Renewable Energy

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1 - 14 An estimation of the enhanced geothermal systems potential for the Iberian Peninsula
Chamorro CR, Garcia-Cuesta JL, Mondejar ME, Linares MM
15 - 24 Robust power oscillation damper design for DFIG-based wind turbine based on specified structure mixed H-2/H-infinity control
Surinkaew T, Ngamroo I
25 - 32 Impact study of short-circuit calculation methods on the design of a wind farm's grounding system
Gouvalas NK, Gonos IF, Stathopulos IA
33 - 40 How fast can businesses in the new energy sector grow? An analysis of critical factors
Lund PD
41 - 48 Life-cycle cost analysis of floating offshore wind farms
Laura CS, Vicente DC
49 - 55 Design, fabrication and operation of continuous microwave biomass carbonization system
Payakkawan P, Areejit S, Sooraksa P
56 - 61 Modeling the hourly solar diffuse fraction in Taiwan
Kuo CW, Chang WC, Chang KC
62 - 68 Carbon neutral mine site villages: Myth or reality?
Goodfield D, Anda M, Ho GE
69 - 77 Novel selective emitter process using non-acidic etch-back for inline-diffused silicon wafer solar cells
Basu PK, Cunnusamy J, Sarangi D, Boreland MB
78 - 89 An ARMAX model for forecasting the power output of a grid connected photovoltaic system
Li YT, Su Y, Shu LJ
90 - 98 Carbon footprint of selected biomass to biogas production chains and GHG reduction potential in transportation use
Uusitalo V, Havukainen J, Manninen K, Hohn J, Lehtonen E, Rasi S, Soukka R, Horttanainen M
99 - 110 Fault detection method for grid-connected photovoltaic plants
Chine W, Mellit A, Pavan AM, Kalogirou SA
111 - 117 Modeling the luminous efficacy of direct and diffuse solar radiation using information on cloud, aerosol and water vapor in the tropics
Janjai S, Prathumsit J, Buntoung S, Wattan R, Pattarapanitchai S, Masiri I
118 - 131 Simple models to compute solar global irradiance from the CMSAF product Cloud Fractional Coverage
Badescu V, Dumitrescu A
132 - 139 Prediction of solar radiation with genetic approach combing multi-model framework
Wu J, Chan CK, Zhang Y, Xiong BY, Zhang QH
140 - 149 The role of sources of finance on the development of wind technology
Corsatea TD, Giaccaria S, Arantegui RL
150 - 158 Flexible TCO-free counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells using graphene nanosheets from a Ti-Ti(III) acid solution
Hung KH, Chan CH, Wang HW
159 - 169 Factors in determining wind farm location: Integrating GQM, fuzzy DEMATEL, and ANP
Yeh TM, Huang YL
170 - 177 Planning globally, protesting locally: Patterns in community perceptions towards the installation of wind farms
Kontogianni A, Tourkolias C, Skourtos M, Damigos D
178 - 184 Prediction models for estimating pruned biomass obtained from Platanus hispanica Munchh. used for material surveys in urban forests
Sajdak M, Velazquez-Marti B, Lopez-Cortes I, Fernandez-Sarria A, Estornell J
185 - 195 Small wind power generation using automotive alternator
Ani SO, Polinder H, Ferreira JA
196 - 204 Comparing least cost scenarios for 100% renewable electricity with low emission fossil fuel scenarios in the Australian National Electricity Market
Elliston B, MacGill I, Diesendorf M
205 - 214 Experimental study of abrasion characteristics for critical sliding components for use in hydrokinetic devices
Bromaghin A, Ali M, Ravens T, Petersen T, Hoffman J
215 - 221 The energy saving index and the performance evaluation of thermochromic windows in passive buildings
Ye H, Long LS, Zhang HT, Gao YF
222 - 227 Biodiesel production from swine manure via housefly larvae (Musca domestica L.)
Yang S, Li Q, Gao Y, Zheng LY, Liu ZD
228 - 231 Combined-cycle hydropower systems - The potential of applying hydrokinetic turbines in the tailwaters of existing conventional hydropower stations
Liu Y, Packey DJ
232 - 240 Evaluation of methods for estimating energy performance of biogas production
Havukainen J, Uusitalo V, Niskanen A, Kapustina V, Horttanainen M
241 - 250 Evaluating the productivity and financial feasibility of a vertical-axis micro-hydro energy generation project using operation simulations
Huang SR, Chang PL, Hwang YW, Ma YH
251 - 256 Development of olive stone quality system based on biofuel energetic parameters study
Mata-Sanchez J, Perez-Jimenez JA, Diaz-Villanueva MJ, Serrano A, Nunez-Sanchez N, Lopez-Gimenez FJ
257 - 267 Experimental and numerical studies of blade roughness and fouling on marine current turbine performance
Walker JM, Flack KA, Lust EE, Schultz MP, Luznik L
268 - 279 Energy-exergy analysis and optimization of the solar-boosted Kalina cycle system 11 (KCS-11)
Sun FM, Zhou WS, Ikegami Y, Nakagami K, Su XM
280 - 287 PV powered smart charging station for PHEVs
Goli P, Shireen W
288 - 298 2-D Modeling of thermo-kinetics coupled with heat and mass transfer in the reduction zone of a fixed bed downdraft biomass gasifier
Masmoudi MA, Sahraoui M, Grioui N, Halouani K
299 - 304 Investigation of the wind energy characteristics and power generation in Lithuania
Katinas V, Sankauskas D, Markevicius A, Perednis E
305 - 313 Climate change mitigation with integration of renewable energy resources in the electricity grid of New South Wales, Australia
Abdullah MA, Agalgaonkar AP, Muttaqi KM
314 - 324 GHG emissions and energy performance of offshore wind power
Raadal HL, Vold BI, Myhr A, Nygaard TA
325 - 336 Energy management strategy for a battery-diesel stand-alone system with distributed PV generation based on grid frequency modulation
Urtasun A, Sanchis P, Barricarte D, Marroyo L
337 - 345 Modeling and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) method for PV array under partial shade conditions
Qi J, Zhang YB, Chen Y
346 - 353 Synthesis and evaluation of biochar-derived catalysts for removal of toluene (model tar) from biomass-generated producer gas
Bhandari PN, Kumar A, Bellmer DD, Huhnke RL
354 - 363 Optimal distributed energy resources planning in a competitive electricity market: Multiobjective optimization and probabilistic design
Vahidinasab V
364 - 370 Energy return on investment of hydroelectric power generation calculated using a standardised methodology
Atlason RS, Unnthorsson R
371 - 380 Control of a grid-connected direct-drive wind energy conversion system
Yan JH, Lin HY, Feng Y, Zhu ZQ
381 - 390 Cassava as an energy crop: A case study of the potential for an expansion of cassava cultivation for bioethanol production in Southern Mali
Kristensen SBP, Birch-Thomsen T, Rasmussen K, Rasmussen LV, Traore O
391 - 401 Performance enhancement and load reduction of a 5 MW wind turbine blade
Vesel RW, McNamara JJ
402 - 413 Sizing and maintenance visits optimization of a hybrid photovoltaic-hydrogen stand-alone facility using evolutionary algorithms
Jimenez-Fernandez S, Salcedo-Sanz S, Gallo-Marazuela D, Gomez-Prada G, Maellas J, Portilla-Figueras A
414 - 424 Assessing ecological risks of offshore wind power on Kattegat cod
Hammar L, Wikstrom A, Molander S
425 - 432 Hydraulic impacts of hydrokinetic devices
Kartezhnikova M, Ravens TM
433 - 442 Enhanced photovoltaic performance of inverted organic solar cells with In-doped ZnO as an electron extraction layer
Thambidurai M, Kim JY, Kang CM, Muthukumarasamy N, Song HJ, Song JY, Ko Y, Velauthapillai D, Lee C
443 - 453 Retrofitting of solar glasses by protective anti-soiling and -graffiti coatings
Barletta M, Puopolo M, Tagliaferri V, Vesco S
454 - 460 Evaluating agricultural management practices to improve the environmental footprint of corn-derived ethanol
Xue XB, Pang YL, Landis AE
461 - 467 Electrical energy production from the integrated aerobic-anaerobic treatment of organic waste by ORC
Di Maria F, Micale C, Sordi A
468 - 477 Fault diagnosis of wind turbine planetary gearbox under nonstationary conditions via adaptive optimal kernel time frequency analysis
Feng ZP, Liang M
478 - 494 GIS-based photovoltaic solar farms site selection using ELECTRE-TRI: Evaluating the case for Torre Pacheco, Murcia, Southeast of Spain
Sanchez-Lozano JM, Antunes CH, Garcia-Cascales MS, Dias LC
495 - 514 Non-linear aeroelasticity: An approach to compute the response of three-blade large-scale horizontal-axis wind turbines
Gebhardt CG, Roccia BA
515 - 522 A design methodology and analysis of combining multiple buildings onto a single district hybrid ground source heat pump system
Alavy M, Dworkin SB, Leong WH
523 - 531 An integrated adoption model of solar energy technologies in South Korea
Kim H, Park E, Kwon SJ, Ohm JY, Chang HJ
532 - 540 Coordinated control of automated devices and photovoltaic generators for voltage rise mitigation in power distribution circuits
Jung J, Onen A, Arghandeh R, Broadwater RP
541 - 549 The feasibility and potential of geothermal heat in the deep Alberta foreland basin-Canada for CO2 savings
Majorowicz J, Moore M
550 - 558 Incorporation of fish by-product into the semi-continuous anaerobic co-digestion of pre-treated lignocellulose and cow manure, with recovery of digestate's nutrients
Estevez MM, Sapci Z, Linjordet R, Morken J
559 - 569 Hydrodynamics-based floating wind turbine support platform optimization: A basis function approach
Hall M, Buckham B, Crawford C
570 - 579 Hydrogen production from steam gasification of biomass: Influence of process parameters on hydrogen yield - A review
Parthasarathy P, Narayanan KS
580 - 587 Hybridizing concentrated solar power (CSP) with biogas and biomethane as an alternative to natural gas: Analysis of environmental performance using LCA
San Miguel G, Corona B
588 - 595 A simple access to "Black-Dye" analogs with good efficiencies in dye-sensitized solar cells
Dehaudt J, Husson J, Guyard L, Oswald F, Martineau D
596 - 604 Blended ionic liquid systems for macroalgae pretreatment
Malihan LB, Nisola GM, Mittal N, Seo JG, Chung WJ
605 - 611 Influence of sludge properties on the direct gasification of dewatered sewage sludge in supercritical water
Gong M, Zhu W, Xu ZR, Zhang HW, Yang HP
612 - 624 Temperature and wind speed impact on the efficiency of PV installations. Experience obtained from outdoor measurements in Greece
Kaldellis JK, Kapsali M, Kavadias KA
625 - 633 Optimization of bioethanol production from glycerol by Escherichia coli SS1
Adnan NAA, Suhaimi SN, Abd-Aziz S, Hassan MA, Phang LY
634 - 640 IEC standard based virtual wind turbine mechanical load test system
Wang J, Ye YL, Lu HL, Li RG
641 - 649 Carbon emissions by rural energy in China
Zhang LX, Wang CB, Bahaj AS
650 - 661 Multi-objective design optimisation of standalone hybrid wind-PV-diesel systems under uncertainties
Maheri A
662 - 669 Numerical and experimental assessment of a downdraft gasifier for electric power in Amazon using acai seed (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) as a fuel
Itai Y, Santos R, Branquinho M, Malico I, Ghesti GF, Brasil AM
670 - 679 Spatial and temporal characteristics of wind and wind power off the coasts of Brittany
Bentamy A, Croize-Fillon D
680 - 685 Synthesis of fatty acid methyl esters via the methanolysis of palm oil over Ca3.5xZr0.5yAlxO3 mixed oxide catalyst
Amani H, Ahmad Z, Hameed BH
686 - 695 Distributed generation and demand response dispatch for a virtual power player energy and reserve provision
Faria P, Soares T, Vale Z, Morais H
696 - 706 A bibliographic analysis of recent solar energy literatures: The expansion and evolution of a research field
Du HB, Li N, Brown MA, Peng YN, Shuai Y
707 - 713 Techno-economic feasibility assessment of a biomass cogeneration plant based on an Organic Rankine Cycle
Uris M, Linares JI, Arenas E
714 - 728 Levelised cost of energy for offshore floating wind turbines in a life cycle perspective
Myhr A, Bjerkseter C, Agotnes A, Nygaard TA
729 - 746 Experimental study of the turbulence intensity effects on marine current turbines behaviour. Part I: One single turbine
Mycek P, Gaurier B, Germain G, Pinon G, Rivoalen E
747 - 758 Pyrolysis of biomass - fuzzy modeling
Lerkkasemsan N, Achenie LEK
759 - 769 Ocean thermal energy resources in Colombia
Devis-Morales A, Montoya-Sanchez RA, Osorio AF, Otero-Diaz LJ
770 - 774 Purchasing vs. leasing: A benefit-cost analysis of residential solar PV panel use in California
Liu X, O'Rear EG, Tyner WE, Pekny JF
775 - 786 How does wind farm performance decline with age?
Staffell I, Green R