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ISSN: 0036-8075 (Print) 

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225 - 225 Why Earth Optimism?
Balmford A, Knowlton N
226 - 226 AROUND THE WORLD Funding, with no need to apply
226 - 226 Lone pair of inbred wolves linger on island
226 - 227 New rift in Greenland glacier
227 - 227 FINDINGS Another antiaging blood protein?
227 - 227 Funds to fight tropical diseases
227 - 227 Next salvo in CRISPR battle
228 - 228 Creatures from the sulfurous lagoon
228 - 228 Scorpion's tail subdued prey
229 - 230 PARTICLE PHYSICS In familiar decays, a whiff of new physics
Cho A
230 - 231 PALEONTOLOGY Early animal fossils at risk
McLaughlin K
231 - 232 SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY A moonshot for chemistry
Service RF
232 - 233 PLANT BIOLOGY A new neglected crop: cannabis
Pennisi E
233 - 234 RESEARCH INTEGRITY Society labels harassment as research misconduct
Kuo M
234 - 235 POLAR RESEARCH Scientists hope risky winter voyage yields icy rewards
Cornwall W
Hand E
Sokol J
242 - 242 Empowerment
Chakrabarty P
242 - 242 Facilitating conservation
Sills J
242 - 243 Empowerment
Negi S
243 - 243 Adaptation
Parsons M
243 - 243 Global collaboration
Singh B
243 - 243 Adaptation
Street IH
243 - 243 Adaptation
Arthur PK
243 - 243 Adaptation
Cheung MK
243 - 243 Adaptation
Easun T
243 - 243 Global collaboration
Favaro B
243 - 243 Adaptation
Hilleary R
243 - 243 Empowerment
Andres RM
244 - 244 Public engagement
Buschke F
244 - 244 Behavior management
Cingl L
244 - 244 Public engagement
Pinto PD
244 - 244 Behavior management
Li R
244 - 244 Behavior management
Wang LY
244 - 244 Behavior management
Widge AS
244 - 244 Public engagement
Yoho R
244 - 244 Behavior management
Zhou KL
245 - 245 Oxidation at the atomic scale
Cadavid D, Cabot A
246 - 247 Lasers expose hidden electronic order
Dodge JS
247 - 248 Biased inheritance protects older bacteria from harm
Barrett TC, Mok WWK, Brynildsen MP
248 - 249 Rewiring metabolism under oxygen deprivation
Storz JF, McClelland GB
250 - 250 Decoding hormones for a stem cell niche
Robertson C
251 - 252 Living by the lessons of the planet
Foley J
253 - 254 Putting a value on injuries to natural assets: The BP oil spill
Bishop RC, Boyle KJ, Carson RT, Chapman D, Hanemann WM, Kanninen B, Kopp RJ, Krosnick JA, List J, Meade N, Paterson R, Presser S, Smith VK, Tourangeau R, Welsh M, Wooldridge JM, DeBell M, Donovan C, Konopka M, Scherer N
255 - 255 Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits Inside the Fight to Reclaim Native America's Culture
Younker J
256 - 256 The Ensemble Studio Theatre
Rademacher A
Vignieri S, Fahrenkamp-Uppenbrink J
260 - 264 The interaction of human population, food production, and biodiversity protection
Crist E, Mora C, Engelman R
265 - 265 Ecosystem management as a wicked problem
DeFries R, Nagendra H
270 - 274 Biodiversity losses and conservation responses in the Anthropocene
Johnson CN, Balmford A, Brook BW, Buettel JC, Galetti M, Lei GC, Wilmshurst JM
275 - 278 Beyond the roots of human inaction: Fostering collective effort toward ecosystem conservation
Amel E, Manning C, Scott B, Koger S
283 - 283 Single-cell RNA-seq reveals new types of human blood dendritic cells, monocytes, and progenitors
Villani AC, Satija R, Reynolds G, Sarkizova S, Shekhar K, Fletcher J, Griesbeck M, Butler A, Zheng SW, Lazo S, Jardine L, Dixon D, Stephenson E, Nilsson E, Grundberg I, McDonald D, Filby A, Li WB, De Jager PL, Rozenblatt-Rosen O, Lane AA, Haniffa M, Regev A, Hacohen N
284 - 284 Stromal Gli2 activity coordinates a niche signaling program for mammary epithelial stem cells
Zhao C, Cai S, Shin K, Lim A, Kalisky T, Lu WJ, Clarke MF, Beachy PA
285 - 285 Greater role for Atlantic inflows on sea-ice loss in the Eurasian Basin of the Arctic Ocean
Polyakov IV, Pnyushkov AV, Alkire MB, Ashik IM, Baumann TM, Carmack EC, Goszczko I, Guthrie J, Ivanov VV, Kanzow T, Krishfield R, Kwok R, Sundfjord A, Morison J, Rember R, Yulin A
291 - 294 iPTF16geu: A multiply imaged, gravitationally lensed type Ia supernova
Goobar A, Amanullah R, Kulkarni SR, Nugent PE, Johansson J, Steidel C, Law D, Mortsell E, Quimby R, Blagorodnova N, Brandeker A, Cao Y, Cooray A, Ferretti R, Fremling C, Hangard L, Kasliwal M, Kupfer T, Lunnan R, Masci F, Miller AA, Nayyeri H, Neill JD, Ofek EO, Papadogiannakis S, Petrushevska T, Ravi V, Sollerman J, Sullivan M, Taddia F, Walters R, Wilson D, Yan L, Yaron O
295 - 297 A parity-breaking electronic nematic phase transition in the spin-orbit coupled metal Cd2Re2O7
Harter JW, Zhao ZY, Yan JQ, Mandrus DG, Hsieh D
298 - 301 Low-temperature activation of methane on the IrO2(110) surface
Liang Z, Li T, Kim M, Asthagiri A, Weaver JF
302 - 304 Quantitative 3D evolution of colloidal nanoparticle oxidation in solution
Sun YG, Zuo XB, Sankaranarayanan SKRS, Peng S, Narayanan B, Kamath G
305 - 308 Fructose-driven glycolysis supports anoxia resistance in the naked mole-rat
Park TJ, Reznick J, Peterson BL, Blass G, Omerbasic D, Bennett NC, Kuich PHJL, Zasada C, Browe BM, Hamann W, Applegate DT, Radke MH, Kosten T, Lutermann H, Gavaghan V, Eigenbrod O, Begay V, Amoroso VG, Govind V, Minshall RD, Smith ESJ, Larson J, Gotthardt M, Kempa S, Lewin GR
309 - 311 Biased partitioning of the multidrug efflux pump AcrAB-TolC underlies long-lived phenotypic heterogeneity
Bergmiller T, Andersson AMC, Tomasek K, Balleza E, Kiviet DJ, Hauschild R, Tkacik G, Guet CC
312 - 315 Neonatal acquisition of Clostridia species protects against colonization by bacterial pathogens
Kim YG, Sakamoto K, Seo SU, Pickard JM, Gillilland MG, Pudlo NA, Hoostal M, Li X, Wang TD, Feehley T, Stefka AT, Schmidt TM, Martens EC, Fukuda S, Inohara N, Nagler CR, Nunez G
316 - 319 Transgenerational transmission of environmental information in C-elegans
Klosin A, Casas E, Hidalgo-Carcedo C, Vavouri T, Lehner B
323 - 327 Control of muscle formation by the fusogenic micropeptide myomixer
Bi P, Ramirez-Martinez A, Li H, Cannavino J, McAnally JR, Shelton JM, Sanchez-Ortiz E, Bassel-Duby R, Olson EN
328 - 332 Microtubules acquire resistance from mechanical breakage through intralumenal acetylation
Xu ZJ, Schaedel L, Portran D, Aguilar A, Gaillard J, Marinkovich MP, Thery M, Nachury MV
342 - 342 The new tissue culture
Ruben RL