Renewable Energy

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1 - 11 Near-room temperature transesterification over bifunctional CunO-B-s/SBA-15 catalyst for biodiesel production
Hu NM, Ning P, He L, Guan QQ, Shi YZ, Miao RR
12 - 26 Load response of biogas CHP systems in a power grid
Ishikawa S, Connell NO, Lechner R, Hara R, Kita H, Brautsch M
27 - 37 Shape-stabilized composite phase change material PEG@TiO2 through in situ encapsulation of PEG into 3D nanoporous TiO2 for thermal energy storage
Sun XP, Yi MM, Feng B, Liu RW, Sun LJ, Zhai LL, Cao HW, Zou C
38 - 48 Biomethane production from whole and extracted algae biomass: Long-term performance evaluation and microbial community dynamics
Ma JW, Li L, Zhao QB, Yu L, Frear C
49 - 59 Detection of mass imbalance in the rotor of wind turbines using Support Vector Machine
Hubner GR, Pinheiro H, de Souza CE, Franchi CM, da Rosa LD, Dias JP
60 - 71 Heteroatoms doped porous carbon derived from waste potato peel for supercapacitors
Khalafallah D, Quan XY, Ouyang C, Zhi MJ, Hong ZL
72 - 80 Well-to-wheel analysis of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of acetone-butanol-ethanol from corn and corn stover
Desta M, Lee T, Wu H
81 - 91 Describing biomass pyrolysis kinetics using a generic hybrid intelligent model: A critical stage in sustainable waste-oriented biore fi neries
Aghbashlo M, Almasi F, Jafari A, Nadian MH, Soltanian S, Lam SS, Tabatabaei M
92 - 106 Operation rule extraction based on deep learning model with attention mechanism for wind-solar-hydro hybrid system under multiple uncertainties *
Zhang ZD, Qin H, Li J, Liu YQ, Yao LQ, Wang YQ, Wang C, Pei SQ, Li PS, Zhou JZ
107 - 117 Supercritical extraction of biomass as an effective pretreatment step for the char yield control in pyrolysis
Trubetskaya A, Budarin V, Arshadi M, Magalhaes D, Kazanc F, Hunt AJ
118 - 132 Investigation on the effect of forward skew angle blade on the hump characteristic in a mixed flow pump using modified partially averaged Navier-Stokes model
Ye WX, Ikuta A, Chen YN, Miyagawa K, Luo XW
133 - 140 Energy cost and ef fi ciency analysis of greenhouse heating system enhancement using phase change material: An experimental study
Yan SR, Fazilati MA, Toghraie D, Khalili M, Karimipour A
141 - 162 A novel blind deconvolution based on sparse subspace recoding for condition monitoring of wind turbine gearbox
Ma ZP, Zhao M, Li BW, Fan HW
163 - 171 Lumped-parameters equivalent of a photovoltaic system for load flow analysis
Ramirez A, Vargas U, Abdel-Rahman MA
172 - 180 Integrated production of edible mushroom (Auricularia auricular-judae), fermentable sugar and solid biofuel
Chen F, Grimm A, Eilertsen L, Martin C, Arshadi M, Xiong SJ
181 - 187 The effect of hydroelectric power plants on the carbon emission: An example of Gokcekaya dam, Turkey
Bayazit Y
188 - 196 N, P co-doped hierarchical porous carbon from rapeseed cake with enhanced supercapacitance
Bi HH, He XJ, Zhang HF, Li HQ, Xiao N, Qiu JS
197 - 211 Solar extinction map in Chile for applications in solar power tower plants, comparison with other places from sunbelt and impact on LCOE
Marzo A, Salmon A, Polo J, Ballestrin J, Soto G, Quinones G, Alonso-Montesinos J, Carra E, Ibarra M, Cardemil J, Fuentealba E, Escobar R
212 - 223 Renewable electricity generation proposed pathways for the US and China
Ameyaw B, Li Y, Ma YK, Agyeman JK, Appiah-Kubi J, Annan A
224 - 235 Pricing bundled renewable energy credits using a modified LCOE for power purchase agreements
Bruck M, Sandborn P
236 - 250 A computational framework for coating fatigue analysis of wind turbine blades due to rain erosion
Hu WF, Chen WY, Wang XB, Jiang ZY, Wang YQ, Verma AS, Teuwen JLE
251 - 266 Structural response and fatigue assessment of a small vertical axis wind turbine under stationary and non-stationary excitation
Orlando A, Pagnini L, Repetto MP
267 - 276 Numerical investigation on characteristics of transient process in centrifugal pumps during power failure
Feng JJ, Ge ZG, Zhang Y, Zhu GJ, Wu GK, Lu JL, Luo XQ
277 - 285 Investigation of off-design characteristics of solid oxide electrolyser (SOE) operating in endothermic conditions
Motylinski K, Wierzbicki M, Kupecki J, Jagielski S
286 - 301 Holistic marine energy resource assessments: A wave and offshore wind perspective of metocean conditions
Robertson B, Dunkle G, Gadasi J, Garcia-Medina G, Yang ZQ
302 - 314 Synthesis and characterization of coal fly ash supported zinc oxide catalyst for biodiesel production using used cooking oil as feed
Yusuff AS, Bhonsle AK, Trivedi J, Bangwal DP, Singh LP, Atray N
315 - 326 Regulatory aspects and electricity production analysis of an offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea
Sobotka A, Rowicki M, Badyda K, Sobotka P
327 - 340 A novel parabolic trough receiver by inserting an inner tube with a wing-like fringe for solar cascade heat collection
Liu P, Dong ZM, Xiao H, Liu ZC, Liu W
341 - 353 Research on the passive double effect tower based on time misplaced exergy
Song YL, Chen X, Zhou SS, Du T, Xie F, Guo HF
354 - 363 Improving the CFPP property of biodiesel via composition design: An intelligent raw material selection strategy based on different machine learning algorithms
Cui ZH, Huang S, Wang M, Nie KL, Fang YM, Tan TW
364 - 374 Experimental determination of the standardised power of a solar funnel cooker for low sun elevations
Ruivo CR, Carrillo-Andres A, Apaolaza-Pagoaga X
375 - 386 Economic modeling of national energy, water and air pollution nexus in China under changing climate conditions
Zhai MY, Huang GH, Liu LR, Zheng BY, Li YP
387 - 399 Modeling of runaway inhibition in batch reactors using encapsulated phase change materials
Chen Q, Ni L, Jiang JC, Wang QS
400 - 409 Biomass waste conversion into value-added products via microwave-assisted Co-Pyrolysis platform
Suriapparao DV, Vinu R
410 - 425 Experimental investigation of the usability of the rifled serpentine tube to improve energy and exergy performances of a nanofluid-based photovoltaic/thermal system
Shahsavar A, Jha P, Arici M, Estelle P
426 - 437 Synthesis of MnFe2O4@graphene oxide catalyst for biodiesel production from waste edible oil
Bai LQ, Tajikfar A, Tamjidi S, Foroutan R, Esmaeili H
438 - 448 Enhancing hydrolysis and bio-methane generation of extruded lignocellulosic wood waste using microbial pre-treatment
Baghbanzadeh M, Savage J, Balde H, Sartaj M, VanderZaag AC, Abdehagh N, Strehler B
449 - 461 Understanding New Zealand & rsquo;s wind resources as a route to 100% renewable electricity
Poletti S, Staffell I
462 - 470 A novel approach for enhancing lipid recovery for biodiesel production from wet energy biomass using surfactants-assisted extraction
Feng WL, Wang SF, Duan XL, Wang WG, Yang F, Xiong J, Wang TL, Wang CW
471 - 486 Residential solar photovoltaic adoption behaviour: End-to-end review of theories, methods and approaches
Alipour M, Salim H, Stewart RA, Sahin O
487 - 499 Performance analysis on a volumetric solar receiver with an annular inner window
Li XL, Xia XL, Sun C, Chen ZH
500 - 516 Effect of chamber roughness and local smoothing on performance of a CAES axial turbine
Wang X, Zhang XH, Zuo ZT, Zhu YL, Li W, Chen HS, Ding YL
517 - 524 Alkaline incubation improves the saccharification of poplar after sodium chlorite pretreatment with ultra-low cellulase loading
Wen PY, Xu Y, Zhang JH
525 - 538 Comparison of negative-muscle-work energy harvesters from the human ankle: Different designs and trade-offs
Liu MY, Hughes-Oliver C, Queen R, Zuo L
539 - 561 Virtual fatigue diagnostics of wake-affected wind turbine via Gaussian Process Regression
Avendano-Valencia LD, Abdallah I, Chatzi E
562 - 573 Changes in thermomechanical properties due to air and water cooling of hot dry granite rocks under unconfined compression
Zhu ZN, Kempka T, Ranjith PG, Tian H, Jiang GS, Dou B, Mei G
574 - 586 Design and evaluation of flat plate solar collector equipped with nanofluid, rotary tube, and magnetic field inducer in a cold region
Bezaatpour M, Rostamzadeh H
587 - 594 The determinants of renewable energy usage intentions using theory of planned behaviour approach
Liobikiene G, Dagiliute R, Juknys R
595 - 612 Wave resource characterization at regional and nearshore scales for the US Alaska coast based on a 32-year high-resolution hindcast
Garcia-Medina G, Yang ZQ, Wu WC, Wang TP
613 - 619 Energy yield measurement of an elevated PV system on a white flat roof and a performance comparison of monofacial and bifacial modules
Muehleisen W, Loeschnig J, Feichtner M, Burgers AR, Bende EE, Zamini S, Yerasimou Y, Kosel J, Hirschl C, Georghiou GE
620 - 638 Estimation of the energy production of a parabolic trough solar thermal power plant using analytical and artificial neural networks models
Zaaoumi A, Bah A, Ciocan M, Sebastian P, Balan MC, Mechaqrane A, Alaoui M
639 - 651 Purchase intention of renewable energy technology in rural areas in Bangladesh: Empirical evidence
Masukujjaman M, Alam SS, Siwar C, Halim SA
652 - 660 On the use of neural networks for dynamic stress prediction in Francis turbines by means of stationary sensors
Presas A, Valentin D, Zhao WQ, Valero C, Egusquiza E
661 - 668 Encapsulation of lauric acid in reduced graphene-N-doped porous carbon supporting scaffold for multi-functional phase change composites
Li A, Dong C, Gao HY, Chen X, Tang YH, Wang G
669 - 682 Solar assisted catalytic thermochemical processes: pyrolysis and hydropyrolysis of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii microalgae
Rossi RAD, Barbosa JM, Barrozo MAD, Vieira LGM
683 - 692 Tidal range resource of Australia
Neill SP, Hemer M, Robins PE, Griffiths A, Furnish A, Angeloudis A
693 - 702 A model-based optimisation strategy for the start-up of anaerobic co-digestion processes
Garcia-Gen S, Vande Wouwer A
703 - 713 Enhancing the fuel properties of rubberwood biomass by moving bed torrefaction process for further applications
Kongto P, Palamanit A, Chaiprapat S, Tippayawong N
714 - 723 High efficient ethanol production from corn stover by modified mild alkaline pretreatment
Molaverdi M, Karimi K, Mirmohamadsadeghi S, Galbe M
724 - 748 Multichannel fault diagnosis of wind turbine driving system using multivariate singular spectrum decomposition and improved Kolmogorov complexity
Yan XA, Liu Y, Xu YD, Jia MP
749 - 763 Study on the direct and indirect effectiveness of wind power policy: Empirical evidence from 30 provinces in China
Song Y, Liu J, Wei YC, Zhang M
764 - 772 Flexibility metrics for analysis of power system transition-A case study of Japan and Sweden
Saarinen L, Tokimatsu K
773 - 784 The effects of surge motion on hydrodynamics characteristics of horizontal-axis tidal current turbine under free surface condition
Wang SQ, Zhang Y, Xie YY, Xu G, Liu K, Zheng Y
785 - 795 Total factor ef fi ciency and convergence analysis of renewable energy in Latin American countries
Zhang Y, Jin WR, Xu M
796 - 799 Integrated biorefinery for the planet's future
Battista F, Moustakas K, Nizami AS
800 - 810 Thermo-chemical water splitting: Selection of priority reversible redox reactions by multi-attribute decision making
Deng YM, Dewil R, Appels L, Li S, Baeyens J, Degreve J, Wang GR
811 - 823 Numerical investigation on the dynamic response characteristics of a thermoelectric generator module under transient temperature excitations
Luo D, Yan YY, Wang RC, Zhou WQ
824 - 831 Influence of feedwater pH on the CO2 reactivity of hydrochars. Co-carbonisation with a bituminous coal
Vega MF, Florentino-Madiedo L, Diaz-Faes E, Barriocanal C
832 - 846 Life cycle assessment of biodiesel production utilising waste date seed oil and a novel magnetic catalyst: A circular bioeconomy approach
Al-Mawali KS, Osman AI, Al-Muhtaseb AH, Mehta N, Jamil F, Mjalli F, Vakili-Nezhaad GR, Rooney DW
847 - 857 Ground-based validation of aerosol optical depth from CAMS reanalysis project: An uncertainty input on direct normal irradiance under cloud-free conditions
Salamalikis V, Vamvakas I, Blanc P, Kazantzidis A
858 - 865 MXene decorated by phosphorus-doped TiO2 for photo-enhanced electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction
Deng LQ, Chang B, Shi D, Yao XG, Shao YL, Shen JX, Zhang BG, Wu YZ, Hao XP
866 - 874 Directly convert lignocellulosic biomass to H-2 without pretreatment and added cellulase by two-stage fermentation in semi-continuous modes
Hu J, Cao W, Guo LJ
875 - 883 Effect of different pre-treatment methods on gasification properties of grass biomass
Sibiya NT, Oboirien B, Lanzini A, Gandiglio M, Ferrero D, Papurello D, Bada SO
884 - 896 A novel methodology for optimal sizing photovoltaic-battery systems in smart homes considering grid outages and demand response
Tostado-Veliz M, Icaza-Alvarez D, Jurado F
897 - 904 The relationship of renewable energy consumption to fi nancial development and economic growth in China
Wang J, Zhang SL, Zhang QJ
905 - 926 A novel particle-to- fl uid direct-contact counter- fl ow heat exchanger for CSP power generation applications: Design features and experimental testing
Alaqel S, Saleh NS, Djajadiwinata E, Saeed R, Alswaiyd A, Al-Ansary H, El-Leathy A, Zeitoun O, Jeter S, Abdel-Khalik S, Khayyat A, Danish S, Al-Suhaibani Z
927 - 935 Enhancements of lipid productivity and phosphorus utilization efficiency of Chlorella pyrenoidosa by iron and acetate supplements in actual municipal wastewater
Liu JZ, Yin JY, Han HF, Ge YM, Wang ZY, Bao XY, Gao F
936 - 947 Thermal economic analysis of a double-channel solar air collector coupled with draught fan: Based on energy grade
Zhang D, Liu C, Zhang JJ, Jing JL, An ZJ, Wang LJ
948 - 963 Synergistic effects of catalytic co-pyrolysis of corn cob and HDPE waste mixtures using weight average global process model
Liew JX, Loy ACM, Chin BLF, AlNouss A, Shahbaz M, Al-Ansari T, Govindan R, Chai YH
964 - 973 One-pot conversion of sesame cake to low N-content biodiesel via nano-catalytic supercritical methanol
Nematian T, Fatehi M, Hosseinpour M, Barati M
974 - 984 Sulfonated polyvinylidene fluoride and functional copolymer based blend proton exchange membrane for fuel cell application and studies on methanol crossover
Pal S, Mondal R, Chatterjee U
985 - 996 Strain gauge measurements on a full scale tidal turbine blade
Lake T, Hughes J, Togneri M, Williams AJ, Jeffcoate P, Starzmann R, Kaufmann N, Masters I
997 - 1007 Numerical simulations on static Vertical Axis Wind Turbine blade icing
Manatbayev R, Baizhuma Z, Bolegenova S, Georgiev A
1008 - 1019 Data-driven fatigue-oriented MPC applied to wind turbines Individual Pitch Control
Collet D, Alamir M, Di Domenico D, Sabiron G
1020 - 1039 Hydrodynamic analysis of a novel wave energy converter: Hull Reservoir Wave Energy Converter (HRWEC)
Gunawardane SDGSP, Bandara GACT, Lee YH
1040 - 1051 Dynamic modelling of methanation reactors during start-up and regulation in intermittent power-to-gas applications
Giglio E, Pirone R, Bensaid S
1052 - 1069 3E analysis and mathematical modelling of garlic drying process in a hybrid solar-electric dryer
Hadibi T, Boubekri A, Mennouche D, Benhamza A, Abdenouri N
1070 - 1080 Heterogeneous Ni-Ru/H-ZSM-5 one-pot catalytic conversion of lignin into monophenols
Lin F, Ma YL, Sun YG, Zhao KH, Gao TT, Zhu YB
1081 - 1095 Residential solar water heating: California adopters and their experiences
Sanguinetti A, Outcault S, Alston-Stepnitz E, Moezzi M, Ingle A
1096 - 1106 Evaluating eco-efficiency in consumption and production through sustainable utilization of resources: A panel analysis of APAC by population
Khalid K, Hussain B, Ali S
1107 - 1113 Anaerobic co-digestion of Cannabis ruderalis straw and blackwater: Hydrothermal pretreatment assessment and mono/co-digestion analysis
Qi N, Zhang L, Hu XM, Zhang HX, Sun HJ, Liu Y
1114 - 1128 Selective hydrogenation of furfural and its derivative over bimetallic NiFe-based catalysts: Understanding the synergy between Ni sites and Ni-Fe alloy
Shao YW, Wang JZ, Sun K, Gao GM, Li C, Zhang LJ, Zhang S, Xu LL, Hu GZ, Hu X
1129 - 1142 A novel mechanical solar tracking mechanism with single axis of tracking for developing countries
Elsayed AA, Khalil EE, Kassem MA, Elsayed AA, Khalil EE, Kassem MA, Huzzayin OA
1143 - 1155 Shifting wave energy perceptions: The case for wave energy converter (WEC) feasibility at milder resources
Lavidas G, Blok K
1156 - 1177 Assessment of renewable energy resources using new interval rough number extension of the level based weight assessment and combinative distance-based assessment
Ecer F, Pamucar D, Mardani A, Alrasheedi M
1178 - 1185 Scale up of biohydrogen production by a pure strain; Clostridium butyricum TM-9A at regulated pH under decreased partial pressure
RamKumar N, Anupama PD, Nayak T, Subudhi S
1186 - 1196 Experimental evaluation of primary measures for NOX and dust emission reduction in a novel 200 kW multi-fuel biomass boiler
Archan G, Anca-Couce A, Buchmayr M, Hochenauer C, Gruber J, Scharler R
1197 - 1214 Development of a small-scale reactor for upgraded biofuel pellets
Dhaundiyal A, Bercesi G, Atsu D, Toth L
1215 - 1227 Particulate emissions from a modern wood stove - Influence of KCl
Du YF, Lin WG, Glarborg P
1228 - 1244 Experimental investigation and analytical modelling of active yaw control for wind farm power optimization
Zong HH, Porte-Agel F
1245 - 1256 Field testing of multi-variable individual pitch control on a utility-scale wind turbine
Ossmann D, Seiler P, Milliren C, Danker A
1257 - 1274 Experimental study on the motions of a dual chamber fl oating oscillating water column device
Gadelho JFM, Rezanejad K, Xu S, Hinostroza M, Soares CG
1275 - 1291 Momentum recovery downstream of an axial-flow hydrokinetic turbine
Posa A, Broglia R
1292 - 1307 Determining chaotic characteristics and forecasting tall tower wind speeds in Missouri using empirical dynamical modeling (EDM)
Balkissoon S, Fox N, Lupo A, Haupt SE, Li YC, Market P, Walsh S
1308 - 1323 A standardised tidal-stream power curve, optimised for the global resource
Lewis M, Murray RO, Fredriksson S, Maskell J, de Fockert A, Neill SP, Robins PE
1324 - 1341 Proposal of 100% renewable energy production for the City of Cuenca-Ecuador by 2050
Icaza D, Borge-Diez D, Galindo SP
1342 - 1352 Modeling dynamic wind direction changes in large eddy simulations of wind farms
Stieren A, Gadde SN, Stevens RJAM
1353 - 1366 Off-design performance of closed OTEC cycles for power generation
Giostri A, Romei A, Binotti M
1367 - 1381 Modeling and predicting the electricity production in hydropower using conjunction of wavelet transform, long short-term memory and random forest models
Zolfaghari M, Golabi MR
1382 - 1395 China's renewable energy strategy and industrial adjustment policy
Liu XH, Zhao T, Chang CT, Fu CJ
1396 - 1426 Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for user satisfaction-induced demand-side load management for an institutional building
Elavarasan RM, Leoponraj S, Vishnupriyan J, Dheeraj A, Sundar GG