Renewable Energy

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1 - 9 Effects of vacuum freeze drying pretreatment on biomass and biochar properties
Meng FB, Wang DH
10 - 22 Stochastic modelling of wind speeds based on turbulence intensity
Arenas-Lopez JP, Badaoui M
23 - 37 A novel storage system for cooling stand-alone photovoltaic installations
Lillo-Bravo I, Bobadilla MA, Moreno-Tejera S, Silva-Perez M
38 - 52 Activated carbons prepared by indirect and direct CO2 activation of lignocellulosic biomass for supercapacitor electrodes
Jiang CL, Yakaboylu GA, Yumak T, Zondlo JW, Sabolsky EM, Wang JX
53 - 64 Enhancing bioproduction and thermotolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae via cell immobilization on biochar: Application in a citrus peel waste biorefinery
Kyriakou M, Patsalou M, Xiaris N, Tsevis A, Koutsokeras L, Constantinides G, Koutinas M
65 - 78 Integrated system efficiency in reducing redundancy and promoting residential renewable energy in countries without net-metering: A case study of a SHS in Ghana
Opoku R, Obeng GY, Adjei EA, Davis F, Akuffo FO
79 - 89 Effect of non-ideally manufactured riblets on airfoil and wind turbine performance
Tiainen J, Gronman A, Jaatinen-Varri A, Pyy L
90 - 99 Field investigation and performance evaluation of sub-ambient radiative cooling in low latitude seaside
Liu JW, Zhou ZH, Zhang DB, Jiao SF, Zhang Y, Luo LF, Zhang ZF, Gao F
100 - 101 Clean energy in European Islands
Kaldellis JK
102 - 110 Study of operation performance for a solar photovoltaic system assisted cooling by ground heat exchangers in arid climate, China
Yan RP, Yu XH, Lu FW, Wang HJ
111 - 120 Effect of biomass leachates on structure evolution and reactivity characteristic of petroleum coke gasification
Wei JT, Guo QH, Gong Y, Ding L, Yu GS
121 - 133 Household power consumption pattern modeling through a single power sensor
Yang L, Xie PL, Bi CK, Zhang RH, Cai BW, Shao XW, Wang RB
134 - 152 Performance and control strategy development of a PCM enhanced ventilated window system by a combined experimental and numerical study
Hu Y, Guo R, Heiselberg P
153 - 159 Verification of a robust method for sizing and siting the small hydropower run-of-river plant potential by using GIS
Tamm O, Tamm T
160 - 171 Micro combined heat and power system based on stove-powered thermoelectric generator
Li GN, Zheng YQ, Lv HK, Hu JG, Li J, Guo WW
172 - 180 Experimental assessment of a 100 W prototype horizontal axis tidal turbine by towing tank tests
Alamian R, Shafaghat R, Amiri HA, Shadloo MS
181 - 188 Catalytic conversion of spent frying oil into biodiesel over raw and 12-tungsto-phosphoric acid modified clay
Khan IW, Naeem A, Farooq M, Mahmood T, Ahmad B, Hamayun M, Ahmad Z, Saeed T
189 - 196 Activated alumina as value-added byproduct from the hydrolysis of hierarchical nanoporous aluminum with pure water to generate hydrogen fuel
Lee T, Fu JT, Basile V, Corsi JS, Wang ZY, Detsi E
197 - 211 The short-term interval prediction of wind power using the deep learning model with gradient descend optimization
Li CS, Tang G, Xue XM, Chen XB, Wang RH, Zhang C
212 - 224 Wind source potential assessment using Sentinel 1 satellite and a new forecasting model based on machine learning: A case study Sardinia islands
Nezhad MM, Heydari A, Groppi D, Cumo F, Garcia DA
225 - 236 Emission characteristics of particulate matters from a 30 MW biomass-fired power plant in China
Hu ZF, Wang XB, Zhang L, Yang SZ, Ruan RH, Bai SJ, Zhu YM, Wang L, Mikulcic H, Tan HZ
237 - 247 Energy smart hot-air pasteurisation as effective as energy intense autoclaving for fungal preprocessing of lignocellulose feedstock for bioethanol fuel production
Wei MG, Xiong SJ, Chen F, Geladi P, Eilertsen L, Myronycheva O, Lestander TA, Thyrel M
248 - 256 Numerical simulations of fluidized bed fast pyrolysis of biomass through computational fluid dynamics
Sia SQ, Wang WC
257 - 266 Redesigning residual cost allocation in electricity tariffs: A proposal to balance efficiency, equity and cost recovery
Batlle C, Mastropietro P, Rodilla P
267 - 277 Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using calcium oxide/nanocrystal cellulose/polyvinyl alcohol catalyst in a packed bed reactor
Zik NAFA, Sulaiman S, Jamal P
278 - 285 Effects of porous electrode pore size and operating flow rate on the energy production of capacitive energy extraction
Nasir M, Nakanishi Y, Patmonoaji A, Suekane T
286 - 295 Rural households' perceived value of energy utilization of crop residues: A case study from China
He K, Zhang JB, Wang AB, Chang HY
296 - 308 Real-time monitoring of an electronic wind turbine emulator based on the dynamic PMSG model using a graphical interface
Wollz DH, da Silva SAO, Sampaio LP
309 - 316 Biomass-derived tube-like nitrogen and oxygen dual-doped porous carbon in the sulfur cathode for lithium sulfur battery
Fan LL, Li ZH, Kang WM, Cheng BW
317 - 329 Thermodynamics of the OWC chamber: Experimental turbine performance under stationary flow
Monino A, Quiros C, Mengibar F, Medina-Lopez E, Clavero M
330 - 346 Experimental analysis of the scaled DTU10MW TLP floating wind turbine with different control strategies
Madsen FJ, Nielsen TRL, Kim T, Bredmose H, Pegalajar-Jurado A, Mikkelsen RF, Lomholt AK, Borg M, Mirzaei M, Shin P
347 - 357 Hydrothermal carbonization of olive wastes to produce renewable, binder-free pellets for use as metallurgical reducing agents
Surup GR, Leahy JJ, Timko MT, Trubetskaya A
358 - 368 A study of dynamic response of a wind turbine blade based on the multi-body dynamics method
Xu J, Zhang L, Li X, Li S, Yang K
369 - 377 Analytical and CFD study of the influence of control parameters on the maximum efficiency of a hydro-power conversion system based on vortex-induced vibrations
Lefebure D, Dellinger N, Francois P, Mose R
378 - 395 Enhanced catalytic performance of La2O3 promoted Co/CeO2 and Ni/CeO2 catalysts for effective hydrogen production by ethanol steam reforming
Greluk M, Rotko M, Turczyniak-Surdacka BS
396 - 406 Estimating regional potential for micro-hydropower energy recovery in irrigation networks on a large geographical scale
Chacon MC, Diaz JAR, Morillo JG, McNabola A
407 - 419 Experimental tests to validate the simulation model of a Domestic Trigeneration Scheme with hybrid RESs and Desalting Techniques
Uche J, Muzas A, Acevedo LE, Uson S, Martinez A, Bayod AA
420 - 431 Techno-economic assessment of hybrid CSP-biogas power plants
Petrollese M, Cocco D
432 - 446 Experimental and numerical investigations of a coupled-pitching hydrofoil under the fully-activated mode
Liu Z, Qu HL, Zhang GL
447 - 455 Biomass-derived self-supported porous carbon membrane embedded with Co nanoparticles as an advanced electrocatalyst for efficient and robust hydrogen evolution reaction
Min SX, Duan Y, Li YN, Wang F
456 - 468 Research on carbon emission reduction benefit of wind power project based on life cycle assessment theory
Li JY, Li SS, Wu F
469 - 483 Tidal range energy resource assessment of the Gulf of California, Mexico
Mejia-Olivares CJ, Haigh ID, Angeloudis A, Lewis MJ, Neill SP
484 - 499 A new well pattern of cluster-layout for deep geothermal reservoirs: Case study from the Dezhou geothermal field, China
Liu GH, Wang GL, Zhao ZH, Ma F
500 - 512 Pd nanoreactors with excellent catalytic activity supported in p(SPA) hydrogel networks for hydrogen production from ethylenediamine bisborane
Ozay H, Ilgin P, Sezginturk MK, Ozay O
513 - 530 Distributed energy trading for an integrated energy system and electric vehicle charging stations: A Nash bargaining game approach
Wang YF, Wang XL, Shao CC, Gong NW
531 - 546 The dual angle solar harvest (DASH) method: An alternative method for organizing large solar panel arrays that optimizes incident solar energy in conjunction with land use
Kafka J, Miller MA
547 - 554 The water-energy-climate nexus concept of "Hydrobattery": Storing excess Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) at the Canyon Ferry Dam
Vakalis S, Kaffas K, Moustakas K
555 - 568 Optimization of power dispatching strategies integrating management attitudes with low carbon factors
Jin JL, Zhou P, Li CY, Bai Y, Wen QL
569 - 577 Effects of humidified enriched air on combustion and emissions of a diesel engine
Pirola C, Galli F, Rinaldini CA, Manenti F, Milani M, Montorsi L
578 - 590 A CMOPSO based multi-objective optimization of renewable energy planning: Case of Turkey
Deveci K, Guler O
591 - 603 Political economy of renewable energy: Does institutional quality make a difference in renewable energy consumption?
Uzar U
604 - 616 Assessment of parabolic trough solar collector assisted solar still at various saline water mediums via energy, exergy, exergoeconomic, and enviroeconomic approaches
Hassan H, Yousef MS, Fathy M, Ahmed MS
617 - 627 The nexus between renewable energy, economic growth, trade, urbanisation and environmental quality: A comparative study for Australia and Canada
Rahman MM, Vu XB
628 - 644 Improving the usability of biodiesel blend in low heat rejection diesel engine through combustion, performance and emission analysis
Jagtap SP, Pawar AN, Lahane S
645 - 657 Propeller and vortex ring state for floating offshore wind turbines during surge
Kyle R, Lee YC, Fruh WG
658 - 668 The mathematical and experimental analysis on the steady-state operating temperature of bifacial photovoltaic modules
Zhang Z, Wu MY, Lu Y, Xu CJ, Wang L, Hu YF, Zhang F
669 - 676 Renewable energy and household economy in rural China
Huang JS, Li WP, Guo LJ, Hu X, Hall JW
677 - 690 Optimizing the torrefaction of pigeon pea stalk (cajanus cajan) using response surface methodology (RSM) and characterization of solid, liquid and gaseous products
Singh RK, Chakraborty JP, Sarkar A
691 - 702 Hybrid realizable k - epsilon/laminar method in the application of 3D heaving OWCs
Zhan JM, Fan Q, Hu WQ, Gong YJ
703 - 716 Towards holistic charging management for urban electric taxi via a hybrid deployment of battery charging and swap stations
Zhang X, Peng LY, Cao Y, Liu SH, Zhou H, Huang KL
717 - 724 Successfully synthesis of FeSe2/CoFe2O4 heterojunction with high performance for hydrogen evolution reaction
Zhang HX, Nengzi LC, Li B, Cheng QF, Gou JF, Cheng XW
725 - 734 Dynamic mode decomposition and reconstruction of tip leakage vortex in a mixed flow pump as turbine at pump mode
Han YD, Tan L
735 - 747 Energy and exergy analysis of a parabolic trough collector using helically corrugated absorber tube
Akbarzadeh S, Valipour MS
748 - 760 Numerical analysis of the vortical structure and its unsteady evolution of a centrifugal pump
Zhang N, Jiang JX, Gao B, Liu XK, Ni D
761 - 769 Identification and assessment of sites for solar farms development using GIS and density based clustering technique- A case of Pakistan
Amjad F, Shah LA
770 - 782 One-year simulation of a solar wood dryer with glazed walls in a Moroccan climate
Bekkioui N, El Hakiki S, Rachadi A, Ez-Zahraouy H
783 - 799 Effect of regeneration heat and energy storage on thermal drying performance in a hardwood solar kiln
Khouya A
800 - 809 Development and validation of a prediction model for the multi-wake of tidal stream turbines
Chen L, Yao Y, Wang ZL
810 - 826 Stochastic uncertainty-based optimisation on an aerogel glazing building in China using supervised learning surrogate model and a heuristic optimisation algorithm
Zhou YK, Zheng SQ
827 - 836 Fermentable sugar production from wet microalgae residual after biodiesel production assisted by radio frequency heating
Ma YC, Wang PX, Wang Y, Liu SY, Wang QC, Wang YF
837 - 847 Influence of pyrolysis temperature and bio-waste composition on biochar characteristics
Ortiz LR, Torres E, Zalazar D, Zhang HL, Rodriguez R, Mazza G
848 - 861 Electrochemical optimization and small-signal analysis of grid-connected polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells for renewable energy integration
Moazeni F, Khazaei J
862 - 875 A generalized method to extend airfoil polars over the full range of angles of attack
Battisti L, Zanne L, Castelli MR, Bianchini A, Brighenti A
876 - 888 On the potential of linked-basin tidal power plants: An operational and coastal modelling assessment
Angeloudis A, Kramer SC, Hawkins N, Piggott MD
889 - 898 Experimental investigation for R&D in sediment laden pico hydraulic francis turbine
Kayastha A, Thapa BS, Thapa B, Lee YH
899 - 920 Current energy policies and possible transition scenarios adopting renewable energy: A case study for Bangladesh
Gulagi A, Ram M, Solomon AA, Khan M, Breyer C
921 - 930 Potential for energy and biofuel from biomass in India
Usmani RA
931 - 949 Chemical looping combustion integrated Organic Rankine Cycled biomass-fired power plant - Energy and exergy analyses
Sikarwar SS, Surywanshi GD, Patnaikuni VS, Kakunuri M, Vooradi R
950 - 968 Hourly operational assessment of HVAC systems in Mediterranean Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings: Experimental evaluation of the potential of ground cooling of ventilation air
Ascione F, Borrelli M, De Masi RF, Vanoli GP
969 - 978 Catalytic methane decomposition over ZrO2 supported iron catalysts: Effect of WO3 and La2O3 addition on catalytic activity and stability
Al-Fatesh AS, Kasim SO, Ibrahim AA, Al-Awadi AS, Abasaeed AE, Fakeeha AH, Awadallah AE
979 - 989 Net-zero multi-energy systems for Siberian rural communities: A methodology to size thermal and electric storage units
Sokolnikova P, Lombardi P, Arendarski B, Suslov K, Pantaleo AM, Kranhold M, Komarnicki P
990 - 1008 Performance assessment and optimization of a solar cooling system to satisfy renewable energy ratio (RER) requirements in multi-family buildings
Bilardo M, Ferrara M, Fabrizio E
1009 - 1020 Mathematical models comparison of biogas production from anaerobic digestion of microwave pretreated mixed sludge
Elagroudy S, Radwan AG, Banadda N, Mostafa NG, Owusu PA, Janajreh I
1021 - 1031 Power flow management controller within a grid connected photovoltaic based active generator as a finite state machine using hierarchical approach with droop characteristics
Konara KMSY, Kolhe M, Sharma A
1032 - 1041 Single pot biovalorization of food waste to ethanol by Geobacillus and Thermoanaerobacter spp.
Bibra M, Rathinam NK, Johnson GR, Sani RK
1042 - 1050 Synthesis of low pour point bio-aviation fuel from renewable abietic acid
Li SL, Li YQ, Wu J, Wang Z, Wang F, Deng L, Nie KL
1051 - 1059 Organic blue-colored D-A-pi-A dye-sensitized TiO2 for efficient and stable photocatalytic hydrogen evolution under visible/near-infrared-light irradiation
Ding HR, Xu MY, Zhang SC, Yu FT, Kong KY, Shen ZJ, Hua JL
1060 - 1069 Theoretical energy storage system sizing method and performance analysis for wind power forecast uncertainty management
Oh E, Son SY
1070 - 1078 Analysis on organic compounds in water leachate from biomass
Long JM, Deng L, Che DF
1079 - 1090 Enhanced medicinal herbs wastewater treatment in continuous flow bio-electro-Fenton operations along with power generation
Birjandi N, Younesi H, Ghoreyshi AA, Rahimnejad M
1091 - 1102 Design and thermodynamic analysis of a novel solar CPV and thermal combined system utilizing spectral beam splitter
Wang G, Yao YB, Lin JQ, Chen ZH, Hu P
1103 - 1117 Loss analysis of gravitation vortex type water turbine and influence of flow rate on the turbine's performance
Nishi Y, Suzuo R, Sukemori D, Inagaki T
1118 - 1126 High-performance glucose fuel cell with bimetallic Ni-Co composite anchored on reduced graphene oxide as anode catalyst
Irfan M, Liu XH, Li SL, Khan IU, Li Y, Wang J, Wang X, Du XW, Wang GY, Zhang PP
1127 - 1138 Numerical simulation of the transient flow in a pump-turbine during load rejection process with special emphasis on hydraulic acoustic effect
Fu XL, Li DY, Wang HJ, Zhang GH, Li ZG, Wei XZ
1139 - 1146 Complementary relationship between small-hydropower and increasing penetration of solar photovoltaics: Evidence from CAISO
Shan R, Sasthav C, Wang XX, Lima LMM
1147 - 1155 Recycling of kebab restoration grease for bioenergy production through acoustic cavitation
Saez-Bastante J, Carmona-Cabello M, Pinzi S, Dorado MP
1156 - 1164 Evaluation of the wastewater generated during alkaline pretreatment of biomass for feasibility of recycling and reusing
Kim S, Kim SD, Sohn SY
1165 - 1172 Effect of nano cupric oxide coating on the forced convection performance of a mixed-mode flat plate solar dryer
Sivakumar S, Velmurugan C, Dhas DSEJ, Solomon AB, Wins KLD
1173 - 1180 Assessment of the effects of process water recirculation on the surface chemistry and morphology of hydrochar
Arauzo PJ, Olszewski MP, Wang X, Pfersich J, Sebastian V, Manya J, Hedin N, Kruse A
1181 - 1190 Techno-economic analysis, kinetics, global warming potential comparison and optimization of a pilot-scale unheated semi-continuous anaerobic reactor in a hilly area: For north Indian hilly states
Choudhary A, Kumar A, Kumar S
1191 - 1210 Power forecasting-based coordination dispatch of PV power generation and electric vehicles charging in microgrid
Hao Y, Dong L, Liang J, Liao XZ, Wang LJ, Shi LF
1211 - 1221 Syngas production strategies from biomass gasification: Numerical studies for operational conditions and quality indexes
Ramos A, Rouboa A
1222 - 1230 Preparation and characterization of Ni-M (M: Ru, Rh, Pd) nanoclusters as efficient catalysts for hydrogen evolution from ammonia borane methanolysis
Tunc N, Rakap M
1231 - 1244 Numerical and experimental study of the heat transfer and hydraulic performance of solar air heaters with different baffle positions
Bensaci CE, Moummi A, de la Flor FJS, Jara EAR, Rincon-Casado A, Ruiz-Pardo A
1245 - 1263 Influence of vacuum degree on hydrogen permeation through a Pd membrane in different H-2/N-2 gas mixtures
Chen WH, Escalante J
1264 - 1271 Synthesis of activated carbon from high-carbon coal fly ash and its hydrogen storage application
Musyoka NM, Wdowin M, Rambau KM, Franus W, Panek R, Madej J, Czarna-Juszkiewicz D
1272 - 1292 Artificial neural network based photovoltaic fault detection algorithm integrating two bi-directional input parameters
Hussain M, Dhimish M, Titarenko S, Mather P
1293 - 1301 Monodispersed bimetallic nanoparticles anchored on TiO2-decorated titanium carbide MXene for efficient hydrogen production from hydrazine in aqueous solution
Guo F, Zou HT, Yao QL, Huang B, Lu ZH
1302 - 1311 Life cycle assessment of wood chips supply chain in Serbia
Peric M, Antonijevic D, Komatina M, Bugarski B, Rakin M
1312 - 1327 Mahalanobis semi-supervised mapping and beetle antennae search based support vector machine for wind turbine rolling bearings fault diagnosis
Wang ZY, Yao LG, Cai YW, Zhang J
1328 - 1338 Insights into the bioenergy potential of jackfruit wastes considering their physicochemical properties, bioenergy indicators, combustion behaviors, and emission characteristics
Alves JLF, da Silva JCG, Mumbach GD, Di Domenico M, da Silva VF, de Sena RF, Machado RAF, Marangoni C
1339 - 1346 Performance analysis of gas diffusion electrode with varying platinum loading under different oxidant condition
Umap VM, Ugwekar RP
1347 - 1354 Sustainable approach of high-pressure agave bagasse pretreatment for ethanol production
Aguirre-Fierro A, Ruiz HA, Cerqueira MA, Ramos-Gonzalez R, Rodriguez-Jasso RM, Marques S, Lukasik RM
1355 - 1371 Active and passive fuel recirculation for solid oxide and proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Hou JB, Yang M, Zhang JL
1372 - 1382 Energy use efficiency of crop residue management for sustainable energy and agriculture conservation in NW India
Jat HS, Jat RD, Nanwal RK, Lohan SK, Yadav AK, Poonia T, Sharma PC, Jat ML
1383 - 1393 Estimating wave energy flux from significant wave height and peak period
Guillou N
1394 - 1400 Improving rate of penetration prediction by combining data from an adjacent well in a geothermal project
Diaz MB, Kim KY
1401 - 1410 An alternative methodology for analyzing the risk and sensitivity of the economic viability for generating electrical energy with biogas from the anaerobic bio-digestion of vinasse
Pinto LS, Neto DP, Ferreira AD, Domingues EG
1411 - 1424 Reliability assessment of cyber-physical distribution network based on the fault tree
Sun X, Liu YL, Deng LC
1425 - 1431 Thermostable beta-xylosidase from Aspergillus fumigatus: Purification, characterization and potential application in lignocellulose bioethanol production
Jin XC, Song JN, Ma JS, Liu GQ
1432 - 1443 The long-term effects of cautious feed-in tariff reductions on photovoltaic generation in the UK residential sector
Castaneda M, Zapata S, Cherni J, Aristizabal AJ, Dyner I
1444 - 1444 Yearly performance of a hybrid PV operating with nanofluid (vol 133, pg 867, 2017)
Bellos E, Tzivanidis C
1445 - 1445 Standard thermodynamic properties for the energy grade evaluation of fossil fuels and renewable fuels (vol 147, pg 2160, 2020)
Huang WJ, Zheng DX, Chen XH, Shi L, Dai XY, Chen YH, Jing XY