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ISSN: 0036-8075 (Print) 

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117 - 117 EMBO at 50
Nurse P
122 - 122 Western Australia 3 New Sanctuary to Fence In Native Species
122 - 122 Sydney, Australia 1 Stranded Antarctic Team Rescued
122 - 123 New York City 4 US Cancer Centers Receive Magnate's Final Endowments
122 - 122 Washington, DC 2 USDA Moving Forward With GM Crops for Weed Control
123 - 123 Bridges That Breathe
123 - 123 Jhajjar, India 6 Indian Cancer Institute Under Way
123 - 123 Melbourne, Australia 5 2013 Temperature Sets All-Time High
124 - 124 Bacteria Tell Tubeworms Where to Settle
124 - 124 Muscle Molecule Spurs Fat Cells to Slim Down
125 - 126 SCIENCE EDUCATION Studies Suggest Two-Way Street for Science Majors
Mervis J
126 - 127 ASTROPHYSICS Rare Celestial Trio to Put Einstein's Theory to the Test
Cho A
127 - 128 NUCLEAR FUSION Europe Focuses Fusion Research on Building a Working Power Reactor
Clery D
129 - 129 SCIENTIFIC MEETINGS Once Failing Biology Society Thrives As It Nurtures New Disciplines
Pennisi E
130 - 132 Mariners of the Lost Sea
Qiu JN
133 - 135 MEDICINE A Pancreas in a Box
Clery D
136 - 137 Antibiotics: Discontinue Low-Dose Use
Tarpley RJ
136 - 136 Antibiotics: Call for Real Change
Nachman KE, Smith TJS, Martin RP
137 - 137 China's publication bazaar (November, pg 1035, 2013)
Hvistendahl M, Wang MY
137 - 137 Science for Sale: Fair Evaluation Standards
Luo C
137 - 137 Science for Sale: Improve Ethics Education
Mitcham C, Snieder R
137 - 137 Science for Sale: Authorship Confirmed
Chen R
138 - 139 China's Urban Billion: The Story Behind the Biggest Migration in Human History
Meng X
139 - 139 MaddAddam A Novel
Goldman MA
140 - 141 Coping with Uncertainty in Space Science Planning
Kennel C, Dressler A
142 - 143 A Pardon for the Dingo
Roberts RG
143 - 144 Bacterial Vesicles in the Ocean
Scanlan D
144 - 145 Enabling Optical Analog Computing with Metamaterials
Sihvola A
146 - 147 Young Neurons Sever Ties to the Parental Niche
Tozer S, Morin X
147 - 148 Can Cancer Trigger Autoimmunity?
Teng MWL, Smyth MJ
148 - 149 Glimpsing Eruptions on Europa
Spencer JR
150 - 150 Nelson R. Mandela (1918-2013)
Karim SSA
151 - 151 Status and Ecological Effects of the World's Largest Carnivores
Ripple WJ, Estes JA, Beschta RL, Wilmers CC, Ritchie EG, Hebblewhite M, Berger J, Elmhagen B, Letnic M, Nelson MP, Schmitz OJ, Smith DW, Wallach AD, Wirsing AJ
152 - 157 Association of the Autoimmune Disease Scleroderma with an Immunologic Response to Cancer
Joseph CG, Darrah E, Shah AA, Skora AD, Casciola-Rosen LA, Wigley FM, Boin F, Fava A, Thoburn C, Kinde I, Jiao YC, Papadopoulos N, Kinzler KW, Vogelstein B, Rosen A
157 - 160 Giant Spin Oscillations in an Ultracold Fermi Sea
Krauser JS, Ebling U, Flaschner N, Heinze J, Sengstock K, Lewenstein M, Eckardt A, Becker C
160 - 163 Performing Mathematical Operations with Metamaterials
Silva A, Monticone F, Castaldi G, Galdi V, Alu A, Engheta N
163 - 167 Heteroepitaxial Growth of Two-Dimensional Hexagonal Boron Nitride Templated by Graphene Edges
Liu L, Park J, Siegel DA, McCarty KF, Clark KW, Deng W, Basile L, Idrobo JC, Li AP, Gu G
167 - 170 Self-Accelerating CO Sorption in a Soft Nanoporous Crystal
Sato H, Kosaka W, Matsuda R, Hori A, Hijikata Y, Belosludov RV, Sakaki S, Takata M, Kitagawa S
171 - 174 Transient Water Vapor at Europa's South Pole
Roth L, Saur J, Retherford KD, Strobel DF, Feldman PD, McGrath MA, Nimmo F
174 - 178 Strong Sensitivity of Pine Island Ice-Shelf Melting to Climatic Variability
Dutrieux P, De Rydt J, Jenkins A, Holland PR, Ha HK, Lee SH, Steig EJ, Ding QH, Abrahamsen EP, Schroder M
178 - 183 A Spatial Accommodation by Neighboring Cells Is Required for Organ Initiation in Arabidopsis
Vermeer JEM, von Wangenheim D, Barberon M, Lee Y, Stelzer EHK, Maizel A, Geldner N
183 - 186 Bacterial Vesicles in Marine Ecosystems
Biller SJ, Schubotz F, Roggensack SE, Thompson AW, Summons RE, Chisholm SW
186 - 189 Progenitor Outgrowth from the Niche in Drosophila Trachea Is Guided by FGF from Decaying Branches
Chen F, Krasnow MA
189 - 193 Mutational Analysis Reveals the Origin and Therapy-Driven Evolution of Recurrent Glioma
Johnson BE, Mazor T, Hong CB, Barnes M, Aihara K, McLean CY, Fouse SD, Yamamoto S, Ueda H, Tatsuno K, Asthana S, Jalbert LE, Nelson SJ, Bollen AW, Gustafson WC, Charron E, Weiss WA, Smirnov IV, Song JS, Olshen AB, Cha S, Zhao YJ, Moore RA, Mungall AJ, Jones SJM, Hirst M, Marra MA, Saito N, Aburatani H, Mukasa A, Berger MS, Chang SM, Taylor BS, Costello JF
193 - 196 Single-Cell RNA-Seq Reveals Dynamic, Random Monoallelic Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells
Deng QL, Ramskold D, Reinius B, Sandberg R
197 - 200 Modular Organization of Axial Microcircuits in Zebrafish
Bagnall MW, McLean DL
200 - 204 Apical Abscission Alters Cell Polarity and Dismantles the Primary Cilium During Neurogenesis
Das RM, Storey KG
204 - 208 Internalization of Salmonella by Macrophages Induces Formation of Nonreplicating Persisters
Helaine S, Cheverton AM, Watson KG, Faure LM, Matthews SA, Holden DW