Renewable Energy

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1 - 11 Economic optimization of feedstock mix for energy production with biogas technology in Germany with a special focus on sugar beets - Effects on greenhouse gas emissions and energy balances
Auburger S, Jacobs A, Marlander B, Bahrs E
12 - 17 Field performance and degradation rates of different types of photovoltaic modules: A case study in Thailand
Limmanee A, Udomdachanut N, Songtrai S, Kaewniyompanit S, Sato Y, Nakaishi M, Kittisontirak S, Sriprapha K, Sakamoto Y
18 - 26 Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water splitting using Cu doped ZnS microspheres under visible light irradiation
Lee GJ, Anandan S, Masten SJ, Wu JJ
27 - 35 Product distribution from solar pyrolysis of agricultural and forestry biomass residues
Li R, Zeng K, Soria J, Mazza G, Gauthier D, Rodriguez R, Flamant G
36 - 50 Performance enhancement of high temperature latent heat thermal storage systems using heat pipes with and without fins for concentrating solar thermal power plants
Almsater S, Saman W, Bruno F
51 - 59 Performance of solar cells using thermoelectric module in hot sites
Benghanem M, Al-Mashraqi AA, Daffallah KO
60 - 70 Discrepancy study of modal parameters of a scale jacket-type supporting structure of 3.0-MW offshore wind turbine in water and in air
Liu FS, Yang Q, Li HJ, Li W, Wang B
71 - 79 Anode optimization based on gradient porous control medium for passive liquid-feed direct methanol fuel cells
Yuan W, Yan ZG, Tan ZH, Wang AY, Li ZT, Tang Y
80 - 92 Generator bearing fault diagnosis for wind turbine via empirical wavelet transform using measured vibration signals
Chen JL, Pan J, Li ZP, Zi YY, Chen XF
93 - 107 A novel integrated simulation approach couples MCRT and Gebhart methods to simulate solar radiation transfer in a solar power tower system with a cavity receiver
Wang K, He YL, Qiu Y, Zhang YW
108 - 124 Optimal flow control of a forced circulation solar water heating system with energy storage units and connecting pipes
Ntsaluba S, Zhu B, Xia XH
125 - 134 Economic assessment of small-scale kite wind generators
Argatov I, Shafranov V
135 - 143 Evaluation of biorefinery configurations through a dynamic model-based platform: Integrated operation for bioethanol and xylitol co-production from lignocellulose
Morales-Rodriguez R, Perez-Cisneros ES, de Los Reyes-Heredia JA, Rodriguez-Gomez D
144 - 153 Competitiveness assessment of the biomass power generation industry in China: A five forces model study
Zhao ZY, Zuo J, Wu PH, Yan H, Zillante G
154 - 167 Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of a geothermal Kalina cycle system using Artificial Bee Colony algorithm
Saffari H, Sadeghi S, Khoshzat M, Mehregan P
168 - 180 Wind energy resource assessment for the Fiji Islands: Kadavu Island and Suva Peninsula
Sharma K, Ahmed MR
181 - 187 Design of bare and ducted axial marine current turbines
Laurens JM, Ait-Mohammed M, Tarfaoui M
188 - 199 Analysis of the process of design of a geothermal installation
Blazquez CS, Martin AF, Garcia PC, Perez LSS, del Caso SJ
200 - 206 Analysis of mechanism of Nafion (R) conductivity change due to hot pressing treatment
DeBonis D, Mayer M, Omosebi A, Besser RS
207 - 214 Wind turbine power curve modelling using artificial neural network
Pelletier F, Masson C, Tahan A
215 - 223 Determination of co-combustion properties and thermal kinetics of poultry litter/coal blends using thermogravimetry
Yurdakul S
224 - 230 Empowering the electric grid: Can SMES coupled to wind turbines improve grid stability?
Antony AP, Shaw DT
231 - 244 Effect of twist angle on the performance of Savonius wind turbine
Lee JH, Lee YT, Lim HC
245 - 252 Thermophilic anaerobic digestion of raw sugarcane vinasse
Ferraz ADN, Koyama MH, de Araujo MM, Zaiat M
253 - 267 Technical viability of mobile solar photovoltaic systems for indigenous nomadic communities in northern latitudes
Obydenkova SV, Pearce JM
268 - 284 A novel hybrid model based on artificial neural networks for solar radiation prediction
Wu YJ, Wang JZ
285 - 294 Nanostructured cobalt-phosphorous catalysts for hydrogen generation from hydrolysis of sodium borohydride solution
Wang Y, Shen Y, Qi KZ, Cao ZQ, Zhang K, Wu SW
295 - 304 Experimental and theoretical study on a solar assisted CO2 heat pump for space heating
Chen JF, Dai YJ, Wang RZ
305 - 316 Participation of intermittent renewable generators in balancing mechanisms: A closer look into the Spanish market design
Fernandes C, Frias P, Reneses J
317 - 330 Modelling impact of PV battery systems on energy consumption and bill savings of Australian houses under alternative tariff structures
Ren ZG, Grozev G, Higgins A
331 - 338 Producing petrochemicals from catalytic fast pyrolysis of corn fermentation residual by-products generated from citric acid production
Li XY, Li GY, Li J, Yu YQ, Feng Y, Chen Q, Komarneni S, Wang YJ
339 - 350 Blade pitch control malfunction simulation in a wind energy conversion system with MPC five-level converter
Seixas M, Melicio R, Mendes VMF, Couto C
351 - 359 A regime-dependent artificial neural network technique for short-range solar irradiance forecasting
McCandless TC, Haupt SE, Young GS
360 - 370 A small-scale standalone wind energy conversion system featuring SCIG, CSI and a novel storage integration scheme
Alnasir Z, Kazerani M
371 - 379 Validation of a CFD model for the simulation of heat transfer in a tubes-in-tank PCM storage unit
Allouche Y, Varga S, Bouden C, Oliveira AC
380 - 388 Enhanced nitrogen distribution and biomethanation of kitchen waste by thermal pre-treatment
Li YY, Jin YY, Li JH, Nie YF
389 - 400 On the impact of haze on the yield of photovoltaic systems in Singapore
Nobre AM, Karthik S, Liu HH, Yang DZ, Martins FR, Pereira EB, Ruther R, Reindl T, Peters IM
401 - 410 Carbon footprint of biobutanol by ABE fermentation from corn and sugarcane
Vaisanen S, Havukainen J, Uusitalo V, Havukainen M, Soukka R, Luoranen M
411 - 421 A tri-generation plant fuelled with olive tree pruning residues in Apulia: An energetic and economic analysis
Amirante R, Clodoveo ML, Distaso E, Ruggiero F, Tamburrano P
422 - 436 Rural electrification in India: Galilee Basin coal versus decentralised renewable energy micro grids
Molyneaux L, Wagner L, Foster J
437 - 448 Informed mutation of wind farm layouts to maximise energy harvest
Mayo M, Daoud M
449 - 462 Locating solar and wind parks in South-Eastern Nigeria for maximum population coverage: A multi-step approach
Ikejemba ECX, Schuur P
463 - 474 Impact of heliostat curvature on optical performance of Linear Fresnel solar concentrators
Benyakhlef S, Al Mers A, Merroun O, Bouatem A, Boutammachte N, El Alj S, Ajdad H, Erregueragui Z, Zemmouri E
475 - 488 A sizing methodology based on Levelized Cost of Supplied and Lost Energy for off-grid rural electrification systems
Mandelli S, Brivio C, Colombo E, Merlo M
489 - 497 Performance evaluation of Chinese photovoltaic companies with the input-oriented dynamic SBM model
Li N, Liu CC, Zha DL
498 - 505 Overcoming barriers and uncertainties in the adoption of residential solar PV
Rai V, Reeves DC, Margolis R
506 - 514 Biodiesel synthesis from Hevea brasiliensis oil employing carbon supported heterogeneous catalyst: Optimization by Taguchi method
Dhawane SH, Kumar T, Haider G
515 - 525 Assessing the impacts of technology improvements on the deployment of marine energy in Europe with an energy system perspective
Sgobbi A, Simoes SG, Magagna D, Nijs W
526 - 542 A generic transient PV system model for power quality studies
Patsalides M, Efthymiou V, Stavrou A, Georghiou GE
543 - 551 Passive minimization of load fluctuations on downwind turbines
Kress C, Chokani N, Abhari RS
552 - 563 Optimal design of fossil-solar hybrid thermal desalination for saline agricultural drainage water reuse
Stuber MD
564 - 577 Investigation of solar PV performance under Doha weather using a customized measurement and monitoring system
Touati F, Al-Hitmi MA, Chowdhury NA, Abu Hamad J, Gonzales AJRSP
578 - 587 Life cycle assessment and environmental life cycle costing analysis of lignocellulosic bioethanol as an alternative transportation fuel
Daylan B, Ciliz N
588 - 597 Land use change within EU sustainability criteria for biofuels: The case of oil palm expansion in the Brazilian Amazon
Bicalho T, Bessou C, Pacca SA
598 - 605 A new methodology for urban wind resource assessment
Simoes T, Estanqueiro A
606 - 615 Insurance strategy for mitigating power system operational risk introduced by wind power forecasting uncertainty
Yang HM, Qiu J, Meng K, Zhao JH, Dong ZY, Lai MY
616 - 626 Comparison of theoretical and real energy yield of direct DC-power usage of a Photovoltaic Facade system
Abawi Y, Rennhofer M, Berger K, Wascher H, Aichinger M
627 - 635 The Theory of Planned Behavior model and students' intentions to use bioenergy: A cross-cultural perspective
Halder P, Pietarinen J, Havu-Nuutinen S, Pollanen S, Pelkonen P
636 - 648 Numerical modeling of the effects of wave energy converter characteristics on nearshore wave conditions
Chang G, Ruehl K, Jones CA, Roberts J, Chartrand C
649 - 657 Renewable electricity in Turkey: Life cycle environmental impacts
Atilgan B, Azapagic A
658 - 670 Fast power output prediction for a single row of ducted cross-flow water turbines using a BEM-RANS approach
Dominguez F, Achard JL, Zanette J, Corre C
671 - 679 Machine learning ensembles for wind power prediction
Heinermann J, Kramer O
680 - 694 Losing the roadmap: Renewable energy paralysis in Spain and its implications for the EU low carbon economy
Alonso PM, Hewitt R, Pacheco JD, Bermejo LR, Jimenez VH, Guillen JV, Bressers H, de Boer C
695 - 705 A regulatory policy to promote renewable energy consumption in China: Review and future evolutionary path
He YX, Xu Y, Pang YX, Tian HY, Wu R
706 - 715 A novel optimization method for designing stand alone photovoltaic system
Nordin ND, Rahman HA
716 - 729 Drive train dynamics assessment and speed controller design in variable speed wind turbines
Rahimi M
730 - 742 Multi-objective energy storage power dispatching using plug-in vehicles in a smart-microgrid
Coelho VN, Coelho IM, Coelho BN, Cohen MW, Reis AJR, Silva SM, Souza MJF, Fleming PJ, Guimaraes FG
743 - 756 Double skin facades (DSF) and building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV): A review of configurations and heat transfer characteristics
Agathokleous RA, Kalogirou SA