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ISSN: 0036-8075 (Print) 

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1209 - 1209 Tackling the Microbiome
Hood L
1216 - 1216 Oshika Peninsula, Japan 3 Drill Ship Nabs Fault Zone Cores
1216 - 1216 Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and La Palma, Canary Islands 2 Telescopes Face Closure
1216 - 1216 L'Aquila, Italy 1 Earthquake Experts Testify In Manslaughter Trial
1216 - 1217 Senkaku Islands, Japan 4 Disputed Islands Could Be Marine Research Site
1217 - 1217 Washington, D.C. 5 Spy Telescopes to Study Dark Energy
1217 - 1217 Raindrops Don't Swat Down Mosquitoes
1218 - 1218 Life Blooms Under Arctic Ice
1219 - 1220 OCEAN SCIENCE Oil Spill Researchers Lose Fight to Protect Documents
Kintisch E
1220 - 1221 JAPAN Growing Distaste for Nuclear Power Dims Prospects for R&D
Normile D
1222 - 1222 SCIENCE POLICY Europe Mulls Plans to Boost Research in Poorer Regions
Laursen L
1223 - 1223 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY China Pushes the'Internet of Things'
Hvistendahl M
1224 - 1225 Do Sports Events Give Microbes a Chance to Score?
Kupferschmidt K
1226 - 1227 EPIDEMIOLOGY From Soldiers to Veterans, Good Health to Bad
Kean S
1228 - 1229 IMMUNOLOGY Crossover Immune Cells Blur the Boundaries
Leslie M
1230 - 1230 Climate's Role in Polar Bear Past
Galbreath KE, Cook JA, Hoberg EP
1230 - 1231 Water Cycle Varies over Land and Sea
Roderick ML, Sun FB, Farquhar GD
1231 - 1231 European Dual-Use Procedures
Rath J
1232 - 1233 The Age of Insight The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain, from Vienna 1900 to the Present
Gross C
1233 - 1233 A Guide to Academia Getting Into and Surviving Grad School, Postdocs, and a Research Job
Kawahara AY
1234 - 1235 Water Resources Management: What Should Be Integrated?
Hering JG, Ingold KM
1236 - 1236 A Safer Nuclear Enterprise
Drell SD, Shultz GP, Andreasen SP
1237 - 1238 Small But Extremely Tough
Tanner KE
1238 - 1239 Virulence or Competition?
Sperandio V
1239 - 1240 Nuclear-Spin Quantum Memory Poised to Take the Lead
Boehme C, McCamey DR
1241 - 1242 Vitamin K-2 Takes Charge
Bhalerao S, Clandinin TR
1242 - 1243 Dancing to the Tune of the Glacial Cycles
Kurita N
1243 - 1244 Gathering Interstellar Gas
Redfield S
1245 - 1245 The Gut Microbiota INTRODUCTION
Mueller K, Ash C, Pennisi E, Smith O
1246 - 1247 Taking Stock of the Human Microbiome and Disease
Balter M
1248 - 1250 My Microbiome and Me
Hvistendahl M
1251 - 1253 Honor Thy Gut Symbionts Redux
Gordon JI
1253 - 1255 Is It Time for a Metagenomic Basis of Therapeutics?
Haiser HJ, Turnbaugh PJ
1255 - 1262 The Application of Ecological Theory Toward an Understanding of the Human Microbiome
Costello EK, Stagaman K, Dethlefsen L, Bohannan BJM, Relman DA
1262 - 1267 Host-Gut Microbiota Metabolic Interactions
Nicholson JK, Holmes E, Kinross J, Burcelin R, Gibson G, Jia W, Pettersson S
1268 - 1273 Interactions Between the Microbiota and the Immune System
Hooper LV, Littman DR, Macpherson AJ
1274 - 1274 Crystal Structure of Human Enterovirus 71
Plevka P, Perera R, Cardosa J, Kuhn RJ, Rossmann MG
1275 - 1280 The Stomatopod Dactyl Club: A Formidable Damage-Tolerant Biological Hammer
Weaver JC, Milliron GW, Miserez A, Evans-Lutterodt K, Herrera S, Gallana I, Mershon WJ, Swanson B, Zavattieri P, DiMasi E, Kisailus D
1280 - 1283 Quantum Information Storage for over 180 s Using Donor Spins in a Si-28 "Semiconductor Vacuum"
Steger M, Saeedi K, Thewalt MLW, Morton JJL, Riemann H, Abrosimov NV, Becker P, Pohl HJ
1283 - 1286 Room-Temperature Quantum Bit Memory Exceeding One Second
Maurer PC, Kucsko G, Latta C, Jiang L, Yao NY, Bennett SD, Pastawski F, Hunger D, Chisholm N, Markham M, Twitchen DJ, Cirac JI, Lukin MD
1287 - 1291 Bright Coherent Ultrahigh Harmonics in the keV X-ray Regime from Mid-Infrared Femtosecond Lasers
Popmintchev T, Chen MC, Popmintchev D, Arpin P, Brown S, Alisauskas S, Andriukaitis G, Balciunas T, Mucke OD, Pugzlys A, Baltuska A, Shim B, Schrauth SE, Gaeta A, Hernandez-Garcia C, Plaja L, Becker A, Jaron-Becker A, Murnane MM, Kapteyn HC
1291 - 1293 The Heliosphere's Interstellar Interaction: No Bow Shock
McComas DJ, Alexashov D, Bzowski M, Fahr H, Heerikhuisen J, Izmodenov V, Lee MA, Mobius E, Pogorelov N, Schwadron NA, Zank GP
1294 - 1298 Templating Three-Dimensional Self-Assembled Structures in Bilayer Block Copolymer Films
Tavakkoli KGA, Gotrik KW, Hannon AF, Alexander-Katz A, Ross CA, Berggren KK
1298 - 1301 Titanium and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Are Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Agents
Schrauben JN, Hayoun R, Valdez CN, Braten M, Fridley L, Mayer JM
1301 - 1304 Interglacial Hydroclimate in the Tropical West Pacific Through the Late Pleistocene
Meckler AN, Clarkson MO, Cobb KM, Sodemann H, Adkins JF
1304 - 1306 Global Honey Bee Viral Landscape Altered by a Parasitic Mite
Martin SJ, Highfield AC, Brettell L, Villalobos EM, Budge GE, Powell M, Nikaido S, Schroeder DC
1306 - 1310 Vitamin K-2 Is a Mitochondrial Electron Carrier That Rescues Pink1 Deficiency
Vos M, Esposito G, Edirisinghe JN, Vilain S, Haddad DM, Slabbaert JR, Van Meensel S, Schaap O, De Strooper B, Meganathan R, Morais VA, Verstreken P
1310 - 1314 Actin Network Architecture Can Determine Myosin Motor Activity
Reymann AC, Boujemaa-Paterski R, Martiel JL, Guerin C, Cao WX, Chin HF, De La Cruz EM, Thery M, Blanchoin L
1314 - 1317 Interactions Between Commensal Fungi and the C-Type Lectin Receptor Dectin-1 Influence Colitis
Iliev ID, Funari VA, Taylor KD, Nguyen Q, Reyes CN, Strom SP, Brown J, Becker CA, Fleshner PR, Dubinsky M, Rotter JI, Wang HLL, McGovern DPB, Brown GD, Underhill DM
1317 - 1321 Chemokine Gene Silencing in Decidual Stromal Cells Limits T Cell Access to the Maternal-Fetal Interface
Nancy P, Tagliani E, Tay CS, Asp P, Levy DE, Erlebacher A
1321 - 1325 Innate Lymphoid Cells Promote Anatomical Containment of Lymphoid-Resident Commensal Bacteria
Sonnenberg GF, Monticelli LA, Alenghat T, Fung TC, Hutnick NA, Kunisawa J, Shibata N, Grunberg S, Sinha R, Zahm AM, Tardif MR, Sathaliyawala T, Kubota M, Farber DL, Collman RG, Shaked A, Fouser LA, Weiner DB, Tessier PA, Friedman JR, Kiyono H, Bushman FD, Chang KM, Artis D
1325 - 1329 Regulated Virulence Controls the Ability of a Pathogen to Compete with the Gut Microbiota
Kamada N, Kim YG, Sham HP, Vallance BA, Puente JL, Martens EC, Nunez G