Renewable Energy

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184 - 194 Investigation into the effects of the earth's magnetic field on the conversion of solar cells
Ndeto MP, Wekesa DW, Kinyua R, Njoka F
195 - 214 Optimisation of biomass-fired cogeneration plants using ORC technology
Swierzewski M, Kalina J
215 - 220 Novel strategies for glucose production from biomass using heteropoly acid catalyst
Nayak A, Pulidindi IN, Rao CS
221 - 237 Variable pitch control on direct-driven PMSG for offshore wind turbine using Repetitive-TS fuzzy PID control
Pan L, Wang XD
238 - 249 Asymmetric effects of a modelled tidal turbine on the flow and seabed
Ramirez-Mendoza R, Murdoch L, Jordan LB, Amoudry LO, McLelland S, Cooke RD, Thorne P, Simmons SM, Parsons D, Vezza M
250 - 271 Numerical analysis of a new multi-body floating wave energy converter with a linear power take-off system
Chandrasekaran S, Sricharan VVS
272 - 285 Daily performance optimization of a grid-connected hybrid system composed of photovoltaic and pumped hydro storage (PV/PHS)
Makhdoomi S, Askarzadeh A
286 - 299 A shape optimization of phi-shape Darrieus wind turbine under a given range of inlet wind speed
Chen YR, Su J, Han ZL, Zhao YS, Zhou D, Yang H, Bao Y, Lei H
300 - 311 Computational parametric analysis of the design of cross-flow turbines under constraints
Leguizamon S, Avellan F
312 - 325 Analytical study of transient counter-flow non-premixed combustion of biomass in presence of thermal radiation
Farahani MF, Akbari S, Sadeghi S, Bidabadi M, Moghadam MG, Xu F
326 - 335 iTRAQ quantitative proteomic analysis reveals lipid metabolism pathway of N+ ion-implanted C. pyrenoidosa cultivated in municipal wastewater
Tu RJ, Jin WB, Han SF, Zhou X
336 - 345 Sulfonated polyethersulfone/polyetheretherketone blend as high performing and cost-effective electrolyte membrane for direct methanol fuel cells
Simari C, Lo Vecchio C, Baglio V, Nicotera I
346 - 355 Response surface methodology for the optimization of oxidative stability through the use of natural additives
Girardi JC, Bariccatti RA, Savada FY, Borsato D, de Souza SNM, Amaral CZ, Prior M
356 - 370 Renovation of a social house into a NZEB: Use of renewable energy sources and economic implications
De Luca G, Ballarini I, Lorenzati A, Corrado V
371 - 379 Energy metrics of fuel juxtaposed with mass yield metrics
Merckel RD, Labuschagne FJWJ, Heydenrych MD
380 - 398 Joint external and internal opportunistic optimisation for wind turbine considering wind velocity
Wang JH, Zhang XH, Zeng JC, Zhang YZ
399 - 413 Investigating biophysical linkages at tidal energy candidate sites: a case study for combining environmental assessment and resource characterisation
Scherelis C, Penesis I, Hemer MA, Cossu R, Wright JT, Guihen D
414 - 426 Experimental study of a small scale bi-directional axial impulse turbine for acoustic-to-mechanical power conversion
Elhawary MA, Ibrahim AH, Sabry AS, Abdel-Rahman E
427 - 443 Modelling approaches to waste biomass pyrolysis: a review
Kaczor Z, Bulinski Z, Werle S
444 - 450 Acid treatment effecting the physiochemical structure and thermal degradation of biomass
Javed MA
451 - 467 Performance and wake flow characterization of a 1:8.7-scale reference USDOE MHKF1 hydrokinetic turbine to establish a verification and validation test database
Fontaine AA, Straka WA, Meyer RS, Jonson ML, Young SD, Neary VS
468 - 485 Optimizing wind energy conversion efficiency with respect to noise: A study on multi-criteria wind farm layout design
Cao JF, Zhu WJ, Shen WZ, Sorensen JN, Sun ZY
486 - 493 Tuning the high temperature properties of PrSrCoO4 cathode with Cu2+ dopant for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Liu JW, Li Q, Sun LP, Huo LH, Zhao H, Jean-Marc B, Sebastien F, Jean-Claude G
494 - 505 Perspectives for harnessing the energetic persistent high swells reaching the coast of Chile
Mazzaretto OM, Lucero F, Besio G, Cienfuegos R
506 - 518 The investigation of energy production and mushroom yield in greenhouse production based on mono photovoltaic cells effect
El Kolaly W, Ma WH, Li M, Darwesh M
519 - 537 Performance assessment of a two-body wave energy converter based on the Persian Gulf wave climate
Mahmoodi K, Ghassemi H, Razminia A
538 - 546 Experimental evaluation of ground heat exchanger in UAE
Atwany H, Hamdan MO, Abu-Nabah BA, Alami AH, Attom M
547 - 552 Sustainable enhancement of sugarcane fertilization for energy purposes in hot climates
Silva WKD, Neves TI, Silva CD, Carvalho M, Abrahao R
553 - 569 Wind farm layout optimization with a three-dimensional Gaussian wake model
Tao SY, Xu QS, Feijoo A, Zheng G, Zhou JM
570 - 584 Long-term fatigue damage assessment for a floating offshore wind turbine under realistic environmental conditions
Li X, Zhang W
585 - 594 Enhanced energy generation and altered biochemical pathways in an enrichment microbial consortium amended with natural iron minerals
Irfan M, Zhou L, Ji JH, Chen J, Yuan S, Liang TT, Liu JF, Yang SZ, Gu JD, Mu BZ
595 - 609 Energy storage and multi energy systems in local energy communities with high renewable energy penetration
Bartolini A, Carducci F, Munoz CB, Comodi G
610 - 622 A screening method to quantify the economic viability of off-grid in-stream tidal energy deployment
Lafleur C, Al Truelove W, Cousineau J, Hiles CE, Buckham B, Crawford C
623 - 641 EV charging load simulation and forecasting considering traffic jam and weather to support the integration of renewables and EVs
Yan J, Zhang J, Liu YQ, Lv GL, Han S, Alfonzo IEG
642 - 651 Purification of biodiesel produced by lipase catalysed transesterification by ultrafiltration: Selection of membranes and analysis of membrane blocking mechanisms
Sokac T, Gojun M, Tusek AJ, Salic A, Zelic B
652 - 662 Highly-efficient nanofluid-based direct absorption solar collector enhanced by reverse-irradiation for medium temperature applications
Wang KX, He Y, Liu PY, Kan AK, Zheng ZH, Wang LL, Xie HQ, Yu W
663 - 682 A numerical performance analysis of a ducted, high-solidity tidal turbine
Borg MG, Xiao Q, Allsop S, Incecik A, Peyrard C
683 - 692 Influence of electrochemical advanced oxidation on the long-term operation of an Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) reactor treating 4-chlorophenol containing wastewater
De Coster J, Liu J, Van den Broeck R, Rossi B, Dewil R, Appels L
693 - 704 Economic multi-objective approach to design off-grid microgrids: A support for business decision making
Fioriti D, Pintus S, Lutzemberger G, Poli D
705 - 725 Mathematical analysis of steady-state non-premixed multi-zone combustion of porous biomass particles under counter-flow configuration
Hosseinzadeh S, Fattahi A, Sadeghi S, Rahmani E, Bidabadi M, Zarei F, Xu F
726 - 735 Influence of C groove on energy performance and noise source of a NACA0009 hydrofoil with tip clearance
Huang ZW, Huang ZY, Fan HG
736 - 755 Sensitivity analysis and multi-objective optimization of energy consumption and thermal comfort by using interior light shelves in residential buildings
Ebrahimi-Moghadam A, Ildarabadi P, Aliakbari K, Fadaee F
756 - 766 A multi-level biogas model to optimise the energy balance of full-scale sewage sludge conventional and THP anaerobic digestion
Liu J, Smith SR
767 - 774 Evaluation of oxidative stability of soybean biodiesel using ethanolic and chloroform extracts of Platymiscium floribundum as antioxidant
Nogueira TR, Figueredo ID, Luna FMT, Cavalcante CL, dos Santos JED, Lima MAS, da Silva TSJ, Leal LKAM, Nunes FM, Rios MAD, Pimenta ATA
775 - 785 Characterization of tars from a novel, pilot scale, biomass gasifier working under low equivalence ratio regime
Cespiva J, Wnukowski M, Niedzwiecki L, Skrinsky J, Veres J, Ochodek T, Pawlak-Kruczek H, Borovec K
786 - 800 Graphitic carbon nitride bedecked with CuO/ZnO hetero-interface microflower towards high photocatalytic performance
Sivasakthi S, Gurunathan K
801 - 811 Thermoelectric and exergy output performance of a Fresnel-based HCPV/T at different dust densities
Yan SY, Zhao ST, Ma XD, Ming TZ, Wu Z, Zhao XY, Ma R
812 - 826 Influence of the variation of meteorological and operational parameters on estimation of the power output of a wind farm with active power control
Diaz S, Carta JA, Castaneda A
827 - 842 The asymmetric relationship between financial development, trade openness, foreign capital flows, and renewable energy consumption: Fresh evidence from panel NARDL investigation
Qamruzzaman M, Wei JG
843 - 859 Review on numerical techniques applied in impulse hydro turbines
Chitrakar S, Solemslie BW, Neopane HP, Dahlhaug OG
860 - 872 CFD supported performance analysis of an innovative biomass dryer
Anand S, Mishra DP, Sarangi SK
873 - 884 Wollastonite decorated with calcium oxide as heterogeneous transesterification catalyst for biodiesel production: Optimized by response surface methodology
Qu TX, Niu SL, Gong ZQ, Han KH, Wang YZ, Lu CM
885 - 892 Study of simultaneously electrodepositing alpha/beta-PbO2 coating materials in methanesulfonic acid and its application in novel flow battery
Yu BH, Xu RD, Wang XB, Wang WB, Feng SY
893 - 907 Comparative study among waste cooking oil blends flame spectroscopy as an alternative fuel through using an industrial burner
Mahfouz A, Moneib HA, El-fatih A, El-Sherif AF, Ayoub HS, Emara A
908 - 919 Capacity credit and market value analysis of photovoltaic integration considering grid flexibility requirements
Li YX, Zhang XY, Gao WJ, Ruan YJ
920 - 928 Simulation and validation model for using the energy produced from broiler litter waste in their house and its requirement of energy
Omar MN, Samak AA, Keshek MH, Elsisi SF
929 - 937 Electrochemically assisted pyrolysis of rice straw in molten carbonates
Wei Y, Xie JL, Shen CY, Lu LC, Ji JB
938 - 943 The description of catalyst behaviour during transesterification of rapeseed oil - Formation of micellar emulsion
Hajek M, Vavra A, Skopal F, Strakova A, Douda M
944 - 953 Constructing 3D optical absorption holes by stacking macroporous membrane for highly efficient solar steam generation
Guo CL, Zhao JX, Zhang WT, Miao ED, Xie YH
954 - 972 Solar energy harvesting on-board small satellites
Leverone F, Pini M, Cervone A, Gill E
973 - 981 Leveraging microalga feedstock for biofuel production and wasteland reclamation using remote sensing and ex situ experimentation
Phukan MM, Hazarika N, Bora P, Borah T, Konwar BK
982 - 990 Effect of steam-assisted alkaline pretreatment plus enzymolysis on converting corn stalk into reducing sugar
Liu CQ, Liu MJ, Wang P, Chang J, Yin QQ, Zhu Q, Lu FS
991 - 999 Combination of meteorological reanalysis data and stochastic simulation for modelling wind generation variability
Koivisto M, Jonsdottir GM, Sorensen P, Plakas K, Cutululis N
1000 - 1014 Energy & economic assessment of facade-integrated solar thermal systems combined with ultra-low temperature district-heating
Lumbreras M, Garay R
1015 - 1028 Nitrogen functionalized carbon nanotubes as a support of platinum electrocatalysts for performance improvement of ORR using fuel cell cathodic half-cell
Roudbari MN, Ojani R, Raoof JB
1029 - 1035 Direct fermentation of cellulose to ethanol by Saccharomyces cerevisiae displaying a bifunctional cellobiohydrolase gene from Orpinomyces sp. Y102
Liu JC, Chang WJ, Hsu TC, Chen HJ, Chen YC
1036 - 1046 Information value-based optimization of structural and environmental monitoring for offshore wind turbines support structures
Long LJ, Mai QA, Morato PG, Sorensen JD, Thons S
1047 - 1065 Spectral-splitting hybrid PV-thermal (PVT) systems for combined heat and power provision to dairy farms
Wang K, Pantaleo AM, Herrando M, Faccia M, Pesmazoglou I, Franchetti BM, Markides CN
1066 - 1083 Impact of biodiesel production on a soybean biorefinery
Barreiros T, Young A, Cavalcante R, Queiroz E
1084 - 1098 The economic impact on residential fees associated with the expansion of grid-connected solar photovoltaic generators in Brazil
Vieira SJD, Carpio LGT
1099 - 1116 Effect of regenerator on the direct steam generation solar power system characterized by prolonged thermal storage and stable power conversion
Li PC, Cao Q, Li J, Wang YD, Pei G, Gao C, Zhao HL, Liu XF
1117 - 1127 Cournot oligopoly game-based local energy trading considering renewable energy uncertainty costs
Zhang YJ, Gu CH, Yan XH, Li FR
1128 - 1138 Modeling of optimal green liquor pretreatment for enhanced biomass saccharification and delignification by distinct alteration of wall polymer features and biomass porosity in Miscanthus
Alam A, Wang YM, Liu F, Kang H, Tang SW, Wang YT, Cai QM, Wang HL, Peng H, Li Q, Zeng YJ, Tu YY, Xia T, Peng LC
1139 - 1145 Growth impact of transition from non-renewable to renewable energy in the EU: The role of research and development expenditure
Adedoyin FF, Bekun FV, Alola AA
1146 - 1164 CFD-DEM study of biomass gasification in a fluidized bed reactor: Effects of key operating parameters
Wang S, Shen YS
1165 - 1176 Increasing self-consumption of renewable energy through the Building to Vehicle to Building approach applied to multiple users connected in a virtual micro-grid
Barone G, Buonomano A, Forzano C, Giuzio GF, Palombo A
1177 - 1187 Active control for multi-degree-of-freedom wave energy converters with load limiting
Hillis AJ, Whitlam C, Brask A, Chapman J, Plummer AR
1188 - 1198 Analysis and efficient comparison of ten numerical methods in estimating Weibull parameters for wind energy potential: Application to the city of Bafoussam, Cameroon
Kapen PT, Gouajio MJ, Yemele D
1199 - 1214 Experimental study on long-term performance of monopile-supported wind turbines (MWTs) in sand by using wind tunnel
Lin K, Xiao SH, Zhou AN, Liu HJ
1215 - 1223 Improving the performance of large-aperture parabolic trough solar concentrator using semi-circular absorber tube with external fin and flat-plate radiation shield
Gong JH, Wang J, Lund PD, Zhao DD, Hu EY, Jin W
1224 - 1242 Study on the aerodynamic damping for the seismic analysis of wind turbines in operation
Meng JY, Dai KS, Zhao Z, Mao ZX, Camara A, Zhang SH, Mei Z
1243 - 1251 Reconsideration of regulated contamination limits to improve filterability of biodiesel and blends with diesel fuels
Cardeno F, Lapuerta M, Rios L, Agudelo JR
1252 - 1268 Does the short-term boost of renewable energies guarantee their stable long-term growth? Assessment of the dynamics of feed-in tariff policy
Mousavian HM, Shakouri GH, Mashayekhi AN, Kazemi A
1269 - 1296 A positive energy building for the Middle East climate: ReStart4Smart Solar House at Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018
Casini M
1297 - 1309 Oil-hydraulic power take-off concept for an oscillating wave surge converter
Calvario M, Gaspar JF, Kamarlouei M, Hallak TS, Soares CG