Renewable Energy

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1 - 13 Heterogeneous acid catalyst preparation from olive pomace and its use for olive pomace oil esterification
Ayadi M, Awad S, Villot A, Abderrabba M, Tazerout M
1 - 13 Evaluation of the effects of different chemical pretreatments in sugarcane bagasse on the response of enzymatic hydrolysis in batch systems subject to high mass loads
Paz-Cedeno FR, Henares LR, Solorzano-Chavez EG, Scontri M, Picheli FP, Roldan IUM, Monti R, de Oliveira SC, Masarin F
14 - 24 The performance improvement of an indirect solar cooker using multi-walled carbon nanotube-oil nano fl uid: An experimental study with thermodynamic analysis
Hosseinzadeh M, Sadeghirad R, Zamani H, Kianifar A, Mirzababaee SM
14 - 27 Performance analyses in parabolic trough collectors by inserting novel inclined curved-twisted baffles
Xiao H, Liu P, Liu ZC, Liu W
25 - 36 A new method for optimizing the preheating characteristics of storage tanks
Liu XQ, Yue S, Lu LY
28 - 41 Transient characteristics during the co-closing guide vanes and runner blades of a bulb turbine in load rejection process
Chen HX, Zhou DQ, Kan K, Guo JX, Zheng Y, Binama M, Xu Z, Feng JG
37 - 42 Acetol as a high-performance molecule for oxidation in alkaline direct liquid fuel cell
Gentil TC, Pinheiro VS, Souza FM, de Araujo ML, Mandelli D, Batista BL, dos Santos MC
42 - 51 Quantification of water in bioethanol using rhodamine B as an efficient molecular optical probe
Passos WE, Oliveira IP, Michels FS, Trindade MAG, Falcao EA, Marangoni BS, Oliveira SL, Caires ARL
43 - 51 Short- and long-run influence of energy utilization and economic growth on carbon discharge in emerging SREB economies
Yang ZD, Abbas Q, Hanif I, Alharthi M, Taghizadeh-Hesary F, Aziz B, Mohsin M
52 - 66 Passive performance enhancement of parabolic trough solar concentrators using internal radiation heat shields
El-Bakry MM, Kassem MA, Hassan MA
52 - 72 Entropy and thermal performance analysis of PCM melting and solidification mechanisms in a wavy channel triplex-tube heat exchanger
Shahsavar A, Majidzadeh AH, Mahani RB, Talebizadehsardari P
67 - 76 Component distribution associated with phase separation and purification of tropical almond biodiesel at different temperatures
Adama KK, Aluyor EO, Audu TOK
73 - 74 Editorial - ECOS 2019 Renewable energy special issue
Stanek W, Werle S
75 - 76 Advances and applications of renewable energy
Jouhara H, Montorsi L, Sayegh MA
77 - 87 Mathematical modeling and performance analysis of direct expansion heat pump assisted solar drying system
Hao WG, Zhang H, Liu SN, Mi BQ, Lai YH
77 - 95 Bi-level optimal planning model for energy storage systems in a virtual power plant
Li JH, Lu B, Wang ZB, Zhu MS
88 - 108 Uncertainty modeling in reliability analysis of floating wind turbine support structures
Okpokparoro S, Sriramula S
96 - 116 The impact of turbulence and turbine operating condition on the wakes of tidal turbines
Ebdon T, Allmark MJ, O'Doherty DM, Mason-Jones A, O'Doherty T, Germain G, Gaurier B
109 - 117 Used disposable nappies and expired food products co-digestion: A pilot-scale system assessment
Tsigkou K, Tsafrakidou P, Zagklis D, Panagiotouros A, Sionakidis D, Zontos DM, Zafiri C, Kornaros M
117 - 126 Analysis of operation and energy performance of a heat pump driven by a PV system for space heating of a single family house in polish conditions
Chwieduk B, Chwieduk D
118 - 124 Solution of efficiency loss in thinned silicon PERC solar cells
Yan WS, Tan XY, Guan L, Zhou HP, Yang XB, Xiang P, Zhong ZC
125 - 138 Non-contaminating cryogenic fluid access to high-temperature resources: Liquid nitrogen fracturing in a lab-scale Enhanced Geothermal System
Yang RY, Hong CY, Liu W, Wu XG, Wang TY, Huang ZW
127 - 127 Optimal planning and design of a renewable energy based supply system for micro-grids (vol 45, pg 7, 2012)
Hafez O, Bhattacharya K
128 - 128 Energy & economic assessment of facade-integrated solar thermal systems combined with ultra-low temperature district-heating (vol 159, pg 1000, 2020)
Lumbreras M, Garay R
129 - 129 Fixed-time synergetic controller for stabilization of hydraulic turbine regulating system (vol 157, pg 1233, 2020)
Huang SH, Xiong LY, Wang J, Li PH, Wang ZQ, Ma ML
139 - 150 Parabolic trough or linear fresnel solar collectors? An exergy comparison of a solar-assisted sugarcane cogeneration power plant
Lopez JC, Escobar A, Cardenas DA, Restrepo A
151 - 161 Including the effect of solar radiation in dynamic indoor thermal comfort indices
Conejo-Fernandez J, Cappelletti F, Gasparella A
162 - 173 An efficient method for modeling terrain and complex terrain boundaries in constrained wind farm layout optimization
Reddy SR
174 - 181 Liquefaction of biomass by plasma electrolysis in alkaline condition
Zhang XH, Bo CB, Xi DK, Fang Z, Feng Z, Yang SZ
182 - 193 Risk-controlled economic performance of compressed air energy storage and wind generation in day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets
Sriyakul T, Jermsittiparsert K
194 - 210 Comparative Weibull distribution methods for reliable global solar irradiance assessment in France areas
Kam OM, Noel S, Ramenah H, Kasser P, Tanougast C
211 - 223 Numerical model of vertical axis wind turbine performance in realistic gusty wind conditions
Atlaschian O, Metzger M
224 - 236 Parabolic trough photovoltaic/thermal hybrid system: Thermal modeling and parametric analysis
Herez A, El Hage H, Lemenand T, Ramadan M, Khaled M
237 - 250 Effect of active solar heating system on microclimate, development, yield and fruit quality in greenhouse tomato production
Bazgaou A, Fatnassi H, Bouharroud R, Ezzaeri K, Gourdo L, Wifaya A, Demrati H, Elame F, Carreno-Ortega A, Bekkaoui A, Aharoune A, Bouirden L
251 - 260 Experience from set-up and pilot operation of an in-house developed biomass-fired ORC microcogeneration unit
Mascuch J, Novotny V, Spale J, Vodicka V, Zeleny Z
261 - 277 Kinetic and thermodynamic analysis of Putranjiva roxburghii (putranjiva) and Cassia fistula (amaltas) non-edible oilseeds using thermogravimetric analyzer
Sahoo A, Kumar S, Mohanty K
278 - 287 A three-dimensional numerical study of coupled photothermal and photoelectrical processes for plasmonic solar cells with nanoparticles
Zhang JJ, Qu ZG, Zhang JF, Maharjan A
288 - 300 Spike-type disturbances due to inlet distortion in a centrifugal pump
Cao PY, Zhu R, Yin G
301 - 320 Energy, exergy, environmental and economic analysis of the parabolic solar collector with life cycle assessment for different climate conditions
Moosavian SF, Borzuei D, Ahmadi A
321 - 333 Experimental investigation of the performance of a sun tracking photovoltaic panel with Phase Change Material
Adibpour S, Raisi A, Ghasemi B, Sajadi AR, Rosengarten G
334 - 349 Effects of temperature-dependent property variations on the output capacity prediction of a deep coaxial borehole heat exchanger
Hu XC, Banks J, Guo YT, Huang GP, Liu WV
350 - 358 Analytical modelling of a photovoltaics-thermal technology combined with thermal and electrical storage systems
Khordehgah N, Zabnienska-Gora A, Jouhara H
359 - 368 A successive fl ux estimation method for rapid g-function construction of small to large-scale ground heat exchanger
Nguyen A, Pasquier P
369 - 380 Quantifying the technical geothermal potential from shallow borehole heat exchangers at regional scale
Walch A, Mohajeri N, Gudmundsson A, Scartezzini JL
381 - 390 The nexus between renewable energy consumption and human development in BRICS countries: The moderating role of public debt
Wang ZH, Bui Q, Zhang B, Nawarathna CLK, Mombeuil C
391 - 404 Thermal response test analysis for U-pipe vertical borehole heat exchangers under groundwater flow conditions
Magraner T, Montero A, Cazorla-Marin A, Montagud-Montalva C, Martos J
405 - 419 Magnetized ZIF-8 impregnated with sodium hydroxide as a heterogeneous catalyst for high-quality biodiesel production
Abdelmigeed MO, Al-Sakkari EG, Hefney MS, Ismail FM, Abdelghany A, Ahmed TS, Ismail IM
420 - 437 Heat transfer, entropy generation, economic and environmental analyses of linear fresnel reflector using novel rGO-Co3O4 hybrid nanofluids
Said Z, Ghodbane M, Sundar LS, Tiwari AK, Sheikholeslami M, Boumeddane B
438 - 454 Drying kinetics of natural rubber sheets under two solar thermal drying systems
Ortiz-Rodriguez NM, Marin-Camacho JF, Llamas-Gonzalez A, Garcia-Valladares O
455 - 463 From vague interest to strong intentions to install solar panels on private homes in the North - An analysis of psychological drivers
Lundheim SH, Vesely S, Nayum A, Klockner CA
464 - 480 Effect of geometric parameters of Gurney flap on performance enhancement of straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine
Zhu HT, Hao WX, Li C, Luo S, Liu QS, Gao C
481 - 490 A novel process for the coproduction of biojet fuel and high-value polyunsaturated fatty acid esters from heterotrophic microalgae Schizochytrium sp. ABC101
Kim TH, Lee K, Oh BR, Lee ME, Seo M, Li S, Kim JK, Choi M, Chang YK
491 - 503 Techno-economic optimization of a 100% renewable energy system in 2050 for countries with high shares of hydropower: The case of Portugal
Doepfert M, Castro R
504 - 513 Design of stearic acid/graphene oxide-attapulgite aerogel shape-stabilized phase change materials with excellent thermophysical properties
Zhang T, Zhang TD, Zhang J, Zhang DY, Guo PR, Li HX, Li CL, Wang Y
514 - 524 A kinetic study of microalgae, municipal sludge and cedar wood co-pyrolysis
Chakraborty S, Dunford NT, Goad C
525 - 532 Water splitting with screw pitched cylindrical electrode and Fe(OH)(2) catalyst under 1.4 V
Das J, Sahu PP
533 - 552 Optimal exergetic, exergoeconomic and exergoenvironmental design of polygeneration system based on gas Turbine-Absorption Chiller-Solar parabolic trough collector units integrated with multi-effect desalination-thermal vapor compressor-reverse osmosis desalination systems
Modabber HV, Manesh MHK
553 - 564 A geospatial assessment of the installation potential of shallow geothermal systems in a graben basin
Luo J, Wang HQ, Zhang HY, Yan ZZ
565 - 572 Study on antioxidation mechanism of biodiesel ionic liquid antioxidant [MI][C6H2(OH)(3)COO]
Sui M, Li FS, Wang S
573 - 594 A hybrid neural network model for short-term wind speed forecasting based on decomposition, multi-learner ensemble, and adaptive multiple error corrections
Liu H, Yang R, Wang TT, Zhang L
595 - 611 Multi-step wind speed forecast based on sample clustering and an optimized hybrid system
Chen XJ, Zhao J, Jia XZ, Li ZL
612 - 618 Magnetic-field guided synthesis of highly active Ni-S-CoFe2O4 electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Li ZH, Lv ZH, Liu X, Wang GX, Lin YS, Xie GW, Jiang LH
619 - 631 Efficient production and optimization of biodiesel from kapok (Ceiba pentandra) oil by lipase transesterification process: Addressing positive environmental impact
Pooja S, Anbarasan B, Ponnusami V, Arumugam A
632 - 641 A radial-grouping-based planning method for electrical collector systems in tidal current generation farms
Ren ZY, Li H, Xu Y, Li WY, Li ZW, Dai Y
642 - 656 Techno-economic analysis of a foil-based solar collector driven electricity and fresh water generation system
Desai NB, Pranov H, Haglind F
657 - 667 The effect of the addition of castor oil to residual soybean oil to obtain biodiesel in Brazil: Energy matrix diversification
Vieira B, Nadaleti WC, Sarto E
668 - 677 Clustering of visible and infrared solar irradiance for solar architecture design and analysis
Duan QH, Feng YX, Wang JL
678 - 688 Inequality, finance and renewable energy consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa
Asongu SA, Odhiambo NM
689 - 700 Renewable energy consumption, financial development, environmental pollution, and innovations in the ASEAN thorn+3 group: Evidence from (P-ARDL) model
Assi AF, Isiksal AZ, Tursoy T
701 - 715 Uncertainty quantification on the effects of rain-induced erosion on annual energy production and performance of a Multi-MW wind turbine
Papi F, Balduzzi F, Ferrara G, Bianchini A
716 - 730 Evaluation and selection of sustainable hydrogen production technology with hybrid uncertain sustainability indicators based on rough-fuzzy BWM-DEA
Mei M, Chen ZH
731 - 747 Performance study of a novel funnel shaped shell and tube latent heat thermal energy storage system
Kumar A, Saha SK
748 - 757 The profile secretion of Aspergillus clavatus: Different pre-treatments of sugarcane bagasse distinctly induces holocellulases for the lignocellulosic biomass conversion into sugar
de Lucas RC, de Oliveira TB, Lima MS, Pasin TM, Scarcella ASD, Ribeiro LFC, Carvalho C, Damasio ARD, Buckeridge MS, Prade RA, Segato F, Polizeli MDTD
758 - 772 How can solid biomass contribute to the EU's renewable energy targets in 2020, 2030 and what are the GHG drivers and safeguards in energy- and forestry sectors?
Sikkema R, Proskurina S, Banja M, Vakkilainen E
773 - 782 Development of experience in the application of technologies in the field of alternative energy: World experience, Russian practice
Kapitonov IA, Voloshin VI, Filosofova TG, Syrtsov DN
783 - 798 Analytical modeling of lycopodium-propane dual-fuel combustion system in premixed mode in counter-flow configuration
Akbari S, Tashakori S, Ranjbar AM, Jahanshahi JA, Sadeghi S, Bidabadi M, Xu F
799 - 811 Operational Modal Analysis of hydroelectric turbines using an order based likelihood approach
Dollon Q, Antoni J, Tahan A, Gagnon M, Monette C
812 - 822 Finite blade functions and blade element optimization for diffuser-augmented wind turbines
Vaz JRP, Okulov VL, Wood DH
823 - 841 A parametric method using vernacular urban block typologies for investigating interactions between solar energy use and urban design
Shi ZM, Fonseca JA, Schlueter A
842 - 862 Microalgae in a global world: New solutions for old problems?
de Mendonca HV, Assemany P, Abreu M, Couto E, Maciel AM, Duarte RL, dos Santos MGB, Reis A
863 - 877 Evaluation of bioenergy potential from coffee pulp trough System Dynamics
Ramos-Hernandez R, Sanchez-Ramirez C, Mota-Lopez DR, Sandoval-Salas F, Garcia-Alcaraz JL