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1 - 15 Generic modeling and speed control approach of hydraulic power plants: Start-up operating mode
Mohamed A, Alamir M, Alloin Q
16 - 25 A methodology to forecast the main non-dimensional performance parameters of pumps-as-turbines (PaTs) operating at Best Efficiency Point (BEP)
Renzi M, Nigro A, Rossi M
26 - 41 Short-term global horizontal irradiance forecasting based on a hybrid CNN-LSTM model with spatiotemporal correlations
Zang HX, Liu L, Sun L, Cheng LL, Wei ZN, Sun GQ
42 - 51 Biodiesel production via stearic acid esterification over mesoporous ZrO2/SiO2 catalysts synthesized by surfactant-assisted sol-gel auto-combustion route
Mahmoud HR, El-Molla SA, Ibrahim MM
52 - 66 Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured calcium oxides supported onto biochar and their application as catalysts for biodiesel production
di Bitonto L, Reynel-Avila HE, Mendoza-Castillo DI, Bonilla-Petriciolet A, Duran-Valle CJ, Pastore C
67 - 85 Energy-exergy and enviro-economic survey of solar air heaters with various air channel modifications
Tuncer AD, Khanlari A, Sozen A, Gurbuz EY, Sirin C, Gungor A
86 - 97 Optimization of direct transesterification of Chlorella pyrenoidosa catalyzed by waste egg shell based heterogenous nano - CaO catalyst
Ahmad S, Chaudhary S, Pathak VV, Kothari R, Tyagi VV
98 - 98 Editorial to the special issue (RETESS) of renewable energy (ISSN: 0960-1481)
Kolhe ML, Hu J
99 - 111 Study on influence of operating parameters of data center air conditioning system based on the concept of on-demand cooling
Han ZW, Wei HT, Sun XQ, Bai CG, Xue D, Li XM
112 - 126 Shape optimisation of the sharp-heeled Kaplan draft tube: Performance evaluation using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Daniels SJ, Rahat AAM, Tabor GR, Fieldsend JE, Everson RM
127 - 135 Regional measurements to analyze large-area luminescent solar concentrators
Li YL, Sun YJ, Zhang YC
136 - 147 A projection of the expected wave power in the Black Sea until the end of the 21st century
Rusu L
148 - 159 The regional economic impacts of offshore wind energy developments in Scotland
Connolly K
160 - 175 Performance analysis of a residential heating system using borehole heat exchanger coupled with solar assisted PV/T heat pump
Yao J, Liu WJ, Zhang L, Tian BS, Dai YJ, Huang MJ
176 - 184 The modified supercritical media for one-pot biodiesel production from Chlorella vulgaris using photochemically-synthetized SrTiO3 nanocatalyst
Aghilinategh M, Barati M, Hamadanian M
185 - 195 Urban greenery management and energy planning: A GIS-based potential evaluation of pruning by-products for energy application for the city of Milan
Ferla G, Caputo P, Colaninno N, Morello E
196 - 210 Thermal performance analysis of 28 PVT solar domestic hot water installations in Western Europe
Brottier L, Bennacer R
211 - 219 Efficient ethanol production from paper mulberry pretreated at high solid loading in Fed-nonisothermal-simultaneous saccharification and fermentation
Wang ZB, Ning P, Hu LH, Nie QJ, Liu YG, Zhou YH, Yang JM
220 - 230 Rhodotorula mucilaginosa: A source of heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production from yeast single cell oil and waste cooking oil
Gohain M, Bardhan P, Laskar K, Sarmah S, Mandal M, Bora U, Kalita MC, Goud VV, Deka D
231 - 249 Energy and exergy analyzing of a wind turbine in free stream and wind tunnel in CFD domain based on actuator disc technique
Khanjari A, Mahmoodi E, Ahmadi MH
250 - 260 Enhancing properties of poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide)-based anion exchange membranes with 5-mercaptotetrazole modified graphene oxides
Zhang DJ, Ye NY, Chen SS, Wan RY, Yang YF, He RH
261 - 268 Catalytic hydrogenation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-dimethylfuran over Ru based catalyst: Effects of process parameters on conversion and products selectivity
Feng L, Li XH, Lin YH, Liang YC, Chen YN, Zhou W
269 - 277 Efficient biobutanol production from potato peel wastes by separate and simultaneous inhibitors removal and pretreatment
Abedini A, Amiri H, Karimi K
278 - 287 Engineering and experimental testing of prototypes of biogas equipment
Bulatov NK, Sarzhanov DK, Elubaev SZ, Suleymenov TB, Kasymzhanova KS, Balabayev OT
288 - 296 Inhibition of the biodiesel oxidation by alcoholic extracts of green and black tea leaves and plum pulp: Application of the simplex-centroid design
Correia IAS, Borsato D, Savada FY, Pauli ED, Mantovani ACG, Cremasco H, Chendynski LT
297 - 311 Analysis of a solar air heater for augmented thermohydraulic performance using helicoidal spring shaped fins-A numerical study
Arunkumar HS, Kumar S, Karanth KV
312 - 322 On the characteristic heating and pyrolysis time of thermally small biomass in a fluidized bed reactor
Soria-Verdugo A, Rubio-Rubio M, Goos E, Riedel U
323 - 332 Application of hybrid systems in solution of low power generation at hot seasons for micro hydro systems
Hoseinzadeh S, Ghasemi MH, Heyns S
333 - 349 Energy and exergy analysis and thermo-economic optimization of the ground source heat pump integrated with radiant wall panel and fan-coil unit with floor heating or radiator
Kayaci N
350 - 362 An evaluation of the wind energy dynamics in the Baltic Sea, past and future projections
Rusu E
363 - 373 Glycerolysis of free fatty acid in vegetable oil deodorizer distillate catalyzed by phosphonium-based deep eutectic solvent
Zhang TY, Shahbaz K, Farid MM
374 - 384 Quality of olive stone as a fuel: Influence of oil content on combustion process
Mediavilla I, Barro R, Borjabad E, Pena D, Fernandez MJ
385 - 395 Steam reforming of toluene over nickel catalysts supported on coal gangue ash
Lu M, Xiong ZH, Fang KJ, Li X, Li JQ, Li T
396 - 408 Interpretation and application of the hydro-abrasive erosion model from IEC 62364 (2013) for Pelton turbines
Rai AK, Kumar A, Staubli T, Xiao YX
409 - 417 Enhanced hydrogen absorption and desorption properties of MgH2 with NiS2: The catalytic effect of in-situ formed MgS and Mg2NiH4 phases
Wang P, Wang ZX, Tian ZH, Xia CQ, Yang T, Liang CY, Li Q
418 - 427 Tuning electricity generation throughout the year with PV module technology
Manganiello P, Govaerts J, Horvath IT, Chowdhury MG, Yordanov GH, Goverde H, Aldalali B, Beausoleil-Morrison I, Valkealahti S, Lappalainen K, Poortmans J
428 - 449 Techno-economic analysis and life-cycle assessment of jet fuels production from waste cooking oil via in situ catalytic transfer hydrogenation
Barbera E, Naurzaliyev R, Asiedu A, Bertucco A, Resurreccion EP, Kumar S
450 - 464 A novel alpha-Fe2O3/AlOOH(gamma-Al2O3) nanocatalyst for efficient biodiesel production from waste oil: Kinetic and thermal studies
Mohamed MM, Bayoumy WA, El-Faramawy H, El-Dogdog W, Mohamed AA
465 - 482 Development of a natural ventilation windcatcher with passive heat recovery wheel for mild-cold climates: CFD and experimental analysis
Calautit JK, O'Connor D, Tien PGWB, Wei SY, Pantua CAJ, Ben Hughes
483 - 497 A wind turbine and its robust control using the CRONE method
Ravasco F, Melicio R, Batista N, Valerio D
498 - 512 Design and performance analysis of a multi-reflection heliostat field in solar power tower system
Hu YG, Xu ZG, Zhou CY, Du JJ, Yao YX
513 - 525 Performance of wedge-shaped luminescent solar concentrators employing phosphor films and annual energy estimation case studies
Hughes MD, Smith DE, Borca-Tasciuc DA
526 - 537 Clean sandbox (Hura crepitans) oil methyl esters synthesis: A kinetic and thermodynamic study through pH monitoring approach
Oraegbunam JC, Oladipo B, Falowo OA, Betiku E
538 - 554 A new meso-microscale coupled modelling framework for wind resource assessment: A validation study
Duran P, Meissner C, Casso P
555 - 563 Biological pretreatment of rice straw with cellulase-free xylanolytic enzyme-producing Bacillus firmus K-1: Structural modification and biomass digestibility
Baramee S, Siriatcharanon AK, Ketbot P, Teeravivattanakit T, Waeonukul R, Pason P, Tachaapaikoon C, Ratanakhanokchai K, Phitsuwan P
564 - 574 In-situ incorporation of ruthenium/copper nanoparticles in mesoporous silica derived from rice husk ash for catalytic acetylation of glycerol
Ramalingam RJ, Appaturi JN, Pulingam T, Al-Lohedan HA, Al-dhayan DM
575 - 583 On the effect of biogas composition on the H-2 production by sorption enhanced steam reforming (SESR)
Capa A, Garcia R, Chen D, Rubiera F, Pevida C, Gil MV
584 - 596 Aiming clusters of heliostats over solar receivers for distributing heat flux using one variable per group
Garcia J, Barraza R, Too YCS, Padilla RV, Acosta D, Estay D, Valdivia P
597 - 611 Influence of calcination temperature of Ni/Attapulgite on hydrogen production by steam reforming ethanol
Wang YS, Liang DF, Wang CS, Chen MQ, Tang ZY, Hu JX, Yang ZL, Zhang H, Wang J, Liu SM
612 - 622 Effect of thermochemically fractionation before hydrothermal liquefaction of herbaceous biomass on biocrude characteristics
Kim SJ, Um BH
623 - 632 Energy valorization of cow manure by hydrothermal carbonization and anaerobic digestion
Marin-Batista JD, Villamil JA, Qaramaleki SV, Coronella CJ, Mohedano AF, de la Rubia MA
633 - 652 Dynamic modelling and thermoeconomic analysis of micro wind turbines and building integrated photovoltaic panels
Calise F, Cappiello FL, D'Accadia MD, Vicidomini M
663 - 675 Enhancing PV Cell's electrical efficiency using phase change material with copper foam matrix and multi-walled carbon nanotubes as passive cooling method
Abdulmunem AR, Samin PM, Rahman HA, Hussien HA, Mazali II
676 - 685 Effect of radiation on the effective thermal conductivity of encapsulated capsules containing high-temperature phase change materials
Zhu YL, Lu J, Yuan Y, Wang FQ, Tan HP
686 - 697 Best arrangement of BIPV surfaces for future NZEB districts while considering urban heat island effects and the reduction of reflected radiation from solar facades
Boccalatte A, Fossa M, Menezo C
698 - 706 Ice-templated nanocellulose porous structure enhances thermochemical storage kinetics in hydrated salt/graphite composites
Salviati S, Carosio F, Cantamessa F, Medina L, Berglund LA, Saracco G, Fina A
707 - 720 Pyrolysis of sewage sludge in a benchtop fluidized bed reactor: Characteristics of condensates and non-condensable gases
Liu Y, Ran CM, Siddiqui AR, Chtaeva P, Siyal AA, Song YM, Dai JJ, Deng ZY, Fu J, Ao WY, Jiang ZH, Zhang TH
721 - 729 Generation of typical meteorological year for integrated climate based daylight modeling and building energy simulation
Sun JT, Li ZR, Xiao F, Xiao JZ
730 - 745 High resolution 3D simulation of light climate and thermal performance of a solar greenhouse model under tomato canopy structure
Zhang Y, Henke M, Li YM, Yue X, Xu DM, Liu XG, Li TL
746 - 755 Profitability of self-consumption solar PV system in Spanish households: A perspective based on European regulations
Escobar P, Martinez E, Saenz-Diez JC, Jimenez E, Blanco J
756 - 769 Study on improvement of hydraulic performance and internal flow pattern of the axial flow pump by groove flow control technology
Mu T, Zhang R, Xu H, Zheng Y, Fei ZD, Li JH
770 - 787 A fluid-structure interaction (FSI) and energy generation modelling for roof mounted renewable energy installations in buildings for extreme weather and typhoon resilience
Pantua CAJ, Calautit JK, Wu YP
788 - 802 Assessment of blade element momentum codes under varying turbulence levels by comparing with blade resolved computational fluid dynamics
Kim Y, Madsen HA, Aparicio-Sanchez M, Pirrung G, Lutz T
803 - 816 Experimental study of thermal fracturing of Hot Dry Rock irradiated by moving laser beam: Temperature, efficiency and porosity
Wang YJ, Jiang JY, Darkwa J, Xu ZY, Zheng XF, Zhou GQ
817 - 829 Thermal performance of a solar energy storage concrete panel incorporating phase change material aggregates developed for thermal regulation in buildings
Drissi S, Ling TC, Mo KH
830 - 841 Microscopic characteristics of biodiesel - Graphene oxide nanoparticle blends and their Utilisation in a compression ignition engine
Nagaraja S, Rufuss DDW, Hossain AK
842 - 851 Assessing land use and potential conflict in solar and onshore wind energy in Japan
Obane H, Nagai Y, Asano K
852 - 864 Optimally sizing of battery energy storage capacity by operational optimization of residential PV-Battery systems: An Australian household case study
Mulleriyawage UGK, Shen WX
865 - 875 Experimental studies on performance and emission characteristics of reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) engine operated with gasoline and Thevetia Peruviana biodiesel
Harari PA, Banapurmath NR, Yaliwal VS, Khan TMY, Soudagar MEM, Sajjan AM
876 - 885 Levelised cost of energy, A challenge for offshore wind
Johnston B, Foley A, Doran J, Littler T
886 - 902 Assessment of community sustainable livelihoods capitals for the implementation of alternative energy technologies in Uganda - Africa
Mukisa N, Zamora R, Lie TT
903 - 918 Understanding the possibility of material release from end-of-life solar modules: A study based on literature review and survey analysis
Nain P, Kumar A
919 - 930 Hydrogenolysis of glycerol to 1,2-propanediol without external H-2 addition in alkaline medium using Ni-Cu catalysts supported on Y zeolite
de Andrade TS, Souza MMVM, Manfro RL
931 - 943 The greening of South-South trade: Levels, growth, and specialization of trade in clean energy technologies between countries in the global South
Gosens J
944 - 954 Integrated biorefinery development for the extraction of value-added components and bacterial cellulose production from orange peel waste streams
Tsouko E, Maina S, Ladakis D, Kookos IK, Koutinas A
955 - 963 Optimal mix of climate-related energy in global electricity systems
Chu CT, Hawkes AD
964 - 973 Synthesis and evaluation of pyrolysis waste peat char supported catalyst for steam reforming of toluene
Gu J, Wang SX, Lu T, Wu YF, Yuan HR, Chen Y
974 - 986 Data-driven multi-objective predictive control of offshore wind farm based on evolutionary optimization
Yin XX, Zhang WC, Jiang ZS, Pan L
987 - 997 Probabilistic failure rate model of a tidal turbine pitch system
Ewing FJ, Thies PR, Shek J, Ferreira CB
998 - 1011 The effect of particle size, temperature and residence time on the yields and reactivity of olive stones from torrefaction
Trubetskaya A, Grams J, Leahy JJ, Johnson R, Gallagher P, Monaghan RFD, Kwapinska M
1012 - 1022 Transient behavior of two-stage load rejection for multiple units system in pumped storage plants
Chen S, Wang J, Zhang J, Yu XD, He W
1023 - 1035 Pyrolysis of saw dust with co-feeding of methanol
Li C, Zhang CT, Sun K, Zhang ZM, Zhang LJ, Zhang S, Liu Q, Hu GZ, Wang S, Hu X
1036 - 1047 High proton conductivity dual modified ionic crosslink membrane for fuel cell application at low humidity condition with molecular dynamics simulations
Nagar H, Aniya V, Mondal P
1048 - 1066 Co-pyrolysis of sewage sludge and rice husk by TG-FTIR-MS: Pyrolysis behavior, kinetics, and condensable/non-condensable gases characteristics
Wang CX, Bi HB, Lin QZ, Jiang XD, Jiang CL
1067 - 1080 An analysis of the socioeconomic and environmental benefits of wind energy deployment in Europe
Ortega-Izquierdo M, del Rio P
1081 - 1095 Performance evaluation of self-cooling concentrating photovoltaics systems using nucleate boiling heat transfer
Khan SA, Bicer Y, Al-Ghamdi SG, Koc M
1096 - 1104 Exergetic, economic and environmental (3E) analysis of a low cost solar heater in different configurations
Barbosa EG, de Araujo MEV, Lopes RP, Martins MA, de Moraes MJ, Barbosa EG, Falconi JHH
1105 - 1118 Efficient designs of double-pass curved solar air heaters
Kumar A, Akshayveer, Singh AP, Singh OP
1119 - 1135 Battery energy storage system state-of-charge management to ensure availability of frequency regulating services from wind farms
Boyle J, Littler T, Foley A
1136 - 1147 Bio-objective long-term maintenance scheduling for wind turbines in multiple wind farms
Zhou YF, Miao JD, Yan B, Zhang ZS
1148 - 1159 Environmental assessment of 2030 electricity generation scenarios in Sicily: An integrated approach
Cusenza MA, Guarino F, Longo S, Mistretta M, Cellura M
1160 - 1167 Hydrodeoxygenation of crude bio-oil with various metal catalysts in a continuous-flow reactor and evaluation of emulsion properties of upgraded bio-oil with petroleum fuel
Oh S, Lee JH, Choi JW
1168 - 1173 Construction of Ti3C2 supported hybrid Co3O4/NCNTs composite as an efficient oxygen reduction electrocatalyst
Liu J, Mi LW, Xing YN, Wang TF, Wang F
1174 - 1184 An economic model for offshore transmission asset planning under severe uncertainty
Bains H, Madariaga A, Troffaes MCM, Kazemtabrizi B
1185 - 1193 Numerical study on the heat characteristics of a novel artificial seepage thermal storage based on the successive four seasons
Jing ZF, Wang HJ, Feng CC, Wang SZ
1194 - 1205 Wave energy flux variability and trend along the United Arab Emirates coastline based on a 40-year hindcast
Vieira F, Cavalcante G, Campos E, Taveira-Pinto F
1206 - 1216 Impact of the Melle-Boinot process on the enhancement of second-generation ethanol production by Spathaspora passalidarum
Neitzel T, Lima CS, Biazi LE, Collograi KC, da Costa AC, dos Santos LV, Ienczak JL
1217 - 1227 Improving wind turbine efficiency through detection and calibration of yaw misalignment
Jing B, Qian Z, Pei Y, Zhang LZ, Yang TY
1228 - 1252 Multifarious pretreatment strategies for the lignocellulosic substrates for the generation of renewable and sustainable biofuels: A review
Anu, Kumar A, Rapoport A, Kunze G, Kumar S, Singh D, Singh B
1253 - 1264 Assessing the energy requirements for butanol production using fermentation tanks-in-series operated under vacuum
Diaz VHG, Willis MJ, von Stosch M, Tost GO, Prado-Rubio O
1265 - 1268 Multivariate analysis in the selection of elephant grass genotypes for biomass production
Gravina LM, de Oliveira TRA, Daher RF, Gravina GA, Vidal AKF, Stida WF, Cruz DP, de Sant'Anna CQSS, Rocha RS, Pereira AV, de Oliveira GHF
1269 - 1282 Fragility analyses of offshore wind turbines subjected to aerodynamic and sea wave loadings
Zuo HR, Bi KM, Hao H, Xin Y, Li J, Li C
1283 - 1294 Biodiesel production from microalgae by direct transesterification using green solvents
de Jesus SS, Ferreira GF, Moreira LS, Maciel R
1295 - 1307 Screening of native hyper-lipid producing microalgae strains for biomass and lipid production
Kabir F, Gulfraz M, Raja GK, Inam-ul-Haq M, Awais M, Mustafa MS, Khan SU, Tlili I, Shadloo MS
1308 - 1315 One piece ceramic heat exchanger for concentrating solar power electric plants
Singh D, Yu WH, France DM, Allred TP, Liu IH, Du WC, Barua B, Messner MC
1316 - 1334 Application of photovoltaic system to modify energy use, environmental damages and cumulative exergy demand of two irrigation systems-A case study: Barley production of Iran
Ghasemi-Mobtaker H, Mostashari-Rad F, Saber Z, Chau KW, Nabavi-Pelesaraei A
1335 - 1348 Estimation of photovoltaic potential of solar bus in an urban area: Case study in Gwanak, Seoul, Korea
Oh M, Kim SM, Park HD
1349 - 1363 A high-resolution wave energy resource assessment of Indonesia
Ribal A, Babanin AV, Zieger S, Liu QX
1364 - 1372 Acoustical damage detection of wind turbine yaw system using Bayesian network
Chen B, Xie L, Li YZ, Gao BC
1373 - 1384 Material optimization of flexible blades for wind turbines
Cognet V, du Pont SC, Thiria B
1385 - 1395 Hybrid charging strategy with adaptive current control of lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles
Jiang L, Li Y, Ma JM, Cao YJ, Huang C, Xu Y, Chen H, Huang YD
1396 - 1407 Impact of spatial renewable resource quality on optimum renewable expansion
Groissbock M
1408 - 1419 The financial performance of sustainable power producers in emerging markets
Schabek T
1420 - 1430 Determination of ash forming characteristics and fouling/slagging behaviours during gasification of masson pine in a fixed-bed gasifier
Yao XW, Zhao ZC, Xu KL, Zhou HD
1431 - 1444 An updated assessment of Ireland's wave energy resource using satellite data assimilation and a revised wave period ratio
O'Connell R, de Montera L, Peters JL, Horion S
1445 - 1457 Performance estimation of resonance-enhanced dual-buoy wave energy converter using coupled time-domain simulation
Jin C, Kang H, Kim M, Cho I
1458 - 1467 Design of a residential photovoltaic system: the impact of the demand profile and the normative framework
Lovati M, Dallapiccola M, Adami J, Bonato P, Zhang XX, Moser D
1468 - 1479 Modeling and assessing BIPV envelopes using parametric Rhinoceros plugins Grasshopper and Ladybug
Freitas JD, Cronemberger J, Soares RM, Amorim CND
1480 - 1491 Analysis on the demand response potential in hotels with varying probabilistic influencing time-series for the Canary Islands
Meschede H
1492 - 1492 Estimation of the optimum tilt angle of solar collectors in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz (vol 153, pg 615, 2020)
Herrera-Romero JV, Colorado-Garrido D, Soberanis MAE, Flota-Banuelos M
1493 - 1493 RETRACTION: Critical analysis and performance comparison of thirty-eight (38) clear-sky direct irradiance models under the climate of Chilean Atacama Desert (Retraction of Vol 153, Pg 49, 2020)
Behar O, Sbarbaro D, Marzo A, Gonzalez MT, Vidal EF, Moran L