Renewable Energy

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ISSN: 0960-1481 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Improved bulk density of bamboo pellets as biomass for energy production
Liu ZJ, Mi BB, Jiang ZH, Fei BH, Cai ZY, Liu X
8 - 25 Performance analysis of a horizontal axis 3-bladed Savonius type wave turbine in an experimental wave flume (EWF)
Tutar M, Veci I
26 - 37 Methods to control dynamic stall for wind turbine applications
Choudhry A, Arjomandi M, Kelso R
38 - 48 A novel online training neural network-based algorithm for wind speed estimation and adaptive control of PMSG wind turbine system for maximum power extraction
Jaramillo-Lopez F, Kenne G, Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue F
49 - 58 Effects of seismic and aerodynamic load interaction on structural dynamic response of multi-megawatt utility scale horizontal axis wind turbines
Asareh MA, Schonberg W, Volz J
59 - 67 Analysis of blended fuel properties and engine performance with palm biodiesel-diesel blended fuel
Ali OM, Mamat R, Abdullah NR, Abdulllah AA
68 - 74 Improving the yield of Jatropha curcas's FAME through sol-gel derived meso-porous hydrotalcites
Helwani Z, Aziz N, Kim J, Othman MR
75 - 88 A 100% wind, water, sunlight (WWS) all-sector energy plan for Washington State
Jacobson MZ, Delucchi MA, Bazouin G, Dvorak MJ, Arghandeh R, Bauer ZAF, Cotte A, de Moor GMTH, Goldner EG, Heier C, Holmes RT, Hughes SA, Jin L, Kapadia M, Menon C, Mullendore SA, Paris EM, Provost GA, Romano AR, Srivastava C, Vencill TA, Whitney NS, Yeskoo TW
89 - 98 Innovative improvement of a drag wind turbine performance
El-Baz AR, Youssef K, Mohamed MH
99 - 105 Catalytic performance of a novel amphiphilic alkaline ionic liquid for biodiesel production: Influence of basicity and conductivity
Zhang PB, Liu YL, Fan MM, Jiang PP
106 - 116 A new synchronous generator based wind energy conversion system feeding an isolated load through variable frequency transformer
Bakhsh FI, Khatod DK
117 - 123 Investigation of the effects of microalgal cell concentration and electroporation, microwave and ultrasonication on lipid extraction efficiency
Garoma T, Janda D
124 - 132 Production of biodiesel from low priced, renewable and abundant date seed oil
Azeem MW, Hanif MA, Al-Sabahi JN, Khan AA, Naz S, Ijaz A
133 - 147 A novel hybrid optimization methodology to optimize the total number and placement of wind turbines
Mittal P, Kulkarni K, Mitra K
148 - 153 Enhanced cycle performance of hollow polyaniline sphere/sulfur composite in comparison with pure sulfur for lithium-sulfur batteries
Wei P, Fan MQ, Chen HC, Yang XR, Wu HM, Chen JD, Li T, Zeng LW, Li CM, Ju QJ, Chen D, Tian GL, Lv CJ
154 - 162 Salinity gradient energy potential at the hyper saline Urmia Lake -ZarrinehRud River system in Iran
Emdadi A, Gikas P, Farazaki M, Emami Y
163 - 172 Electric power generation in wind farms with pumping kites: An economical analysis
De Lellis M, Mendonca AK, Saraiva R, Trofino A, Lezana A
173 - 181 Study of effective solar energy storage using a double pipe geothermal heat exchanger
Templeton JD, Hassani F, Ghoreishi-Madiseh SA
182 - 191 Performances of a CHP Stirling system fuelled with glycerol
Marion M, Louahlia H, Gualous H
192 - 205 Dynamic response simulation and experiment for gamma-type Stirling engine
Hooshang M, Moghadam RA, AlizadehNia S
206 - 215 Research on power coefficient of wind turbines based on SCADA data
Dai JC, Liu DS, Wen L, Long X
216 - 227 Impact of spatio-temporal correlation of wind production on clearing outcomes of a competitive pool market
Arjmand R, Rahimiyan M
228 - 237 Thermal efficiency analysis of the cascaded latent heat/cold storage with multi-stage heat engine model
Xu H, Zhao CY
238 - 250 Influence of the design parameters on the overall performance of a solar adsorption refrigerator
Brites GJVN, Costa JJ, Costa VAF
251 - 256 Grey Predictor reference model for assisting particle swarm optimization for wind turbine control
Hodzic M, Tai LC
257 - 261 Experimental investigation of a domestic solar water heater with solar collector coupled phase-change energy storage
Xue HS
262 - 269 A green sulfonated carbon-based catalyst derived from coffee residue for esterification
Ngaosuwan K, Goodwin JG, Prasertdham P
270 - 279 Techno-economic evaluation of strategies based on two steps organosolv pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse for ethanol production
Mesa L, Lopez N, Cara C, Castro E, Gonzalez E, Mussatto SI
280 - 291 Design of an efficient small wind-energy conversion system with an adaptive sensorless MPPT strategy
Aubree R, Auger F, Mace M, Loron L
292 - 301 Study of geothermal power generation from a very deep oil well with a wellbore heat exchanger
Alimonti C, Soldo E
302 - 315 Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System modelling for performance prediction of solar thermal energy system
Yaici W, Entchev E
316 - 323 Effect of blade vortex interaction on performance of Darrieus-type cross flow marine current turbine
Wang Y, Sun XJ, Zhu B, Zhang HJ, Huang DG
324 - 331 Low carbon technology assessment and planning-Case analysis of building sector in Chongming, Shanghai
Huang BJ, Mauerhofer V
332 - 346 Extremum seeking control for efficient operation of hybrid ground source heat pump system
Hu B, Li YY, Mu BJ, Wang SJ, Seem JE, Cao F
347 - 353 An impulsive noise filter applied in wireless control of wind turbines
de Almeida LAL, Sguarezi AJ, Capovilla CE, Casella IRS, Costa FF
354 - 359 The effect of renewable energy generation on import demand
Vaona A
360 - 374 Multiscale modeling and performance analysis of evacuated tube collectors for solar water heaters using diffuse flat reflector
Milani D, Abbas A
375 - 383 A simple and efficient procedure for increasing the temporal resolution of global horizontal solar irradiance series
Fernandez-Peruchena CM, Gaston M
384 - 391 Experimental verification of hybrid renewable systems as feasible energy sources
Perez-Navarro A, Alfonso D, Ariza HE, Carcel J, Correcher A, Escriva-Escriva G, Hurtado E, Ibanez F, Penalvo E, Roig R, Roldan C, Sanchez C, Segura I, Vargas C
392 - 398 Synthesis of fatty acid methyl esters via the transesterification of waste cooking oil by methanol with a barium-modified montmorillonite K10 catalyst
Olutoye MA, Wong SW, Chin LH, Amani H, Asif M, Hameed BH
399 - 408 A novel optimizing power control strategy for centralized wind farm control system
Ebrahimi FM, Khayatiyan A, Farjah E
409 - 421 Interaction between instream axial flow hydrokinetic turbines and uni-directional flow bedforms
Hill C, Musa M, Guala M
422 - 428 Financial analysis of an installed small scale seasonal thermal energy store
Colclough S, Griffiths P
429 - 440 Optimal site selection for upper reservoirs in pump-back systems, using geographical information systems and multicriteria analysis
Capilla JAJ, Carrion JA, Alameda-Hernandez E
441 - 448 Theoretical study on the power take-off estimation of heaving buoy wave energy converter
Shi HD, Cao FF, Liu Z, Qu N
449 - 458 Energy harvesting from a piezoelectric biomimetic fish tail
Cha YS, Chae WJ, Kim H, Walcott H, Peterson SD, Porfiri M
459 - 465 Isolation of a Clostridium acetobutylicum strain and characterization of its fermentation performance on agricultural wastes
Al-Shorgani NKN, Isa MHM, Yusoff WMW, Kalil MS, Hamid AA
466 - 472 Maximum wind power tracking based on cloud RBF neural network
Wu ZQ, Jia WJ, Zhao LR, Wu CH
473 - 482 Development and experimental validation of a simulation model to reproduce the performance of a 17.6 kW LiBr-water absorption chiller
Martinez JC, Martinez PJ, Bujedo LA
483 - 496 A continuous and analytical modeling for kites as auxiliary propulsion devoted to merchant ships, including fuel saving estimation
Leloup R, Roncin K, Behrel M, Bles G, Leroux JB, Jochum C, Parlier Y
497 - 506 Quantification of methane losses from the acclimatisation of anaerobic digestion to marine salt concentrations
Roberts KP, Heaven S, Banks CJ
507 - 516 Thermal hydraulic simulation of absorber tubes in linear Fresnel reflector solar thermal system using RELAP
Sahoo SS, Singh S, Banerjee R
517 - 525 Power capture optimization of variable-speed wind turbines using an output feedback controller
Asl HJ, Yoon J
526 - 542 Price dynamics and market relations in solar photovoltaic silicon feedstock trades
Yu Y, Li H, Bao HB
543 - 553 Complementarity between solar and hydro power: Sensitivity study to climate characteristics in Northern-Italy
Francois B, Borga M, Creutin JD, Hingray B, Raynaud D, Sauterleute JF
554 - 562 Kinetic modeling and simulation: Pyrolysis of Jatropha residue de-oiled cake
Sharma R, Sheth PN, Gujrathi AM
563 - 575 Biomass for residential and commercial heating in a remote Canadian aboriginal community
Stephen JD, Mabee WE, Pribowo A, Pledger S, Hart R, Tallio S, Bull GQ
576 - 584 Assessment of environmental and economic performance of Waste-to-Energy facilities in Thai cities
Menikpura SNM, Sang-Arun J, Bengtsson M
585 - 593 Life cycle assessment of conventional and optimised Jatropha biodiesel fuels
Portugal-Pereira J, Nakatani J, Kurisu K, Hanaki K
594 - 601 Acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) fermentation using the root hydrolysate after extraction of forskolin from Coleus forskohlii
Harde SM, Jadhav SB, Bankar SB, Ojamo H, Granstrom T, Singhal RS, Survase SA
602 - 610 Applying the kriging method to predicting irradiance variability at a potential PV power plant
Monger SH, Morgan ER, Dyreson AR, Acker TL
611 - 622 Sensitivity analysis of transient flow of two parallel pump-turbines operating at runaway
Rezghi A, Riasi A
623 - 632 Life cycle assessment of green diesel production from microalgae
Pragya N, Pandey KK
633 - 642 Investigation on a spectral splitting photovoltaic/thermal hybrid system based on polypyrrole nanofluid: Preliminary test
An W, Zhang J, Zhu T, Gao NP
643 - 650 Transesterification of waste cooking oil using FeCl3-modified resin catalyst and the research of catalytic mechanism
Ma YQ, Wang QH, Gao Z, Sun XH, Wang N, Niu RX, Ma HZ
651 - 663 Organic Rankine Cycle coupling with a Parabolic Trough Solar Power Plant for cogeneration and industrial processes
Borunda M, Jaramillo OA, Dorantes R, Reyes A
664 - 674 A decentralized voltage controller involving PV generators based on Lyapunov theory
Cagnano A, De Tuglie E
675 - 681 Energy and CO2 analysis of poplar and maize crops for biomass production in north Italy
Manzone M, Calvo A
682 - 692 Inverse dynamic analysis type of MPPT control strategy in a thermoelectric-solar hybrid energy harvesting system
Yusop AM, Mohamed R, Mohamed A
693 - 702 Simple fabrication of molecular sieving carbon for biogas upgrading via a temperature controlled carbonization of Phyllostachys pubescens
Seo DJ, Gou ZC, Fujita H, Fujii T, Sakoda A
703 - 715 Spain's energy outlook: A review of PV potential and energy export
Girard A, Gago EJ, Ordonez J, Muneer T
716 - 722 Performance analysis of PV/T Combi with water and air heating system: An experimental study
Othman MY, Hamid SA, Tabook MAS, Sopian K, Roslan MH, Ibarahim Z
723 - 732 Investigation into partially premixed combustion fueled with N-butanol-diesel blends
Cheng XB, Li S, Yang J, Liu B
733 - 744 Performance evaluation of cup-anemometers and wind speed characteristics analysis
Baseer MA, Meyer JP, Rehman S, Alam MM, Al-Hadhrami LM, Lashin A
745 - 750 Dendrometric characterization of corn cane residues and drying models in natural conditions in Bolivar Province (Ecuador)
Gaibor-Chavez J, Perez-Pacheco S, Velazquez-Marti B, Nino-Ruiz Z, Dominguez-Narvaez V
751 - 759 Particle Swarm Optimization method for estimation of Weibull parameters: A case study for the Brazilian northeast region
Carneiro TC, Melo SP, Carvalho PCM, Braga APD
760 - 769 Photovoltaic (PV) performance modelling in the absence of onsite measured plane of array irradiance (POA) and module temperature
Copper JK, Sproul AB, Jarnason S
770 - 784 A study on the aerodynamics of a floating wind turbine rotor
Farrugia R, Sant T, Micallef D
785 - 795 Steady-state investigation of water vapor adsorption for thermally driven adsorption based greenhouse air-conditioning system
Sultan M, Miyazaki T, Saha BB, Koyama S
796 - 818 Evaluation of equivalent structural properties of NREL phase VI wind turbine blade
Lee K, Huque Z, Kommalapati R, Han SE
819 - 830 Benefits of solar forecasting for energy imbalance markets
Kaur A, Nonnenmacher L, Pedro HTC, Coimbra CFM
831 - 840 Evaluation of WRF shortwave radiation parameterizations in predicting Global Horizontal Irradiance in Greece
Zempila MM, Giannaros TM, Bais A, Melas D, Kazantzidis A
841 - 847 Ni/Ru-Mn/Al2O3 catalysts for steam reforming of toluene as model biomass tar
Oh G, Park SY, Seo MW, Kim YK, Ra HW, Lee JG, Yoon SJ
848 - 857 Development details and performance assessment of a Wind Turbine Emulator
Castello J, Espi JM, Garcia-Gil R
858 - 865 Effect of doping pretreated corn stover conditions on yield of bioethanol in immobilized cell systems
Tian SQ, Wang XW, Zhao RY, Ma S
866 - 876 Day-ahead resource forecasting for concentrated solar power integration
Nonnenmacher L, Kaur A, Coimbra CFM
877 - 888 Performance investigation and exergy analysis of two-stage desiccant wheel systems
Liu XH, Zhang T, Zheng YW, Tu R
889 - 894 Failure of biohydrogen production by low levels of substrate and lactic acid accumulation
Park JH, Lee SH, Ju HJ, Kim SH, Yoon JJ, Park HD
895 - 908 Ultrasonic vibration-assisted pelleting of cellulosic biomass for ethanol manufacturing: An investigation on pelleting temperature
Zhang Q, Zhang PF, Pei ZJ, Rys M, Wang DH, Zhou JP
909 - 921 Dynamical measurement system for wind turbine fatigue load
Liu XF, Bo L, Luo HL
922 - 929 Synthesis and properties of novel proton exchange membranes based on sulfonated polyethersulfone and N-phthaloyl chitosan blends for DMFC applications
Muthumeenal A, Neelakandan S, Kanagaraj P, Nagendran A
930 - 942 Integration of optimal combinations of renewable energy sources into the energy supply of Wang-An Island
Yue CD, Chen CS, Lee YC
943 - 948 Hydrodeoxygenation of angelica lactone dimers and trimers over silica-alumina supported nickel catalyst
Ayodele OO, Dawodu FA, Yan DX, Lu XM, Xin JY, Zhang SJ
949 - 954 Vacuum lifetime and residual gas analysis of parabolic trough receiver
Liu JM, Lei DQ, Li Q
955 - 971 Transient simulation and parametric study of solar-assisted heating and cooling absorption systems: An energetic, economic and environmental (3E) assessment
Shirazi A, Taylor RA, White SD, Morrison GL
972 - 984 Experimental study on the role of ethanol on performance emission trade-off and tribological characteristics of a CI engine
Majumder U, Chakraborti P, Banerjee R, Debbarma B
985 - 992 Numerical sensitivity analysis of thermal response tests (TRT) in energy piles
Franco A, Moffat R, Toledo M, Herrera P
993 - 1008 Borehole thermal energy storage (BTES). First results from the injection phase of a living lab in Torino (NW Italy)
Giordano N, Comina C, Mandrone G, Cagni A
1009 - 1022 Development of a dynamic artificial neural network model of an absorption chiller and its experimental validation
Lazrak A, Boudehenn F, Bonnot S, Fraisse G, Leconte A, Papillon P, Souyri B
1023 - 1036 GIS-based modelling of shallow geothermal energy potential for CO2 emission mitigation in urban areas
Schiel K, Baume O, Caruso G, Leopold U
1037 - 1044 Advanced point of common coupling voltage controllers for grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems
Perera B, Ciufo P, Perera S
1045 - 1059 Wave power potential assessment of Aegean Sea with an integrated 15-year data
Jadidoleslam N, Ozger M, Agiralioglu N
1060 - 1068 Sugar production from wheat straw biomass by alkaline extrusion and enzymatic hydrolysis
Coimbra MC, Duque A, Saez F, Manzanares P, Garcia-Cruz CH, Ballesteros M
1069 - 1074 Optimization of biodiesel from dried biomass of Schizochytrium limacinum using methanesulfonic acid-DMC
Panchar BM, Padul MV, Kachole MS
1075 - 1085 Experimental analysis of a self consumption strategy for residential building: The integration of PV system and geothermal heat pump
Franco A, Fantozzi F
1086 - 1094 Thermoeconomic analysis of an ocean thermal energy conversion plant
Jung JY, Lee HS, Kim HJ, Yoo Y, Choi WY, Kwak HY
1095 - 1102 A comparison of cost-benefit analysis of biomass and natural gas CHP projects in Denmark and the Netherlands
Groth T, Scholtens B
1103 - 1112 A reduced leakage current transformerless photovoltaic inverter
Tey KS, Mekhilef S
1113 - 1122 Development and testing of surface-based and water-based-diffusion kinetic models for studying hydrolysis and biogas production from cow manure
Momoh YOL, Saroj DP
1123 - 1133 Performance analysis of wells turbine blades using the entropy generation minimization method
Shehata AS, Saqr KM, Xiao Q, Shehadeh MF, Day A
1134 - 1144 Estimation of atmospheric turbidity coefficient beta over Zhengzhou, China during 1961-2013 using an improved hybrid model
Lin AW, Zou L, Wang LC, Gong W, Zhu HJ, Salazar GA
1145 - 1160 Influence of wave resource assessment methodology on wave energy production estimates
Robertson B, Bailey H, Clancy D, Ortiz J, Buckham B
1161 - 1177 Interval-fuzzy municipal-scale energy model for identification of optimal strategies for energy management A case study of Tianjin, China
Chen C, Li YP, Huang GH
1178 - 1196 Predictive assessment of heat exchange performance of geothermal piles
Ghasemi-Fare O, Basu P
1197 - 1204 Economic analysis for refurbishment and uprating of hydro power plants
Rahi OP, Kumar A
1205 - 1214 CFD and comparative study on the dual-function solar collectors with and without tile-shaped covers in water heating mode
He W, Hong XQ, Luo BQ, Chen HB, Ji J
1215 - 1223 Investigating two-phase digestion of grass silage for demand-driven biogas applications: Effect of particle size and rumen fluid addition
Wall DM, Allen E, O'Shea R, O'Kiely P, Murphy JD
1224 - 1231 Methane production from acidic effluent discharged after the hydrogen fermentation of sugarcane juice using batch fermentation and UASB reactor
Reungsang A, Sittijunda S, Sreela C
1232 - 1246 Power take-off concept for wave energy converters based on oil-hydraulic transformer units
Gaspar JF, Calvario M, Kamarlouei M, Soares CG
1247 - 1255 Integration of WTE technologies into the electrical system for low-carbon growth in Venezuela
Balda MC, Furubayashi T, Nakata T
1256 - 1264 Thermal infrared imaging of geothermal environments and by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV): A case study of the Wairakei - Tauhara geothermal field, Taupo, New Zealand
Nishar A, Richards S, Breen D, Robertson J, Breen B
1265 - 1279 Residential solar PV policy: An analysis of impacts, successes and failures in the Australian case
Chapman AJ, McLellan B, Tezuka T
1280 - 1294 From NIMBY to acceptance: Toward a novel framework - VESPA - For organizing and interpreting community concerns
Petrova MA
1295 - 1307 Application of diffuse gas flux measurements and soil gas analysis to geothermal exploration and environmental monitoring: Example from the Reykjanes geothermal field, SW Iceland
Fridriksson T, Padron E, Oskarsson F, Perez NM
1308 - 1316 Optimal operation of insular electricity grids under high RES penetration
Simoglou CK, Bakirtzis EA, Biskas PN, Bakirtzis AG
1317 - 1323 Bioethanol production through separate hydrolysis and fermentation of Parthenium hysterophorus biomass
Tavva SSMD, Deshpande A, Durbha SR, Palakollu VAR, Goparaju AU, Yechuri VR, Bandaru VR, Muktinutalapati VSR
1324 - 1331 Performance and energy aspects of single and two phase thermophilic anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge
Leite WRM, Gottardo M, Pavan P, Belli P, Bolzonella D
1332 - 1339 Optimizing front metallization patterns: Efficiency with aesthetics in free-form solar cells
Gupta DK, Langelaar M, Barink M, van Keulen F
1340 - 1352 A facility for testing the aerodynamic and acoustic performance of bidirectional air turbines for ocean wave energy conversion
Moisel C, Carolus TH
1353 - 1361 A methodology for the calculation of response functions for geothermal fields with arbitrarily oriented boreholes - Part 2
Lazzarotto A, Bjork F
1362 - 1371 Quantitative evaluation of the impact of cloud transmittance and cloud velocity on the accuracy of short-term DNI forecasts
Li MY, Chu YH, Pedro HTC, Coimbra CFM
1372 - 1379 Load peak shaving and power smoothing of a distribution grid with high renewable energy penetration
Reihani E, Motalleb M, Ghorbani R, Saoud LS
1380 - 1393 A methodology for the calculation of response functions for geothermal fields with arbitrarily oriented boreholes - Part 1
Lazzarotto A
1394 - 1405 Channel-scale optimisation and tuning of large tidal turbine arrays using LES with adaptive mesh
Divett T, Vennell R, Stevens C
1406 - 1421 CFD study on prediction of vortex shedding in draft tube of Francis turbine and vortex control techniques
Anup KC, Lee YH, Thapa B
1422 - 1432 Organic municipal solid waste (MSW) as feedstock for biodiesel production: A financial feasibility analysis
Gaeta-Bernardi A, Parente V
1433 - 1441 Extreme global solar irradiance due to cloud enhancement in northeastern Brazil
de Andrade RC, Tiba C