Renewable Energy

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1 - 19 Identifying key locations for shallow geothermal use in Vienna
Tissen C, Menberg K, Benz SA, Bayer P, Steiner C, Gotzl G, Blum P
20 - 31 Environmental performance of a geothermal power plant using a hydrothermal resource in the Southern German Molasse Basin
Menberg K, Heberle F, Bott C, Bruggemann D, Bayer P
32 - 41 Thermochemical liquefaction of cattle manure using ethanol as solvent: Effects of temperature on bio-oil yields and chemical compositions
Fang J, Liu ZZ, Luan H, Liu F, Yuan XZ, Long SD, Wang AD, Ma Y, Xiao ZH
42 - 55 Influence of microalgae on synergism during co-pyrolysis with organic waste biomass: A thermogravimetric and kinetic analysis
Vuppaladadiyam AK, Antunes E, Sanchez PB, Duan HB, Zhao M
56 - 65 Capacity planning and optimization for integrated energy system in industrial park considering environmental externalities
Sun JQ, Ruze N, Zhang JJ, Shi J, Shen BY
66 - 81 Nonlinear frequency domain solution method for aerodynamic and aeromechanical analysis of wind turbines
Naung SW, Rahmati M, Farokhi H
82 - 90 Bio-tar-derived porous carbon with high gas uptake capacities
Tu R, Sun Y, Wu YJ, Fan XD, Wang JM, Cheng SC, Jia ZW, Jiang EC, Xu XW
91 - 98 Techno-economic analysis of H-2 energy storage system based on renewable energy certificate
Lee B, Lim D, Lee H, Byun M, Lim H
99 - 115 A machine learning approach on the relationship among solar and wind energy production, coal consumption, GDP, and CO2 emissions
Magazzino C, Mele M, Schneider N
116 - 131 Parallelized Bi-level optimization model with continuous search domain for selection of run-of-river hydropower projects
Abdelhady HU, Imam YE, Shawwash Z, Ghanem A
132 - 145 Is higher economic growth possible through better institutional quality and a lower carbon footprint? Evidence from developing countries
Nair M, Arvin MB, Pradhan RP, Bahmani S
146 - 161 Integration of non-conventional renewable energy and spot price of electricity: A counterfactual analysis for Colombia
Perez A, Garcia-Rendon JJ
162 - 171 Comparative study of reverse fl ow activation and conventional activation with polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Park JY, Lim IS, Choi EJ, Lee YH, Kim MS
172 - 183 Boundary-layer transition model for icing simulations of rotating wind turbine blades
Son C, Kelly M, Kim T
184 - 198 Ventilation performance of a naturally ventilated double-skin facade in buildings
Tao Y, Zhang HH, Zhang LL, Zhang GM, Tu JY, Shi L
199 - 216 Numerical modeling and performance assessment of elongated compound parabolic concentrator based LCPVT system
Chandan, Dey S, Iqbal SM, Reddy KS, Pesala B
217 - 235 A mathematical model to assess the influence of transients on a refractory-lined solar receiver
Rafique MM, Nathan G, Saw W
236 - 247 Methane Bi-reforming for direct ethanol production over smart Cu/Mn- ferrite catalysts
Abd El-Hafiz DR, Sakr AAE, Ebiad MA
248 - 265 Contribution of geothermal resources to the future of renewable energy in Egypt: A case study, Gulf of Suez-Egypt
Aboulela H, Amin A, Lashin A, El Rayes A
266 - 281 Spatial analysis of indicators affecting the exploitation of shallow geothermal energy at European scale
Ramos-Escudero A, Garcia-Cascales MS, Cuevas JM, Sanner B, Urchueguia JF
282 - 293 Acetalization of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural into biofuel additive cyclic acetal using protic ionic liquid catalyst- A thermodynamic and kinetic analysis
Kumar K, Pathak S, Upadhyayula S
294 - 305 An accurate modelling of Photovoltaic modules based on two-diode model
Chennoufi K, Ferfra M, Mokhlis M
306 - 312 Effects of pressure densification on strength and properties of cassava waste briquettes
Granado MPP, Suhogusoff YVM, Santos LRO, Yamaji FM, De Conti AC
313 - 332 Thermal, electrical and purification performance of a novel thermal-catalytic CdTe double-layer breathing window in winter
Yu BD, Li NS, Ji J, Wang CY
333 - 342 Machine learning for site-adaptation and solar radiation forecasting
Narvaez G, Giraldo LF, Bressan M, Pantoja A
343 - 358 Analysis of short-term operational forecast deviations and controllability of utility-scale photovoltaic plants
Keeratimahat K, Bruce A, MacGill I
359 - 368 Techno-economic analysis and policy implications for promoting residential rooftop solar photovoltaics in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Alhammami H, An H
369 - 383 Effect mechanism of cavitation on the hump characteristic of a pump-turbine
Li DY, Song YC, Lin S, Wang HJ, Qin YL, Wei XZ
384 - 394 Tolerance angle concept and formula for practical optimal orientation of photovoltaic panels
Oh M, Kim JY, Kim B, Yun CY, Kim CK, Kang YH, Kim HG
395 - 408 Optimal design and operation of an islanded water-energy network including a combined electrodialysis-reverse osmosis desalination unit
Moazeni F, Khazaei J
409 - 424 Catalytic hydrogenation, hydrocracking and isomerization reactions of biomass tar model compound mixture over Ni-modified zeolite catalysts in packed bed reactor
Kostyniuk A, Bajec D, Likozar B
425 - 432 Machine learning application to predict yields of solid products from biomass torrefaction
Onsree T, Tippayawong N
433 - 439 Financial and factors demand analysis of solar powered irrigation system in Boro rice production: A case study in Meherpur district of Bangladesh
Rana J, Kamruzzaman M, Oliver MH, Akhi K
440 - 456 Enhanced design of an offgrid PV-battery-methanation hybrid energy system for power/gas supply
Xu X, Hu WH, Cao D, Liu W, Huang Q, Hu YT, Chen Z
457 - 472 Numerical and analytical analysis of a monopile-supported offshore wind turbine under ship impacts
Song M, Jiang ZY, Yuan W
473 - 483 Mass and energy integration study of hydrothermal carbonization with anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge
Aragon-Briceno CI, Ross AB, Camargo-Valero MA
484 - 496 Rationality research of the adjustment law for the blade pitch angle of H-type vertical-axis wind turbines
Zhang LJ, Gu JW, Zhu HB, Hu KL, Li X, Jiao LY, Miao JJ, Liu J, Wang ZW
497 - 507 Examination of inorganic gaseous species and condensed phases during coconut husk combustion based on thermodynamic equilibrium predictions
Jerzak W, Kuznia M
508 - 519 Drying characteristics, energetic and exergetic investigation during mixed-mode solar drying of pineapple slices at varied air mass flow rates
Rani P, Tripathy PP
520 - 529 Performance evaluation for solar combined gas heating system
Gao WX, Wang Y, Yang L, Xu SJ, Zhou WY, Guo HW
530 - 541 Field experiments on the effects of an earth-to-air heat exchanger on the indoor thermal environment in summer and winter for a typical hot-summer and cold-winter region
Wei HB, Yang D, Du JH, Guo X
542 - 557 Dynamic performance of a novel air-soil heat exchanger coupling with diversified energy storage components-modelling development, experimental verification, parametrical design and robust operation
Qin D, Liu ZX, Zhou YK, Yan ZJ, Chen DC, Zhang GQ
558 - 567 Thermal resistance capacity model for transient simulation of Earth-Air Heat Exchangers
Minaei A, Talee Z, Safikhani H, Ghaebi H
568 - 579 Biomimetic [MoO3@ZnO] semiconducting nanocomposites: Chemo- proportional fabrication, characterization and energy storage potential exploration
Shaheen I, Ahmad KS, Jaffri SB, Ali D
580 - 590 Graphite-based shape-stabilized composites for phase change material applications
Ohayon-Lavi A, Lavi A, Alatawna A, Ruse E, Ziskind G, Regev O
591 - 599 Core shell paraffin/silica nanocomposite: A promising phase change material for thermal energy storage
Paneliya S, Khanna S, Utsav, Singh AP, Patel YK, Vanpariya A, Makani NH, Banerjee R, Mukhopadhyay I
600 - 612 Reaction mechanisms and product patterns of Pteris vittata pyrolysis for cleaner energy
Song YY, Hu JW, Evrendilek F, Buyukada M, Liang GJ, Huang WX, Liu JY
613 - 628 A profile-free non-parametric approach towards generation of synthetic hourly global solar irradiation data from daily totals
Hassan MA, Abubakr M, Khalil A
629 - 643 Techno-economic assessment of performance-enhanced parabolic trough receiver in concentrated solar power plants
Wang QL, Pei G, Yang HX
644 - 651 The metabolic performance and microbial communities of anaerobic digestion of chicken manure under stressed ammonia condition: A case study of a 10-year successful biogas plant
Bi SJ, Westerholm M, Hu WR, Mahdy A, Dong TL, Sun YC, Qiao W, Dong RJ
652 - 661 Biomass CO2 gasification with CaO looping for syngas production in a fixed-bed reactor
Gao NB, Sliz M, Quan C, Bieniek A, Magdziarz A
662 - 675 Empirical investigation of a photovoltaic-thermal system with phase change materials and aluminum shavings porous media
Rad MAV, Kasaeian A, Mousavi S, Rajaee F, Kouravand A
676 - 684 Incorporation of a solar tracking system for enhancing the performance of solar air heaters in drying apple slices
ElGamal R, Kishk S, Al-Rejaie S, ElMasry G
685 - 699 Evaluation of hydro-wind complementarity in the medium-term planning of electrical power systems by joint simulation of periodic stream fl ow and wind speed time series: A Brazilian case study
Avila L, Mine MRM, Kaviski E, Detzel DHM
700 - 717 Optimization of phase change thermal storage units/devices with multichannel flat tubes: A theoretical study
Chen CQ, Diao YH, Zhao YH, Wang ZY, Liang L, Wang TY, An Y
718 - 727 Energy characteristics and optimal design of diffuser meridian in an electrical submersible pump
Yang Y, Zhou L, Hang JW, Du DY, Shi WD, He ZM
728 - 739 Experimental investigations on active solar dryers integrated with thermal storage for drying of black pepper
Lakshmi DVN, Muthukumar P, Nayak PK
740 - 760 Numerical investigation of energy loss mechanism of mixed-flow pump under stall condition
Li W, Ji LL, Li ED, Shi WD, Agarwal R, Zhou L
761 - 773 Effects of wind power spectrum analysis over resource assessment
Lopez-Villalobos CA, Rodriguez-Hernandez O, Martinez-Alvarado O, Hernandez-Yepes JG
774 - 790 Optimizing operating rules for multi-reservoir hydropower generation systems: An adaptive hybrid differential evolution algorithm
Ahmadianfar I, Kheyrandish A, Jamei M, Gharabaghi B
791 - 799 Enhancing anaerobic digestion of kitchen wastes with biochar: Link between different properties and critical mechanisms of promoting interspecies electron transfer
Wang JF, Zhao ZQ, Zhang YB
800 - 810 Non-precious metal cathodes for anion exchange membrane fuel cells from ball-milled iron and nitrogen doped carbide-derived carbons
Ratso S, Zitolo A, Kaarik M, Merisalu M, Kikas A, Kisand V, Rahn M, Paiste P, Leis J, Sammelselg V, Holdcroft S, Jaouen F, Tammeveski K
811 - 829 Investigation on combustion characteristics of cyclopentanol/diesel fuel blends in an optical engine
Chen H, Su X, He JJ, Zhang P, Xu HM, Zhou CL
830 - 840 Smart selection of fuel blends: Robust oxidation of formic acid in its blend with urea at NiOx/Pd nanoparticles-based binary anodes
El-Nowihy GH, El-Deab MS
841 - 852 Comparative study on the liquid desiccant dehumidi fi cation performance of lithium chloride and potassium formate
Wen T, Luo YM, Wang M, She XH
853 - 860 A low-cost printed organic thermoelectric generator for low-temperature energy harvesting
Shakeel M, Rehman K, Ahmad S, Amin M, Iqbal N, Khan A
861 - 861 DFIM versus synchronous machine for variable speed pumped storage hydropower plants: A comparative evaluation of technical performance (vol 159, pg 72, 2020)
Bidgoli MA, Yang WJ, Ahmadian A
862 - 868 Hydrogen production performance of novel glycerin-based electrolytic cell
Yuan C, Liu ZL, Gu WH, Teng F, Hao WY, Hussain SA, Jiang WJ
869 - 882 Quantifying network flexibility requirements in terms of energy storage
Nayak-Luke R, Banares-Alcantara R, Collier S
883 - 883 Selected papers on renewable energy: IAHR-Asia 2019
Kim JH, Choi M, Park JW, Huang B
884 - 898 A parametric study on the performance characteristics of an evacuated fl at -plate photovoltaic/thermal (PV/T) collector
Hu MK, Guo C, Zhao B, Ao XZ, Suhendri, Cao JY, Wang QL, Riffat S, Su YH, Pei G
899 - 906 Vibration and power regulation control of a fl oating wind turbine with hydrostatic transmission
Tong X, Zhao XW
907 - 916 Investigation of the effects of solar tracking system on performance of the solar air dryer
Das M, Akpinar EK
917 - 928 A field study of ice accretion and its effects on the power production of utility-scale wind turbines
Gao LY, Tao T, Liu YQ, Hu H
929 - 941 Temperature uniformity and performance of PV/T system featured by a nano fl uid-based spectrum-splitting top channel and an S-shaped bottom channel
Xiao L, Gan LN, Wu SY, Chen ZL
942 - 953 Reliability-based design optimisation framework for wind turbine towers
Al-Sanad S, Wang L, Parol J, Kolios A
954 - 959 Glycerol dehydrogenation steps on Au/C surface in alkaline medium: An in-situ ATR-FTIR approach
Fontes EH, Ramos CED, Ottoni CA, de Souza RFB, Antolini E, Neto AO
960 - 960 Flexible electricity generation, grid exchange and storage for the transition to a 100% renewable energy system in Europe (vol 139, pg 80, 2019)
Child M, Kemfert C, Bogdanov D, Breyer C
961 - 961 Influence of microalgae on synergism during co-pyrolysis with organic waste biomass: A thermogravimetric and kinetic analysis (vol 167, pg 42, 2021)
Vuppaladadiyam AK, Antunes E, Shehzad F, Sanchez PB, Duan HB, Zhao M
962 - 965 Microalgae in a global world: new solutions for old problems? (vol 165, pg 842, 2021)
de Mendonca HV, Assemany P, Abreu M, Couto E, Maciel AM, Duarte RL, dos Santos MGB, Reis A
966 - 966 A new low-cost installation scheme of PATs for pico-hydropower to recover energy in residential areas (vol 125, pg 1003, 2018)
Carravetta A, Fecarotta O, Ramos HM
967 - 968 Thermal response test analysis for U-pipe vertical borehole heat exchangers under groundwater flow conditions (vol 165, pg 391, 2021)
Magraner T, Montero A, Cazorla-Marin A, Montagud-Montalva C, Martos J