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ISSN: 0036-8075 (Print) 

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- - - Comment on "Principles of connectivity among morphologically defined cell types in adult neocortex"
Barth A, Burkhalter A, Callaway EM, Connors BW, Cauli B, DeFelipe J, Feldmeyer D, Freund T, Kawaguchi Y, Kisvarday Z, Kubota Y, McBain C, Oberlaender M, Rossier J, Rudy B, Staiger JF, Somogyi P, Tamas G, Yuste R
- - - Response to Comment on "Principles of connectivity among morphologically defined cell types in adult neocortex"
Jiang XL, Shen S, Sinz F, Reimer J, Cadwell CR, Berens P, Ecker AS, Patel S, Denfield GH, Froudarakis E, Li S, Walker E, Tolias AS
1073 - 1073 Ebola and Zika: Cautionary tales
Osterholm MT
1074 - 1074 A swoop past the stormy planet
1074 - 1074 AROUND THE WORLD China tackles superbugs
1074 - 1075 Ancient dig shut by politics
1075 - 1075 Sri Lanka malaria-free
1075 - 1075 DNA divides giraffes into four species
1075 - 1075 New reports slam Karolinska
1075 - 1076 Vaccine R&D coalition launched
1076 - 1076 Injection wells shut down in earthquake's wake
1076 - 1076 Three Qs
1077 - 1078 MICROBIOLOGY Campaign sets out to find a hot limit to life
Voosen P
1078 - 1079 MARINE SCIENCE Cannonball! China's megasplash in ocean research
McLaughlin K
1079 - 1080 ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE The atmosphere's pacemaker skips a beat
Mason B
1080 - 1081 WILDLIFE BIOLOGY No proof that predator culls save livestock, study claims
Goldfarb B
1081 - 1082 SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY Accusations fly after big Gates grant
Kupferschmidt K
1083 - 1083 IRANIAN SUN
Stone R
1085 - 1085 A year after the deal, nuclear collaborations languish
Stone R
1086 - 1086 The reactor that triggered a nuclear crisis
Stone R
1088 - 1089 Driverless Intelligent Cars and the Road Ahead
Athan T
1089 - 1090 Weapons of Math Destruction How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy
Shankar K
1090 - 1090 What the F What Swearing Reveals About Our Language, Our Brains, and Ourselves
Masciangioli T
1090 - 1090 Welcome to the Universe An Astrophysical Tour
Singh K
1091 - 1091 Denying to the Grave Why We Ignore the Facts That Will Save Us
Douglas S
1091 - 1092 The Cure for Catastrophe How We Can Stop Manufacturing Natural Disasters
Cohn TA
1092 - 1092 Chickenizing Farms and Food How Industrial Meat Production Endangers Workers, Animals, and Consumers
Edwards S
1093 - 1093 Citizen Scientist Searching for Heroes and Hope in an Age of Extinction
Bowser G
1093 - 1093 A Life Everlasting The Extraordinary Story of One Boy's Gift to Medical Science
Selimovic S
1094 - 1095 Zika vaccine trials
Lipsitch M, Cowling BJ
1095 - 1096 Location, location, location
Vousden KH, Yang M
1096 - 1097 Visualizing evolution as it happens
McNally L, Brown SP
1098 - 1099 Asymmetry in supramolecular assembly
Slim S, Rosei F
1099 - 1100 How dams can go with the flow
Poff NL, Schmidt JC
1101 - 1102 Lentiviral vectors, two decades later
Naldini L, Trono D, Verma IM
1103 - 1103 Ahmed H. Zewail (1946-2016)
Dervan PB
1104 - 1104 Donald A. Henderson (1928-2016)
Heymann DL
1105 - 1106 A US "Cancer Moonshot" to accelerate cancer research
Singer DS, Jacks T, Jaffee E
1107 - 1107 Cancel Yulin's annual dog meat festival
Meng QH, Li RX, Hamer R, Dong HM, Tao XP, Bai JD, Liu YJ, Zhong ZY, Zhang SM, Meng YP, Guo QY
1107 - 1107 Nuclear energy: Improve collaboration
Yang H, Clarke JL, Thompson JR
1112 - 1112 Social and economic impacts of climate
Carleton TA, Hsiang SM
1114 - 1114 Specification of tissue-resident macrophages during organogenesis
Mass E, Ballesteros I, Farlik M, Halbritter F, Gunther P, Crozet L, Jacome-Galarza CE, Handler K, Klughammer J, Kobayashi Y, Gomez-Perdiguero E, Schultze JL, Beyer M, Bock C, Geissmann F
1115 - 1115 Continuous genetic recording with self-targeting CRISPR-Cas in human cells
Perli SD, Cui CH, Lu TK
1116 - 1116 Single-molecule dissection of stacking forces in DNA
Kilchherr F, Wachauf C, Pelz B, Rief M, Zacharias M, Dietz H
1117 - 1123 Synaptic mechanisms of pattern completion in the hippocampal CA3 network
Guzman SJ, Schlogl A, Frotscher M, Jonas P
1123 - 1129 Identification of an elaborate complex mediating postsynaptic inhibition
Uezu A, Kanak DJ, Bradshaw TWA, Soderblom EJ, Catavero CM, Burette AC, Weinberg RJ, Soderling SH
1129 - 1132 Protective efficacy of multiple vaccine platforms against Zika virus challenge in rhesus monkeys
Abbink P, Larocca RA, De La Barrera RA, Bricault CA, Moseley ET, Boyd M, Kirilova M, Li ZF, Ng'ang'a D, Nanayakkara O, Nityanandam R, Mercado NB, Borducchi EN, Agarwal A, Brinkman AL, Cabral C, Chandrashekar A, Giglio PB, Jetton D, Jimenez J, Lee BC, Mojta S, Molloy K, Shetty M, Neubauer GH, Stephenson KE, Peron JPS, Zanotto PMD, Misamore J, Finneyfrock B, Lewis MG, Alter G, Modjarrad K, Jarman RG, Eckels KH, Michael NL, Thomas SJ, Barouch DH
1133 - 1136 Local near instantaneously dynamically triggered aftershocks of large earthquakes
Fan WY, Shearer PM
1137 - 1140 Electromagnetic interference shielding with 2D transition metal carbides (MXenes)
Shahzad F, Alhabeb M, Hatter CB, Anasori B, Hong SM, Koo CM, Gogotsi Y
1141 - 1144 Highly siderophile elements were stripped from Earth's mantle by iron sulfide segregation
Rubie DC, Laurenz V, Jacobson SA, Morbidelli A, Palme H, Vogel AK, Frost DJ
1144 - 1147 Dirhodium-catalyzed C-H arene amination using hydroxylamines
Paudyal MP, Adebesin AM, Burt SR, Ess DH, Ma ZW, Kurti L, Falck JR
1147 - 1151 Spatiotemporal microbial evolution on antibiotic landscapes
Baym M, Lieberman TD, Kelsic ED, Chait R, Gross R, Yelin I, Kishony R
1151 - 1155 Digital discrimination: Political bias in Internet service provision across ethnic groups
Weidmann NB, Benitez-Baleato S, Hunziker P, Glatz E, Dimitropoulos X
1155 - 1157 Optic flow odometry operates independently of stride integration in carried ants
Pfeffer SE, Wittlinger M
1157 - 1161 Collective cell durotaxis emerges from long-range intercellular force transmission
Sunyer R, Conte V, Escribano J, Elosegui-Artola A, Labernadie A, Valon L, Navajas D, Garcia-Aznar JM, Munoz JJ, Roca-Cusachs P, Trepat X
1161 - 1165 Tissue of origin dictates branched-chain amino acid metabolism in mutant Kras-driven cancers
Mayers JR, Torrence ME, Danai LV, Papagiannakopoulos T, Davidson SM, Bauer MR, Lau AN, Ji BW, Dixit PD, Hosios AM, Muir A, Chin CR, Freinkman E, Jacks T, Wolpin BM, Vitkup D, Vander Heiden MG
1174 - 1174 Newton and the Big Apple
Levine ES