Renewable Energy

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1 - 10 Enhancing biogas production through co-digestion and thermal pretreatment of wheat straw and sunflower meal
Rajput AA, Zeshan, Hassan M
11 - 20 Analysis of a novel photovoltaic/thermal system using InGaN/GaN MQWs cells in high temperature applications
Ren X, Li J, Gao DT, Wu LJ, Pei G
21 - 30 Numerical simulation and experimental investigation on the influence of the clocking effect on the hydraulic performance of the centrifugal pump as turbine
Guan HY, Jiang W, Wang YC, Tian H, Li T, Chen DY
31 - 44 Theoretical, experimental, and numerical methods to predict the best efficiency point of centrifugal pump as turbine
Lin T, Zhu ZC, Li XJ, Li J, Lin YP
45 - 56 Optimal combination of bioenergy and solar photovoltaic for renewable energy production on abandoned cropland
Leirpoll ME, Naess JS, Cavalett O, Dorber M, Hu XP, Cherubini F
57 - 63 High-efficient production of biofuels using spent fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalysts and high acid value waste cooking oils
Nguyen LP, Tran TV, Phan TT, Ngo PT, Ha QLM, Luong TN, Tran TH, Phan TT
64 - 75 The performance of a weir-mounted tidal turbine: An experimental investigation
Verbeek MC, Labeur RJ, Uijttewaal WSJ
76 - 84 Modelling the economic role of hydropower: Evidence from bootstrap autoregressive distributed lag approach
Bello MO, Solarin SA, Yen YY
85 - 96 A new approach for modeling photovoltaic modules based on difference equation
Wang SN, Luo H, Ge Y, Liu SL
97 - 106 Design and research of cooling system for 2.5 MW permanent magnet wind turbine
Shi NQ, Wei M, Zhang LX, Hu X, Song B
107 - 118 Development and manufacturing of solar and wind energy technologies in Ethiopia: Challenges and policy implications
Gebreslassie MG
119 - 130 Economic assessment of biogas purification systems for removal of both H2S and siloxane from biogas
Zhang YY, Kawasaki Y, Oshita K, Takaoka M, Minami D, Inoue G, Tanaka T
131 - 140 Application of solar drying on the apple peels using an indirect hybrid solar-electrical forced convection dryer
Moussaoui H, Bahammou Y, Tagnamas Z, Kouhila M, Lamharrar A, Idlimam A
141 - 150 Optimised blending for anaerobic co-digestion using ant colony approach: Besos river basin case study
Palma-Heredia D, Verdaguer M, Molinos-Senante M, Poch M, Cuguero-Escofet MA
151 - 159 Geoenergy permits in Finnish regional administration - Contradictory practices and inadequate judicial regulation
Majuri P, Arola T, Kumpula A, Vuorisalo T
160 - 169 Investigation on the effect of different backsheet materials on performance characteristics of a photovoltaic/thermal (PV/T) system
Vaishak S, Bhale PV
170 - 180 Improvement in the performance and cost of passive solar stills using a finned-wall/built-in condenser: An experimental study
Mohaisen HS, Esfahani JA, Ayani MB
181 - 194 Assessment of solar photovoltaic potentials on urban noise barriers using street-view imagery
Zhong T, Zhang K, Chen M, Wang YJ, Zhu R, Zhang ZX, Zhou ZX, Qian Z, Lv GN, Yan JY
195 - 203 Annual energy losses due to partial shading in PV modules with cut wafer-based Si solar cells
Brecl K, Bokalic M, Topic M
204 - 215 Predictive capability evaluation and optimization of sustainable biodiesel production from oleaginous biomass grown on pulp and paper industrial wastewater
Vasaki EM, Karri RR, Ravindran G, Paramasivan B
216 - 233 Uncertainty analysis of a WEC model test experiment
Orphin J, Nader JR, Penesis I
234 - 246 Experimental and numerical investigation of the impact of operating conditions on thermocline storage performance
Vannerem S, Neveu P, Falcoz Q
247 - 269 Comparison study of URANS and hybrid RANS-LES models on predicting vertical axis wind turbine performance at low, medium and high tip speed ratio ranges
Syawitri TP, Yao YF, Chandra B, Yao J
270 - 279 Jet-nozzle based improvement of dissolved H-2 concentration for efficient in-situ biogas upgrading in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor
Park JG, Kwon HJ, Cheon AI, Jun HB
280 - 296 Kinetics models of transesterification reaction for biodiesel production: A theoretical analysis
Ezzati R, Ranjbar S, Soltanabadi A
297 - 308 Selective production of furfural and phenols from rice husk: the influence of synergetic pretreatments with different order
Tu R, Sun Y, Wu YJ, Fan XD, Cheng SC, Jiang EC, Xu XW
309 - 318 Expired food products and used disposable adult nappies mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion: Biochemical methane potential, feedstock pretreatment and two-stage system performance
Tsigkou K, Zagklis D, Tsafrakidou P, Zapanti P, Manthos G, Karamitou K, Zafiri C, Kornaros M
319 - 331 Performance analysis of liquid-flow-window with submerged heat exchanger
Liu WJ, Chow TT
332 - 342 Performance and cost evaluation of solar dish power plant: sensitivity analysis of levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and net present value (NPV)
Abdelhady S
343 - 352 New global thermal numerical model of vertical U-tube ground heat exchanger
Chwieduk M
353 - 364 A direct energy reuse strategy for absorption air-conditioning system based on electrode regeneration method
Yang JQ, Zhao H, Li CC, Li XW
365 - 374 Experimental investigation and performance comparison of a 1 single OWC, array and M-OWC
Doyle S, Aggidis GA
375 - 392 Relationships between P-wave velocity and mechanical properties of granite after exposure to different cyclic heating and water cooling treatments
Zhu ZN, Ranjith PG, Tian H, Jiang GS, Dou B, Mei G
393 - 405 Heliostat layout optimization for load-following solar tower plants
Ghirardi E, Brumana G, Franchini G, Perdichizzi A
406 - 415 Biochemical potential of methane (BMP) of camelid waste and the Andean region agricultural crops
Meneses-Quelal WO, Velazquez-Marti B, Gaibor-Chavez J, Nino-Ruiz Z
416 - 423 Cost-effective and efficient plum-pudding-like FexNi1-xS2/C composite electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Yang XH, Xie HX, Zou Y, Huang Y, Jiang LW, Wang XM, Tang DH, Si CL, Wang JJ
424 - 437 Modeling of enhanced micro-energy harvesting of thermal ambient fl uctuations with metallic foams embedded in Phase Change Materials
Madruga S
438 - 447 Bioenergy in the era of circular economy: Anaerobic digestion technological solutions to produce biogas from lipid-rich wastes
Diamantis V, Eftaxias A, Stamatelatou K, Noutsopoulos C, Vlachokostas C, Aivasidis A
448 - 462 Life cycle assessment of a floating photovoltaic system and feasibility for application in Thailand
Clemons SKC, Salloum CR, Herdegen KG, Kamens RM, Gheewala SH
463 - 490 An inverse mean-line design method for optimizing radial out flow two-phase turbines in geothermal systems
Li HY, Rane S, Yu ZB, Yu GP
491 - 504 Thermoeconomic assessment of integrated solar flat plat collector with cross flow heat exchanger as solar air heater using numerical analysis
Hajabdollahi H
505 - 515 Pre-hydrogenation stage as a strategy to improve the continuous production of a diesel-like biofuel from palm oil
del Rio JI, Perez W, Cardeno F, Marin J, Rios LA
516 - 543 Proposal of a novel GPU-accelerated lifetime optimization method for onshore wind turbine dampers under real wind distribution
Liu ZQ, Wang YZ, Nyangi P, Zhu ZW, Hua XG
544 - 558 Calibrations of thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling parameters for heating and water-cooling treated granite
Yang FJ, Wang GL, Hu DW, Liu YG, Zhou H, Tan XF
559 - 567 Turbulence-parameter estimation for current-energy converters using surrogate model optimization
Olson SS, Su JCP, Silva H, Chartrand CC, Roberts JD
568 - 580 Design and performance evaluation of an evacuated tube solar dryer for drying garlic clove
Malakar S, Arora VK, Nema PK
581 - 592 A comparison of deterministic refinement techniques for wind farm layout optimization
Nagpal SV, Liu MV, Anderson CL
593 - 605 Bio-based refinery intermediate production via hydrodeoxygenation of fast pyrolysis bio-oil
Dimitriadis A, Chrysikou LP, Meletidis G, Terzis G, Auersvald M, Kubicka D, Bezergianni S
606 - 631 Improvement of regulation quality for hydro-dominated power system: quantifying oscillation characteristic and multi-objective optimization
Zhao ZG, Yang JD, Huang YF, Yang WJ, Ma WC, Hou LY, Chen M
632 - 646 Investigation of correlation between chemical composition and properties of biodiesel using principal component analysis (PCA) and artificial neural network (ANN)
Jahirul MI, Rasul MG, Brown RJ, Senadeera W, Hosen MA, Haque R, Saha SC, Mahlia TMI
647 - 658 Integrating the plasmonic sensitizer and electron relay into ZnO/Au/CdS sandwich nanotube array photoanode for efficient solar-to-hydrogen conversion with 3.2% efficiency
Wang Y, Wang WZ, Fu JL, Liang YJ, Yao LZ, Zhu TY
659 - 667 Low cost single crystal CdZnTe-Silicon tandem PV
Dingus P, Garnett J, Wang SM, Chong C
668 - 675 Ruthenium nanoparticles supported on carbon-based nanoallotropes as co-catalyst to enhance the photocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity of carbon nitride
Alvarez-Prada I, Peral D, Song MR, Munoz J, Romero N, Escriche L, Acharjya A, Thomas A, Schomacker R, Schwarze M, Sala X, Tasbihi M, Garcia-Anton J
676 - 691 An investigation on the usage of different supercritical fluids in parabolic trough solar collector
Zaharil HA
692 - 704 Thermal performance and design parameters investigation of a novel cavity receiver unit for parabolic trough concentrator
Mohamad K, Ferrer P
705 - 722 Downscaling wave energy converters for optimum performance in low-energy seas
Majidi A, Bingolbali B, Akpinar A, Iglesias G, Jafali H
723 - 733 Effect of short time ball milling on physicochemical and adsorption performance of activated carbon prepared from mangosteen peel waste
Nasrullah A, Khan AS, Bhat AH, Din IU, Inayat A, Muhammad N, Bakhsh EM, Khan SB
734 - 749 Experimental study of a parabolic trough solar collector with rotating absorber tube
Norouzi AM, Siavashi M, Ahmadi R, Tahmasbi M
750 - 763 Numerical investigation of water droplet impact on PEM fuel cell flow channel surface
Qin YZ, Guo QY, Chen RX, Zhuang Y, Wang YL
764 - 778 A robust parametrization method of photovoltaic modules for enhancing one-diode model accuracy under varying operating conditions
Li CX, Yang YH, Spataru S, Zhang KJ, Wei HK
779 - 790 Design and synthesis of novel amphipathic ionic liquids for biodiesel production from soapberry oil
Cai DR, Zhan GW, Xiao JR, Zhou SF, Qiu T
791 - 805 Comparison between the energetic and environmental performance of a combined heat and power unit fueled with diesel and waste vegetable oil: An experimental and numerical study
Costa M, Marchitto L, Piazzullo D, Prati MV
806 - 814 Effect of coal ash additive on potassium fixation and melting behaviors of the mixture under simulated biomass gasification condition
Zhang H, Hao ZH, Li JG, Yang X, Wang ZQ, Liu ZY, Huang JJ, Zhang YQ, Fang YT
815 - 828 Techno-economical and energy analysis of sunflower oil biodiesel synthesis assisted with waste ginger leaves derived catalysts
John M, Abdullah MO, Hua TY, Nolasco-Hipolito C
829 - 837 Enhancement of depolymerization slag gasification in supercritical water and its gasification performance in fluidized bed reactor
Wang C, Zhu C, Huang JB, Li LF, Jin H
838 - 853 Mapping concentrated solar power site suitability in Algeria
Haddad B, Diaz-Cuevas P, Ferreira P, Djebli A, Perez JP
854 - 864 Nonlinear modal interaction analysis and vibration characteristics of a francis hydro-turbine generator unit
Xu BB, Luo XQ, Egusquiza M, Ye W, Liu J, Egusquiza E, Chen DY, Guo PC
865 - 877 Parametric analysis and optimisation of energy ef fi ciency of a lightweight building integrated with different con fi gurations and types of PCM
Mohseni E, Tang WC
878 - 895 A multihorizon approach for the reliability oriented network restructuring problem, considering learning effects, construction time, and cables maintenance costs
Bordin C, Mishra S, Palu I
896 - 912 Disruptive innovation for inclusive renewable policy in sub-Saharan Africa: A social shaping of technology analysis of appliance uptake in Rwanda
Muza O, Debnath R
913 - 926 Design optimization and optical performance analysis on multi-sectioned compound parabolic concentrator with plane absorber
Li YC, Jiao F, Chen F, Zhang ZH
927 - 937 Sustainable biodiesel production from low-quantity oils utilizing H6PV3MoW8O40 supported on magnetic Fe3O4/ZIF-8 composites
Xie WL, Gao CL, Li JB
938 - 959 Performance analysis of coaxial heat exchanger and heat-carrier fluid in medium-deep geothermal energy development
He YT, Jia M, Li XG, Yang ZZ, Song R
960 - 971 Numerical study of turbulent flow past a rotating axial-flow pump based on a level-set immersed boundary method
Kan K, Yang ZX, Lyu P, Zheng Y, Shen L
972 - 980 A novel wind turbine health condition monitoring method based on composite variational mode entropy and weighted distribution adaptation
Ren H, Liu WY, Shan MC, Wang X, Wang ZF
981 - 990 Synthesis of the SrO-CaO-Al2O3 trimetallic oxide catalyst for transesterification to produce biodiesel
Zhang YJ, Niu SL, Han KH, Li YJ, Lu CM
991 - 1014 Dynamic reliability analysis of a fl oating offshore wind turbine under wind-wave joint excitations via probability density evolution method
Song YP, Basu B, Zhang ZL, Sorensen JD, Li J, Chen JB
1015 - 1026 Improvement of thermal energy accumulation by incorporation of carbon nanomaterial into magnesium chloride hexahydrate and magnesium nitrate hexahydrate
Honcova P, Sadovska G, Pastvova J, Kostal P, Seidel J, Sazama P, Pilar R
1027 - 1039 Free trade and renewable energy: A cross-income levels empirical investigation using two trade openness measures
Wang Q, Zhang FY
1040 - 1057 A state-of-the-art review of the application of phase change materials (PCM) in Mobilized-Thermal Energy Storage (M-TES) for recovering low-temperature industrial waste heat (IWH) for distributed heat supply
Du K, Calautit J, Eames P, Wu YP
1058 - 1072 Study of probability characteristics and peak value of heliostat support column base shear
Xiong QW, Li ZN, Luo HY, Zhao ZF, Jiang AM
1073 - 1095 Evaluation approach for sustainable renewable energy systems under uncertain environment: A case study
Abdel-Basset M, Gamal A, Chakrabortty RK, Ryan MJ
1096 - 1111 Systematic evaluation for hydropower exploitation rationality in hydro-dominant area: A case study of Sichuan Province, China
Tian CY, Huang GH, Xie YL
1112 - 1121 Metal organic frameworks constructed heterojunction with alpha-NiS-beta-NiS/CdS: The effect of organic-ligand in UiO-66 for charge transfer of photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Zhang HQ, Yu ZB, Jiang RH, Hou YP, Huang J, Zhu HX, Yang F, Li MJ, Li FY, Ran Q
1122 - 1140 Performance enhancement of a thermoelectric harvester with a PCM/Metal foam composite
Borhani SM, Hosseini MJ, Pakrouh R, Ranjbar AA, Nourian A
1141 - 1148 Intensi fi cation of methane production from waste frying oil in a biogas -lift bioreactor
Duarte SM, Sinisgalli E, Cavaleiro AJ, Bertin L, Alves MM, Pereira MA
1149 - 1156 Smart removal of monosaccharide contaminants in xylo-oligosaccharide slurry using sandwich-integration bioprocess of whole-cell catalysis combined with electrodialysis separation
Liu XL, Cao R, Nawaz A, ul Haq I, Zhou X, Xu Y
1157 - 1164 The in fl uence of temperature and oxidizing atmosphere on the process of combusting pellets from agricultural and forest biomass in the stream of inert material
Kaczynski K, Kaczynska K, Pelka P
1165 - 1176 What determines environmental deficit in Asia? Embossing the role of renewable and non-renewable energy utilization
Usman M, Khalid K, Mehdi MA
1177 - 1188 Research on the characteristics of hydraulic wind turbine with multi-accumulator
He CB, Wang JC, Wang RZ, Zhang XX
1189 - 1206 Performance optimization and thermodynamic analysis of irreversibility in a contemporary solar thermoelectric generator
Maduabuchi CC, Ejenakevwe KA, Mgbemene CA
1207 - 1216 Biodiesel production from edible oils using algal biochar/CaO/K2CO3 as a heterogeneous and recyclable catalyst
Foroutan R, Mohammadi R, Razeghi J, Ramavandi B
1217 - 1228 CSP clustering in unit commitment for power system production cost modeling
Feng CJ, Shao CC, Wang XF
1229 - 1248 Optimal approach for wind resource assessment using Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic: A case study for large-scale wind farm in Pakistan
Saeed MA, Ahmed Z, Zhang WD
1249 - 1264 Damage detection in operational wind turbine blades using a new approach based on machine learning
Chandrasekhar K, Stevanovic N, Cross EJ, Dervilis N, Worden K
1265 - 1293 Performance analysis of domed roof integrated with earth-to-air heat exchanger system to meet thermal comfort conditions in buildings
Akbarpoor AM, Poshtiri AH, Biglari F
1294 - 1307 Anode state observation of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell based on unscented Kalman filter and relative humidity sensor before flooding
Xu LF, Hu ZY, Fang C, Li JQ, Hong P, Jiang HL, Guo D, Ouyang MG
1308 - 1326 Effects of different poses and wind speeds on wind-induced vibration characteristics of a dish solar concentrator system
Zuo HY, Tan JQ, Wei KX, Huang ZH, Zhong DQ, Xie FC
1327 - 1343 A new tool to analysing photovoltaic self-consumption systems with batteries
Munoz-Rodriguez FJ, Jimenez-Castillo G, Hernandez JD, Pena JDA
1344 - 1363 Towards optimal aerodynamic design of wind catchers: Impact of geometrical characteristics
Alsailani M, Montazeri H, Rezaeiha A
1364 - 1376 UAV-based thermal imaging and heat output estimation of a coastal geothermal resource: La Jolla beach, Baja California, Mexico
Carbajal-Martinez D, Peiffer L, Hinojosa-Corona A, Trasvina-Castro A, Arregui-Ojeda SM, Carranza-Chavez FJ, Flores-Luna C, Mendez-Alonzo R, Inguaggiato C, Casallas-Moreno KL
1377 - 1387 Clay-supported zinc oxide as catalyst in pyrolysis and deoxygenation of licuri (Syagrus coronata) oil
Oliveira JLF, Batista LMB, dos Santos NA, Araujo AMM, Fernandes VJ, Araujo AS, Alves APM, Gondim AD
1388 - 1398 Measurement based parameters estimation of large scale wind farm dynamic equivalent model
Gupta AP, Mohapatra A, Singh SN
1399 - 1401 Novel solar PV/Thermal collector design for the enhancement of thermal and electrical performances (vol 146, pg 610, 2020)
Rejeb O, Gaillard L, Giroux-Julien S, Ghenai C, Jemni A, Bettayeb M, Menezo C
1402 - 1402 Thermo-hydrodynamic behavior of an innovative solar chimney (vol 145, pg 2074, 2020)
Kebabsa H, Lounici MS, Lebbi M, Daimallah A
1403 - 1403 Effect of antioxidant additives on oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emission reduction from Annona biodiesel operated diesel engine (vol 148, pg 1321, 2020)
Rajendran S
1404 - 1404 Multi-region comparisons of energy-related CO2 emissions and production water use during energy development in northwestern China (vol 153, pg 940, 2020)
Li AJ, Zhou DL, Chen GS, Liu YH, Long Y
1405 - 1405 Procedures for solar radiation data gathering and processing and their application to DNI assessment in southern Portugal (vol 163, pg 2208, 2020)
Cavaco A, Canhoto P, Pereira MC