomes
Dicks L
331 - 331 The End of Forgetting Growing Up with Social Media
332 - 333 Unhelpful inflation of threatened species
Costello MJ
332 - 332 China's early warning system progress
Ji J, Gao YF, Lui Q, Wu ZJ, Zhang WJ, Zhang CS
333 - 333 Vietnam's fish kill remains unexamined
Dinh KV
334 - 335 Scientific seminars equip judges to counter opioid crisis
Cohen AD
335 - 336 Scientists engage public on human augmentation
Hoy AQ
340 - + T cell-mediated regulation of the microbiota protects against obesity
Petersen C, Bell R, Kiag KA, Lee SH, Soto R, Ghazaryan A, Buhrke K, Ekiz HA, Ost KS, Boudina S, O'Connell RM, Cox JE, Villanueva CJ, Stephens WZ, Round JL
341 - + Stem cell differentiation trajectories in Hydra resolved at single-cell resolution
Siebert S, Farrell JA, Cazet JF, Abeykoon Y, Primack AS, Schnitzler CE, Juliano CE
342 - + The nucleolus functions as a phase-separated protein quality control compartment
Frottin F, Schueder F, Tiwary S, Gupta R, Korner R, Schlichthaerle T, Cox J, Jungmann R, Hartl FU, Hipp MS
347 - + Cryptic genetic variation accelerates evolution by opening access to diverse adaptive peaks
Zheng J, Payne JL, Wagnere A
353 - + Resetting histone modifications during human parental-to-zygotic transition
Xia WK, Xu JW, Yu G, Yao GD, Xu K, Ma XS, Zhang N, Liu BF, Li T, Lin ZL, Chen X, Li LJ, Wang QJ, Shi DY, Shi SL, Zhang YL, Song WY, Jin HX, Hu LL, Bu ZQ, Wang Y, Na J, Xie W, Sun YP
360 - + Organic semiconductor photocatalyst can bifunctionalize arenes and heteroarenes
Ghosh I, Khamrai J, Savateev A, Shlapakov N, Antonietti M, Konig B
367 - + Molecular electrocatalysts can mediate fast, selective CO2 reduction in a flow cell
Ren SX, Joulie D, Salvatore D, Torbensen K, Wang M, Robert M, Berlinguette CP
369 - + Direct observations of submarine melt and subsurface geometry at a tidewater glacier
Sutherland DA, Jackson RH, Kienholz C, Amundson JM, Dryer WP, Duncan D, Eidam EF, Motyka RJ, Nash JD
374 - + Spatiotemporal light control with frequency-gradient metasurfaces
Shaltout AM, Lagoudakis KG, van de Groep J, Kim SJ, Vuckovic J, Shalaev VM, Brongersma ML
377 - + Singular angular magnetoresistance in a magnetic nodal semimetal
Suzuki T, Savary L, Liu JP, Lynn JW, Balents L, Checkelsky JG
382 - + A cytosine deaminase for programmable single-base RNA editing
Abudayyeh OO, Gootenberg JS, Franklin B, Koob J, Kellner MJ, Ladha A, Joung J, Kirchgatterer P, Cox DBT, Zhang F
386 - + Targeting a ceramide double bond improves insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis
Chaurasia B, Tippetts TS, Monibas RM, Liu JQ, Li Y, Wang LP, Wilkerson JL, Sweeney CR, Pereira RF, Sumida DH, Maschek JA, Cox JE, Kaddai V, Lancaster GI, Siddique MM, Poss A, Pearson M, Satapati S, Zhou H, McLaren DG, Previs SF, Chen Y, Qian Y, Petrov A, Wu M, Shen XL, Yao J, Nunes CN, Howard AD, Wang LS, Erion MD, Rutter J, Holland WL, Kelley DE, Summers SA
393 - 396 A rice gene that confers broad-spectrum resistance to beta-triketone herbicides
Maeda H, Murata K, Sakuma N, Takei S, Yamazaki A, Karim MR, Kawata M, Hirose S, Kawagishi-Kobayashi M, Taniguchi Y, Suzuki S, Sekino K, Ohshima M, Kato H, Yoshida H, Tozawa Y
402 - 402 Take the leap
del Moral L