Renewable Energy

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1 - 10 Melamine foam/polyethylene glycol composite phase change material synergistically modified by polydopamine/MXene with enhanced solar-to-thermal conversion
Du Y, Huang HW, Hu XP, Liu S, Sheng XX, Li XL, Lu X, Qu JP
11 - 21 One-step direct transesterification of wet yeast for biodiesel production catalyzed by magnetic nanoparticle-immobilized lipase
Cao XY, Xu H, Li FS, Ran YL, Ma XR, Cao Y, Xu QR, Qiao DR, Cao Y
22 - 33 Quaternary blend of Carica papaya - Citrus sinesis - Hibiscus sabdariffa - Waste used oil for biodiesel synthesis using CaO-based catalyst derived from binary mix of Lattorina littorea and Mactra coralline shell
Adepoju TF, Ibeh MA, Udoetuk EN, Babatunde EO
34 - 46 A new coupled model for the equivalent roughness heights of wind farms
Zhang H, Ge MW, Liu YQ, Yang XIA
47 - 57 MCM-41-supported tungstophosphoric acid as an acid function for dimethyl ether synthesis from CO2 hydrogenation
Seker B, Dizaji AK, Balci V, Uzun A
58 - 74 Evaluation of energy alternatives for sustainable development of energy sector in India: An integrated Shannon?s entropy fuzzy multi-criteria decision approach
Saraswat SK, Digalwar AK
75 - 84 Effects of single and combined retrofit devices on the performance of wood stoves
Konig M, Hartmann I, Varas-Concha F, Torres-Fuchslocher C, Hoferecht F
85 - 86 Editorial - RES to drive EVs
Wang Y
87 - 94 Effects of surface functional groups of coal-tar-pitch-derived nanoporous carbon anodes on microbial fuel cell performance
Liu YC, Hung YH, Sutarsis, Hsu CC, Ni CS, Liu TY, Chang JK, Chen HY
95 - 102 Mongol dream beyond fossil fuels: Prosperity of greenification
Gansukh Z
103 - 115 Wind turbine fault diagnosis based on transfer learning and convolutional autoencoder with small-scale data
Li YT, Jiang WB, Zhang GY, Shu LJ
116 - 123 Leaf-derived porous carbon synthesized by carbothermic reduction
Nguyen UNT, Lam DV, Shim HC, Lee SM
124 - 132 Selective conversion of furfuryl alcohol to levulinic acid by SO3H-containing silica nanoflower in GVL/H2O system
Wang RQ, Shen F, Tang YW, Guo HX, Smith RL, Qi XH
133 - 140 A characterization study for the properties of dust particles collected on photovoltaic (PV) panels in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Dhaouadi R, Al-Othman A, Aidan AA, Tawalbeh M, Zannerni R
141 - 148 Optimized design of a linear Fresnel collector with a compound parabolic secondary reflector
Ma J, Wang CL, Zhou Y, Wang RD
149 - 158 Stability assessment of a stand-alone wind-photovoltaic-battery system via Floquet Theory
Vargas U, Lazaroiu GC, Ramirez A
159 - 175 A detailed MILP formulation for the optimal design of advanced biofuel supply chains
Moretti L, Milani M, Lozza GG, Manzolini G
176 - 190 Adaptive co-optimization of artificial neural networks using evolutionary algorithm for global radiation forecasting
Kilic F, Yilmaz IH, Kaya O
191 - 209 Ultra-short-term exogenous forecasting of photovoltaic power production using genetically optimized non-linear auto-regressive recurrent neural networks
Hassan MA, Bailek N, Bouchouicha K, Nwokolo SC
210 - 216 Analyzing the impacts of economic growth, pollution, technological innovation and trade on renewable energy production in selected Latin American countries
Vural G
217 - 226 Numerical evaluation of a two-body point absorber wave energy converter with a tuned inerter
Asai T, Sugiura K
227 - 244 Energy matrices, exergoeconomic and enviroeconomic analysis of air-cooled and water-cooled solar still: Experimental investigation and numerical simulation
Shoeibi S, Rahbar N, Esfahlani AA, Kargarsharifabad H
245 - 245 Preface to the special issue of the international scientific forum 2019 (ISF2019)
Abd Rahim N, Hasanuzzaman M
246 - 253 Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance methodologies for hydropower plants equipment
Betti A, Crisostomi E, Paolinelli G, Piazzi A, Ruffini F, Tucci M
254 - 265 Synergistic interactions for saving energy and promoting the co-pyrolysis of polylactic acid and wood flour
Sun C, Li WL, Chen XJ, Li CX, Tan HY, Zhang YH
266 - 274 Development of a skeletal mechanism for four-component biodiesel surrogate fuel with PAH
Bai YQ, Wang Y, Wang XC
275 - 286 Autoclave pre-treatment of foliage - Effects of temperature, residence time and water content on solid biofuel properties
Kulbeik T, Scherzinger M, Hofer I, Kaltschmitt M
287 - 298 Effect of MgCl2 solution pretreatment on pubescens conversion at room temperature
Liu YC, Wang Y, Fu X, Li QX, Wang WL, Hu CW
299 - 314 Compound charging and discharging enhancement in multi-PCM system using non-uniform fin distribution
Sodhi GS, Muthukumar P
315 - 327 Performance analysis of electricity generation from grid-connected photovoltaic system using All-Sky Index for Smart City projects in Thailand
Narkwatchara P, Ratanatamskul C, Chandrachai A
328 - 343 CFD-based irreversibility analysis of avant-garde semi-O/O-shape grooving fashions of solar pond heat trade-off unit
Liu C, Hashemian M, Shawabkeh A, Dizaji HS, Saleem S, Batcha MFM, Wae-hayee M
344 - 359 Integration of transparent insulation shells in linear solar receivers for enhanced energy and exergy performances
Amein H, Kassem MA, Ali S, Hassan MA
360 - 370 Does export product quality and renewable energy induce carbon dioxide emissions: Evidence from leading complex and renewable energy economies
Wang ZJ, Ben Jebli M, Madaleno M, Dogan B, Shahzad U
371 - 382 A target-oriented performance assessment and model development of a grid-connected solar PV (GCPV) system for a commercial building in Malaysia
Saleheen MZ, Salema AA, Islam SMM, Sarimuthu CR, Hasan MZ
383 - 390 Unveiling the catalytic effects of Brempty setnsted acidic ionic liquid on quantitative alpha-glucose conversion to 5-HMF: Experimental and computational studies
Abdullayev Y, Ahmadov O, Valadova G, Karimli A, Autschbach J
391 - 400 Thermal performance of a V-Corrugated serpentine solar air heater with integrated PCM: A comparative experimental study
Ameri M, Sardari R, Farzan H
401 - 415 Hydrothermal carbonization of wet biomass from nitrogen and phosphorus approach: A review
Aragon-Briceno CI, Pozarlik AK, Bramer EA, Niedzwiecki L, Pawlak-Kruczek H, Brem G
416 - 430 Experimental and numerical investigations of latent thermal energy storage using combined flat micro-heat pipe array-metal foam configuration: Simultaneous charging and discharging
Liang L, Diao YH, Zhao YH, Wang ZY, Chen CQ
431 - 446 Experimental investigation of the thermal performance of a box type solar cooker using a finned cooking vessel
Vengadesan E, Senthil R
447 - 461 Investigation of the horizontally-butted borehole heat exchanger based on a semi-analytical method considering groundwater seepage and geothermal gradient
Jia GS, Ma ZD, Xia ZH, Wang JW, Zhang YP, Jin LW
462 - 478 Investigation of the vortex evolution and hydraulic excitation in a pump-turbine operating at different conditions
Yu A, Wang YS, Tang QH, Lv RR, Yang ZP
479 - 491 Impact of technological innovation, financial development and foreign direct investment on renewable energy, non-renewable energy and the environment in belt & Road Initiative countries
Khan A, Yang CG, Hussain J, Kui Z
492 - 504 Impacts of fracture network geometries on numerical simulation and performance prediction of enhanced geothermal systems
Liu G, Zhou CW, Rao ZH, Liao SM
505 - 515 The clean energy transition of heating and cooling in touristic infrastructures using shallow geothermal energy in the Canary Islands
Santamarta JC, Garcia-Gil A, Exposito MD, Casanas E, Cruz-Perez N, Rodriguez-Martin J, Mejias-Moreno M, Gotzl G, Gemeni V
516 - 525 Combustion of olive tree pruning pellets versus sunflower husk pellets at industrial boiler. Monitoring of emissions and combustion efficiency
Kougioumtzis MA, Kanaveli IP, Karampinis E, Grammelis P, Kakaras E
526 - 541 Acceleration the drying process of oleaster (Elaeagnus angustifolia L.) using reflectors and desiccant system in a solar drying system
Rashidi M, Arabhosseini A, Samimi-Akhijahani H, Kermani AM
542 - 556 Algorithm for identifying wind power ramp events via novel improved dynamic swinging door
Cui Y, He YJ, Xiong X, Chen ZH, Li F, Xu TT, Zhang FH
557 - 581 Multi-frequency dynamic performance of hydropower plant under coupling effect of power grid and turbine regulating system with surge tank
Liu Y, Guo WC
582 - 591 Steam gasification of hydrochar derived from hydrothermal carbonization of fruit wastes
Salaudeen SA, Acharya B, Dutta A
592 - 605 An investigation on the environmental impact of various Ground Heat Exchangers configurations
Aresti L, Christodoulides P, Florides GA
606 - 620 Variability of sediment processes around a tidal farm in a theoretical channel
Auguste C, Nader JR, Marsh P, Cossu R, Penesis I
621 - 634 Methanolysis of low-FFA waste cooking oil with novel carbon-based heterogeneous acid catalyst derived from Amazon acai berry seeds
Zavarize DG, Braun H, de Oliveira JD
635 - 646 Thermal performance of heat pipe evacuated tube solar collector integrated with different types of phase change materials at various location
Alshukri MJ, Eidan AA, Najim SI
647 - 657 Yeast-based biodiesel production using sulfonated carbon-based solid acid catalyst by an integrated biorefinery of durian peel waste
Leesing R, Siwina S, Fiala K
658 - 671 Transient analysis of load rejection for a high-head Francis turbine based on structured overset mesh
Sun LG, Guo PC, Yan JG
672 - 686 Geometry assessment of a sloped type wave energy converter
Giannini G, Lopez M, Ramos V, Rodriguez CA, Rosa-Santos P, Taveira-Pinto F
687 - 708 Advancement of an analytical double-Gaussian full wind turbine wake model
Keane A
709 - 727 Experimental and numerical investigation of nonlinear diffraction wave loads on a semi-submersible wind turbine
Li HR, Bachynski EE
728 - 734 Effects of electrode configurations, solution pH, TiO2 addition on hydrogen production by in-liquid discharge plasma
Xin YB, Sun B, Liu JY, Wang QL, Zhu XM, Yan ZY
735 - 746 A case study of space-time performance comparison of wind turbines on a wind farm
Ding Y, Kumar N, Prakash A, Kio AE, Liu X, Liu L, Li QC
747 - 763 Analysis and comparison of potential resources and new energy policy of Madagascar island; A review
Nematchoua MK
764 - 783 Evolving fuzzy time series for spatio-temporal forecasting in renewable energy systems
Severiano CA, Silva PCDE, Cohen MW, Guimaraes FG
784 - 798 Dehumidification of sewage sludge using quonset solar tunnel dryer: An experimental and numerical approach
Afshari F, Khanlari A, Tuncer AD, Sozen A, Sahinkesen I, Di Nicola G
799 - 811 Design and optimization of turbine for solar chimney power plant based on lifting design method of axial-flow hydraulic turbine impeller
Zuo L, Dai PZ, Yan ZY, Li C, Zheng Y, Ge YT
812 - 824 Towards a 100% renewable energy electricity generation system in Sweden
Zhong J, Bollen M, Ro S
825 - 832 Activated magnetic lipase-inorganic hybrid nanoflowers: A highly active and recyclable nanobiocatalyst for biodiesel production
Zhong L, Jiao XB, Hu HT, Shen XJ, Zhao J, Feng YX, Li CH, Du YJ, Cui JD, Jia SR
833 - 848 A multi-aspect coordination HDRED site selection framework under multi-type heterogeneous environments
Zhao CW, Xu XH, Liu RH, He JS
849 - 867 Energy storage capacity vs. renewable penetration: A study for the UK
Cardenas B, Swinfen-Styles L, Rouse J, Hoskin A, Xu WQ, Garvey SD
868 - 880 Techno-economic and environmental process evaluation of biogas upgrading via amine scrubbing
Cavaignac RS, Ferreira NL, Guardani R
881 - 901 Energy management and optimization of PEMFC/battery mobile robot based on hybrid rule strategy and AMPSO
Lu XQ, Wu YB, Lian J, Zhang YY
902 - 914 Identification of optimum wind turbine parameters for varying wind climates using a novel month-based turbine performance index
Gugliani GK, Sarkar A, Ley C, Matsagar V
915 - 926 Estimating national and local low-voltage grid capacity for residential solar photovoltaic in Sweden, UK and Germany
Hartvigsson E, Odenberger M, Chen PY, Nyholm E
927 - 946 The fault plane as the main fluid pathway: Geothermal field development options under subsurface and operational uncertainty
Daniilidis A, Saeid S, Doonechaly NG
947 - 957 Performance study of a combined low-concentration bifacial photovoltaic/thermal system with glass channels
Zhang H, Zhang Y, Liang K, Chen HP
958 - 970 Granular activated carbon supplementation enhances anaerobic digestion of lipid-rich wastewaters
Tan LC, Lin RC, Murphy JD, Lens PNL
971 - 980 Aqueous pretreatment of triticale straw for integrated production of hemicellulosic methane and cellulosic butanol
Rezaei M, Amiri H, Sha M
981 - 993 Synthesis of di-trimethylolpropane tetraester-based biolubricant from Elaeis guineensis kernel oil via homogeneous acid-catalyzed transesterification
Bahadi M, Salimon J, Derawi D
994 - 1001 Enhancing bagasse enzymatic hydrolysis through combination of ball-milling and LiCl/DMSO dissolution and regeneration
Chen ZY, Wang H, Wei WQ, Yuan ZY
1002 - 1013 Control law design for the air-turbine-generator set of a fully submerged 1.5 MW mWave prototype. Part 2: Experimental validation
Carrelhas AAD, Gato LMC, Falcao AFO, Henriques JCC
1014 - 1025 Effects of silver nanoparticles on performance of anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge and associated microbial communities
Grosser A, Grobelak A, Rorat A, Courtois P, Vandenbulcke F, Lemiere S, Guyoneaud R, Attard E, Celary P
1026 - 1040 Experimental studies on a low concentrating photovoltaic/thermal (LCPV/T) collector with a thermoelectric generator (TEG) module
Zhang H, Yue H, Huang JG, Liang K, Chen HP
1041 - 1060 Hybrid deep neural model for hourly solar irradiance forecasting
Huang X, Li Q, Tai YH, Chen ZQ, Zhang J, Shi JS, Gao BX, Liu WM
1061 - 1078 Performance evaluation of a novel building envelope integrated with thermoelectric cooler and radiative sky cooler
Su XS, Zhang L, Liu ZB, Luo YQ, Chen DP, Li WJ
1079 - 1096 Assessments of thermal performance of hybrid and mono nanofluid U-tube solar collector system
Yildirim E, Yurddas A
1097 - 1114 The role of frequency regulation remuneration schemes in an energy matrix with high penetration of renewable energy
Agostini CA, Armijo FA, Silva C, Nasirov S
1115 - 1127 Intelligent energy management based on SCADA system in a real Microgrid for smart building applications
Kermani M, Adelmanesh B, Shirdare E, Sima CA, Carni DL, Martirano L
1128 - 1158 Investigation of solar collector system with turbulator considering hybrid nanoparticles
Sheikholeslami M, Farshad SA
1159 - 1170 Control-informed ballast and geometric optimisation of a three-body hinge-barge wave energy converter using two-layer optimisation
Wang LG, Ringwood JV
1171 - 1187 Evaluation of factors governing the use of floating solar system: A study on Iran's important water infrastructures
Fereshtehpour M, Sabbaghian RJ, Farrokhi A, Jovein EB, Sarindizaj EE
1188 - 1201 Free Piston Stirling Engine as a new heat recovery option for an Internal Reforming Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Majidniya M, Remy B, Boileau T, Zandi M
1344 - 1356 Wake structure and mechanical energy transformation induced by a horizontal axis tidal stream turbine
Lin J, Lin BL, Sun J, Chen YL
1357 - 1370 Energy optimization through cooperative storage management: A calculus of variations approach
Leithon J, Werner S, Koivunen V
1371 - 1381 Numerical modelling and optimization of vertical axis wind turbine pairs: A scale up approach
Hansen JT, Mahak M, Tzanakis I
1382 - 1394 Practical optimal control of a wave-energy converter in regular wave environments
Yetkin M, Kalidoss S, Curtis FE, Snyder LV, Banerjee A
1395 - 1417 Unstable S-shaped characteristics of a pump-turbine unit in a lab-scale model
Suh JW, Yang HM, Kim JH, Joo WG, Park J, Choi YS
1418 - 1435 Ultra-short-term wind speed forecasting using an optimized artificial intelligence algorithm
Wang J, Yang ZS
1436 - 1444 Experimental optimisation of the pitching structural parameters of a fully passive flapping foil turbine
Duarte L, Dellinger N, Dellinger G, Ghenaim A, Terfous A
1445 - 1453 Five-lump kinetic approach on biofuel production from refined rubber seed oil over Cu/ZSM-5 catalyst via catalytic cracking reaction
Singh HKG, Yusup S, Quitain AT, Abdullah B, Inayat A, Ameen M, Cheah KW, Sasaki M, Kida T, Chai YH