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1 - 14 Adhesive strength analysis and real-scale simulation for smart curing in a large turbine blade with carbon fiber-reinforced plastic spar cap
Hwang MY, Jang HL, Kim S, Lim JW, Kang LH
15 - 21 Experiments on line arrays of horizontal-axis hydroturbines
Okulov VL, Naumov IV, Kabardin IK, Litvinov IV, Markovich DM, Mikkelsen RF, Sorensen JN, Alekseenko SV, Wood DH
22 - 40 Effect of geo-climatic conditions and pipe material on heating performance of earth-air heat exchangers
Lekhal MC, Benzaama MH, Kindinis A, Mokhtari AM, Belarbi R
41 - 55 Application of enstrophy dissipation to analyze energy loss in a centrifugal pump as turbine
Lin T, Li XJ, Zhu ZC, Xie J, Li Y, Yang H
56 - 65 Recovery of intermittent cycle extended aeration system sludge through conversion into biodiesel by in-situ transesterification
Hatami B, Ebrahimi A, Ehrampoush MH, Salmani MH, Dalvand A, Pirmoradi N, Angelidaki I, Fotidis IA, Mokhtari M
66 - 77 A study on the feasibility of using solar radiation energy and ocean thermal energy conversion to supply electricity for offshore oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea
Zereshkian S, Mansoury D
78 - 87 Analysis of a biogas-fed SOFC CHP system based on multi-scale hierarchical modeling
Wang YQ, Wehrle L, Banerjee A, Shi YX, Deutschmann O
88 - 104 A novel interval forecasting system for uncertainty modeling based on multi-input multi-output theory: A case study on modern wind stations
Liu TX, Zhao QJ, Wang JZ, Gao YY
105 - 122 Valorization of lignite wastes into humic acids: Process optimization, energy efficiency and structural features analysis
Sarlaki E, Paghaleh AS, Kianmehr MH, Vakilian KA
123 - 137 Analysis on dynamic interaction between flexible bodies of large-sized wind turbine and its response to random wind loads
Guo SX, Li YL, Chen WM
138 - 145 Enhanced microalgae biomass and lipid output for increased biodiesel productivity
Morais KC, Conceicao D, Vargas JV, Mitchell DA, Mariano AB, Ordonez JC, Galli-Terasawa LV, Kava VM
146 - 153 Magnetic MoS2 nanosheets as recyclable solar-absorbers for high-performance solar steam generation
Wang QM, Qin Y, Jia FF, Li YM, Song SX
154 - 171 Performance study of multi-source driving yaw system for aiding yaw control of wind turbines
Dai JC, He T, Li MM, Long X
172 - 187 Risk assessment of offshore photovoltaic projects under probabilistic linguistic environment
Gao JW, Guo FJ, Li XZ, Huang X, Men HJ
188 - 197 Test investigation of operation performance of novel split-type ground source heat pump systems for clean heating of rural households in North China
Wang HJ, Liu BY, Yang FF, Liu F
198 - 212 Energy assessment based on semi-dynamic modelling of a photovoltaic driven vapour compression chiller using phase change materials for cold energy storage
Varvagiannis E, Charalampidis A, Zsembinszki G, Karellas S, Cabeza LF
213 - 224 MCDM-based multidimensional approach for selection of optimal groundwater pumping systems: Design and case example
Rubio-Aliaga A, Garcia-Cascales MS, Sanchez-Lozano JM, Molina-Garcia A
225 - 236 Optimizing wind barrier and photovoltaic array configuration in soiling mitigation
Chiteka K, Arora R, Sridhara SN, Enweremadu CC
237 - 245 Bioconversion of durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.) peel hydrolysate into biodiesel by newly isolated oleaginous yeast Rhodotorula mucilaginosa KKUSY14
Siwina S, Leesing R
246 - 261 A dynamic model for once-through direct steam generation in linear focus solar collectors
Soares J, Oliveira AC, Valenzuela L
262 - 275 Study on the influence of pipe spacing on the annual performance of ground source heat pumps considering the factors of heat and moisture transfer, seepage and freezing
Zhang HZ, Han ZW, Li G, Ji MZ, Cheng XL, Li XM, Yang LY
276 - 287 Engineered hierarchical porous carbons for supercapacitor applications through chemical pretreatment and activation of biomass precursors
Yakaboylu GA, Jiang CL, Yumak T, Zondlo JW, Wang JX, Sabolsky EM
288 - 299 Crude oil prices and clean energy stock indices: Lagged and asymmetric effects with quantile regression
Dawar I, Dutta A, Bouri E, Saeed T
300 - 319 Landscape framework for the exploitation of renewable energy resources and potentials in urban scale (case study: Iran)
Norouzi M, Yeganeh M, Yusaf T
320 - 330 Experimental investigation on heat-transfer characteristics of a cylindrical cavity receiver with pressurized air in helical pipe
Zhang YP, Chen YX, Zou CZ, Xiao H, Falcoz Q, Neveu P, Zhang C, Huang XH
331 - 341 Influence mechanism and kinetic analysis of co-gasification of biomass char and semi-coke
Liang W, Ning XJ, Wang GW, Zhang JL, Li RP, Chang WW, Wang C
342 - 356 Thermal stack airflows inside the solar chimney with discrete heat sources: Reversal flow regime defined by chimney inclination and thermal Rayleigh number
Ren XH, Wang L, Liu RZ, Wang L, Zhao FY
357 - 367 Methane production and characteristics of the microbial community in the co-digestion of potato pulp waste and dairy manure amended with biochar
Chen M, Liu SJ, Yuan XF, Li QX, Wang FZ, Xin FJ, Wen BT
368 - 374 Methylic and ethylic biodiesel production from crambe oil (Crambe abyssinica): New aspects for yield and oxidative stability
Souza MCG, de Oliveira MF, Vieira AT, de Faria AM, Batista ACF
375 - 385 Tailoring in-situ N, O, P, S-doped soybean-derived porous carbon with ultrahigh capacitance in both acidic and alkaline media
Yu JH, Li X, Cui ZX, Chen D, Pang XC, Zhang Q, Shao FF, Dong HZ, Yu LY, Dong LF
386 - 397 Image recognition of wind turbine blade damage based on a deep learning model with transfer learning and an ensemble learning classifier
Yang XY, Zhang YF, Lv W, Wang D
398 - 413 Minimizing weight of ambient air vaporizer by using identical and different number of fins along the length
Jadav C, Chowdhury K
414 - 422 Smart catalyst deposition by 3D printing for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell manufacturing
Cannio M, Righi S, Santangelo PE, Romagnoli M, Pedicini R, Carbone A, Gatto I
423 - 436 Sensitivity analysis of design parameters for erythritol melting in a horizontal shell and multi-finned tube system: Numerical investigation
Anish R, Joybari MM, Seddegh S, Mariappan V, Haghighat F, Yuan YP
437 - 444 Influence of preparation of Sida hermaphrodita silages on its conversion to methane
Zielinski M, Rusanowska P, Zielinska M, Dudek M, Nowicka A, Purwin C, Fijalkowska M, Debowski M
445 - 452 Effect of calcium ferrites on carbon dioxide gasification reactivity and kinetics of pine wood derived char
Sun Z, Russell CK, Fan MH
453 - 464 Kinetic and thermodynamic analyses during co-pyrolysis of greenhouse wastes and coal by TGA
Merdun H, Laouge ZB
465 - 479 Energy and exergy analysis of a new solar still composed of parabolic trough collector with built-in solar still
Amiri H, Aminy M, Lotfi M, Jafarbeglo B
480 - 494 Magnetically recoverable Mg substituted zinc ferrite nanocatalyst for biodiesel production: Process optimization, kinetic and thermodynamic analysis
Ashok A, Ratnaji T, Kennedy LJ, Vijaya JJ, Pragash RG
495 - 503 Energy and exergy analyses of carob pulp drying system based on a solar collector
Tagnamas Z, Lamsyehe H, Moussaoui H, Bahammou Y, Kouhila M, Idlimam A, Lamharrar A
504 - 516 The evaluation of the snail track affected photovoltaic modules by different methods after 3-year operating in central Poland
Mik K, Bugaj M, Chaja P
517 - 529 Pressure fluctuation characteristics of a model pump-turbine during runaway transient
Su WT, Li XB, Xia YX, Liu QZ, Binama M, Zhang YN
530 - 543 Pressure drops, heat transfer coefficient, costs and power block design for direct storage parabolic trough power plants running molten salts
Lopes T, Fasquelle T, Silva HG
544 - 560 Performance evaluation of renewable energy R & D activities in Malaysia
Chachuli FSM, Mat S, Ludin NA, Sopian K
561 - 570 Maximum penetration determination of variable renewable energy generation: A case in Java-Bali power systems
Tumiran, Putranto LM, Sarjiya, Pramono EY
571 - 578 Biodiesel production from refined coconut oil using hydroxide-impregnated calcium oxide by cosolvent method
Bambase ME, Almazan RAR, Demafelis RB, Sobremisana MJ, Dizon LSH
579 - 588 Ab-initio molecular dynamics study on thermal property of NaCleCaCl(2) molten salt for high-temperature heat transfer and storage
Rong ZZ, Pan GCQ, Lu JF, Liu SL, Ding J, Wang WL, Lee DJ
589 - 598 Study of hydrochar and process water from hydrothermal carbonization of sea lettuce
Shrestha A, Acharya B, Farooque AA
599 - 612 Thermal performance studies for drying of Garcinia pedunculata in a free convection corrugated type of solar dryer
Dutta P, Dutta PP, Kalita P
613 - 624 Assessment of electricity generation from biogas in Benin from energy and economic viability perspectives
Mensah JHR, Silva ATYL, dos Santos IFS, Ribeiro ND, Gbedjinou MJ, Nago VG, Tiago GL, Barros RM
625 - 634 Intensification of thermal energy storage using copper-pentaerythritol nanocomposites for renewable energy utilization
Mani D, Saranprabhu MK, Rajan KS
635 - 648 Performance improvement of mixed-flow centrifugal pumps with new impeller shrouds: Numerical and experimental investigations
Bozorgasareh H, Khalesi J, Jafari M, Gazori HO
649 - 673 A study on the design and performance of ModuleRaft wave energy converter
Tongphong W, Kim BH, Kim IC, Lee YH
674 - 684 Balancing potential of natural variability and extremes in photovoltaic and wind energy production for European countries
Frank C, Fiedler S, Crewell S
685 - 697 Water column separation in pump-turbine after load rejection: 1D-3D coupled simulation of a model pumped-storage system
Zhang XX, Cheng YG, Yang ZY, Chen QH, Liu DM
698 - 719 Evaluation of heat sink performance using PCM and vapor chamber/heat pipe
Ghanbarpour A, Hosseini MJ, Ranjbar AA, Rahimi M, Bahrampoury R, Ghanbarpour M
720 - 731 Synthesis and characterization of paraffin wax nanocapsules with polyurethane shell (PU/PW); the droplet size distribution: A key factor for thermal performance
Abdeali G, Abdollahi M, Bahramian AR
732 - 739 Effect of ascorbic acid assisted dilute acid pretreatment on lignin removal and enzyme digestibility of agricultural residues
Sheng YQ, Tan X, Gu YJ, Zhou X, Tu MB, Xu Y
740 - 754 Experimental analysis for co-generation of heat and power with convex lens as SOE and linear Fresnel Lens as POE using active water stream
Singhy A, Thakur R, Kumar R
755 - 771 Improved ECMWF forecasts of direct normal irradiance: A tool for better operational strategies in concentrating solar power plants
Lopes FM, Conceicao R, Silva HG, Salgado R, Collares-Pereira M
772 - 782 Multi-step wind speed prediction by combining a WRF simulation and an error correction strategy
Xu WF, Liu P, Cheng L, Zhou Y, Xia Q, Gong Y, Liu YN
783 - 791 Is pyrolysis bio-oil prone to microbial conversion into added-value products?
Basaglia M, Favaro L, Torri C, Casella S
792 - 806 Colorimetry as a criterion for segregation of logging wastes from sustainable forest management in the Brazilian Amazon for bioenergy
Lima MDR, Patricio EPS, Barros UD, Silva RDC, Bufalino L, Numazawa S, Hein PRG, Protasio TD
807 - 824 Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system modeling to predict the performance of graphene nanoplatelets nanofluid-based direct absorption solar collector based on experimental study
Vakili M, Yahyaei M, Ramsay J, Aghajannezhad P, Paknezhad B
825 - 835 Inhomogeneous rear reflector induced hot-spot risk and power loss in building-integrated bifacial c-Si photovoltaic modules
Kim C, Jeong MS, Ko J, Ko M, Kang MG, Song HJ
836 - 844 Analysis of the energy potential of tidal streams on the Faroe Shelf
Simonsen K, Niclasen BA
845 - 857 Studies on application of vertical axis hydro turbine for sustainable power generation in irrigation channels with different bed slopes
Shashikumar CM, Honnasiddaiah R, Hindasageri V, Madav V
858 - 869 Application of inverse methodology to estimate unknown parameters of the mathematical model of biomass solar pyrolysis
Kaczor Z, Bulinski Z, Sobek S, Werle S
870 - 881 Toward blockchain-based renewable energy microgrid design considering default risk and demand uncertainty
Tsao YC, Thanh VV
882 - 909 Comparative analysis of different criteria for the prediction of vortex ring state of floating offshore wind turbines
Dong J, Vire A
910 - 920 Characterization and verification of a two-body wave energy converter with a novel power take-off
Li XF, Martin D, Liang CW, Chen CA, Parker RG, Zuo L
921 - 929 Wicking capability evaluation of multilayer composite micromesh wicks for ultrathin two-phase heat transfer devices
Chen G, Fan DQ, Zhang SW, Sun YL, Zhong GS, Wang ZW, Wan ZP, Tang Y
930 - 938 Gold-based bimetallic electrocatalysts supported on multiwalled carbon nanotubes for direct borohydride-hydrogen peroxide fuel cell
939 - 949 Influence of leading-edge cavitation on impeller blade axial force in the pump mode of reversible pump-turbine
Zhu D, Xiao RF, Liu WC
950 - 963 Towards Post-Carbon Cities: Which retrofit scenarios for hotels in Italy?
Crespi G, Becchio C, Corgnati SP
964 - 973 Evaluation of n-butene synthesis from dimethyl ether in the production of 1,3-butadiene from lignin: A techno-economic analysis
Hanaoka T, Fujimoto S, Kihara H
974 - 986 Heat extraction analysis of a novel multilateral-well coaxial closed-loop geothermal system
Wang GS, Song XZ, Shi Y, Yang RY, Yulong FX, Zheng R, Li JC
987 - 1000 Numerical investigation and experiment on pressure pulsation characteristics in a full tubular pump
Shi LJ, Yuan Y, Jiao HF, Tang FP, Cheng L, Yang F, Jin Y, Zhu J
1001 - 1011 Performance analysis of cascade multi-functional heat pump in summer season
Boahen S, Anka SK, Lee KH, Choi JM
1012 - 1022 An analytical approach to estimate structural and behavioral impact of renewable energy power plants on LMP
Jaghargh MJP, Mashhadi HR
1023 - 1032 Highly efficient synthesis of gamma-valerolactone by catalytic conversion of biomass-derived levulinate esters over support-free mesoporous Ni
Chen H, Xu Q, Zhang D, Liu WZ, Liu XX, Yin DL
1033 - 1045 A frequency domain transfer function methodology for thermal characterization and design for energy flexibility of zones with radiant systems
Derakhtenjani AS, Athienitis AK
1046 - 1062 Parametric study on the effect of inlet and outlet pipe shape on the flow fluctuation characteristics associated with a positive displacement hydraulic turbine
Sonawat A, Choi YS, Kim KM, Kim JH
1063 - 1077 Large-eddy simulation of wind turbines immersed in the wake of a cube-shaped building
Ge MW, Gayme DF, Meneveau C
1078 - 1091 Impact of electricity market feedback on investments in solar photovoltaic and battery systems in Swedish single-family dwellings
Goop J, Nyholm E, Odenberger M, Johnsson F
1092 - 1112 An accurate thermal model for the PV electric generation prediction: long-term validation in different climatic conditions
Bevilacqua P, Perrella S, Bruno R, Arcuri N
1113 - 1126 Significance of methanation reactor dynamics on the annual efficiency of power-to-gas -system
Inkeri E, Tynjala T, Karjunen H
1127 - 1137 Analysis on barriers to biogas dissemination in Rwanda: AHP approach
Mukeshimana MC, Zhao ZY, Ahmad M, Irfan M
1138 - 1152 A new combined heating and power system driven by biomass for total-site utility applications
Amiri H, Sotoodeh AF, Amidpour M
1153 - 1165 Microalgae derived biomass and bioenergy production enhancement through biogas purification and wastewater treatment
Miyawaki B, Mariano AB, Vargas JVC, Balmant W, Defrancheschi AC, Correa DO, Santos B, Selesu NFH, Ordonez JC, Kava VM
1166 - 1181 Thermoeconomic modeling and artificial neural network optimization of Afyon geothermal power plant
Yilmaz C, Koyuncu I
1182 - 1194 GIS bio-waste assessment and suitability analysis for biogas power plant: A case study of Anambra state of Nigeria
Chukwuma EC, Okey-Onyesolu FC, Ani KA, Nwanna EC
1195 - 1209 Experimental and numerical investigation on the effect of tip leakage vortex induced cavitating flow on pressure fluctuation in an axial flow pump
Shen X, Zhang DS, Xu B, Shi WD, van Esch BPM
1210 - 1221 Treatment of municipal landfill leachate: Optimization of organic loading rate in a two-stage CSTR followed by aerobic degradation
Pashaki SGA, Khojastehpour M, Ebrahimi-Nik M, Rohani A
1222 - 1237 Performance of solar collector with turbulator involving nanomaterial turbulent regime
Sheikholeslami M, Farshad SA, Shafee A, Babazadeh H
1238 - 1252 Modelling analyses of the thermal property and heat transfer performance of a novel compositive PV vacuum glazing
Huang JC, Chen X, Peng JQ, Yang HX
1253 - 1264 Thermo-economic evaluation of a hybrid solar-gas driven and air-cooled absorption chiller integrated with hot water production by a transient modeling
Rad EA, Davoodi V
1265 - 1276 Reliable and cost-effective wind farm control strategy for offshore wind turbines
Hur SH
1277 - 1286 Synthesis of nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide and its decoration with high efficiency palladium nanoparticles for direct ethanol fuel cell
Kakaei K, Rahnavardi M
1287 - 1298 SWARA/WASPAS methods for a marine current energy plant location selection problem
Yucenur GN, Ipekci A
1299 - 1317 Exploring the critical factors of algal biomass and lipid production for renewable fuel production by machine learning
Cosgun A, Gunay ME, Yildirim R
1318 - 1332 Privacy-preserving distributed parameter estimation for probability distribution of wind power forecast error
Jia MS, Huang SW, Wang ZW, Shen C
1333 - 1342 Comparative evaluation of solarized triple combined cycle for different ORC fluids
Sachdeva J, Singh O
1343 - 1355 Multi-scale study of the integrated use of the carbohydrate fractions of sugarcane bagasse for ethanol and xylitol production
Antunes FAF, Thome LC, Santos JC, Ingle AP, Costa CB, Dos Anjos V, Bell MJV, Rosa CA, Da Silva SS
1356 - 1369 Influence of hindrance promoter on the thermal augmentation factor of solar water heater (an experimental study)
Khargotra R, Kumar S, Kumar R
1370 - 1384 In-depth analysis of single-diode model parameters from manufacturer's datasheet
Toledo FJ, Blanes JM, Galiano V, Laudani A
1385 - 1396 A model predictive control approach in microgrid considering multi-uncertainty of electric vehicles
Wu CS, Gao S, Liu Y, Song TCE, Han HT
1397 - 1407 The gap angle as a design criterion to determine the position of linear Fresnel primary mirrors
Santos AV, Canavarro D, Collares-Pereira M
1408 - 1426 Experimentally validated study of the impact of operating strategies on power efficiency of a turbine array in a bi-directional tidal channel
Hachmann C, Stallard T, Stansby P, Lin BL
1427 - 1443 Multiobjective reactive power planning considering the uncertainties of wind farms and loads using Information Gap Decision Theory
Shojaei AH, Ghadimi AA, Miveh MR, Gandoman FH, Ahmadi A
1444 - 1454 Fleet-level opportunistic maintenance for large-scale wind farms integrating real-time prognostic updating
Xia TB, Dong YF, Pan ES, Zheng MM, Wang H, Xi LF
1455 - 1466 Large eddy simulation of biomass gasification in a bubbling fluidized bed based on the multiphase particle-in-cell method
Gupta S, Choudhary S, Kumar S, De S
1467 - 1478 Niger seed oil biodiesel as an emulsifier in diesel-ethanol blends for compression ignition engine
Srikanth HV, Sharanappa G, Manne B, Kumar SB
1479 - 1494 Thermal performance simulation analysis of solar field for parabolic trough collectors assigned for ambient conditions in Morocco
Zaaoumi A, Asbik M, Hafs H, Bah A, Alaoui M
1495 - 1507 Statistical model for fragility estimates of offshore wind turbines subjected to aero-hydro dynamic loads
Pokhrel J, Seo J
1508 - 1522 Cell voltage static-dynamic modeling of a PEM electrolyzer based on adaptive parameters: Development and experimental validation
Hernandez-Gomez A, Ramirez V, Guilbert D, Saldivar B
1523 - 1535 The corn cob gasification-based renewable energy recovery in the life cycle environmental performance of seed-corn supply chain: An Ecuadorian case study
Aseffe JAM, Gonzalez AM, Jaen RL, Lora EES
1536 - 1547 Enzymatic hydrolysis and simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of green coconut fiber under high concentrations of ethylene oxide-based polymers
Nogueira CD, Padilha CED, dos Santos ES
1548 - 1559 Collocating offshore wind and wave generators to reduce power output variability: A Multi-site analysis
Gideon RA, Bou-Zeid E
1560 - 1568 Analysis of the soiling effect under different conditions on different photovoltaic glasses and cells using an indoor soiling chamber
Munoz-Garcia MA, Fouris T, Pilat E
1569 - 1579 Piezo-phototronic and plasmonic effect coupled Ag-NaNbO3 nanocomposite for enhanced photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical water splitting activity
Kumar D, Sharma S, Khare N
1580 - 1587 Technical barriers for harnessing the green hydrogen: A power system perspective
Rabiee A, Keane A, Soroudi A
1588 - 1594 Zirconium-based MOFs-loaded ionic liquid-catalyzed preparation of biodiesel from Jatropha oil
Dai QQ, Yang ZF, Li J, Cao Y, Tang HB, Wei XC
1595 - 1611 Micro market based optimisation framework for decentralised management of distributed flexibility assets
Paladin A, Das R, Wang Y, Ali Z, Kotter R, Putrus G, Turri R
1612 - 1625 Empirically verified analysis of dual pre-cooling system for hydrogen refuelling station
Piraino F, Blekhman D, Dray M, Fragiacomo P
1626 - 1636 Biodiesel production via transesteri fi cation of canola oil in the presence of Na-K doped CaO derived from calcined eggshell
Khatibi M, Khorasheh F, Larimi A
1637 - 1647 Optimization of FAME production from blends of waste cooking oil and refined palm oil using biomass fly ash as a catalyst
Vargas EM, Ospina L, Neves MC, Tarelho LAC, Nunes MI
1648 - 1659 Hydrocarbon biofuel from hydrotreating of palm oil over unsupported Ni-Mo sulfide catalysts
Burimsitthigul T, Yoosuk B, Ngamcharussrivichai C, Prasassarakich P
1660 - 1672 A circular economy model based on biomethane: What are the opportunities for the municipality of Rome and beyond?
D'Adamo I, Falcone PM, Huisingh D, Morone P
1673 - 1681 Renewable aromatic hydrocarbons production from catalytic pyrolysis of lignin with Al-SBA-15 and HZSM-5: Synergistic effect and coke behaviour
Wang SQ, Li ZH, Yi WM, Fu P, Zhang AD, Bai XY
1682 - 1691 Multi-parametric evaluation of electrical, biogas and natural gas geothermal source heat pumps
Blazquez CS, Borge-Diez D, Nieto IM, Martin AF, Gonzalez-Aguilera D
1692 - 1700 The impact of poly (ionic liquid) on the phosphoric acid stability of polybenzimidazole-base HT-PEMs
Liu FX, Wang S, Chen H, Li JS, Wang X, Mao TJ, Wang Z
1701 - 1710 Novel technique for sustainable utilisation of water hyacinth using EGSB and MCSTR: Control overgrowth, energy recovery, and microbial metabolic mechanism
Liu JF, Tang ZK, Wang CM, Wu K, Song YL, Wang XP, Zhang ZW, Zhao XL, Yang B, Piao MG, Yin F, Zhang WD
1711 - 1717 Development of partial oxidation reformer in gliding arc plasma-matrix burner
An J, Kim HJ, Chun YN
1718 - 1728 Study on effects of wind velocity on thermal efficiency and heat dynamics of pavement solar collectors: An experimental and numerical study
Farzan H, Zaim EH, Ameri M, Amiri T
1729 - 1753 Review of air-based PV/T and BIPV/T systems - Performance and modelling
Rounis ED, Athienitis A, Stathopoulos T
1754 - 1772 Energy storage for grid-scale applications: Technology review and economic feasibility analysis
Frate GF, Ferrari L, Desideri U
1773 - 1785 Elliptic paraboloid-based solar spectrum splitters for self-powered photobioreactors
Talebzadeh N, Rostami M, O'Brien PG
1786 - 1801 Engineering culture medium for enhanced carbohydrate accumulation in Anabaena variabilis to stimulate production of bioethanol and other high-value co-products under cyanobacterial refinery approach
Deb D, Mallick N, Bhadoria PBS
1802 - 1816 Influence of lignin distribution, physicochemical characteristics and microstructure on the quality of biofuel pellets made from four different types of biomass
de Souza HJPL, Munoz F, Mendonca RT, Saez K, Olave R, Segura C, de Souza DP, Protasio TD, Rodriguez-Soalleiro R
1817 - 1830 Effect of fault distribution on hydraulic fracturing: Insights from the laboratory
Shan K, Zhang YJ, Zheng YH, Cheng YX, Yang YX
1831 - 1837 Theoretical insight into the hydrogenolysis mechanism of lignin dimer compounds based on experiments
Zhu C, Cao JP, Feng XB, Zhao XY, Yang Z, Li J, Zhao M, Zhao YP, Bai HC
1838 - 1848 Study on high-precision identification method of ground thermal properties based on neural network model
Zhang XP, Han ZW, Meng XW, Li G, Ji Q, Li XM, Yang LY
1849 - 1870 Numerical analysis of unsteady aerodynamic performance of floating offshore wind turbine under platform surge and pitch motions
Chen ZW, Wang XD, Guo YZ, Kang S
1871 - 1877 Power demand forecasting for demand-driven energy production with biogas plants
Dittmer C, Krumpel J, Lemmer A
1878 - 1894 A design on sustainable hybrid energy systems by multi-objective optimization for aquaculture industry
Nguyen NT, Matsuhashi R, Vo TTBC
1895 - 1909 Wind power forecasting - A data-driven method along with gated recurrent neural network
Kisvari A, Lin Z, Liu XL
1910 - 1922 Efficacy and functional mechanisms of a novel combinatorial pretreatment approach based on deep eutectic solvent and ultrasonic waves for bioconversion of sugarcane bagasse
Sharma V, Nargotra P, Sharma S, Bajaj BK
1923 - 1931 Annual performance analysis of the PV/T system for the heat demand of a low-energy single-family building
Zabnienska-Gora A, Khordehgah N, Jouhara H
1932 - 1941 Experimental study on thermal performance of an integrated PCM Trombe wall
Duan SP, Wang L, Zhao ZQ, Zhang CW
1942 - 1950 Energy and exergy analysis of the drying of corn grains
da Silva GM, Ferreira AG, Coutinho RM, Maia CB
1951 - 1962 A new wind speed scenario generation method based on spatiotemporal dependency structure
Deng JC, Li HR, Hu JX, Liu ZY
1963 - 1972 Experimental investigation of an evacuated tube collector solar air heater with helical inserts
Singh I, Vardhan S
1973 - 1982 A complete characterization of microalgal biomass through FTIR/TGA/CHNS analysis: An approach for biofuel generation and nutrients removal
Arif M, Li YX, El-Dalatony MM, Zhang CJ, Li XK, Salama E
1983 - 1993 A theoretical heat transfer analysis of different indirectly-irradiated receiver designs for high-temperature concentrating solar power applications
Wang WJ, Fan LW, Laumert B
1994 - 2007 A system dynamics model for renewable energy technology adoption of the hotel sector
Dhirasasna N, Sahin O
2008 - 2017 Investigations of optimal additive dose for Cl-rich biomasses
Sobieraj J, Gadek W, Jagodzinska K, Kalisz S
2018 - 2028 CFD analysis and design optimization of an air manifold for a biomass boiler
Bianco V, Szubel M, Matras B, Filipowicz M, Papis K, Podlasek S
2029 - 2036 Numerical simulation of the Mexico wind turbine using the actuator disk model along with the 3D correction of aerodynamic coefficients in OpenFOAM
Amini S, Golzarian MR, Mahmoodi E, Jeromin A, Abbaspour-Fard MH
2037 - 2052 Distributionally robust coordination optimization scheduling for electricity-gas-transportation coupled system considering multiple uncertainties
Zhang YC, Liu W, Huang ZH, Zheng F, Le J, Zhu S
2053 - 2067 Diagnosis of wind turbine faults with transfer learning algorithms
Chen WQ, Qiu YN, Feng YH, Li Y, Kusiak A
2068 - 2080 A comparative study of the performance of a novel helical direct flow U-Tube evacuated tube collector
Essa MA, Asal M, Saleh MA, Shaltout RE
2081 - 2097 Active flutter control of the wind turbines using double-pitched blades
Chen B, Hua XG, Zhang ZL, Nielsen SRK, Chen ZQ
2098 - 2114 Current challenges for the advanced mass scale monitoring of Solar Home Systems: A review
Lopez-Vargas A, Fuentes M, Vivar M
2115 - 2127 A novel energy storage system for latent heat recovery in solar still using phase change material and pulsating heat pipe
Khalilmoghadam P, Rajabi-Ghahnavieh A, Shafii MB
2128 - 2136 Categorization of small-scale biomass combustion appliances by characteristic numbers
Feldmeier S, Schwarz M, Wopienka E, Pfeifer C
2137 - 2152 Wind turbine power curve modeling using radial basis function neural networks and tabu search
Karamichailidou D, Kaloutsa V, Alexandridis A
2153 - 2164 Effect of N-Photovoltaic thermal integrated parabolic concentrator on milk temperature for pasteurization: A simulation study
Meraj M, Mahmood SM, Khan ME, Azhar M, Tiwari GN
2165 - 2177 A size-dependent financial evaluation of green hydrogen-oxygen co-production
Squadrito G, Nicita A, Maggio G
2178 - 2189 Geothermal exploitation and electricity generation from multibranch U-shaped well-enhanced geothermal system
Liao YL, Sun XH, Sun BJ, Wang ZY, Wang JT, Wang XR
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