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1 - 8 New coloured coatings to enhance silica sand absorbance for direct particle solar receiver applications
Gimeno-Furio A, Hernandez L, Martinez-Cuenca R, Mondragon R, Vela A, Cabedo L, Barreneche C, Iacob M
9 - 22 A double decomposition-based modelling approach to forecast weekly solar radiation
Prasad R, Ali M, Xiang Y, Khan H
23 - 33 Improving the performance of a 2-stage large aperture parabolic trough solar concentrator using a secondary reflector designed by adaptive method
Gong JH, Wang J, Lund PD, Hu EY, Xu ZC, Liu GP, Li GS
34 - 43 Transient analysis of a multi-unit pumped storage system during load rejection process
Zhang H, Guo PC, Sun LG
44 - 54 Physicochemical study of the conservation of Moroccan anchovies by convective solar drying
Hamza L, Mounir K, Younes B, Zakaria T, Haytem M, Hind M, Abdelkader L, Ali I
55 - 66 Performance analysis of a forced convection mixed mode horizontal solar cabinet dryer for drying of black ginger (Kaempferia parviflora) using two successive air mass flow rates
Ekka JP, Bala K, Muthukumar P, Kanaujiya DK
67 - 74 Pilot operation and lifetime assessment for indoor light energy harvesting photovoltaics
Hsiao PT, Hung WT, Chen YC, Huang LK, Chang CC, Chen CF, Chen HW, Lu MD, Lin YP, Tung YL
75 - 93 Economic feasibility analysis with the parametric dynamic simulation of a single effect solar absorption cooling system for various climatic regions in Turkey
Altun AF, Kilic M
94 - 101 Upgrading of furans from in situ catalytic fast pyrolysis of xylan by reduced graphene oxide supported Pt nanoparticles
Su Y, Zhang YF, Qi JX, Xue TT, Xu MG, Yang JZ, Pan Y, Lin ZK
102 - 109 Optimization of the production of docosahexaenoic fatty acid by the heterotrophic microalga Crypthecodinium cohnii utilizing a dark fermentation effluent
Chalima A, Taxeidis G, Topakas E
110 - 119 Thermal energy storage performance of a three-PCM cascade tank in a high-temperature packed bed system
Mao QJ, Zhang YM
120 - 137 Two-magnet energy harvesting device for charging submersable sensors
Chiu MC, Karkoub M, Her MG
138 - 154 A hybrid DBN-SOM-PF-based prognostic approach of remaining useful life for wind turbine gearbox
Pan YB, Hong RJ, Chen J, Wu WW
155 - 164 Dynamic simulation and experimental study of a variable speed photovoltaic DC refrigerator
Su P, Ji J, Cai JY, Gao YH, Han KD
165 - 178 Study on impact of electricity production on regional water resource in China by water footprint
Xie XM, Jiang XY, Zhang TT, Huang Z
179 - 188 Melting in a vertical pipe due to asymmetric heating
Nimrodi Y, Kozak Y, Portnikov D, Ziskind G
189 - 197 Development of an efficient numerical model and analysis of heat transfer performance for borehole heat exchanger
Yu XH, Li HW, Yao S, Nielsen V, Heller A
198 - 207 Robust optimal aiming strategies in central receiver systems
Kuhnke S, Richter P, Kepp F, Cumpston J, Koster AMCA, Busing C
208 - 216 Effect of nanoparticles in molten salts - MD simulations and experimental study
Svobodova-Sedlackova A, Barreneche C, Alonso G, Fernandez AI, Gamallo P
217 - 228 Cost-optimal economic potential of shared rooftop PV in energy communities: Evidence from Austria
Fina B, Auer H, Friedl W
229 - 236 The effect of PBS on methane production in combined MEC-AD system fed with alkaline pretreated sewage sludge
Xu XJ, Wang WQ, Chen C, Xie P, Liu WZ, Zhou X, Wang XT, Yuan Y, Wang AJ, Lee DJ, Yuan YX, Ren NQ
237 - 258 Project deployment strategies for community renewable energy: A dynamic multi-period planning approach
Karunathilake H, Hewage K, Prabatha T, Ruparathna R, Sadiq R
259 - 269 Wave energy assessment based on a 33-year hindcast for the Canary Islands
Goncalves M, Martinho P, Soares CG
270 - 282 Investigations of flow field around two-dimensional simplified models with wind tunnel experiments
Li QA, Kamada Y, Maeda T, Yamada K
283 - 299 Current advances in ionic liquid-based pre-treatment and depolymerization of macroalgal biomass
Weldemhret TG, Banares AB, Ramos KRM, Lee WK, Nisola GM, Valdehuesa KNG, Chung WJ
300 - 307 The effect of the reaction equilibrium on the kinetics of gas-solid reactions - A non-parametric modeling study
Birkelbach F, Deutsch M, Werner A
308 - 319 Predicting the effects of integrating mineral wastes in anaerobic digestion of OFMSW using first-order and Gompertz models from biomethane potential assays
Shamurad B, Gray N, Petropoulos E, Tabraiz S, Membere E, Sallis P
320 - 330 Direct sulfonation of cacao shell to synthesize a solid acid catalyst for the esterification of oleic acid with methanol
Mendaros CM, Go AW, Nietes WJT, Gollem BEJO, Cabatingan LK
331 - 346 Evaluation of the convertible offshore wave energy capacity of the southern strip of the Caspian Sea
Jahangir MH, Mazinani M
347 - 357 Techno-economic evaluation of two 42 kWp polycrystalline-Si and CIS thin-film based PV rooftop systems in Pakistan
Ali H, Khan HA
358 - 367 Stability analysis of TiO2-Ag nanocomposite particles dispersed paraffin wax as energy storage material for solar thermal systems
Prabhu B, ValanArasu A
368 - 384 Climate response of a BiPV facade system enhanced with latent PCM-based thermal energy storage
Curpek J, Cekon M
385 - 398 Experimental study of swirling flow from conical diffusers using the water jet control method
Bosioc AI, Tanasa C
399 - 408 Biorefinery development based on whole safflower plant
Hashemi SS, Mirmohamadsadeghi S, Karimi K
409 - 420 Photovoltaic module model determination by using the Tellegen's theorem
Garcia RMA, Abril IP
421 - 429 Effect of biochar on emission, maturity and bacterial dynamics during sheep manure compositing
Awasthi MK, Duan YM, Awasthi SK, Liu T, Zhang ZQ, Kim SH, Pandey A
430 - 440 Operational fatigue loading on tidal turbine blades using computational fluid dynamics
Finnegan W, Fagan E, Flanagan T, Doyle A, Goggins J
441 - 457 New approach to determine the Importance Index for developing offshore wind energy potential sites: Supported by UK and Arabian Peninsula case studies
Bahaj AS, Mahdy M, Alghamdi AS, Richards DJ
458 - 466 Apple pruning residues: Potential for burning in boiler systems and pellet production
Brand MA, Jacinto RC
467 - 483 Feasibility and performance of ground source heat pump systems for commercial applications in tropical and subtropical climates
Roy D, Chakraborty T, Basu D, Bhattacharjee B
484 - 493 Lidar assisted wake redirection in wind farms: A data driven approach
Dhiman HS, Deb D, Foley AM
494 - 515 Wind resource mapping and energy estimation in complex terrain: A framework based on field observations and computational fluid dynamics
Radunz WC, Mattuella JML, Petry AP
516 - 528 Influence of hard marine fouling on energy harvesting from Vortex-Induced Vibrations of a single-cylinder
Jadidi P, Zeinoddini M
529 - 539 The effect of dust accumulation on the cleanliness factor of a parabolic trough solar concentrator
Wu Z, Yan SY, Wang ZF, Ming TZ, Zhao XY, Ma R, Wu YT
540 - 556 Design optimization of a purely radial turbine for operation in the inhalation mode of an oscillating water column
Ansarifard N, Kianejad SS, Fleming A, Henderson A, Chai SH
557 - 566 Solar irradiance forecasting models without on-site training measurements
Zambrano AF, Giraldo LF
567 - 578 Effect of the absorber surface roughness on the performance of a solar air collector: An experimental investigation
Das B, Mondol JD, Debnath S, Pugsley A, Smyth M, Zacharopoulos A
579 - 589 Emerging paraffin/carbon-coated nanoscroll composite phase change material for thermal energy storage
Zuo XC, Li JW, Zhao XG, Yang HM, Chen DL
590 - 600 Improved hydroxide conductivity and performance of nanocomposite membrane derived on quaternized polymers incorporated by titanium dioxide modified graphitic carbon nitride for fuel cells
Ingabire PB, Pan XT, Haragirimana A, Li N, Hu ZX, Chen SW
601 - 612 A simulation study on performance improvement of solar assisted heat pump hot water system by novel controllable crystallization of supercooled PCMs
Kutlu C, Zhang YN, Elmer T, Su YH, Riffat S
613 - 626 CFD-based reduced-order modeling of fluidized-bed biomass fast pyrolysis using artificial neural network
Zhong HB, Xiong QG, Yin LN, Zhang JT, Zhu YQ, Liang SR, Niu B, Zhang XY
627 - 633 Enzymatic hydrolysis of waste bread by newly isolated Hymenobacter sp. CKS3: Statistical optimization and bioethanol production
Mihajlovski K, Rajilic-Stojanovic M, Dimitrijevic-Brankovic S
634 - 643 Efficient hydrogen generation by ZnAl2O4 nanoparticles embedded on a flexible graphene composite
Diaz-Torres LA, Mtz-Enriquez AI, Garcia CR, Coutino-Gonzalez E, Oliva AI, Vallejo MA, Cordova T, Gomez-Solis C, Oliva J
644 - 652 Investigation of datasheet provided temperature coefficients of photovoltaic modules under various sky profiles at the field by applying a new validation procedure
Senturk A
653 - 663 Sugarcane bagasse saccharification using Aspergillus tubingensis enzymatic cocktail for 2G bio-ethanol production
Prajapati BP, Jana UK, Suryawanshi RK, Kango N
664 - 673 Ultrasound-assisted digestate treatment of manure digestate for increased biogas production in small pilot scale anaerobic digesters
Azman S, Milh H, Somers MH, Zhang HL, Huybrechts I, Meers E, Meesschaert B, Dewil R, Appels L
674 - 683 An experimental energy performance investigation and economic analysis on a cascade heat pump for high-temperature water in cold region
Xu LF, Li ET, Xu YJ, Mao N, Shen X, Wang XL
684 - 697 Thermal performance analysis of thermocline combined sensible-latent heat storage system using cascaded-layered PCM designs for medium temperature applications
Ahmed N, Elfeky KE, Lu L, Wang QW
698 - 712 Optimization of a Linear Fresnel Reflector Applying Computational Fluid Dynamics, Entropy Generation Rate and Evolutionary Programming
Lopez-Nunez OA, Alfaro-Ayala JA, Ramirez-Minguela JJ, Belman-Flores JM, Jaramillo OA
713 - 723 Stratified rock hydraulic fracturing for enhanced geothermal system and fracture geometry evaluation via effective length
Yu LK, Wu XT, Wang YD, Ma WW, Liu G
724 - 735 Development of a bio-based bifunctional catalyst for simultaneous esterification and transesterification of neem seed oil: Modeling and optimization studies
Akhabue CE, Osa-Benedict EO, Oyedoh EA, Otoikhian SK
736 - 753 Development and validation of a high-resolution regional wave hindcast model for US West Coast wave resource characterization
Wu WC, Wang TP, Yang ZQ, Garcia-Medina G
754 - 769 Discriminative dictionary learning based sparse representation classification for intelligent fault identification of planet bearings in wind turbine
Kong Y, Wang TY, Feng ZP, Chu FL
770 - 780 A method of evaluating the vortex rope strength in draft tube of Francis turbine
Cheng H, Zhou LJ, Liang QW, Guan ZW, Liu DM, Wang ZN, Kang WZ
781 - 792 Experimental and numerical investigations on the energy performance of a thermo-active tunnel
Insana A, Barla M
793 - 798 Valorization of apple pomace using a two-step slightly acidic processing strategy
Luo J, Ma YC, Xu Y
799 - 811 Large-scale experiment of a novel non-domestic building using BPSC systems for energy saving
Paya-Marin MA, Roy K, Chen JF, Masood R, Lawson RM, Sen Gupta B, Lim JBP
812 - 822 Number of maximum power points in photovoltaic arrays during partial shading events by clouds
Lappalainen K, Valkealahti S
823 - 834 Theoretical and experimental study of a seawater desalination system based on humidification-dehumidification technique
Mohamed ASA, Ahmed MS, Shahdy AG
835 - 848 Investigation on the heating performance of the heat pump with waste heat recovery for the electric bus
Han XX, Zou HM, Wu J, Tian CQ, Tang MS, Huang GY
849 - 866 Technical assessment of captive solar power plant: A case study of Senai airport, Malaysia
Sreenath S, Sudhakar K, Yusop AF
867 - 875 Smart pro-active pitch adjustment for VAWT blades: Potential for performance improvement
Manfrida G, Talluri L
876 - 891 Runner blade number influencing RPT runner flow characteristics under off-design conditions
Li XB, Binama M, Su WT, Cai WH, Muhirwa A, Li B, Li FC
892 - 909 Computational modelling and experimental tank testing of the multi float WaveSub under regular wave forcing
Faraggiana E, Whitlam C, Chapman J, Hillis A, Roesner J, Hann M, Greaves D, Yu YH, Ruehl K, Masters I, Foster G, Stockman G
910 - 924 Synergetic mechanism of fracture properties and system configuration on techno-economic performance of enhanced geothermal system for power generation during life cycle
Meng N, Li TL, Wang JQ, Jia YN, Liu QH, Qin HS
925 - 941 A novel integrated solar gas turbine trigeneration system for production of power, heat and cooling: Thermodynamic-economic-environmental analysis
Dabwan YN, Pei G
942 - 960 Curtailment analysis for the Nordic power system considering transmission capacity, inertia limits and generation flexibility
Nycander E, Soder L, Olauson J, Eriksson R
961 - 973 A new method for the selection of candidates for shading and blocking in central receiver systems
Ortega G, Rovira A
974 - 983 Photocatalysis and photoelectrochemical glucose oxidation on Bi2WO6: Conditions for the concomitant H-2 production
Madriz L, Tata J, Carvajal D, Nunez O, Scharifker BR, Mostany J, Borras C, Cabrerizo FM, Vargas R
984 - 998 Thermo-economic and exergy analysis and optimization of small PTC collectors for solar heat integration in industrial processes
Ghazouani M, Bouya M, Benaissa M
999 - 1010 Contentious eye-catchers: Perceptions of landscapes changed by solar power plants in Slovenia
Bevk T, Golobic M
1011 - 1023 Transposition of the mechanical behavior from model to prototype of Francis turbines
Valentin D, Presas A, Valero C, Egusquiza M, Egusquiza E, Gomes J, Avellan F
1024 - 1034 Study on capture power of the sealed-buoy wave energy converter in low energy flow density area
Duan DR, Chen F, Zhang H, Yang XF, Zhao F
1035 - 1040 The effect of liming and nitrogen application on common osier and black poplar biomass productivity and determination of biofuel quality indicators
Siaudinis G, Jasinskas A, Karcauskiene D, Repsiene R
1041 - 1054 Dynamic thermal modelling for the prediction of the operating temperature of a PV panel with an integrated cooling system
Osma-Pinto G, Ordonez-Plata G
1055 - 1066 Numerical study on the heat transfer, extraction, and storage in a deep-buried pipe
Li C, Guan YL, Jiang C, Deng SX, Lu ZZ
1067 - 1078 A stochastic framework to evaluate the impact of agricultural load flexibility on the sizing of renewable energy systems
Kocaman AS, Ozyoruk E, Taneja S, Modi V
1079 - 1085 Evaluation of oxidative stability of soybean methyl biodiesel using extract of cagaite leaves (Eugenia dysenterica DC.) as additive
Rial RC, Merlo TC, Santos PHM, Melo LFD, Barbosa RA, de Freitas ON, Nazario CED, Viana LH
1086 - 1098 Estimating biofuel density via a soft computing approach based on intermolecular interactions
Nabipour N, Daneshfar R, Rezvanjou O, Mohammadi-Khanaposhtani M, Baghban A, Xiong QG, Li LKB, Habibzadeh S, Doranehgard MH
1099 - 1108 A trans-critical carbon dioxide energy storage system with heat pump to recover stored heat of compression
Hao YP, He Q, Du DM
1109 - 1120 The loading behavior of innovative monopile foundations for offshore wind turbine based on centrifuge experiments
Li JL, Wang XF, Guo Y, Yu XB
1121 - 1128 Fractional condensation of pyrolysis vapours as a promising approach to control bio-oil aging: Dry birch bark bio-oil
Siriwardhana M
1129 - 1139 Experiment and simulation study on convective heat transfer of all-glass evacuated tube solar collector
Li Q, Gao WF, Lin WX, Liu T, Zhang YG, Ding X, Huang XQ, Liu WM
1140 - 1148 Anaerobic digestion of food waste to volatile fatty acids and hydrogen at high organic loading rates in immersed membrane bioreactors
Wainaina S, Awasthi MK, Horvath IS, Taherzadeh MJ
1149 - 1159 Evolutions of flow patterns and pressure fluctuations in a prototype pump-turbine during the runaway transient process after pump-trip
Yang ZY, Cheng YG, Xia LS, Meng WW, Liu K, Zhang XX
1160 - 1170 Influence of stable zinc oxide nanofluid on thermal characteristics of flat plate solar collector
Choudhary S, Sachdeva A, Kumar P
1171 - 1185 Experimental analysis of wave energy converters concentrically attached on a floating offshore platform
Kamarlouei M, Gaspar JF, Calvario M, Hallak TS, Mendes MJGC, Thiebaut F, Soares CG
1186 - 1191 The quest for the optimum angular-tilt of terrestrial solar panels or their angle-resolved annual insolation
Schuster CS
1192 - 1208 Numerical investigation of concentrating photovoltaic/thermal (CPV/T) system using compound hyperbolic -trumpet, V-trough and compound parabolic concentrators
Ustaoglu A, Ozbey U, Torlakli H
1209 - 1219 Estimation of ground thermal properties for coaxial BHE through distributed thermal response test
Nian YL, Wang XY, Xie K, Cheng WL
1220 - 1226 Effect of dual-frequency pulsed ultrasonic excitation and catalyst size for biodiesel production
Wongwuttanasatian T, Jookjantra K
1227 - 1240 Assessing distribution network sensitivity to voltage rise and flicker under high penetration of behind-the-meter solar
Ferdowsi F, Mehraeen S, Upton GB
1241 - 1249 Influence of hydrocracking and ionic liquid pretreatments on composition and properties of Arabidopsis thaliana wild type and CAD mutant lignins
Jacquet N, Eudes A, Dutta T, Kim KH, Bouxin F, Benites V, Baidoo E, Singh S, Simmons B, Loque D, Richel A
1250 - 1265 Exergoeconomic analysis of zeotropic mixture on the new proposed organic Rankine cycle for energy production from geothermal resources
Samadi F, Kazemi N
1266 - 1273 Hydrogen production by photovoltaic-electrolysis using aqueous waste from ornamental stones industries
Marques FC, Silva JCM, Libardi CP, de Carvalho RR, Sequine GF, Valane GM
1274 - 1283 Maximum power output prediction of HCPV FLATCON (R) module using an ANN approach
Said MI, Steiner M, Siefer G, Arab AH
1284 - 1291 Anaerobic co-digestion of swine manure and chicken feathers: Effects of manure maturation and microbial pretreatment of feathers on methane production
Schommer VA, Wenzel BM, Daroit DJ
1292 - 1301 Effects of divergent angle on the flow behaviors in low speed wind accelerating ducts
Ye JJ, Cheng YL, Xie JL, Huang XH, Zhang Y, Hu SY, Salem S, Wu JJ
1302 - 1309 Assessing the viability of battery energy storage systems coupled with photovoltaics under a pure self-consumption scheme
Barzegkar-Ntovom GA, Chatzigeorgiou NG, Nousdilis AI, Vomva SA, Kryonidis GC, Kontis EO, Georghiou GE, Christoforidis GC, Papagiannis GK
1310 - 1316 Highly-conductive composite bipolar plate based on ternary carbon materials and its performance in redox flow batteries
Liao WN, Jiang FJ, Zhang Y, Zhou XJ, He ZQ
1317 - 1327 On the effect of the tip-clearance ratio on the aeroacoustics of a diffuser-augmented wind turbine
Avallone F, Ragni D, Casalino D
1328 - 1341 An experimental assessment of analytical blockage corrections for turbines
Ross H, Polagye B
1342 - 1353 Optimization and performance analysis of a solar concentrated photovoltaic-thermoelectric (CPV-TE) hybrid system
Rejeb O, Shittu S, Ghenai C, Li GQ, Zhao XD, Bettayeb M
1354 - 1366 Impact of three different enhancing mass transfer operating characteristics on a solar adsorption refrigeration system with compound parabolic concentrator
Zhao C, Wang YF, Li M, Zhao WK, Li XJ, Yu QF, Huang MX
1367 - 1379 Analytical framework for the assessment and modelling of multi-junction solar cells in the outdoors
Schuster CS
1380 - 1390 Gas-phase hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol over Ni-based HUSY zeolite catalysts under atmospheric H-2 pressure
Wu YJ, Xu XW, Sun Y, Jiang EC, Fan XD, Tu R, Wang JM
1391 - 1402 Benzene, toluene and xylene (BTX) from in-situ gas phase hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol with liquid hydrogen donor over bifunctional non-noble-metal zeolite catalysts
Fan XD, Wu YJ, Li ZY, Sun Y, Tu R, Zhong PD, Jiang EC, Xu XW
1403 - 1413 Impact a combination of geothermal and solar energy systems on building ventilation, heating and output power: Experimental study
Elghamry R, Hassan H
1414 - 1430 Green roofs in a Mediterranean climate: energy performances based on in-situ experimental data
Bevilacqua P, Bruno R, Arcuri N
1431 - 1438 Application and analysis of rapid determination of oxidative degradation of biodiesel by surface tension and UV absorbance
Wang WC, Zhai YL, Li FS, Li Y
1439 - 1450 Comparative study of heat pump system and biomass boiler system to a tertiary building using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Miralles JAL, Garcia RL, Carnicero JMP, Martinez FJR
1451 - 1464 Offshore multi-purpose platform efficacy by US coastal areas
Weeks K, Safa M, Kenyon G, Levius S
1465 - 1465 RETRACTION: Yearly performance of a hybrid PV operating with nanofluid (Retraction of Vol 113, Pg 867, 2017)
Bellos E, Tzivanidis C
1466 - 1466 RETRACTION: Graphene supported magnetically separable solid acid catalyst for the single step conversion of waste cooking oil to biodiesel (Retraction of Vol 126, Pg 1064, 2018)
D'Souza R, Vats T, Chattree A, Siril PF