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ISSN: 0036-8075 (Print) 

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Opposing reactions in coenzyme A metabolism sensitize Mycobacterium tuberculosis to enzyme inhibition (vol 363, eaau8959, 2019)
Ballinger E, Mosior J, Hartman T, Burns-Huang K, Gold B, Morris R, Goullieux L, Blanc I, Vaubourgeix J, Lagrange S, Fraisse L, Sans S, Couturier C, Bacque E, Rhee K, Scarry SM, Aube J, Yang G, Ouerfelli O, Schnappinger D, Ioerger TR, Engelhart CA, McConnell JA, McAulay K, Fay A, Roubert C, Sacchettini J, Nathan C
Aerosol-driven droplet concentrations dominate coverage and water of oceanic low-level clouds (vol 363, eaav0566, 2019)
Rosenfeld D, Zhu Y, Wang M, Zheng Y, Goren T, Yu S
1113 - 1113 DNA patents revisited
Berg J
1114 - 1114 NIH workers report harassment
Brainard J
1114 - 1114 Trump targets advisory panels
Brainard J
1114 - 1114 INFECTIOUS DISEASE As Ebola spreads, no emergency call
Brainard J
1114 - 1115 China regulates genetic material
Brainard J
1115 - 1116 UK integrity watchdog gears up
Brainard J
1115 - 1115 New York ends vaccine exemption
Brainard J
1115 - 1115 Panel: Keep Landsat images free
Brainard J
1115 - 1115 CLIMATE SCIENCE Abnormal heat causes early Greenland melt
1116 - 1116 Dutch college seeks only women
Brainard J
1116 - 1116 Fecal transplant risks arise
Brainard J
1116 - 1116 PUBLIC OPINION Global survey finds strong support for scientists
Brainard J
1117 - 1118 SCIENCE POLICY NIH prepares to toughen harassment rules
Kaiser J
1118 - 1119 CHINA Hong Kong scientists protest, but also forge mainland ties
Normile D
1119 - 1120 CLINICAL RESEARCH Medicine contends with how to use artificial intelligence
Couzin-Frankel J
1120 - 1121 OCEAN SCIENCE Fight for the Arctic Ocean is a boon for science
Kemeny R
1122 - 1122 SOCIOLOGY OF SCIENCE France is wary of science and vaccines, global survey finds
Rabesandratana T
1123 - 1123 STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY Mutant power resolves protein shapes
Service RF
1124 - 1127 LOST AT SEA
Preston E, Altounian V
1128 - 1130 Do tiny fish rule the reefs?
Riginos C, Leis JM
1130 - 1131 Ruminants: Evolutionary past and future impact
Ker DFE, Yang YP
1132 - 1133 Hiding in plain sight
Halbrook CJ, Crawford HC
1133 - 1135 The gut microbiota and colon cancer
Garrett WS
1135 - + "Two-eyed seeing" supports wildlife health
Kutz S, Tomaselli M
1137 - 1138 Squeezing out higher precision
Schleier-Smith M
1139 - + Government-funded research increasingly fuels innovation
Fleming L, Greene H, Li G, Marx M, Yao D
1142 - 1142 The War for Kindness Building Empathy in a Fractured World
Konrath S
1143 - 1143 Assembling the Dinosaur Fossil Hunters, Tycoons, and the Making of a Spectacle
Nieuwland I
1144 - 1145 Brazil's biodiversity researchers need help
Thome MTC, Haddad CFB
1144 - 1144 Invest in a mphibians and reptiles
Liu HN, Li X, Zhang C
1145 - 1145 China's ineffective plastic solution to haze
Lu XQ, Vogt RD, Li HX, Han SQ, Mo XQ, Zhang YF, Ullah S, Chen C, Han XX, Li HY, Seip HM
1149 - + Trends and challenges in robot manipulation
Billard A, Kragic D
Zahn LM
1152 - + Large-scale ruminant genome sequencing provides insights into their evolution and distinct traits
Chen L, Qin Q, Jiang Y, Wang K, Lin ZS, Li ZP, Bibi F, Yang YZ, Wang JH, Nie WH, Su WT, Liu GC, Li QY, Fu WW, Pan XY, Liu C, Yang J, Zhang CZ, Yin Y, Wang Y, Zhao Y, Zhang C, Wang ZK, Qin YL, Liu W, Wang B, Ren YD, Zhang R, Zeng Y, da Fonseca RR, Wei B, Li R, Wan WT, Zhao RP, Zhu WB, Wang YT, Duan SC, Gao Y, Zhang YE, Chen CY, Hvilsom C, Epps CW, Chemnick LG, Doug Y, Mirarab S, Siegismund HR, Ryder OA, Gilbert MTP, Lewin HS, Zhang GJ, Heller R, Wang W
1153 - + Genetic basis of ruminant headgear and rapid antler regeneration
Wang Y, Zhang CZ, Wang NN, Li ZP, Heller RAM, Liu R, Zhao Y, Han JG, Pan XY, Zheng ZQ, Dai XQ, Chen CS, Dou ML, Peng SJ, Chen XQ, Liu J, Li M, Wang K, Liu C, Lin ZS, Chen L, Hao F, Zhu WB, Song CC, Zhao C, Zheng CL, Wang JM, Hu SW, Li CY, Yang H, Jiang L, Li GY, Liu MJ, Sonstegard TS, Zhang GJ, Jiang Y, Wang W, Qiu Q
1154 - + Biological adaptations in the Arctic cervid, the reindeer (Rangifer tarandus)
Lin ZS, Chen L, Chen XQ, Zhong YB, Yang Y, Xia WH, Liu C, Zhu WB, Wang H, Yan BY, Yang YF, Liu X, Kvie KS, Roed KH, Wang K, Xiao WH, Wei HJ, Li GY, Heller R, Gilbert MTP, Qiu Q, Wang W, Li ZP
1155 - + Rotary substates of mitochondrial ATP synthase reveal the basis of flexible F-1-F-o coupling
Murphy BJ, Klusch N, Langer J, Mills DJ, Yildiz O, Kuhlbrandt W
1156 - + The glycan CA19-9 promotes pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer in mice
Engle DD, Tiriac H, Rivera KD, Pommier A, Whalen S, Oni TE, Alagesan B, Lee EJ, Yao MA, Lucito MS, Spielman B, Da Silva B, Schoepfer C, Wright K, Creighton B, Afinowicz L, Yu KH, Grutzmann R, Aust D, Gimotty PA, Pollard KS, Hruban RH, Goggins MG, Pilarsky C, Park Y, Pappin DJ, Hollingsworth MA, Tuveson DA
1163 - + Quantum amplification of mechanical oscillator motion
Burd SC, Srinivas R, Bollinger JJ, Wilson AC, Wineland DJ, Leibfried D, Slichter DH, Allcock DTC
1166 - + Photoexcitation of flavoenzymes enables a stereoselective radical cyclization
Biegasiewicz KF, Cooper SJ, Gao X, Oblinsky DG, Kim JB, Garfinkle SE, Joyce LA, Sandoval BA, Scholes GD, Hyster TK
1170 - + Direct arene C-H fluorination with F-18(-) via organic photoredox catalysis
Chen W, Huang Z, Tay NES, Giglio B, Wang MZ, Wang H, Wu ZH, Nicewicz DA, Li ZB
1174 - + Particle analogs of electrons in colloidal crystals
Girard M, Wang SZ, Du JS, Das A, Huang ZY, Dravid VP, Lee B, Mirkin CA, de la Cruz MO
1179 - + Akkermansia muciniphila induces intestinal adaptive immune responses during homeostasis
Ansaldo E, Slayden LC, Ching KL, Koch MA, Wolf NK, Plichta DR, Brown EM, Graham DB, Xavier RJ, Moon JJ, Barton GM
1184 - + Structural identification of a hotspot on CFTR for potentiation
Liu FY, Zhang Z, Levit A, Levring J, Touhara KK, Shoichet BK, Chen J
1189 - + Demographic dynamics of the smallest marine vertebrates fuel coral reef ecosystem functioning
Brandl SJ, Tornabene L, Goatley CHR, Casey JM, Morais RA, Cote IM, Baldwin CC, Parravicini V, Schiettekatte NMD, Bellwood DR
1192 - + The small world of global marine fisheries: The cross-boundary consequences of larval dispersal
Ramesh N, Rising JA, Oremus KL
1202 - 1202 Learning how to pivot
Resende P