Renewable Energy

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1 - 19 Constructing statutory energy goal compliant wind and solar PV infrastructure pathways
Thomas A, Racherla P
20 - 29 Rural electrification in Africa - A willingness to pay assessment in Niger
Bhandari R, Sessa V, Adamou R
30 - 42 Effective synthesis route of renewable nanoporous carbon adsorbent for high energy gas storage and CO2/N-2 selectivity
Jung MJ, Park J, Lee K, Attia NF, Oh H
43 - 54 Experimental characterization of a photovoltaic solar-driven cooling system based on an evaporative chimney
Ruiz J, Martinez P, Sadafi H, Aguilar FJ, Vicente PG, Lucas M
55 - 64 Dynamic Bayesian temporal modeling and forecasting of short-term wind measurements
Garcia I, Huo S, Prado R, Bravo L
65 - 76 Power feedback strategy based on efficiency trajectory analysis for HCPV sun tracking
Satue MG, Castano F, Ortega MG, Rubio FR
77 - 90 A novel method for fast sky conditions identification from global solar radiation measurements
Lou SW, Huang Y, Li DHW, Xia DW, Zhou XQ, Zhao Y
91 - 97 Bioconversion of corncob hydrolysate into microbial lipid by an oleaginous yeast Rhodotorula taiwanensis AM2352 for biodiesel production
Miao ZG, Tian XM, Liang WX, He YW, Wang GY
98 - 109 Advanced adaptive frequency support scheme for DFIG under cyber uncertainty
Wang HZ, Liu YY, Zhou B, Voropai N, Cao GZ, Jia YW, Barakhtenko E
110 - 119 Biodiesel produced from crude, degummed, neutralized and bleached oils of Nile tilapia waste: Production efficiency, physical-chemical quality and economic viability
Moraes PS, Igansi AV, Cadaval TRS, Pinto LAA
120 - 132 Ru-Ni/MgAl2O4 structured catalyst for CO2 methanation
Navarro JC, Centeno MA, Laguna OH, Odriozola JA
133 - 148 Understanding the behaviour of naturally-ventilated BIPV modules: A sensitivity analysis
Goncalves JE, van Hooff T, Saelens D
149 - 161 Wind energy conversion systems analysis of PMSG on offshore wind turbine using improved SMC and Extended State Observer
Pan L, Shao CP
162 - 172 Nomograms for de-complexing the dimensioning of off-grid PV systems
Ramallo-Gonzalez AP, Loonen R, Tomat V, Zamora MA, Surugin D, Hensen J
173 - 183 Sulfonated porous carbon nanosheets derived from oak nutshell based high-performance supercapacitor for powering electronic devices
Gopalakrishnan A, Badhulika S
184 - 199 A new frosting map of variable-frequency air source heat pump in severe cold region considering the variation of heating load
Wei WZ, Ni L, Li SY, Wang W, Yao Y, Xu LF, Yang YH
200 - 206 Palladium/ruthenium supported on graphene oxide (PdRu@GO) as an efficient, stable and rapid catalyst for hydrogen production from DMAB under room conditions
Acidereli H, Cellat K, Calimli MH, Sen F
207 - 220 Taming waste: Waste Mangifera indica peel as a sustainable catalyst for biodiesel production at room temperature
Laskar IB, Gupta R, Chatterjee S, Vanlalveni C, Rokhum L
221 - 229 Experimental investigation on the heating and cooling performance of a solar air composite heat source heat pump
Zhang F, Cai JY, Ji J, Han KD, Ke W
230 - 239 Outstanding reinforcement on chain elongation through five-micrometer-sized biochar
Liu YH, He PJ, Han WH, Shao LM, Lu F
240 - 256 Numerical wave modeling for operational and survival analyses of wave energy converters at the US Navy Wave Energy Test Site in Hawaii
Li N, Cheung KF, Cross P
257 - 264 High volume hydrogen evolution from KBH4 hydrolysis with palladium complex catalyst
Kilinc D, Sahin O
265 - 277 Solar steam generation in fine dispersions of graphite particles
Kuzmenkov DM, Delov MI, Zeynalyan K, Struchalin PG, Alyaev S, He Y, Kutsenko KV, Balakin BV
278 - 292 The role of renewable energy, alternative and nuclear energy in mitigating carbon emissions in the CPTPP countries
Vo DH, Vo AT, Ho CM, Nguyen HM
293 - 308 Techno-economic study of the impact of mirror slope errors on the overall optical and thermal efficiencies- case study: Solar parabolic trough concentrator evaluation under semi-arid climate
El Ydrissi M, Ghennioui H, Bennouna E, Farid A
309 - 318 Numerical transient modelling of the fouling phenomena and its influence on thermal performance in a low-scale biomass shell boiler
Chapela S, Cid N, Porteiro J, Miguez JL
319 - 339 Estimation of the wind energy potential for coastal locations in India using the Weibull model
Deep S, Sarkar A, Ghawat M, Rajak MK
340 - 349 The photocatalytic hydrogen evolution enhancement of the MoS2 lamellas modified g-C3N4/SrTiO3 core-shell heterojunction
Pan JQ, Liu YY, Ou W, Li S, Li HL, Wang JJ, Song CS, Zheng YY, Li CR
350 - 360 Determination of the marker for automation of torrefaction and slow pyrolysis processes - A case study of spherical wood particles
Krochmalny K, Niedzwiecki L, Pelinska-Olko E, Wnukowski M, Czajka K, Tkaczuk-Serafin M, Pawlak-Kruczek H
361 - 372 Valorization of crude glycerol into hydrogen, 1,3-propanediol, and ethanol in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor under thermophilic conditions
Sittijunda S, Reungsang A
373 - 385 Modified zipper fracturing in enhanced geothermal system reservoir and heat extraction optimization via orthogonal design
Yu LK, Wu XT, Hassan NMS, Wang YD, Ma WW, Liu G
386 - 394 Sequential optimization of the geometrical parameters of an OWC device based on the specific wave characteristics
Hayati M, Nikseresht AH, Haghighi AT
395 - 407 Enhancement of anode performance for alkaline-acid direct glycerol fuel
Sangkheaw P, Therdthianwong S, Therdthianwong A, Wongyao N, Yongprapat S
408 - 418 Catalytic steam reforming of in-situ tar from rice husk over MCM-41 supported LaNiO3 to produce hydrogen rich syngas
Liu CL, Chen D, Cao YG, Zhang TX, Mao YY, Wang WJ, Wang ZG, Kawi S
419 - 434 Ordered charge control considering the uncertainty of charging load of electric vehicles based on Markov chain
Han XJ, Wei ZX, Hong ZP, Zhao S
435 - 447 A model-free adaptive controller with tracking error differential for collective pitching of wind turbines
Li JS, Wang SX, Li YG
448 - 456 Accelerating lipid production in freshwater alga Chlorella sorokiniana SDEC-18 by seawater and ultrasound during the stationary phase
Xie Z, Pei HY, Zhang LJ, Yang ZG, Nie CL, Hou QJ, Yu Z
457 - 469 A novel composite PCM for seasonal thermal energy storage of solar water heating system
Wu W, Wang XY, Xia M, Dou YP, Yin ZY, Wang J, Lu P
470 - 481 Risk management of a renewable-based compressed air energy storage system using downside risk constraints approach
Liu HN, Yu DM, Wang RJ, Alizadeh A, Nojavan S, Jermsittiparsert K
482 - 494 Technological and economic aspect of Refuse Derived Fuel pyrolysis
Rajca P, Poskart A, Chrubasik M, Sajdak M, Zajemska M, Skibinski A, Korombel A
495 - 509 Assessing the ancillary service potential of electric vehicles to support renewable energy integration in touristic islands: A case study from Balearic island of Menorca
Raveendran V, Alvarez-Bel C, Nair MG
510 - 524 Spatio-temporal fusion neural network for multi-class fault diagnosis of wind turbines based on SCADA data
Pang YH, He Q, Jiang GQ, Xie P
525 - 542 Improving wind turbine blade based on multi-objective particle swarm optimization
Li YJ, Wei KX, Yang WX, Wang Q
543 - 558 Solar tower on an uneven terrain: methodology and case study
Agarwal N, Raj M, Bhattacharya J
559 - 569 Improvement of clear sky models for direct solar irradiance considering turbidity factor variable during the day
Moldovan CL, Paltanea R, Visa I
570 - 578 An investigation on the attenuation effect of air pollution on regional solar radiation
Zhang CX, Shen C, Yang QR, Wei S, Lv GQ, Sun C
579 - 592 Structural characterization of sugarcane lignins extracted from different protic ionic liquid pretreatments
Pin TC, Nascimento VM, Costa AC, Pu YQ, Ragauskas AJ, Rabelo SC
593 - 605 The effectiveness of feed-in-tariff policy in promoting power generation from renewable energy in Kenya
Ndiritu SW, Engola MK
606 - 625 Development and application of an aero-hydro-servo-elastic coupling framework for analysis of floating offshore wind turbines
Yang Y, Bashir M, Michailides C, Li C, Wang J
626 - 634 A multi-timescale cold storage system within energy flexible buildings for power balance management of smart grids
Yan CC, Wang FL, Pan Y, Shan K, Kosonen R
635 - 649 Comprehensive analysis of heat transfer of double-skin facades integrated high concentration photovoltaic (CPV-DSF)
Zhu L, Zhang JQ, Li QX, Shao ZB, Chen MD, Yang Y, Sun Y
650 - 661 Stochastic assessment of aerodynamics within offshore wind farms based on machine-learning
Richmond M, Sobey A, Pandit R, Kolios A
662 - 675 Exploring the potential of solar, tidal, and wind energy resources in Oman using an integrated climatic-socioeconomic approach
Hereher M, El Kenawy AM
676 - 690 Development of a non-linear state estimator for advanced control of an ORC test rig for geothermal application
Pili R, Eyerer S, Dawo F, Wieland C, Spliethoff H
691 - 700 Development of wind energy market in the European Union
Borawski P, Beldycka-Borawska A, Jankowski KJ, Dubis B, Dunn JW
701 - 711 Clean and efficient utilization of coal combined with corn straw by synergistic biodegradation
Guo HY, Zhao SF, Dong ZW, Wang Q, Xia DP, Jia JB, Yin XJ, Yu HF
712 - 721 Characterization of sugarcane bagasse particles separated by elutriation for energy generation
Lenco PC, Ramirez-Quintero DA, Bizzo WA
722 - 735 A global annual optimum tilt angle model for photovoltaic generation to use in the absence of local meteorological data
Nicolas-Martin C, Santos-Martin D, Chinchilla-Sanchez M, Lemon S
736 - 749 Reassigned second-order Synchrosqueezing Transform and its application to wind turbine fault diagnosis
Yi CC, Yu ZH, Lv Y, Xiao H
750 - 755 Process design and techno-economic evaluation for the production of platform chemical for hydrocarbon fuels from lignocellulosic biomass using biomass-derived gamma-valerolactone
Ahmad N, Ahmad N, Ahmed U
756 - 765 Pitch control of small H-type Darrieus vertical axis wind turbines using advanced gain scheduling techniques
Bundi JM, Ban XJ, Wekesa DW, Ding SC
766 - 776 Numerical studies on the performance of ammonia ejectors used in ocean thermal energy conversion system
Zhang JZ, Zhai XY, Li SZ
777 - 791 Nonlinear model predictive pitch control of aero-elastic wind turbine blades
El-Baklish SK, El-Badawy AA, Frison G, Diehl M
792 - 807 Recent development and research priorities on cool and super cool materials to mitigate urban heat island
Santamouris M, Yun GY
808 - 824 Effects of bedplate flexibility on drivetrain dynamics: Case study of a 10 MW spar type floating wind turbine
Wang SS, Nejad AR, Bachynski EE, Moan T
825 - 835 Parametric analysis and optimization of a simple wind turbine in high speed railway tunnels
Guo ZJ, Liu TH, Xu K, Wang JY, Li WH, Chen ZW
836 - 845 Power performance of solar energy harvesting system under typical indoor light sources
Yang C, Xue RP, Li X, Zhang XQ, Wu ZY
846 - 857 Quantitative analysis of mass and energy flow in rice straw gasification based on mass and carbon balance
Pei HP, Jin BS, Huang YJ
858 - 866 Understanding lignin gasification in supercritical water using reactive molecular dynamics simulations
Liu XY, Wang T, Chu JC, He MG, Li QB, Zhang Y
867 - 877 Combustion behaviour of biochars thermally pretreated via torrefaction, slow pyrolysis, or hydrothermal carbonisation and co-fired with pulverised coal
Chen LC, Wen C, Wang WY, Liu TY, Liu EZ, Liu HW, Li ZX
878 - 892 Assessment of critical parameters for artificial neural networks based short-term wind generation forecasting
Sewdien VN, Preece R, Torres JLR, Rakhshani E, van der Meijden M
893 - 906 Ultrasonic assisted hydrolysis of barley straw biowastes into construction of a novel hemicellulose-based adsorbent and its adsorption properties for Pb2+ ions from aqueous solutions
Mohammadabadi SI, Javanbakht V
907 - 916 House price premium associated with residential solar photovoltaics and the effect from feed-in tariffs: A case study of Southport in Queensland, Australia
Lan HF, Gou ZH, Yang LC
917 - 927 A cascade model and initial exploration of co-production processes underpinning the ecosystem services of geothermal areas
Cook D, Davidsdottir B, Malinauskaite L
928 - 938 Influence of the wind energy sector on thermal power plants in the Polish energy system
Simla T, Stanek W
939 - 955 Fault detection of wind turbines via multivariate process monitoring based on vine copulas
Xu QF, Fan ZH, Jia WY, Jiang CX
956 - 962 FeMnO3 nanoparticles promoted electrocatalysts Ni-Fe-P-FeMnO3/NF with superior hydrogen evolution performances
Xie T, Lv ZH, Wang KH, Xie GW, He Y
963 - 971 Lignin from energy plant (Arundo donax): Pyrolysis kinetics, mechanism and pathway evaluation
Yang JH, Wang X, Shen BX, Hu ZZ, Xu LF, Yang S
972 - 987 Isoconversional determination of the apparent reaction models governing pyrolysis of wood, straw and sewage sludge, with an approach to rate modelling
Sobek S, Werle S
988 - 997 The influence of grease trap sludge sterilization on the performance of anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge
Grosser A, Neczaj E, Jasinska A, Celary P
998 - 1010 A review of non-destructive testing on wind turbines blades
Marquez FPG, Chacon AMP
1011 - 1024 Performance improvement of solar bakery unit by integrating with metal hydride based solar thermal energy storage reactor
Ayub I, Nasir MS, Liu Y, Munir A, Yang FS, Zhang ZX
1025 - 1035 China's renewable energy trade potential in the "Belt-and-Road" countries: A gravity model analysis
Shuai J, Leng ZH, Cheng JH, Shi ZY
1036 - 1045 Heterointerface engineering in bimetal alloy/metal carbide for evolution reaction
Ying LR, Sun SH, Liu WJ, Zhu H, Zhu ZF, Liu A, Yang LJ, Lu SL, Duan F, Yang CL, Du ML
1046 - 1058 Heat transfer analysis of energy piles with parallel U-Tubes
Cui P, Jia LR, Zhou XL, Yang WX, Zhang WK
1059 - 1071 Emissions from residential combustion of certified and uncertified pellets
Vicente ED, Vicente AM, Evtyugina M, Tarelho LAC, Almeida SM, Alves C
1072 - 1091 Scheduling electric vehicle charging to minimise carbon emissions and wind curtailment
Dixon J, Bukhsh W, Edmunds C, Bell K
1092 - 1109 Wind energy potential and economic analysis with a comparison of different methods for determining the optimal distribution parameters
Saeed MA, Ahmed Z, Zhang WD
1110 - 1119 Cobalt-doped CaO catalyst synthesized and applied for algal biodiesel production
Das V, Tripathi AM, Borah MJ, Dunford NT, Deka D
1120 - 1129 Robust optimization of an organic Rankine cycle for geothermal application
Serafino A, Obert B, Verge L, Cinnella P
1130 - 1139 Cloud theory-based multi-objective feeder reconfiguration problem considering wind power uncertainty
Hosseini F, Safari A, Farrokhifar M
1140 - 1154 Intra-day solar irradiation forecast using RLS filters and satellite images
Marchesoni-Acland F, Alonso-Suarez R
1155 - 1175 Potential for conversion of thermal energy in electrical energy: Highlighting the Brazilian Ocean Thermal Energy Park and the Inverse Anthropogenic Effect
de Souza RV, Fernandes EHL, de Azevedo JLL, Passos MD, Correa RM
1176 - 1183 The impact of solar convective drying on kinetics, bioactive compounds and microstructure of stevia leaves
Hidar N, Ouhammou M, Mghazli S, Idlimam A, Hajjaj A, Bouchdoug M, Jaouad A, Mahrouz M
1184 - 1194 A multi-scenario approach for a robust design of solar-based ORC systems
Petrollese M, Cocco D
1195 - 1208 Numerical and experimental investigations of latent thermal energy storage device based on a flat micro-heat pipe array-metal foam composite structure
Liang L, Diao YH, Zhao YH, Wang ZY, Bai FW
1209 - 1225 Assessment of techno-economic feasibility of centralised seasonal thermal energy storage for decarbonising the Swiss residential heating sector
Narula K, De Oliveira F, Chambers J, Romano E, Hollmuller P, Patel MK
1226 - 1243 Experimental investigation of an innovative biomass-fired micro-ORC system for cogeneration applications
Carraro G, Bori V, Lazzaretto A, Toniato G, Danieli P
1244 - 1259 A hybrid short-term load forecasting model and its application in ground source heat pump with cooling storage system
Xie YW, Hu PF, Zhu N, Lei F, Xing L, Xu LH, Sun QM
1260 - 1275 Effects of ribs on thermal performance of curved absorber tube used in cylindrical solar collectors
Abu-Hamdeh NH, Bantan RAR, Khoshvaght-Aliabadi M, Alimoradi A
1276 - 1291 The interaction between the transient cavitating flow and hydrodynamic performance around a pitching hydrofoil
Zhang MJ, Huang B, Wu Q, Zhang MD, Wang GY
1292 - 1302 Thermodynamic comparison of direct supercritical CO2 and indirect brine-ORC concepts for geothermal combined heat and power generation
Schifflechner C, Dawo F, Eyerer S, Wieland C, Spliethoff H
1303 - 1317 On the thermal and thermodynamic analysis of parabolic trough collector technology using industrial-grade MWCNT based nanofluid
Hachicha AA, Said Z, Rahman SMA, Al-Sarairah E
1318 - 1327 Economic implications of forecasting electricity generation from variable renewable energy sources
Ruhnau O, Hennig P, Madlener R
1328 - 1340 Ecological-economic assessment of renewable energy deployment in sustainable built environment
Huang B, Xing K, Pullen S, Liao LD, Huang K
1341 - 1358 A high-resolution, long-term wave resource assessment of Japan with wave-current effects
Webb A, Waseda T, Kiyomatsu K
1359 - 1367 Investigation of aerodynamic performance characteristics of a wind-turbine-blade profile using the finite-volume method
Erkan O, Ozkan M, Karakoc TH, Garrett SJ, Thomas PJ