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1 - 13 Thermo-environomic assessment of an integrated greenhouse with an adjustable solar photovoltaic blind system
Alinejad T, Yaghoubi M, Vadiee A
14 - 30 Thermodynamic and thermo-economic assessment of a hybrid solar/biomass polygeneration system under the semi-arid climate conditions
Mouaky A, Rachek A
31 - 46 Trombe wall for a residential building in Sichuan-Tibet alpine valley - A case study
Zhang LL, Hou YY, Liu ZA, Du JF, Xu L, Zhang GM, Shi L
47 - 56 Scheduling of wind-battery hybrid system in the electricity market using distributionally robust optimization
Xu X, Hu WH, Cao D, Huang Q, Liu Z, Liu W, Chen Z, Blaabjerg F
57 - 67 Implicit regression-based correlations to predict the back temperature of PV modules in the arid region of south Algeria
Bailek N, Bouchouicha K, Hassan MA, Slimani A, Jamil B
68 - 83 Performance evaluation of a linear Fresnel collector with catoptric subsets
Vouros A, Mathioulakis E, Papanicolaou E, Belessiotis V
84 - 97 Solar photocatalytic glycerol reforming for hydrogen production over Ternary Cu/THS/graphene photocatalyst: Effect of Cu and graphene loading
Seadira TWP, Masuku CM, Scurrell MS
98 - 106 Temporal release behavior of potassium during pyrolysis and gasification of sawdust particles
Zhang Z, Liu J, Shen FH, Wang Z
107 - 116 Construction of multi-enzyme cascade biomimetic carbon sequestration system based on photocatalytic coenzyme NADH regeneration
Zhou JH, Yu SS, Kang HL, He R, Ning YX, Yu YY, Wang M, Chen BQ
117 - 130 An improved dynamic stall model and its effect on wind turbine fatigue load prediction
Liu X, Liang S, Li GQ, Godbole A, Lu C
131 - 141 Numerical research on performance comparison of multi-layer high temperature latent heat storage under different structure parameter
Li PS, Li ZH, Zhang Y, Li WB, Chen Y, Lei J
142 - 157 Physicochemical characteristics of Cu/Zn/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst and its mechanistic study in transesterification for biodiesel production
Sulaiman NF, Lee SL, Toemen S, Abu Bakar WAW
158 - 172 Study of the internal flow field in a pump-as-turbine (PaT): Numerical investigation, overall performance prediction model and velocity vector analysis
Stefan D, Rossi M, Hudec M, Rudolf P, Nigro A, Renzi M
173 - 182 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of plasmonic Ag nanoparticles grafted ternary Ag/PaNi/NaNbO3 nanocomposite photoanode for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Kumar D, Sharma S, Khare N
183 - 192 Peer-to-peer home energy management incorporating hydrogen storage system and solar generating units
Mehrjerdi H
193 - 200 Solar potential assessment of public bus routes for solar buses
Rehman NU, Hijazi M, Uzair M
201 - 212 The investigation of runner blade channel vortices in two different Francis turbine models
Cheng H, Zhou LJ, Liang QW, Guan ZW, Liu DM, Wang ZN, Kang WZ
213 - 219 Effects of clay and temperature on the slag formation of two biomass fuels: Wood from Acacia mangium and rhizome residual from Manihot esculenta
Kanoksilapatham W, Ogawa M, Intagun W
220 - 234 A general optimal operating strategy for commercial membrane distillation facilities
Gil JD, Mendes PRC, Camponogara E, Roca L, Alvarez JD, Normey-Rico JE
235 - 248 Thermophilic vs. mesophilic anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge: Modelling and energy balance for its applicability at a full scale WWTP
Ruffino B, Cerutti A, Campo G, Scibilia G, Lorenzi E, Zanetti M
249 - 259 Catalytic transfer hydrogenolysis of lignin alpha-O-4 model compound 4-(benzyloxy)phenol and lignin over Pt/HNbWO6/CNTs catalyst
Guan WX, Chen X, Zhang J, Hu HQ, Liang CH
260 - 278 Importance of platform mounting orientation of Y-shaped semi-submersible floating wind turbines: A case study by using surrogate models
Zhou ST, Li C, Xiao YQ, Cheng PW
279 - 289 Solar radiation prediction using recurrent neural network and artificial neural network: A case study with comparisons
Pang ZH, Niu FX, O'Neill Z
290 - 302 Performance evaluation for scientific balloon station-keeping strategies considering energy management strategy
Jiang Y, Lv MY, Qu ZP, Zhang LC
303 - 313 Enhancing hydrogen production from propane partial oxidation via CO preferential oxidation and CO2 sorption towards solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) applications
Jiang ZQ, Liao MZ, Qi J, Wang C, Chen Y, Luo XL, Liang B, Shu RY, Song QB
314 - 327 Downwind coning concept rotor for a 25 MW offshore wind turbine
Qin C, Loth E, Zalkind DS, Pao LY, Yao SL, Griffith DT, Selig MS, Damiani R
328 - 341 Self-similarity in the wake of a semi-submersible offshore wind turbine considering the interaction with the wake of supporting platform
Xiong XL, Lyu P, Chen WL, Li H
342 - 348 Enhanced processing of exhaust gas and power generation by connecting mini-tubular microbial fuel cells in series with a biotrickling filter
Liu SH, Fu SH, Chen CY, Lin CW
349 - 360 Production of microalgal biochar and reducing sugar using wet torrefaction with microwave-assisted heating and acid hydrolysis pretreatment
Yu KL, Chen WH, Sheen HK, Chang JS, Lin CS, Ong HC, Show PL, Ng EP, Ling TC
361 - 369 Collective control in arrays of wave energy converters
Zou SY, Abdelkhalik O
370 - 376 Ultrahigh yield of nitrogen doped porous carbon from biomass waste for supercapacitor
Wang C, Wang HW, Dang BK, Wang Z, Shen XP, Li CC, Sun QF
377 - 388 Ethanol production from sugarcane straw using different configurations of fermentation and techno-economical evaluation of the best schemes
Mesa L, Martinez Y, de Armas AC, Gonzalez E
389 - 394 Synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts by the hydrolytic Sol-Gel method for the biodiesel production
Shimada GB, Cestari A
395 - 406 Providing an accurate method for obtaining the efficiency of a photovoltaic solar module
Sohani A, Sayyaadi H
407 - 422 Impact of urban environment on Savonius wind turbine performance: A numerical perspective
Longo R, Nicastro P, Natalini M, Schito P, Mereu R, Parente A
423 - 439 Tailoring the surface properties of Ni/SiO2 catalyst with sulfuric acid for enhancing the catalytic efficiency for steam reforming of guaiacol
Zhang ZM, Zhang LJ, Liu F, Sun YF, Shao YW, Sun K, Zhang S, Liu Q, Hu GZ, Hu X
440 - 458 Techno-economic and environmental assessment of the main biogas upgrading technologies
Lombardi L, Francini G
459 - 468 Purification of wastewater digester biogas from siloxanes via adsorption-desorption with NaOH-reformed SiO2 adsorbent
Jung H, Jurng J
469 - 477 The enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production of nickel-cobalt bimetals sulfide synergistic modified CdS nanorods with active facets
Pan JQ, Li HL, Li S, Ou W, Liu YY, Wang JJ, Song CS, Zheng YY, Li CR
478 - 492 Trade-off between wire matrix and twisted tape: SOLTRACE (R) based indoor study of parabolic trough collector
Varun K, Arunachala UC, Elton DN
493 - 508 Heat transport characteristics of a peak shaving solar power tower station
Zhang Q, Cao DH, Jiang KJ, Du XZ, Xu ES
509 - 525 The state-of-the-art of organic waste to energy in Latin America and the Caribbean: Challenges and opportunities
Silva-Martinez RD, Sanches-Pereira A, Ortiz W, Galindo MFG, Coelho ST
526 - 534 The biomass potential availability from olive cropping in Italy in a business perspective: Methodological approach and tentative estimates
Martino G, Polinori P, Bufacchi M, Rossetti E
535 - 547 A gravo-aeroelastically scaled wind turbine rotor at field-prototype scale with strict structural requirements
Yao SL, Griffith DT, Chetan M, Bay CJ, Damiani R, Kaminski M, Loth E
548 - 557 Acoustical damage detection of wind turbine blade using the improved incremental support vector data description
Chen B, Yu SH, Yu Y, Zhou YL
558 - 569 Thermal performance analysis of a porous solar cavity receiver
Chen S, Li WH, Yan FW
570 - 578 A study on the hydrogen consumption calculation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells for linearly increasing loads: Artificial Neural Networks vs Multiple Linear Regression
Ozcelep Y, Sevgen S, Samli R
579 - 590 A new kinetic model for simultaneous interesterification and esterification reactions from methyl acetate and highly acidic oil
Brondani LN, Ribeiro JS, Castilhos F
591 - 601 An unconventional two-stage cultivation strategy to increase the lipid content and enhance the fatty acid profile on Chlorella minutissima biomass cultivated in a novel internal light integrated photobioreactor aiming at biodiesel production
Amaral MS, Loures CCA, Pedro GA, Reis CER, De Castro HE, Naves FL, Silva MB, Prata AMR
602 - 609 Cu2O/InGaN heterojunction thin films with enhanced photoelectrochemical activity for solar water splitting
Alizadeh M, Tong GB, Qadir KW, Mehmood MS, Rasuli R
610 - 623 A low cost Hydrokinetic Wells turbine system for oceanic surface waves energy harvesting
Valizadeh R, Abbaspour M, Rahni MT
624 - 633 A comprehensive comparison of ODE solvers for biochemical problems
Postawa K, Szczygiel J, Kulazynski M
634 - 644 Learning is not enough: Diminishing marginal revenues and increasing abatement costs of wind and solar
Das S, Hittinger E, Williams E
645 - 654 Numerical evaluation for protecting and reinforcing effect of a new designed crushed rock revetment on Qinghai-Tibet Railway
Hou YD, Wu QB, Wang KG, Ye ZG
655 - 664 A high-performance hydrogen generation system: Hydrolysis of LiBH4-based materials catalyzed by transition metal chlorides
Chen K, Ouyang LZ, Wang H, Liu JW, Shao HY, Zhu M
665 - 676 Demand responsive charging strategy of electric vehicles to mitigate the volatility of renewable energy sources
Gong LL, Cao W, Liu KL, Yu Y, Zhao JF
677 - 688 Analysis of blue energy production using natural gas infrastructure: Case study for the Northern Adriatic
Klabucar B, Sedlar DK, Smajla I
689 - 695 SEM-REV offshore energy site wind-wave bivariate statistics by hindcast
Gaidai O, Xu XS, Wang JL, Ye RC, Cheng Y, Karpa O
696 - 709 Quantifying energy symbiosis of building-integrated agriculture in a mediterranean rooftop greenhouse
Munoz-Liesa J, Royapoor M, Lopez-Capel E, Cuerva E, Rufi-Salis M, Gasso-Domingo S, Josa A
710 - 718 Optimization analysis of a segmented thermoelectric generator based on genetic algorithm
Zhu L, Li HQ, Chen S, Tian XY, Kang XY, Jiang XB, Qiu SZ
719 - 730 Closed-loop model-based wind farm control using FLORIS under time-varying inflow conditions
Doekemeijer BM, van der Hoek D, van Wingerden JW
731 - 742 Investigating policies on improving household rooftop photovoltaics adoption in Indonesia
Hidayatno A, Setiawan AD, Supartha IMW, Moeis AO, Rahman I, Widiono E
743 - 747 Soiling and rainfall effect on PV technology in rural Southern Europe
Conceicao R, Vazquez I, Fialho L, Garcia D
748 - 767 Performance comparison of two new cogeneration systems for freshwater and power production based on organic Rankine and Kalina cycles driven by salinity-gradient solar pond
Ghaebi H, Rostamzadeh H
768 - 776 Pathways of hydrogen-rich gas produced by microwave discharge in ethanol-water mixtures
Zhao XT, Sun B, Zhu TH, Zhu XM, Yan ZY, Xin YB, Sun XH
777 - 790 A simplified structural model for monopile-supported offshore wind turbines with tapered towers
791 - 803 Infinite photovoltaic solar arrays: Considering flux of momentum and heat transfer
Glick A, Ali N, Bossuyt J, Recktenwald G, Calaf M, Cal RB
804 - 819 Negative correlation learning-based RELM ensemble model integrated with OVMD for multi-step ahead wind speed forecasting
Peng T, Zhang C, Zhou JZ, Nazir MS
820 - 836 Optimizing power-to-H-2 participation in the Nord Pool electricity market: Effects of different bidding strategies on plant operation
Janke L, McDonagh S, Weinrich S, Murphy J, Nilsson D, Hansson PA, Nordberg A
837 - 850 Performance study and economic analysis of wind supercharged solar chimney power plant
Zuo L, Qu N, Liu ZH, Ding L, Dai PZ, Xu BF, Yuan Y
851 - 863 Scenarios analysis on the cross-region integrating of renewable power based on a long-period cost-optimization power planning model
Li TX, Li Z, Li WQ
864 - 882 Multi-objective generation scheduling of integrated energy system using fuzzy based surrogate worth trade-off approach
Patwal RS, Narang N
883 - 892 One-pot synthesis of bio-fuel additives from glycerol and benzyl alcohol: Mesoporous MCM-41 supported iron (III) chloride as a highly efficient tandem catalyst
Samudrala SP, Kandasamy S, Bhattacharya S
893 - 912 Power system impacts of community acceptance policies for renewable energy deployment under storage cost uncertainty
Fitiwi DZ, Lynch M, Bertsch V
913 - 930 The development, design and characterisation of a scale model Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine for dynamic load quantification
Allmark M, Ellis R, Lloyd C, Ordonez-Sanchez S, Johannesen K, Byrne C, Johnstone C, O'Doherty T, Mason-Jones A
931 - 941 Study on the metal foam flow field with porosity gradient in the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Kang DG, Lee DK, Choi JM, Shin DK, Kim MS
942 - 950 A comprehensive investigation of hydrothermal carbonization: Energy potential of hydrochar derived from Virginia mallow
Sliz M, Wilk M
951 - 963 Resolving challenges in biomass catalytic pyrolysis by co-optimization of process and catalyst: Removal of heavy fraction in pyrolysis vapours and application of novel zeolite catalyst with high thermal conductivity
Hu Yl, Li MR, Fang YM, Tan TW
964 - 974 Novel standalone plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging station fed by solar energy in presence of a fuel cell system used as supporting power source
He FL, Fathabadi H
975 - 985 Integrated glycerol- and ethanol-based chemical synthesis routes using Cu-Mg-Al LDH-derived catalysts without external hydrogen: Intervention of bio-ethanol co-fed with glycerol
Kuljiraseth J, Kumpradit T, Leungcharoenwattana T, Poo-arporn Y, Jitkarnka S
986 - 1007 4E analyses of an innovative polygeneration system based on SOFC
Sadat SMS, Ghaebi H, Lavasani AM
1008 - 1018 Fabrication of PANI-TiO2/rGO hybrid composites for enhanced photocatalysis of pollutant removal and hydrogen production
Ma J, Dai JN, Duan YL, Zhang JJ, Qiang LS, Xue JQ
1019 - 1027 Energy consumption minimization for a solar lime calciner operating in a concentrated solar power plant for thermal energy storage
Lisbona P, Bailera M, Hills T, Sceats M, Diez LI, Romeo LM
1028 - 1039 Design and development of a rotational energy harvester for ultralow frequency vibrations and irregular human motions
Fan KQ, Qu HG, Wu YP, Wen T, Wang F
1040 - 1054 Nanocomposites of cobalt benzene tricarboxylic acid MOF with rGO: An efficient and robust electocatalyst for oxygen evaluation reaction (OER)
Yaqoob L, Noor T, Iqbal N, Nasir H, Sohail M, Zaman N, Usman M
1055 - 1064 A520 MOF-derived alumina as unique support for hydrogen production from methanol steam reforming: The critical role of support on performance
Khani Y, Kamyar N, Bahadoran F, Safari N, Amini MM
1065 - 1075 Catalytic upgrading of acetone, butanol and ethanol (ABE): A step ahead for the production of added value chemicals in bio-refineries
Ketabchi E, Pastor-Perez L, Reina TR, Arellano-Garcia H
1076 - 1088 Improving the performance and economic analysis of photovoltaic panel using copper tubular-rectangular ducted heat exchanger
Daghigh R, Oramipoor H, Shahidian R
1089 - 1099 MATPLAN: A probability-based planning tool for cost-effective grid integration of renewable energy
Chen T, Pipattanasomporn M, Rahman I, Jing ZJ, Rahman S
1100 - 1106 Comparative study of synthetic and natural antioxidants on the oxidative stability of biodiesel from Tilapia oil
Rodrigues JS, do Valle CP, Uchoa AFJ, Ramos DM, Ponte FAF, Rios MAD, Malveira JD, Ricardo NMPS
1107 - 1116 Experimental energy, exergy, economic and exergoeconomic analyses of batch-type solar-assisted heat pump dryer
Singh A, Sarkar J, Sahoo RR
1117 - 1131 Estimating capital cost of parabolic trough collector based concentrating solar power plants for financial appraisal: Approaches and a case study for India
Aseri TK, Sharma C, Kandpal TC
1132 - 1145 Effects of environmental exposure on the mechanical properties of composite tidal current turbine
Nachtane M, Tarfaoui M, Mohammed MA, Saifaoui D, El Moumen A
1146 - 1157 Predicting wave heights for marine design by prioritizing extreme events in a global model
Haselsteiner AF, Thoben KD
1158 - 1170 Experimental study of bathymetry generated turbulence on tidal turbine behaviour
Gaurier B, Ikhennicheu M, Germain G, Druault P
1171 - 1185 Power system decarbonization: Impacts of energy storage duration and interannual renewables variability
Jafari M, Korpas M, Botterud A
1186 - 1202 A techno-environmental assessment of hybrid photovoltaic-thermal based combined heat and power system on a residential home
Erixno O, Abd Rahim N
1203 - 1214 Optimal location and size of a grid-independent solar/hydrogen system for rural areas using an efficient heuristic approach
Zhang G, Shi Y, Maleki A, Rosen MA
1215 - 1232 Performance analysis on a novel micro-scale combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) system for domestic utilization driven by biomass energy
Wang ZX, Li HY, Zhang XF, Wang LW, Du S, Fang C
1233 - 1243 Process optimization for chemical pretreatment of rice straw for bioethanol production
Anu, Kumar A, Jain KK, Singh B
1244 - 1265 Thermal energy storage technologies for concentrated solar power - A review from a materials perspective
Palacios A, Barreneche C, Navarro ME, Ding Y
1266 - 1277 New route for the synthesis of silica-supported calcium oxide catalyst in biodiesel production
Lani NS, Ngadi N, Inuwa IM
1278 - 1291 Local energy system design support using a renewable energy mix multi-objective optimization model and a co-creative optimization process
Hori K, Kim J, Kawase R, Kimura M, Matsui T, Machimura T
1292 - 1300 Performance evaluation and degradation assessment of crystalline silicon based photovoltaic rooftop technologies under outdoor conditions
Dag HI, Buker MS
1301 - 1312 Optimization studies on cellulase and xylanase production by Rhizopus oryzae UC2 using raw oil palm frond leaves as substrate under solid state fermentation
Ezeilo UR, Wahab RA, Mahat NA
1313 - 1324 Spatial assessment of the techno-economic potential of bioelectricity production from sugarcane straw
Cervi WR, Lamparelli RAC, Seabra JEA, Junginger M, van der Hilst F
1325 - 1335 Shape-controllable binderless self-supporting hydrogel anode for microbial fuel cells
Qi LJ, Wu JS, Chen Y, Wen Q, Xu HT, Wang YY
1336 - 1347 Comparison of carbon capture system and concentrated solar power in natural gas combined cycle: Exergetic and exergoenvironmental analyses
Cavalcanti EJC, Lima MSR, de Souza GF
1348 - 1360 Tri-objective optimization of a hybrid solar-assisted power-refrigeration system working with supercritical carbon dioxide
Khanmohammadi S, Kizilkan O, Ahmed FW
1361 - 1372 Thermal and visual comfort analysis of adaptive vacuum integrated switchable suspended particle device window for temperate climate
Nundy S, Ghosh A
1373 - 1388 Short-term wind speed prediction model based on GA-ANN improved by VMD
Zhang YG, Pan GF, Chen B, Han JY, Zhao Y, Zhang CH
1389 - 1394 A novel estimation approach for the solar radiation potential with its complex spatial pattern via machine-learning techniques (vol 133, pg 575, 2019)
Koo C, Li W, Cha SH, Zhang S
1395 - 1395 Comparative exergy assessment of vinasse disposal alternatives: Concentration, anaerobic digestion and fertirrigation (vol 147, pg 1969, 2020)
Nakashima RN, de Oliveira S
1396 - 1397 Pyrolytic behavior and kinetic of wood sawdust at isothermal and non-isothermal condition (vol 142, pg 284, 2019)
Zhang X, Deng HH, Hou XY, Qiu RL, Chen ZH