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1 - 10 Hydroelectricity consumption forecast for Pakistan using ARIMA modeling and supply-demand analysis for the year 2030
Jamil R
11 - 28 Coupling sorption and compression chillers in hybrid cascade layout for efficient exploitation of renewables: Sizing, design and optimization
Palomba V, Dino GE, Frazzica A
29 - 37 Green electricity generation potential from biogas produced by anaerobic digestion of farm animal waste and agriculture residues in Iran
Ardebili SMS
38 - 45 Impact of continuous leachate recirculation during solid state anaerobic digestion of Miscanthus
Li C, Tao Y, Fang J, Li Q, Lu WJ
46 - 57 Predicting beam and diffuse horizontal irradiance using Fourier expansions
Barbon A, Ayuso PF, Bayon L, Fernandez-Rubiera JA
58 - 70 A fast and accurate methodology for the calculation of the shading and blocking efficiency in central receiver systems
Ortega G, Rovira A
71 - 81 Evaluation of the non-conventional yeast strain Wickerhamomyces anomalus (Pichia anomala) X19 for enhanced bioethanol production using date palm sap as renewable feedstock
Ben Atitallah I, Ntaikou I, Antonopoulou G, Alexandropoulou M, Brysch-Herzberg M, Nasri M, Lyberatos G, Mechichi T
82 - 98 Life cycle analysis of ZEOSOL solar cooling and heating system
Roumpedakis TC, Kallis G, Magiri-Skouloudi D, Grimekis D, Karellas S
99 - 106 Feasibility study of nanocrystalline cellulose as adsorbent of steryl glucosides from palm-based biodiesel
Widdyaningsih L, Setiawan A, Santoso SP, Soetaredjo FE, Ismadji S, Hartono SB, Ju YH, Tran-Nguyen PL, Yuliana M
107 - 116 Dolomite incorporated with cerium to enhance the stability in catalyzing transesterification for biodiesel production
Niu SL, Zhang XY, Ning YL, Zhang YJ, Qu TX, Hu X, Gong ZQ, Lu CM
117 - 127 Anaerobic co-digestion of municipal waste sludge with grease trap waste mixture: Point of process failure determination
Shakourifar N, Krisa D, Eskicioglu C
128 - 135 Photo-catalytic pretreatment of biomass for anaerobic digestion using visible light and Nickle oxide (NiOx) nanoparticles prepared by sol gel method
Zhu LL, Awais M, Javed HMA, Mustafa MS, Tlili I, Khan SU, Shadloo MS
136 - 150 Wave energy potential and variability for the south west coasts of the Black Sea: The WEB-based wave energy atlas
Bingolbali B, Jafali H, Akpinar A, Bekiroglu S
151 - 160 H2S adsorption on nanostructured iron oxide at room temperature for biogas purification: Application of renewable energy
Cristiano DM, Mohedano RD, Nadaleti WC, de Castilhos AB, Lourenco VA, Goncalves DFH, Belli P
161 - 174 Study of optimal large-scale offshore wind turbines
Ju SH, Huang YC, Huang YY
175 - 186 The Dutch PV portal 2.0: An online photovoltaic performance modeling environment for the Netherlands
Schepel V, Tozzi A, Klement M, Ziar H, Isabella O, Zeman M
187 - 200 Dynamic simulation of a solar-hybrid microturbine system with experimental validation of main parts
Chen JL, Xiao G, Ferrari ML, Yang TF, Ni MJ, Cen KF
201 - 208 Solar vaporizing desalination by heat concentration
Han JY, Ji X, Xu HY, Heng YY, Wang C, Deng J
209 - 222 Effects of hydrogen addition on the laminar methanol-air flame under different initial temperatures
Xiao P, Lee CF, Wu H, Liu FS
223 - 238 A visual-inertial system to determine accurate solar insolation and optimal PV panel orientation at a point and over an area
Singh SK, Lohani B, Arora L, Choudhary D, Nagarajan B
239 - 251 Dynamic shape optimization of a vertical-axis wind turbine via blade morphing technique
Baghdadi M, Elkoush S, Akle B, Elkhoury M
252 - 269 Energy-exergy analysis of ultra-supercritical biomass-fuelled steam power plants for industrial CHP, district heating and cooling
Braimakis K, Magiri-Skouloudi D, Grimekis D, Karellas S
270 - 277 A new reactor for enzymatic synthesis of biodiesel from waste cooking oil: A static-mixed reactor pilot study
Gong HT, Gao LL, Nie KL, Wang M, Tan TW
278 - 289 Utilization of solar energy and climate control systems for enhancing poultry houses productivity
Gad S, El-Shazly MA, Wasfy KI, Awny A
290 - 304 Assessment of blade element actuator disk method for simulations of ducted tidal turbines
Baratchi F, Jeans TL, Gerber AG
305 - 315 A feedforward-feedback hybrid control strategy towards ordered utilization of concentrating solar energy
Li L, Li YS, Yu HJ, He YL
316 - 336 Multi-objective dynamic economic emission dispatch based on electric vehicles and wind power integrated system using differential evolution algorithm
Qiao BH, Liu J
337 - 350 Adjustment of the Angstrom-Prescott equation from Campbell-Stokes and Kipp-Zonen sunshine measures at different timescales in Spain
Almorox J, Arnaldo JA, Bailek N, Marti P
351 - 367 Thermal and fluid processes in a closed-loop geothermal system using CO2 as a working fluid
Hu ZX, Xu TF, Feng B, Yuan YL, Li FY, Feng GH, Jiang ZJ
368 - 384 A multicriteria approach to choose the best renewable refrigeration system for food preservation
Rech S, Finco E, Lazzaretto A
385 - 393 Effect of fermentation type regulation using alkaline addition on two-phase anaerobic digestion of food waste at different organic load rates
Feng K, Wang Q, Li H, Zhang YY, Deng Z, Liu JG, Du XR
394 - 403 Heterogeneous choice of home renewable energy equipment conditioning on the choice of electric vehicles
Gu GF, Feng T
404 - 431 Modeling and optimization of back temperature models of mono-crystalline silicon modules with special focus on the effect of meteorological and geographical parameters on PV performance
Obiwulu AU, Erusiafe N, Olopade MA, Nwokolo SC
432 - 444 Techno-economic assessment of biomass gasification-based mini-grids for productive energy applications: The case of rural India
Chambon CL, Karia T, Sandwell P, Hallett JP
445 - 452 A life-cycle based co-benefits analysis of biomass pellet production in China
Jiang L, Xue B, Ma ZX, Yu L, Huang BJ, Chen XP
453 - 460 Highly efficient hydrogen evolution from the hydrolysis of ammonia borane solution with the Co-Mo-B/NF nanocatalyst
Wang Y, Zou KL, Wang D, Meng W, Qi N, Cao ZQ, Zhang K, Chen HH, Li GD
461 - 475 Forestry biorefineries
Stafford W, De Lange W, Nahman A, Chunilall V, Lekha P, Andrew J, Johakimu J, Sithole B, Trotter D
476 - 487 Energy diaphragm wall thermal design: The effects of pipe configuration and spacing
Makasis N, Narsilio GA
488 - 496 Simulation of microwave-assisted gasification of biomass: A review
Zhang YN, Ke CF, Fu WM, Cui YL, Rehan MA, Li BX
497 - 507 Effect of internal fins along with Hybrid Nano-Particles on solid process in star shape triplex Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage System by numerical simulation
Hosseinzadeh K, Moghaddam MAE, Asadi A, Mogharrebi AR, Ganji DD
508 - 516 NiCo-N-doped carbon nanotubes based cathode catalyst for alkaline membrane fuel cell
Hanif S, Iqbal N, Shi X, Noor T, Ali G, Kannan AM
517 - 531 Evidence for cross-polymerization between the biomass-derived furans and phenolics
Sun K, Zhang LJ, Xu Q, Zhang ZM, Shao YW, Dong DH, Gao GG, Liu Q, Wang S, Hu X
532 - 541 Life cycle assessment of an innovative cogeneration system based on the aluminum combustion with water
Pini M, Breglia G, Venturelli M, Montorsi L, Milani M, Neri P, Ferrari AM
542 - 552 Parametric study of a thermoelectric module used for both power generation and cooling
Luo D, Wang RC, Yu W, Zhou WQ
553 - 568 Development of a low-cost wind-powered active solar dryer integrated with glycerol as thermal storage
Ndukwu MC, Onyenwigwe D, Abam FI, Eke AB, Dirioha C
569 - 580 Amine, thiol, and octyl functionalization of GO-Fe3O4 nanocomposites to enhance immobilization of lipase for transesterification
Mosayebi M, Salehi Z, Doosthosseini H, Tishbi P, Kawase Y
581 - 597 Assessment of the Stirling engine performance comparing two renewable energy sources: Solar energy and biomass
Ferreira AC, Silva J, Teixeira S, Teixeira JC, Nebra SA
598 - 613 Forecasting energy consumption and wind power generation using deep echo state network
Hu HL, Wang L, Lv SX
614 - 624 Thermal and electrical performance evaluation of photo-voltaic thermal compound parabolic concentrator integrated fixed dome biogas plant
Singh AK, Singh RG, Tiwari GN
625 - 635 Identifying early defects of wind turbine based on SCADA data and dynamical network marker
Fang RM, Wu ML, Guo XH, Shang RY, Shao PF
636 - 649 Performance study of phase change materials coupled with three-dimensional oscillating heat pipes with different structures for electronic cooling
Ling YZ, Zhang XS, Wang F, She XH
650 - 660 Household-based critical influence factors of biogas generation technology utilization: A case of Punjab province of Pakistan
Jabeen G, Yan QY, Ahmad M, Fatima N, Jabeen M, Li H, Qamar S
661 - 671 Comparing various solar irradiance categorization methods - A critique on robustness
Hartmann B
672 - 683 The coupled two-step parameter estimation procedure for borehole thermal resistance in thermal response test
Zhang CX, Xu H, Fan JH, Sun PK, Sun SC, Kong XQ
684 - 703 Impact of solar field design and back-up technology on dynamic performance of a solar hybrid heating network integrated with a seasonal borehole thermal energy storage serving a small-scale residential district including plug-in electric vehicles
Rosato A, Ciervo A, Ciampi G, Scorpio M, Guarino F, Sibilio S
704 - 714 A green approach for enhancing the electrocatalytic activity and stability of NiFe2O4/CB nanospheres towards hydrogen production
Munonde TS, Zheng HT, Matseke MS, Nomngongo PN, Wang Y, Tsiakaras P
715 - 722 The performance comparison of high temperature heat pump among R718 and other refrigerants
Wu D, Hu B, Wang RZ, Fan HB, Wang RJ
723 - 742 Stability analysis of hydropower units under full operating conditions considering turbine nonlinearity
Liu D, Wang X, Peng YS, Zhang H, Xiao ZH, Han XD, Malik OP
743 - 753 Energy and exergy analysis of the integration of concentrated solar power with calcium looping for power production and thermochemical energy storage
Karasavvas E, Panopoulos KD, Papadopoulou S, Voutetakis S
754 - 766 Daylighting performance simulation and analysis of translucent concrete building envelopes
Su XS, Zhang L, Liu ZB, Luo YQ, Lian JB, Liang P
767 - 773 Gold nanoparticles mixed multiwall carbon nanotubes, supported on graphene nano-ribbons (Au-NT-G) as an efficient reduction electrode for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane fuel cells (PEMFC)
Latif H, Wasif D, Rasheed S, Sattar A, Rafique MS, Anwar AW, Zaheer S, Shabbir SA, Imtiaz A, Qutab M, Usman A
774 - 785 Development and application of the entropy production diagnostic model to the cavitation flow of a pump-turbine in pump mode
Wang C, Zhang YX, Yuan ZY, Ji KZ
786 - 796 Quantification of fresh water consumption and scarcity footprints of hydrogen from water electrolysis: A methodology framework
Shi XP, Liao X, Li YF
797 - 812 Efficient and stable Ni-Cu catalysts for ex situ catalytic pyrolysis vapor upgrading of oleic acid into hydrocarbon: Effect of catalyst support, process parameters and Ni-to-Cu mixed ratio
Zheng YW, Wang JD, Liu C, Lu Y, Lin X, Li WB, Zheng ZF
813 - 825 Biomass yield and energy balance of fodder galega in different production technologies: An 11-year field experiment in a large-area farm in Poland
Dubis B, Jankowski KJ, Sokolski MM, Zaluski D, Borawski P, Szemplinski W
826 - 840 Pressure fluctuation and flow instability in S-shaped region of a reversible pump-turbine
Zhang WW, Chen ZM, Zhu BS, Zhang F
841 - 848 Flow sculpting enabled anaerobic digester for energy recovery from low-solid content waste
Ghanimeh S, Abou Khalil C, Stoecklein D, Kommasojula A, Ganapathysubramanian B
849 - 862 Optimization of orange peel waste ensiling for sustainable anaerobic digestion
Calabro PS, Fazzino F, Sidari R, Zema DA
863 - 874 Analysis of chemical-looping hydrogen production and power generation system driven by solar energy
Liu YY, Zhu QZ, Zhang T, Yan XF, Duan R
875 - 893 Development of self-adaptive P&O MPPT algorithm for wind generation systems with concentrated search area
Youssef AR, Mousa HHH, Mohamed EEM
894 - 902 Power estimation of flapping foil energy harvesters using vortex impulse theory
Siala FF, Liburdy JA
903 - 912 Effects of second-stage bed materials on hydrogen production in the syngas of a two-stage gasification process
Lin CL, Chou JD, Iu CH
913 - 924 A hybrid Pt/NbO/CNTs catalyst with high activity and durability for oxygen reduction reaction in PEMFC
MoghadamEsfahani RA, Vankova SK, Easton EB, Ebralidze II, Specchia S
925 - 936 Transesterification of palm oil into biodiesel using ChOH ionic liquid in a microwave heated continuous flow reactor
Phromphithak S, Meepowpan P, Shimpalee S, Tippayawong N
937 - 948 Investigation of CuO-based oxygen carriers modified by three different ores in chemical looping combustion with solid fuels
Kuang C, Wang SZ, Luo M, Cai JJ, Zhao J
949 - 954 The extent to which a correlation between global irradiation and temperature developed for a single site can be applied to nearby sites: A case study for Israel
Evseev EG, Kudish AI
955 - 965 Towards renewable electricity in Europe: Revisiting the determinants of renewable electricity in the European Union
Domhnaill CM, Ryan L
966 - 975 Performance enhancement of multi-crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules using mirror reflectors under Western Himalayan climatic conditions
Malik P, Chandel SS
976 - 985 A novel stationary concentrator to enhance solar intensity with absorber-only single axis tracking
Sharma MK, Bhattacharya J
986 - 1004 Effect of interface condition on the hydraulic characteristics of a pump-turbine at various guide vane opening conditions in pump mode
Suh JW, Kim SJ, Kim JH, Joo WG, Park J, Choi YS
1005 - 1005 Editorial CPOTE 2018 renewable energy SI
Stanek W
1006 - 1007 Introduction; PVCon 2018
Akinoglu BG, Turan R, Kalogirou S
1008 - 1013 Performance study on a small-scale photovoltaic electrodialysis system for desalination
Xu HY, Ji X, Wang LL, Huang JX, Han JY, Wang Y
1014 - 1024 Design and implementation of model predictive control for an open-cathode fuel cell thermal management system
Zhang B, Lin F, Zhang CZ, Liao RY, Wang YX
1025 - 1034 Modeling a novel combined solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) - Biomass gasification renewable methanol production system
Ali S, Sorensen K, Nielsen MP
1035 - 1043 Waste quail beaks as renewable source for synthesizing novel catalysts for biodiesel production
Khan HM, Iqbal T, Ali CH, Yasin S, Jamil F
1044 - 1052 Solar-driven melting dynamics in a shell and tube thermal energy store: An experimental analysis
Egea A, Solano JP, Perez-Garcia J, Garcia A
1053 - 1064 Study of hybrid thermal system with photovoltaic panels using virtual instruments
Popov R, Paunkov N, Rangelova V, Georgiev A
1065 - 1075 3-Phase grid-connected building integrated photovoltaic system with reactive power control capability
Kolhe ML, Rasul MJMA
1076 - 1082 Synthesis and characterization of bimetallic cobalt-rhodium nanoclusters as effective catalysts to produce hydrogen from ammonia borane hydrolysis
Rakap M
1083 - 1091 The effect of stress environment towards lipid accumulation in microalgae after harvesting
Poh ZL, Kadir WNA, Lam MK, Uemura Y, Suparmaniam U, Lim JW, Show PL, Lee KT
1092 - 1112 Transition towards decarbonised power systems and its socieconomic impacts in West Africa
Oyewo AS, Aghahosseini A, Ram M, Breyer C
1113 - 1121 Natural heat transfer air-conditioning terminal device and its system configuration for ultra-low energy buildings
Shu HW, Bie X, Zhang HL, Xu XY, Du Y, Ma Y, Duanmu L, Cao GY
1122 - 1131 Synergism effect of first row transition metals in experimental and theoretical activity of NiM/rGO alloys at hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline electrolyzer
Kamali S, Zhiani M, Tavakol H
1132 - 1143 Life Cycle Assessment of a stand-alone solar-based polygeneration power plant for a commercial building in different climate zones
Mendecka B, Tribioli L, Cozzolino R
1144 - 1152 NiCo2O4-graphene nanocomposites in sugar industry wastewater fed microbial electrolysis cell for enhanced biohydrogen production
Jayabalan T, Manickam M, Mohamed SN
1153 - 1164 Numerical simulation of transient flow in a shaft extension tubular pump unit during runaway process caused by power failure
Kan K, Zheng Y, Chen HX, Zhou DQ, Dai J, Binama M, Yu A
1165 - 1179 Numerical prediction of the stratification performance in domestic hot water storage tanks
Chandra YP, Matuska T
1180 - 1187 Hybrid hydrogen-battery storage to smooth solar energy volatility and energy arbitrage considering uncertain electrical-thermal loads
Hemmati R, Mehrjerdi H, Bornapour M
1188 - 1203 Conventional vs. hybrid methods for dispersion of MgO over magnetic Mg-Fe mixed oxides nanocatalyst in biofuel production from vegetable oil
Alaei S, Haghighi M, Rahmanivahid B, Shokrani R, Naghavi H
1204 - 1217 Effect of microwave-assisted wet torrefaction on liquefaction of biomass from palm oil and sugarcane wastes to bio-oil and carbon nanodotsinanoflakes by hydrothermolysis and solvothermolysis
Sangjan A, Ngamsiri P, Klomkliang N, Wu KCW, Matsagar BM, Ratchahat S, Liu CG, Laosiripojana N, Sakdaronnarong C
1218 - 1228 Experimental comparison of two different positive slopes in one single pump turbine
Ran HJ, Liu Y, Luo XW, Shi TJ, Xu YL, Chen YL, Wang DZ
1229 - 1239 Catalytic effect and mechanism of NiCu solid solutions on hydrogen storage properties of MgH2
Zhang J, He L, Yao Y, Zhou XJ, Yu LP, Lu XZ, Zhou DW
1240 - 1251 Exploring the suitability of MERRA-2 reanalysis data for wind energy estimation, analysis of wind characteristics and energy potential assessment for selected sites in Pakistan
Rabbani R, Zeeshan M
1252 - 1262 Assessment of electrocoagulation as a pretreatment method of olive mill wastewater towards alternative processes for biofuels production
Ntaikou I, Antonopoulou G, Vayenas D, Lyberatos G
1263 - 1271 Comparison of NiCo2O4, CoNiAl-LDH, and CoNiAl-LDH@NiCo2O4 performances as ORR catalysts in MFC cathode
Khajeh RT, Aber S, Zarei M
1272 - 1282 Assessment of wave power variability and exploitation with a long-term hindcast database
Guillou N, Chapalain G
1283 - 1293 Low Reynolds number effects on aerodynamic loads of a small scale wind turbine
Lee H, Lee DJ
1294 - 1303 Gasification of pellets produced from blends of biomass wastes and refuse derived fuel chars
Nobre C, Longo A, Vilarinho C, Goncalves M
1304 - 1313 Effect of glycerol thermal and hydrothermal pretreatments on lignin degradation and enzymatic hydrolysis in paddy straw
Gabhane J, Kumar S, Sarma AK
1314 - 1326 Modeling, simulation and test results analysis of tethered undersea kite based on bead model
Liu Z, Zhao Y, Zhou YR, Guan FM
1327 - 1345 Utilizing circular jet impingement to enhance thermal performance of solar air heater
Singh S, Chaurasiya SK, Negi BS, Chander S, Nems M, Negi S
1346 - 1356 Fractal characteristics of tall tower wind speeds in Missouri
Balkissoon S, Fox N, Lupo A