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Response to Comment on "Rapid cooling and cold storage in a silicic magma reservoir recorded in individual crystals"
Cooper KM, Till CB, Kent AJR, Costa F, Rubin AE, Gravley D, Deering C, Cole J, Bose M
Comment on "Rapid cooling and cold storage in a silicic magma reservoir recorded in individual crystals"
Wilson CJN, Morgan DJ, Charlier BLA, Barker SJ
1504 - 1504 Science, big and small
Berg J
1510 - 1510 Ebola survivors may remain immune
Brainard J
1510 - 1511 Salk plaintiff shown the door
1510 - 1510 NIH tweaks grant plan
1510 - 1510 UK research diversity lags
1511 - 1512 Pause on virus research lifted
1511 - 1511 Iranian death sentence protested
1511 - 1511 Tax reform bill spares students
1511 - 1511 Great southern sky map
1512 - 1512 The Iceman's film debut
1512 - 1512 Deforestation hot spots listed
1513 - 1514 Saturn's rings are solar system newcomers
Voosen P
1514 - 1515 Safety concerns derail dengue vaccination program
Normile D
1515 - 1516 Deep Pacific cooled by 'little ice age' waters
Voosen P
1516 - 1517 Deadly virus threatens European pigs and boar
Stokstad E
1518 - 1519 Were nomads the world's first traders?
Lawler A
1519 - 1519 Blockade harms Qatari science
Kaiser J
Cho A
1522 - 1522 A new great ape species
Stokstad E
1523 - 1523 Biology preprints take off
Kaiser J
1523 - 1523 Life at the atomic level
Pennisi E
1524 - 1524 Pinpoint gene editing
Cohen J
1524 - 1524 A cancer drug's broad swipe
Couzin-Frankel J
1525 - 1525 Earth's atmosphere 2.7 million years ago
Voosen P
1526 - 1526 Deeper roots for Homo sapiens
Gibbons A
1526 - 1526 Gene therapy triumph
Kaiser J
1527 - 1527 A tiny detector for the shiest particles
Cho A
1528 - 1529 Trump and scientists: an epic estrangement
Mervis J
Culotta E
Pennisi E
1530 - 1534 Profound change is coming, but roles for humans remain
Brynjolfsson E, Mitchell T
1535 - 1536 A New World of plants
Givnish TJ
1536 - 1537 How seismic waves lose energy
Dalton CA
1538 - 1539 How land plant life cycles first evolved
Kenrick P
1540 - 1541 The rise of near-zero-index technologies
Liberal I, Engheta N
1541 - 1542 The quest for durable resistance
Moscou MJ, van Esse HP
1543 - 1544 Experiments provide evidence for two liquid phases in supercooled water droplets
Gallo P, Stanley HE
1544 - 1545 Complex regulation of plant sex by peptides
Stegmann M, Zipfel C
1546 - 1546 The secret life of Hedy Lamarr
Blackburn R
1547 - 1547 Taking the lead
Victor DG
1548 - 1548 Managing quantities of antimicrobials
Moran D
1548 - 1548 Managing quantities of antimicrobials Response
Van Boeckel T, Laxminarayan R
1549 - 1549 Loci associated with skin pigmentation identified in African populations (vol 358, eaar7002, 2017)
Crawford NG
1549 - 1549 The realities of race (vol 358, eaar6328, 2017)
Kang J
1549 - 1549 Environmentally relevant concentrations of microplastic particles influence larval fish ecology (Retraction of Vol 358, 10.1126/SCIENCE.AAR7766, 2017)
Lonnstedt OM, Eklov P, Berg J
1549 - 1549 Continue US-Cuban science diplomacy
McKinney L
Smith KT
1556 - 1558 Swope Supernova Survey 2017a (SSS17a), the optical counterpart to a gravitational wave source
Coulter DA, Foley RJ, Kilpatrick CD, Drout MR, Piro AL, Shappee BJ, Siebert MR, Simon JD, Ulloa N, Kasen D, Madore BF, Murguia-Berthier A, Pan YC, Prochaska JX, Ramirez-Ruiz E, Rest A, Rojas-Bravo C
1559 - + Illuminating gravitational waves: A concordant picture of photons from a neutron star merger
Kasliwal MM, Nakar E, Singer LP, Kaplan DL, Cook DO, Van Sistine A, Lau RM, Fremling C, Gottlieb O, Jencson JE, Adams SM, Feindt U, Hotokezaka K, Ghosh S, Perley DA, Yu PC, Piran T, Allison JR, Anupama GC, Balasubramanian A, WBannister K, Bally J, Barnes J, Barway S, Bellm E, Bhalerao V, Bhattacharya D, Blagorodnova N, Bloom JS, Brady PR, Cannella C, Chatterjee D, Cenko SB, Cobb BE, Copperwheat C, Corsi A, De K, Dobie D, Emery SWK, Evans PA, Fox OD, Frail DA, Frohmaier C, Goobar A, Hallinan G, Harrison F, Helou G, Hinderer T, Ho AYQ, Horesh A, Ip WH, Itoh R, Kasen D, Kim H, Kuin NPM, Kupfer T, Lynch C, Madsen K, Mazzali PA, Miller AA, Mooley K, Murphy T, Ngeow CC, Nichols D, Nissanke S, Nugent P, Ofek EO, Qi H, Quimby RM, Rosswog S, Rusu F, Sadler EM, Schmidt P, Sollerman J, Steele I, Williamson AR, Xu Y, Yan L, Yatsu Y, Zhang C, Zhao W
1565 - 1569 Swift and NuSTAR observations of GW170817: Detection of a blue kilonova
Evans PA, Cenko SB, Kennea JA, Emery SWK, Kuin NPM, Korobkin O, Wollaeger RT, Fryer CL, Madsen KK, Harrison FA, Xu Y, Nakar E, Hotokezaka K, Lien A, Campana S, Oates SR, Troja E, Breeveld AA, Marshall FE, Barthelmy SD, Beardmore AP, Burrows DN, Cusumano G, D'Ai A, D'Avanzo P, D'Elia V, De Pasquale M, Even WP, Fontes CJ, Forster K, Garcia J, Giommi P, Grefenstette B, Gronwall C, Hartmann DH, Heida M, Hungerford AL, Kasliwal MM, Krimm HA, Levan AJ, Malesani D, Melandri A, Miyasaka H, Nousek JA, O'Brien PT, Osborne JP, Pagani C, Page KL, Palmer DM, Perri M, Pike S, Racusin JL, Rosswog S, Siegel MH, Sakamoto T, Sbarufatti B, Tagliaferri G, Tanvir NR, Tohuvavohu A
1570 - + Light curves of the neutron star merger GW170817/SSS17a: Implications for r-process nucleosynthesis
Drout MR, Piro AL, Shappee BJ, Kilpatrick CD, Simon JD, Contreras C, Coulter DA, Foley RJ, Siebert MR, Morrell N, Boutsia K, Di Mille F, Holoien TWS, Kasen D, Kollmeier JA, Madore BF, Monson AJ, Murguia-Berthier A, Pan YC, Prochaska JX, Ramirez-Ruiz E, Rest A, Adams C, Alatalo K, Banados E, Baughman J, Beers TC, Bernstein RA, Bitsakis T, Campillay A, Hansen TT, Higgs CR, Ji AP, Maravelias G, Marshall JL, Bidin CM, Prieto JL, Rasmussen KC, Rojas-Bravo C, Strom AL, Ulloa N, Vargas-Gonzalez J, Wan Z, Whitten DD
1574 - 1578 Early spectra of the gravitational wave source GW170817: Evolution of a neutron star merger
Shappee BJ, Simon JD, Drout MR, Piro AL, Morrell N, Prieto JL, Kasen D, Holoien TWS, Kollmeier JA, Kelson DD, Coulter DA, Foley RJ, Kilpatrick CD, Siebert MR, Madore BF, Murguia-Berthier A, Pan YC, Prochaska JX, Ramirez-Ruiz E, Rest A, Adams C, Alatalo K, Banados E, Baughman J, Bernstein RA, Bitsakis T, Boutsia K, Bravo JR, Di Mille F, Higgs CR, Ji AP, Maravelias G, Marshall JL, Placco VM, Prieto G, Wan Z
1579 - + A radio counterpart to a neutron star merger
Hallinan G, Corsi A, Mooley KP, Hotokezaka K, Nakar E, Kasliwal MM, Kaplan DL, Frail DA, Myers ST, Murphy T, De K, Dobie D, Allison JR, Bannister KW, Bhalerao V, Chandra P, Clarke TE, Giacintucci S, Ho AYQ, Horesh A, Kassim NE, Kulkarni SR, Lenc E, Lockman FJ, Lynch C, Nichols D, Nissanke S, Palliyaguru N, Peters WM, Piran T, Rana J, Sadler EM, Singer LP
1583 - 1587 Electromagnetic evidence that SSS17a is the result of a binary neutron star merger
Kilpatrick CD, Foley RJ, Kasen D, Murguia-Berthier A, Ramirez-Ruiz E, Coulter DA, Drout MR, Piro AL, Shappee BJ, Boutsia K, Contreras C, Di Mille F, Madore BF, Morrell N, Pan YC, Prochaska JX, Rest A, Rojas-Bravo C, Siebert MR, Simon JD, Ulloa N
1588 - + Recurrent infection progressively disables host protection against intestinal inflammation
Yang WH, Heithoff DM, Aziz PV, Sperandio M, Nizet V, Mahan MJ, Marth JD
1589 - + Maxima in the thermodynamic response and correlation functions of deeply supercooled water
Kim KH, Spah A, Pathak H, Perakis F, Mariedahl D, Amann-Winkel K, Sellberg JA, Lee JH, Kim S, Park J, Nam KH, Katayama T, Nilsson A
1593 - + Determination of intrinsic attenuation in the oceanic lithosphere-asthenosphere system
Takeuchi N, Kawakatsu H, Shiobara H, Isse T, Sugioka H, Ito A, Utada H
1596 - 1599 Arabidopsis pollen tube integrity and sperm release are regulated by RALF-mediated signaling
Ge ZX, Bergonci T, Zhao YL, Zou YJ, Du S, Liu MC, Luo XJ, Ruan H, Garcia-Valencia LE, Zhong S, Hou SY, Huang QP, Lai LH, Moura DS, Gu HY, Dong J, Wu HM, Dresselhaus T, Xiao JY, Cheung AY, Qu LJ
1600 - 1603 RALF4/19 peptides interact with LRX proteins to control pollen tube growth in Arabidopsis
Mecchia MA, Santos-Fernandez G, Duss NN, Somoza SC, Boisson-Dernier A, Gagliardini V, Martinez-Bernardini A, Fabrice TN, Ringli C, Muschietti JP, Grossniklaus U
1604 - 1606 Variation in the AvrSr35 gene determines Sr35 resistance against wheat stem rust race Ug99
Salcedo A, Rutter W, Wang SC, Akhunova A, Bolus S, Chao SM, Anderson N, De Soto MF, Rouse M, Szabo L, Bowden RL, Dubcovsky J, Akhunov E
1607 - + Loss of AvrSr50 by somatic exchange in stem rust leads to virulence for Sr50 resistance in wheat
Chen JP, Upadhyaya NM, Ortiz D, Sperschneider J, Li F, Bouton C, Breen S, Dong CM, Xu B, Zhang XX, Mago R, Newell K, Xia XD, Bernoux M, Taylor JM, Steffenson B, Jin Y, Zhang P, Kanyuka K, Figueroa M, Ellis JG, Park RF, Dodds PN
1610 - 1613 Asylum applications respond to temperature fluctuations
Missirian A, Schlenker W
1614 - + An integrated assessment of the vascular plant species of the Americas
Ulloa CU, Acevedo-Rodriguez P, Beck S, Belgrano MJ, Bernal R, Berry PE, Brako L, Celis M, Davidse G, Forzza RC, Gradstein SR, Hokche O, Leon B, Leon-Yanez S, Magill RE, Neill DA, Nee M, Raven PH, Stimmel H, Strong MT, Villasenor JL, Zarucchi JL, Zuloaga FO, Jorgensen PM
1617 - 1621 Synthetic transcription elongation factors license transcription across repressive chromatin
Erwin GS, Grieshop MP, Ali A, Qi J, Lawlor M, Kumar D, Ahmad I, McNally A, Teider N, Worringer K, Sivasankaran R, Syed DN, Eguchi A, Ashraf M, Jeffery J, Xu MS, Park PMC, Mukhtar H, Srivastava AK, Faruq M, Bradner JE, Ansari AZ
1622 - 1626 Spatial reconstruction of immune niches by combining photoactivatable reporters and scRNA-seq
Medaglia C, Giladi A, Stoler-Barak L, De Giovanni M, Salame TM, Biram A, David E, Li HJ, Iannacone M, Shulman Z, Amit I
1658 - 1658 My second-chance Ph.D
Chandra S