Science, Vol.339, No.6117 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0036-8075 (Print) 

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250 - 250 The Basics of Translation
Zoghbi HY
256 - 256 Washington, DC 2 Appeal to Restore U.S. Gun Violence Research
256 - 256 Tasmania, Australia 1 Bushfires Rage Across Tasmania
256 - 256 Lake Vostok, Antarctica 3 Russian Team Retrieves First Sample From Lake Vostok
256 - 257 Washington, DC 4 Biologists Accuse Bureau Of Fishy Behavior
257 - 257 Washington, DC 6 NOAA: 2012 Hottest Year On Record for U.S.
257 - 257 Denizen of the Deep, Caught on Film
257 - 257 Washington, DC 5 A New Look for House Science Panel
258 - 258 Building a Better Burrow
258 - 258 Rethinking Barnacle Reproduction
258 - 258 Frankensteinish Flight of the Bumblebee
259 - 260 DISEASE ERADICATION Killings Force Rethinking of Pakistan's Anti-Polio Drive
Roberts L
260 - 261 ANIMAL BEHAVIOR For $60, a Peek Inside Your Dog's Mind
Couzin-Frankel J, Hare B
262 - 262 GENETICS Genealogy Databases Enable Naming Of Anonymous DNA Donors
Bohannon J
263 - 263 SOLAR ENERGY Performance of Nanowire Solar Cells on the Rise
Service RF
264 - 266 Who Will Step Up To Exascale?
Service RF
267 - 269 NEUROSCIENCE The Promise and Perils of Oxytocin
Miller G
270 - 270 Exploitation in Northeast India
Dalvi S, Sreenivasan R, Price T
270 - 271 Sharing Future Conservation Costs
Sheil D, Meijaard E, Angelsen A, Sayer J, Vanclay J
271 - 271 Sharing Future Conservation Costs Response
Butchart SHM, Mccarthy DP, Balmford A, Bennun LA, Buchanan GM, Burgess ND, Donald PF, Fishpool LDC, Garnett ST, Leonard DL, Maloney RF, Schaefer HM, Scharlemann JPW, Symes A, Wiedenfeld DA
271 - 271 Comment on "Extinction Debt and Windows of Conservation Opportunity in the Brazilian Amazon"
Halley JM, Iwasa Y, Vokou D
271 - 271 Satellite estimates of precipitation-induced dissipation in the atmosphere (vol 335, pg 953, 2012)
Pauluis O, Dias J
271 - 271 Response to Comment on "Extinction Debt and Windows of Conservation Opportunity in the Brazilian Amazon"
Wearn OR, Reuman DC, Ewers RM
273 - 274 What Did the Romans Know? An Inquiry into Science and Worldmaking
Pesic P
274 - 274 The Fractalist Memoir of a Scientific Maverick
Finegold B
275 - 276 The Complexities of Genomic Identifiability
Rodriguez LL, Brooks LD, Greenberg JH, Green ED
277 - 278 Essential Biodiversity Variables
Pereira HM, Ferrier S, Walters M, Geller GN, Jongman RHG, Scholes RJ, Bruford MW, Brummitt N, Butchart SHM, Cardoso AC, Coops NC, Dulloo E, Faith DP, Freyhof J, Gregory RD, Heip C, Hoft R, Hurtt G, Jetz W, Karp DS, McGeoch MA, Obura D, Onoda Y, Pettorelli N, Reyers B, Sayre R, Scharlemann JPW, Stuart SN, Turak E, Walpole M, Wegmann M
279 - 280 Hormones and the Social Brain
McEwen BS
280 - 282 The Closing Door of Climate Targets
Stocker TF
282 - 283 A Wet and Volatile Mercury
Lucey PG
283 - 284 Re-Engineering Nature's Catalysts
Narayan ARH, Sherman DH
284 - 285 Polymer Rigidity Improves Microporous Membranes
Guiver MD, Lee YM
286 - 291 Neutralizing Tumor-Promoting Chronic Inflammation: A Magic Bullet?
Coussens LM, Zitvogel L, Palucka AK
292 - 296 Evidence for Water Ice Near Mercury's North Pole from MESSENGER Neutron Spectrometer Measurements
Lawrence DJ, Feldman WC, Goldsten JO, Maurice S, Peplowski PN, Anderson BJ, Bazell D, McNutt RL, Nittler LR, Prettyman TH, Rodgers DJ, Solomon SC, Weider SZ
296 - 300 Bright and Dark Polar Deposits on Mercury: Evidence for Surface Volatiles
Neumann GA, Cavanaugh JF, Sun XL, Mazarico EM, Smith DE, Zuber MT, Mao DD, Paige DA, Solomon SC, Ernst CM, Barnouin OS
300 - 303 Thermal Stability of Volatiles in the North Polar Region of Mercury
Paige DA, Siegler MA, Harmon JK, Neumann GA, Mazarico EM, Smith DE, Zuber MT, Harju E, Delitsky ML, Solomon SC
303 - 307 An Efficient Polymer Molecular Sieve for Membrane Gas Separations
Carta M, Malpass-Evans R, Croad M, Rogan Y, Jansen JC, Bernardo P, Bazzarelli F, McKeown NB
307 - 310 Olefin Cyclopropanation via Carbene Transfer Catalyzed by Engineered Cytochrome P450 Enzymes
Coelho PS, Brustad EM, Kannan A, Arnold FH
310 - 313 Metamaterial Apertures for Computational Imaging
Hunt J, Driscoll T, Mrozack A, Lipworth G, Reynolds M, Brady D, Smith DR
313 - 315 Climate Events Synchronize the Dynamics of a Resident Vertebrate Community in the High Arctic
Hansen BB, Grotan V, Aanes R, Saether BE, Stien A, Fuglei E, Ims RA, Yoccoz NG, Pedersen AO
316 - 318 Invasive Plants Have Scale-Dependent Effects on Diversity by Altering Species-Area Relationships
Powell KI, Chase JM, Knight TM
318 - 321 Structure of Histone mRNA Stem-Loop, Human Stem-Loop Binding Protein, and 3' hExo Ternary Complex
Tan DZ, Marzluff WF, Dominski Z, Tong L
321 - 324 Identifying Personal Genomes by Surname Inference
Gymrek M, McGuire AL, Golan D, Halperin E, Erlich Y
324 - 328 GDE2 Promotes Neurogenesis by Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-Anchor Cleavage of RECK
Park S, Lee C, Sabharwal P, Zhang M, Meyers CLF, Sockanathan S
328 - 332 Interstitial Dendritic Cell Guidance by Haptotactic Chemokine Gradients
Weber M, Hauschild R, Schwarz J, Moussion C, de Vries I, Legler DF, Luther SA, Bollenbach T, Sixt M
332 - 335 Chronic Stress Triggers Social Aversion via Glucocorticoid Receptor in Dopaminoceptive Neurons
Barik J, Marti F, Morel C, Fernandez SP, Lanteri C, Godeheu G, Tassin JP, Mombereau C, Faure P, Tronche F
335 - 339 Adolescent Stress-Induced Epigenetic Control of Dopaminergic Neurons via Glucocorticoids
Niwa M, Jaaro-Peled H, Tankou S, Seshadri S, Hikida T, Matsumoto Y, Cascella NG, Kano S, Ozaki N, Nabeshima T, Sawa A
350 - 352 This is Your Brain: Mapping the Connectome
Perkel JM