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1 - 10 Flame-retardant and solid-solid phase change composites based on dopamine-decorated BP nanosheets/Polyurethane for efficient solar-to-thermal energy storage
Du XS, Qiu JH, Deng S, Du ZL, Cheng X, Wang HB
11 - 22 Dehydration of carbohydrates into 5-hydroxymethylfurfural over vanadyl pyrophosphate catalysts
Sarpiri JN, Chermahini AN, Saraji M, Shahvar A
23 - 33 Effective selectivity conversion of glucose to furan chemicals in the aqueous deep eutectic solvent
Zuo M, Jia WL, Feng YC, Zeng XH, Tang X, Sun Y, Lin L
34 - 45 Charcoal productivity and quality parameters for reliable classification of Eucalyptus clones from Brazilian energy forests
Protasio TD, Lima MDR, Scatolino MV, Silva AB, de Figueiredo ICR, Hein PRG, Trugilho PF
46 - 57 A Technical analysis investigating energy sustainability utilizing reliable renewable energy sources to reduce CO2 emissions in a high potential area
Razmjoo A, Kaigutha LG, Rad MAV, Marzband M, Davarpanah A, Denai M
58 - 73 Experimental comparative study of photovoltaic models for uniform and partially shading conditions
Moreira HS, Silva JLD, dos Reis MVG, Mesquita DD, de Paula BHK, Villalva MG
74 - 86 The contagious effect of China's energy policy on stock markets: The case of the solar photovoltaic industry
Hsiao CYL, Ai D, Wei XY, Sheng N
87 - 95 Catalytic co-pyrolysis of torrefied poplar wood and high-density polyethylene over hierarchical HZSM-5 for mono-aromatics production
Lin XN, Kong LS, Ren XJ, Zhang DH, Cai HZ, Lei HW
96 - 108 Temperature regulation of concentrating photovoltaic window using argon gas and polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
Khalid M, Shanks K, Ghosh A, Tahir A, Sundaram S, Mallick TK
109 - 121 Transient characteristics during power-off process in a shaft extension tubular pump by using a suitable numerical model
Kan K, Chen HX, Zheng Y, Zhou DQ, Binama M, Dai J
122 - 132 Cooling of office buildings in cold climates using direct ground-coupled active chilled beams
Arghand T, Javed S, Truschel A, Dalenback JO
133 - 145 A developed failure mode and effect analysis for floating offshore wind turbine support structures
Li H, Diaz H, Soares CG
146 - 155 Experimental investigation on single-medium stratified thermal energy storage system
Advaith S, Parida DR, Aswathi KT, Dani N, Chetia UK, Chattopadhyay K, Basu S
156 - 170 Nano-hetero-structured thin films, ZnO/Ag-(alpha)Fe2O3, with n/n junction, as efficient photoanode for renewable hydrogen generation via photoelectrochemical water splitting
Kaur G, Divya, Khan SA, Satsangi VR, Dass S, Shrivastav R
171 - 182 Agricultural biogas production: A regional comparison of technical parameters
Sturmer B, Leiers D, Anspach V, Brugging E, Scharfy D, Wissel T
183 - 193 Study on key design parameters of subway source heat pump system with capillary exchanger
Tong L, Liu N, Hu ST, Ji YM, Lu S, Liu GD, Tong Z
194 - 210 Parametric design and performance evaluation of a novel solar assisted thermionic generator and thermoelectric device hybrid system
Ranjbar B, Mehrpooya M, Marefati M
211 - 229 A hybrid approach for multi-step wind speed forecasting based on two-layer decomposition, improved hybrid DE-HHO optimization and KELM
Fu WL, Zhang K, Wang K, Wen B, Fang P, Zou F
230 - 241 Long-term performance of a solar water heating system with a novel variable-volume tank
Li JR, Li XD, Wang Y, Tu JY
242 - 253 A Markov model for short term wind speed prediction by integrating the wind acceleration information
Li WZ, Jia XD, Li X, Wang YL, Lee J
254 - 259 Shape-controlled synthesis of copper based multinary sulfide catalysts for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Sarilmaz A, Yanalak G, Aslan E, Ozel F, Patir IH, Ersoz M
260 - 271 Solar-driven sodium thermal electrochemical converter coupled to a Brayton heat engine: Parametric optimization
Peng WL, Gonzalez-Ayala J, Su GZ, Chen JC, Hernandez AC
272 - 284 Fluid structure interaction analysis of the operating Savonius wind turbine
Marzec L, Bulinski Z, Krysinski T
285 - 297 Investigation of 2-butoxyethanol as biodiesel additive on fuel property and combustion characteristics of two neat biodiesels
Masera K, Hossain AK, Davies PA, Doudin K
298 - 309 Sustainable development challenges of the biofuel industry in India based on integrated MCDM approach
Narwane VS, Yadav VS, Raut RD, Narkhede BE, Gardas BB
310 - 312 Editorial
Baeyens J, Wheeldon J, Zhang H
313 - 330 Long -term multi-objective power generation operation for cascade reservoirs and risk decision making under stochastic uncertainties
Yang Z, Yang K, Wang YF, Su LW, Hu H
331 - 345 Thermal performance and thermal stress analysis of a 600 MWth solar cylinder external receiver
Zhou H, Li YW, Zuo YH, Zhou MX, Fang WF, Zhu YF
346 - 361 Dynamic effects of inertial particles on the wake recovery of a model wind turbine
Smith SE, Travis KN, Djeridi H, Obligado M, Cal RB
362 - 374 Performance optimization of a solar adsorption chiller by dynamically adjusting the half-cycle time
Basdanis T, Tsimpoukis A, Valougeorgis D
375 - 390 Evaluation and optimization of off-grid and on-grid photovoltaic power system for typical household electri fi cation
Hassan Q
391 - 406 Fault diagnosis of the 10MW Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Benchmark: A mixed model and signal-based approach
Liu YC, Ferrari R, Wu P, Jiang XL, Li SW, van Wingerden JM
407 - 418 Optimizing bioenergy and by-product outputs from durian shell pyrolysis
Liu H, Liu JY, Huang HY, Evrendilek F, Wen ST, Li WX
419 - 432 Do educational levels influence the environmental quality? The role of renewable and non-renewable energy demand in selected BRICS countries with a new policy perspective
Mahalik MK, Mallick H, Padhan H
433 - 443 Advanced process integration for supercritical production of biodiesel: Residual waste heat recovery via organic Rankine cycle (ORC)
Aboelazayem O, Gadalla M, Alhajri I, Saha B
444 - 459 Wind turbine unsteady aerodynamics and performance by a free-wake panel method
Greco L, Testa C
460 - 471 Catalytic co-pyrolysis of rice straw and ulva prolifera macroalgae: Effects of process parameter on bio-oil up-gradation
Hao JY, Qi BJ, Li D, Zeng FY
472 - 490 The potential role of trans-critical CO2 heat pumps within a solar cooling system for building services: The hybridised system energy analysis by a dynamic simulation model
Lo Basso G, de Santoli L, Paiolo R, Losi C
491 - 501 Magnetic graphene oxide as a platform for the immobilization of cellulases and xylanases: Ultrastructural characterization and assessment of lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysis
Paz-Cedeno FR, Carceller JM, Iborra S, Donato RK, Godoy AP, de Paula AV, Monti R, Corma A, Masarin F
502 - 508 Enhancing the production of the fermentable sugars from sugarcane straw: A new approach to applying alkaline and ozonolysis pretreatments
Ortega JO, Vargas JAM, Metzker G, Gomes E, da Silva R, Boscolo M
509 - 520 Management of renewable energy production and distribution planning using agent-based modelling
Mohammed NA, Al-Bazi A
521 - 530 The use of palm oil biodiesel blends in locomotives: An economic, social and environmental analysis
Murta ALS, De Freitas MAV, Ferreira CG, Peixoto MMDL
531 - 540 Incorporation of pi-conjugated molecules as electron donors in g-C3N4 enhances photocatalytic H-2-production
Jiang RR, Lu GH, Liu JC, Wu DH, Yan ZH, Wang YH
541 - 555 Numerical simulation of multifracture HDR geothermal reservoirs
Aliyu MD, Archer RA
556 - 565 Third generation of photovoltaic panels: A life cycle assessment
Krebs-Moberg M, Pitz M, Dorsette TL, Gheewala SH
566 - 602 Solar ejector cooling systems: A review
Braimakis K
603 - 617 Automatic detection of faults in a photovoltaic power plant based on the observation of degradation indicators
Hocine L, Samira KM, Tarek M, Salah N, Samia K
618 - 641 Numerical analysis of an urban road pavement solar collector (U-RPSC) for heat island mitigation: Impact on the urban environment
Nasir DSNM, Pantua CAJ, Zhou BC, Vital B, Calautit J, Hughes B
642 - 655 Effective wind power prediction using novel deep learning network: Stacked independently recurrent autoencoder
Wang L, Tao R, Hu HL, Zeng YR
656 - 673 Modeling, simulation and outdoor experimental performance analysis of a solar-assisted process heating system for industrial process heat
Kumar L, Hasanuzzaman M, Rahim NA, Islam MM
674 - 686 Parameters extraction of single diode model for degraded photovoltaic modules
Piliougine M, Guejia-Burbano RA, Petrone G, Sanchez-Pacheco FJ, Mora-Lopez L, Sidrach-de-Cardona M
687 - 708 Short-term forecasting and uncertainty analysis of wind power based on long short-term memory, cloud model and non-parametric kernel density estimation
Gu B, Zhang TR, Meng H, Zhang JH
709 - 728 Synthesis and electrochemical investigations of ABPBI grafted montmorillonite based polymer electrolyte membranes for PEMFC applications
Altaf F, Batool R, Gill R, Rehman ZU, Majeed H, Ahmad A, Shafiq M, Dastan D, Abbas G, Jacob K
729 - 751 Wind speed forecasting based on variational mode decomposition and improved echo state network
Hu HL, Wang L, Tao R
752 - 766 Experimental study of the floor-attached vortices in pump sump using V3V
Song XJ, Liu C
767 - 776 Computational and analytical measurement of air-fuel mixture uniformity and alternative fuels' ignition delay in ICEs
Taghavifar H, Khalilarya S, Jafarmadar S
777 - 790 Geothermal battery energy storage
Green S, McLennan J, Panja P, Kitz K, Allis R, Moore J
791 - 803 New measurement technique for ground acoustic impedance in wind farm
Nyborg CM, Shen WZ
804 - 814 Experimental investigation on heating performance of a novel radiant-convective heating terminal
Dong JK, Zheng WK, Ran ZL, Zhang B
815 - 823 Performance comparison and economic analysis of three solar dryer designs for wood using a numerical simulation
Bekkioui N
824 - 832 Catalytic performance and deactivation mechanism of a one-step sulfonated carbon-based solid-acid catalyst in an esterification reaction
Zhang BX, Gao M, Geng JY, Cheng YW, Wang XN, Wu CF, Wang QH, Liu S, Cheung SM
833 - 841 ELCC-based capacity credit estimation accounting for uncertainties in capacity factors and its application to solar power in Korea
Paik C, Chung Y, Kim YJ
842 - 866 Ultra-short-term combined prediction approach based on kernel function switch mechanism
Lu P, Ye L, Tang Y, Zhao YN, Zhong WZ, Qu Y, Zhai BX
867 - 875 An efficient pulsed- spray water cooling system for photovoltaic panels: Experimental study and cost analysis
Hadipour A, Zargarabadi MR, Rashidi S
876 - 888 Tosylated cloisite as a new heterofunctional carrier for covalent immobilization of lipase and its utilization for production of biodiesel from waste frying oil
Nezhad MK, Aghaei H
889 - 896 Effects of smart meter time resolution when analyzing photovoltaic self-consumption system on a daily and annual basis
Jimenez-Castillo G, Rus-Casas C, Tina GM, Munoz-Rodriguez FJ
897 - 907 Enhanced ultrasonic assisted biodiesel production from meat industry waste (pig tallow) using green copper oxide nanocatalyst: Comparison of response surface and neural network modelling
Suresh T, Sivarajasekar N, Balasubramani K
908 - 925 A regression unsupervised incremental learning algorithm for solar irradiance prediction
Puah BK, Chong LW, Wong YW, Begam KM, Khan N, Juman MA, Rajkumar RK
926 - 936 Demand response model based on improved Pareto optimum considering seasonal electricity prices for Dongfushan Island
Wu XM, Cao WH, Wang DH, Ding M, Yu LJ, Nakanishi Y
937 - 947 Ultrasound-assisted enzymatic preparation of fatty acid ethyl ester in deep eutectic solvent
Hao XH, Suo H, Zhang GH, Xu PX, Gao X, Du S
948 - 955 Effect of different inorganic iron compounds on the biological methanation of CO2 sequestered in coal seams
Xia DP, Huang S, Gao ZX, Su XB
956 - 967 The moderating role of renewable and non-renewable energy in environment-income nexus for ASEAN countries: Evidence from Method of Moments Quantile Regression
Anwar A, Siddique M, Dogan E, Sharif A
968 - 977 A methodology to simulate solar cells electrical response using optical-electrical mathematical models and real solar spectra
Neves LA, Leite GC, MacKenzie RCI, Ferreira RAM, Porto MP
978 - 989 A numerical investigation to analyze effect of turbulence and ground clearance on the performance of a roof top verticalea-xis wind turbine
Siddiqui MS, Khalid MH, Zahoor R, Butt FS, Saeed M, Badar AW
990 - 1004 Experimental performance analysis of a novel sand coated and sand filled polycarbonate sheet based solar air collector
Das B, Mondol JD, Negi S, Smyth M, Pugsley A
1005 - 1016 Solar power-to-gas application to an island energy system
Nastasi B, Mazzoni S, Groppi D, Romagnoli A, Garcia DA
1017 - 1028 Exploration of deep-seated geothermal reservoirs in the Canary Islands by means of soil CO2 degassing surveys
Rodriguez F, Perez NM, Melian GV, Padron E, Hernandez PA, Asensio-Ramos M, Padilla GD, Barrancos J, D'Auria L
1029 - 1038 Experimental study on the evolution process of the roof-attached vortex of the closed sump
Zhang D, Jiao WX, Cheng L, Xia CZ, Zhang BW, Luo C, Wang C
1039 - 1051 Benign species-tuned biomass carbonization to nano-layered graphite for EMI filtering and greener energy storage functions
Gezahegn S, Garcia C, Lai RS, Zhou XX, Tjong J, Thomas SC, Huang F, Jaffer S, Yang WM, Sain M
1052 - 1061 Optimization of acid hydrolysis on the green seaweed Valoniopsis pachynema and approach towards mixotrophic microalgal biomass and lipid production
Lakshmikandan M, Murugesan AG, Wang S, Abomohra A
1062 - 1075 Quantifying the sensitivity of european power systems to energy scenarios and climate change projections
Bloomfield HC, Brayshaw DJ, Troccoli A, Goodess CM, De Felice M, Dubus L, Bett PE, Saint-Drenan YM
1076 - 1088 Potential of geothermal energy production from depleted gas fields: A case study of Dodan Field, Turkey
Aydin H, Merey S
1089 - 1099 Microstructure and cavitation erosion behavior of HVOF sprayed ceramic-metal composite coatings for application in hydro-turbines
Hong S, Wu YP, Wu JH, Zhang YQ, Zheng Y, Li JH, Lin JR
1100 - 1107 Structural validation of a thermoplastic composite wind turbine blade with comparison to a thermoset composite blade
Murray RE, Beach R, Barnes D, Snowberg D, Berry D, Rooney S, Jenks M, Gage B, Boro T, Wallen S, Hughes S
1108 - 1120 On the design of potential turbine positions for physics-informed optimization of wind farm layout
Wu CT, Yang XL, Zhu YX
1121 - 1132 Study on power generation of single Point Absorber Wave Energy Converters (PA-WECs) and arrays of PA-WECs
Murai M, Li Q, Funada J
1133 - 1142 Analysis of vegetable oil mixture combustion in a conventional 50 KW thermal energy installation
Jose JS, Sanz-Tejedor MA, Arroyo Y, Stoychev P
1143 - 1155 Self-humidifying effect of air self-circulation system for proton exchange membrane fuel cell engines
Zhang QG, Tong Z, Tong SG, Cheng ZW
1156 - 1170 Performance analysis of a laboratory-scale tilted solar chimney system exposed to ambient crosswind
RahimiLarki M, Abardeh RH, Rahimzadeh H, Sarlak H
1171 - 1182 The effects of the renewable energies penetration on the surplus welfare under energy policy
Ahmadpour A, Mokaramian E, Anderson S
1183 - 1194 Alternative fault detection and diagnostic using information theory quantifiers based on vibration time-waveforms from condition monitoring systems: Application to operational wind turbines
Leite GDP, da Cunha GTM, dos Santos JG, Araujo AM, Rosas PAC, Stosic T, Stosic B, Rosso OA
1195 - 1203 A multi-criteria sustainability assessment for biodiesel alternatives in Spain: Life cycle assessment normalization and weighting
Fernandez-Tirado F, Parra-Lopez C, Romero-Gamez M
1204 - 1214 Application of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for direct and quick determination of fuel property of woody biomass pellets
Lu ZM, Chen XX, Jiang Y, Li X, Chen JZ, Li YS, Lu WY, Lu JD, Yao SC
1215 - 1229 Performance analysis of factory-made thermosiphon solar water heating systems
Vera-Medina J, Fernandez-Peruchena C, Guasumba J, Lillo-Bravo I
1230 - 1243 Development of an irradiance-based weather derivative to hedge cloud risk for solar energy systems
Boyle CFH, Haas J, Kern JD
1244 - 1253 Experimental study of multi tubular sensible heat storage system fitted with wire coil inserts
Kumar R, Pathak AK, Kumar M, Patil AK
1254 - 1266 Climatological analysis of solar and wind energy in Germany using the Grosswetterlagen classification
Drucke J, Borsche M, James P, Kaspar F, Pfeifroth U, Ahrens B, Trentmann J
1267 - 1283 Thermoeconomic analysis of a novel combined cooling, heating and power system based on solar organic Rankine cycle and cascade refrigeration cycle
Aghaziarati Z, Aghdam AH
1284 - 1289 Hydrogen production using iron oxyhydroxide with light irradiation
Hong J, Suzuki N, Nakata K, Terashima C, Kim K, Fujishima A, Katsumata K
1290 - 1305 Drying and dynamic performance of well-adapted solar assisted heat pump drying system
Xu B, Wang DY, Li ZH, Chen ZQ
1306 - 1319 Spectral impact on PV in low-latitude sites: The case of southeastern Brazil
Neves G, Vilela W, Pereira E, Yamasoe M, Nofuentes G
1320 - 1333 A novel three-dimensional numerical model for PV/T water system in hot climate region
Salameh T, Tawalbeh M, Juaidi A, Abdallah R, Hamid AK
1334 - 1349 Directional wind energy assessment of China based on nonparametric copula models
Han QK, Chu FL
1350 - 1363 Application design and assessment of a novel small-decentralized solar distillation device based on energy, exergy, exergoeconomic, and enviroeconomic parameters
Fang SB, Mu L, Tu WR
1364 - 1375 Overcoming the power factor apparent degradation of loads fed by photovoltaic distributed generators
Benedito RD, Zilles R, Pinho JT
1376 - 1394 Economic analysis and optimization of a renewable energy based power supply system with different energy storages for a remote island
Javed MS, Ma T, Jurasz J, Canales FA, Lin SQ, Ahmed S, Zhang YJ
1395 - 1407 Modeling and energy analysis of a solar thermal vacuum membrane distillation coupled with a liquid ring vacuum pump
Miladi R, Frikha N, Gabsi S
1408 - 1423 Temperature- and heating rate-dependent pyrolysis mechanisms and emissions of Chinese medicine residues and numerical reconstruction and optimization of their non-linear dynamics
Chen ZY, Chen HS, Wu XY, Zhang JH, Evrendilek DE, Liu JY, Liang GJ, Li WX
1424 - 1435 Coconut fatty acid distillate as novel feedstock for biodiesel production and its characterization as a fuel for diesel engine
Rajesh K, Natarajan MP, Devan PK, Ponnuvel S
1436 - 1446 Anaerobic co-digestion of industrial waste landfill leachate and glycerin in a continuous anaerobic bioreactor with a fixed-structured bed (ABFSB): Effects of volumetric organic loading rate and alkaline supplementation
de Castro TM, Arantes EJ, Costa MSSD, Gotardo JT, Passig FH, de Carvalho KQ, Gomes SD
1447 - 1456 Thermal utilization of meat-and-bone meal using the rotary kiln pyrolyzer and the fl uidized bed boiler - The performance of pilot-scale installation
Kantorek M, Jesionek K, Polesek-Karczewska S, Ziolkowski P, Stajnke M, Badur J
1457 - 1470 Unveiling the heterogeneous impacts of export product diversi fi cation on renewable energy consumption: New evidence from G-7 and E-7 countries
Shahzad U, Lv YL, Dogan B, Xia WJ
1471 - 1484 Laboratory-scale additive content assessment for aluminum-silicate-based wood chip additivation
Gollmer C, Hofer I, Kaltschmitt M
1485 - 1495 Oxidative stability and corrosivity of biodiesel produced from residual cooking oil exposed to copper and carbon steel under simulated storage conditions: Dual effect of antioxidants
Serqueira DS, Pereira JFS, Squissato AL, Rodrigues MA, Lima RC, Faria AM, Richter EM, Munoz RAA
1496 - 1507 Analysis of phase interaction and gas holdup in a multistage multiphase rotodynamic pump based on a modified Euler two-fluid model
Zhang WW, Xie X, Zhu BS, Ma Z
1508 - 1526 Hybrid multi-stage decomposition with parametric model applied to wind speed forecasting in Brazilian Northeast
Moreno SR, Mariani VC, Coelho LD
1527 - 1539 Shading fault detection in a grid-connected PV system using vertices principal component analysis
Rouani L, Harkat MF, Kouadri A, Mekhilef S
1540 - 1549 Optimal maintenance planning and resource allocation for wind farms based on non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm-II
Zhang C, Yang T
1550 - 1558 Quantifying structural uncertainties in Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes simulations of wind turbine wakes
Hornshoj-Moller SD, Nielsen PD, Forooghi P, Abkar M
1559 - 1565 The influence of climate change on the demand for ethanol
Yeboah O, Shaik S
1566 - 1587 Liquid lipase preparations designed for industrial production of biodiesel. Is it really an optimal solution?
Monteiro RRC, Arana-Pena S, Rocha TN, Miranda LP, Berenguer-Murcia A, Tardioli PW, Santos CS, Fernandez-Lafuente R
1588 - 1601 A new decision model based on DEA and simulation to evaluate renewable energy projects under interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy uncertainty
Davoudabadi R, Mousavi SM, Mohagheghi V