Renewable Energy

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1 - 20 Feasibility study on the production and consumption of wood pellets in Iran to meet return-on-investment and greenhouse gas emissions targets
Nabavi V, Azizi M, Tarmian A, Ray CD
21 - 29 Evaluation of effects of freezing pretreatment on the grindability, energy consumption and chemical composition of wheat straw
Lu ZL, Xie T, Chen H, Li LD, Li SY, Lu Y, Hu XJ
30 - 42 Techno-economic analysis of bio heavy-oil production from sewage sludge using supercritical and subcritical water
Do TX, Mujahid R, Lim HS, Kim JK, Lim YI, Kim J
43 - 56 Performance assessment of linear Fresnel solar reflector using MWCNTs/DW nanofluids
Ghodbane M, Said Z, Hachicha AA, Boumeddane B
57 - 69 A virtual power plant optimal dispatch model with large and small-scale distributed renewable generation
Naval N, Sanchez R, Yusta JM
70 - 78 Life cycle and economic assessments of biogas production from microalgae biomass with hydrothermal pretreatment via anaerobic digestion
Xiao C, Fu Q, Liao Q, Huang Y, Xia A, Chen H, Zhu X
79 - 87 An insight into carbon balance of product streams from hydrothermal liquefaction of Scenedesmus abundans biomass
SundarRajan P, Gopinath KP, Arun J, GracePavithra K, Pavendan K, AdithyaJoseph A
88 - 102 Experimental assessment on the regulated and unregulated emissions of DI diesel engine fuelled with Chlorella emersonii methyl ester (CEME)
Venu H, Raju VD, Subramani L, Appavu P
103 - 117 Biodiesel purification using biomass-based adsorbent manufactured from delignified olive cake residues
Sandouqa A, Al-Shannag M, Al-Hamamre Z
118 - 136 Modeling of the transient behavior of a slurry bubble column reactor for CO2 methanation, and comparison with a tube bundle reactor
Lefebvre J, Bajohr S, Kolb T
137 - 151 Operational performance of a novel fast-responsive heat storage/exchanging unit (HSEU) for solar heating systems
Fan Y, Zhao XD, Li J, Cheng YD, Badiei A, Zhou JZ, Yu M, Li GQ, Du ZY, Ji J, Zhu ZS, Ma XL, Bai HF, Myers S
152 - 160 Biodiesel production from phoenix tree seed oil catalyzed by liquid lipozyme TL100L
Sun SD, Li KY
161 - 174 Woodchip size effect on combustion temperatures and volatiles in a small-scale fixed bed biomass boiler
Caposciutti G, Barontini F, Galletti C, Antonelli M, Tognotti L, Desideri U
175 - 183 Pelletization of torrefied biomass with solid and liquid bio-additives
Garcia R, Gonzalez-Vazquez MP, Martin AJ, Pevida C, Rubiera F
184 - 191 Investigation on the properties of the bio-briquette fuel prepared from hydrothermal pretreated cotton stalk and wood sawdust
Song XB, Zhang SY, Wu YM, Cao ZY
192 - 203 Application of an improved MCKDA for fault detection of wind turbine gear based on encoder signal
Miao YH, Zhao M, Liang KX, Lin J
204 - 215 Multiscale simulation of erosive wear in a prototype-scale Pelton runner
Leguizamon S, Alimirzazadeh S, Jahanbakhsh E, Avellan F
216 - 225 Numerical investigation of in situ gasification chemical looping combustion of biomass in a fluidized bed reactor
Yin WJ, Wang S, Zhang K, He YR
226 - 237 Multi-objective optimal design of hybrid renewable energy system under multiple scenarios
Wang R, Xiong J, He MF, Gao L, Wang L
238 - 254 Investigation of Rotating Vortex Rope formation during load variation in a Francis turbine draft tube
Sotoudeh N, Maddahian R, Cervantes MJ
255 - 262 The alkali metal occurrence characteristics and its release and conversion during wheat straw pyrolysis
Zhang YF, Xie XY, Zhao J, Wei XL
263 - 277 Impacts of global warming on photovoltaic power generation over West Africa
Sawadogo W, Abiodun BJ, Okogbue EC
278 - 285 Hydrogen storage systems based on solid-state NaBH4/Co composite: Effect of catalyst precursor on hydrogen generation rate
Netskina OV, Tayban ES, Prosvirin IP, Komova OV, Simagina VI
286 - 294 Modification of sulfide-based photocatalyst with zinc- and nickel-containing compounds: Correlation between photocatalytic activity and photoelectrochemical parameters
Markovskaya DV, Gribov EN, Kozlova EA, Kozlov DV, Parmon VN
295 - 310 Highly efficient renewable heterogeneous base catalyst derived from waste Sesamum indicum plant for synthesis of biodiesel
Nath B, Kalita P, Das B, Basumatary S
311 - 321 Particle size, inoculum-to-substrate ratio and nutrient media effects on biomethane yield from food waste
Okoro-Shekwaga CK, Suruagy MVT, Ross A, Camargo-Valero MA
322 - 331 On the thermal performance of a novel PCM nanocapsule: The effect of core/shell
Nikpourian H, Bahramian AR, Abdollahi M
332 - 341 Sensitivity analysis of homogeneous reactions for thermochemical conversion of biomass in a downdraft gasifier
Kumar U, Paul MC
342 - 354 Designing and optimizing a novel cogeneration system for an office building based on thermo-economic and environmental analyses
Rad EA, Maddah S, Mohammadi S
355 - 365 Innovative overheating solution for solar thermal collector using a reflective surface included in the air gap
Amiche A, El Hassar SMK, Larabi A, Khan ZA, Khan Z, Aguilar FJ, Quiles PV
366 - 377 Proof-of-concept of a two-stage approach for selecting suitable slopes on a highway network for solar photovoltaic systems: A case study in South Korea
Kim B, Han S, Heo J, Jung J
378 - 391 Predicted direct solar radiation (ECMWF) for optimized operational strategies of linear focus parabolic-trough systems
Lopes FM, Conceicao R, Fasquelle T, Silva HG, Salgado R, Canhoto P, Collares-Pereira M
392 - 402 Analysis of thermal performance and drilling costs of borehole heat exchanger (BHE) in a river deposited area
Luo J, Zhang YH, Rohn J
403 - 418 Machine-learning based study on the on-site renewable electrical performance of an optimal hybrid PCMs integrated renewable system with high-level parameters' uncertainties
Zhou YK, Zheng SQ, Zhang GQ
419 - 425 The effect of heating rate, particle size and gas flow on the yield of charcoal during the pyrolysis of radiata pine wood
Somerville M, Deev A
426 - 433 Light biodiesel from macauba and palm kernel: Properties of their blends with fossil kerosene in the perspective of an alternative aviation fuel
da Silva JQ, Santos DQ, Fabris JD, Harter LVL, Chagas SP
434 - 445 Design optimisation for a hybrid renewable microgrid: Application to the case of Faial island, Azores archipelago
Barbaro M, Castro R
446 - 453 Investigation of improving the yields and qualities of pyrolysis products with combination rod-milled and torrefaction pretreatment
Bai XP, Wang GH, Zhu Z, Cai C, Wang ZQ, Wang DC
454 - 462 Characterization of residues and evaluation of the physico chemical properties of soybean biodiesel and biodiesel: Diesel blends in different storage conditions
Cavalheiro LF, Misutsu MY, Rial RC, Viana LH, Oliveir LCS
463 - 474 Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses of co-combustion/pyrolysis of textile dyeing sludge and incense sticks: Regression and machine-learning models
Wen ST, Buyukada M, Evrendilek F, Liu JY
475 - 487 Effects of flow pattern on hydraulic performance and energy conversion characterisation in a centrifugal pump
Li XJ, Chen B, Luo XW, Zhu ZC
488 - 502 Evaluation of methods to select representative days for the optimization of polygeneration systems
Pinto ES, Serra LM, Lazaro A
503 - 513 A human-centered design approach to evaluating factors in residential solar PV adoption: A survey of homeowners in California and Massachusetts
Bao QF, Sinitskaya E, Gomez KJ, MacDonald EF, Yang MC
514 - 527 The effect of two pretreatment levels on the pyrolysis characteristics of water hyacinth
Yao ZL, Ma XQ, Xiao ZY
528 - 541 Carbonate molten salt solar thermal pilot facility: Plant design, commissioning and operation up to 700 degrees C
Prieto C, Fereres S, Ruiz-Cabanas FJ, Rodriguez-Sanchez A, Montero C
542 - 550 Fabrication of a novel nano phase change material emulsion with low supercooling and enhanced thermal conductivity
Zhang GH, Yu ZJ, Cui GM, Dou BL, Lu W, Yan XY
551 - 562 Utilizing renewable energy sources efficiently in hospitals using demand dispatch
Vaziri SM, Rezaee B, Monirian MA
563 - 574 Electric thermal energy storage and advantage of rotating heater having synchronous inertia
Okazaki T
575 - 588 Thermal characteristics of evacuated tube solar collectors with coil inside: An experimental study and evolutionary algorithms
Sadeghi G, Najafzadeh M, Ameri M
589 - 597 Green fiscal policy and firms' investment efficiency: New insights into firm-level panel data from the renewable energy industry in China
Chang K, Wan Q, Lou QC, Chen YL, Wang WH
598 - 603 Enhancement of productivity of Chlorella pyrenoidosa lipids for biodiesel using co-culture with ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in municipal wastewater
Zhou X, Jin WB, Wang Q, Guo SD, Tu RJ, Han SF, Chen C, Xie GJ, Qu FQ, Wang QL
604 - 618 Comparative study of baseline and modified engine performance operated with dairy scum biodiesel and Bio-CNG
Channappagoudra M
619 - 626 High purity hydrogen from biogas via steam iron process: Preventing reactor clogging by interspersed coke combustions
Lachen J, Herguido J, Pena JA
627 - 639 Electricity system scenario development of India with import independence in 2030
Laha P, Chakraborty B, Ostergaard PA
640 - 647 Performance of an automatically controlled wood stove: Thermal efficiency and carbon monoxide emissions
Illerup JB, Hansen BB, Lin WG, Nickelsen J, Pedersen VH, Eskerod B, Dam-Johansen K
648 - 658 Study on combustion characteristics and the migration of heavy metals during the co-combustion of oil sludge char and microalgae residue
Wang ZT, Gong ZQ, Wang W, Zhang Z
659 - 673 Numerical analysis and validation of a natural convection mix-mode solar dryer for drying red chilli under variable conditions
Simo-Tagne M, Ndukwu MC, Zoulalian A, Bennamoun L, Kifani-Sahban F, Rogaume Y
674 - 686 Theoretical and experimental study of a novel solar indirect-expansion heat pump system employing mini channel PV/T and thermal panels
Zhou JZ, Zhu ZS, Zhao XD, Yuan YP, Fan Y, Myers S
687 - 697 Hydrodeoxygenation of m-Cresol over Ru based catalysts: Influence of catalyst support on m-Cresol conversion and methylcyclohexane selectivity
Kumar A, Kumar A, Biswas B, Kumar J, Yenumala SR, Bhaskar T
698 - 706 Operational evaluation of thermal barrier coated diesel engine fueled with biodiesel/diesel blend by using MCDM method base on engine performance, emission and combustion characteristics
Erdogan S, Aydin S, Balki MK, Sayin C
707 - 714 Cellular lipid production by the fatty acid synthase-duplicated Lipomyces kononenkoae BF1S57 strain for biodiesel making
Chen L, Zhang Y, Liu GL, Chi Z, Hu Z, Chi ZM
715 - 730 Evaluation of technology, economics and emissions impacts of community-scale bioenergy systems for a forest-based community in Ontario
Blair MJ, Mabee WE
731 - 739 Graphene oxide - Based supercapacitors from agricultural wastes: A step to mass production of highly efficient electrodes for electrical transportation systems
Tamilselvi R, Ramesh M, Lekshmi GS, Bazaka O, Levchenko I, Bazaka K, Mandhakini M
740 - 749 Transesterification of waste canola oil by lithium/zinc composite supported on waste chicken bone as an effective catalyst
AlSharifi M, Znad H
750 - 763 Enhancing the net energy of wind turbine using wind prediction and economic NMPC with high-accuracy nonlinear WT models
Araghi AR, Riahy GH, Carlson O, Gros S
764 - 771 Evaluation of enhancement events of global horizontal irradiance due to clouds at Patras, South-West Greece
Vamvakas I, Salamalikis V, Kazantzidis A
772 - 781 Improving the efficiency of vacuum tube collectors using new absorbent tubes arrangement: Introducing helical coil and spiral tube adsorbent tubes
Gholipour S, Afrand M, Kalbasi R
782 - 795 Numerical simulation study on the heat extraction performance of multi-well injection enhanced geothermal system
Ma YY, Li SB, Zhang LG, Liu SZ, Liu ZY, Li H, Shi EX, Zhang HJ
796 - 804 Optimization and kinetics of tung nut oil transesterification with methanol using novel solid acidic ionic liquid polymer as catalyst for methyl ester synthesis
Panchal B, Chang T, Qin SJ, Sun YZ, Wang JX, Bian K
805 - 815 Un-stationary thermal analysis of the vertical ground heat exchanger within unsaturated soils
Slawinski D
816 - 828 International competition and trade conflict in a dual photovoltaic supply chain system
Chen ZS, Su SII
829 - 836 Effective conversion of saccharides into hydroxymethylfurfural catalyzed by a natural clay, attapulgite
Yang FL, Weng JS, Ding JJ, Zhao ZY, Qin LZ, Xia FF
837 - 845 Study of FAME model systems: Database and evaluation of predicting models for biodiesel physical properties
Florido PM, Visioli PCF, Pinto CN, Goncalves CB
846 - 864 Valuation of defer and relocation options in photovoltaic generation investments by a stochastic simulation-based method
Pringles R, Olsina F, Penizzotto F
865 - 886 Dynamic operation of fixed-bed methanation reactors: Yield control by catalyst dilution profile and magnetic induction
Fache A, Marias F
887 - 895 The quality and energy potential of introduced energy crops in northern part of temperate climate zone
Tilvikiene V, Kadziuliene Z, Liaudanskiene I, Zvicevicius E, Cerniauskiene Z, Cipliene A, Raila AJ, Baltrusaitis J
896 - 907 Platform position control of floating wind turbines using aerodynamic force
Han CL, Nagamune R
908 - 918 Impact of solar drying process on drying kinetics, and on bioactive profile of Moroccan sweet cherry
Ouaabou R, Nabil B, Ouhammou M, Idlimam A, Lamharrar A, Ennahli S, Hanine H, Mahrouz M
919 - 930 How internal heat loads of buildings affect the effectiveness of vertical greenery systems? An experimental study
Coma J, Chafer M, Perez G, Cabeza LF
931 - 945 The effects of submergence depth on Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV) and energy harvesting of a circular cylinder
Gu MF, Song BW, Zhang BS, Mao ZY, Tian WL
946 - 955 Development level and the impact of technological factor on renewable energy production
Bamati N, Raoofi A
956 - 965 Three-dimensional modelling of suspended sediment transport in the far wake of tidal stream turbines
Li XR, Li M, Amoudry LO, Ramirez-Mendoza R, Thorne PD, Song QY, Zheng P, Simmons SM, Jordan LB, McLelland SJ
966 - 974 Experimental and numerical study of dynamic responses of a new combined TLP type floating wind turbine and a wave energy converter under operational conditions
Ren NX, Ma Z, Shan BH, Ning DZ, Ou JP
975 - 992 Experimental investigation on the power capture of an oscillating wave surge converter in unidirectional waves
Brito M, Ferreira RML, Teixeira L, Neves MG, Canelas RB
993 - 1007 Load control of floating wind turbine on a Tension-Leg-Platform subject to extreme wind condition
Zhang MM, Li X, Tong JX, Xu JZ
1008 - 1015 The evolution of turbulence characteristics in the wake of a horizontal axis tidal stream turbine
Ahmadi MHB, Yang ZY
1016 - 1027 Analysis of the renewable energy implementation and prediction prospects in compliance with the EU policy: A case of Lithuania
Gaigalis V, Katinas V
1028 - 1045 Life-cycle impact assessment of renewable electricity generation systems in the United States
Mahmud MAP, Huda N, Farjana SH, Lang C
1046 - 1054 A predictive TRNSYS model for long-term operation of a hybrid ground source heat pump system with innovative horizontal buried pipe type
Hou GY, Taherian H, Li LJ
1055 - 1066 An experimental investigation of the performance of new design of solar air heater (tubular)
Hassan H, Abo-Elfadl S, El-Dosoky MF
1067 - 1075 Carbonized rice husk foam constructed by surfactant foaming method for solar steam generation
Fang W, Zhao L, He X, Chen H, Li WX, Zeng XH, Chen XD, Shen Y, Zhang WH
1076 - 1081 Core-shell ZnO-TiO2 hollow spheres synthesized by in-situ hydrothermal method for ester production application
Soltani S, Khanian N, Rashid U, Choong TSY
1082 - 1091 Gas permeability, wettability and morphology of gas diffusion layers before and after performing a realistic ex-situ compression test
Aldakheel F, Ismail MS, Hughes KJ, Ingham DB, Ma L, Pourkashanian M, Cumming D, Smith R
1092 - 1101 Propyl-SO3H functionalized graphene oxide as multipurpose solid acid catalyst for biodiesel synthesis and acid-catalyzed esterification and acetalization reactions
Masteri-Farahani M, Hosseini MS, Forouzeshfar N
1102 - 1109 Distribution of solar pyrolysis products and product gas composition produced from agricultural residues and animal wastes at different operating parameters
Weldekidan H, Strezov V, Li R, Kan T, Town G, Kumar R, He J, Flamant G
1110 - 1123 Are Trade Liberalization policies aligned with Renewable Energy Transition in low and middle income countries? An Instrumental Variable approach
Murshed M
1124 - 1133 Enhanced catalytic efficiency of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens SS35 endoglucanase by ultraviolet directed evolution and mutation analysis
Singh S, Dhillon A, Goyal A
1134 - 1140 The impact of renewable energy consumption on income inequality: Evidence from developed countries
Topcu M, Tugcu CT
1141 - 1149 The solar noise barrier project 4: Modeling of full-scale luminescent solar concentrator noise barrier panels
Bognar A, Kusnadi S, Slooff LH, Tzikas C, Loonen RCGM, de Jong MM, Hensen JLM, Debije MG
1150 - 1162 Surrogate model uncertainty in wind turbine reliability assessment
Slot RMM, Sorensen JD, Sudret B, Svenningsen L, Thogersen ML
1163 - 1172 Fostering innovation in renewable energy technologies: Choice of policy instruments and effectiveness
Pitelis A, Vasilakos N, Chalvatzis K
1173 - 1185 Active power dispatch optimization for offshore wind farms considering fatigue distribution
Liao H, Hu WH, Wu XW, Wang N, Liu Z, Huang Q, Chen C, Chen Z
1186 - 1195 A cross-European efficiency assessment of offshore wind farms: A DEA approach
Akbari N, Jones D, Treloar R
1196 - 1208 Wake field study of tidal turbines under realistic flow conditions
Thiebot J, Guillou N, Guillou S, Good A, Lewis M
1209 - 1219 Design and development of energy efficient re-roofing solutions
Habibi S, Obonyo EA, Memari AM
1220 - 1229 An agent-based model to predict fish collisions with tidal stream turbines
Rossington K, Benson T
1230 - 1239 The impact of geothermal resources on the competitiveness of municipalities: evidence from Poland
Kurek KA, Heijman W, van Ophem J, Gedek S, Strojny J
1240 - 1249 Leakage loss estimation and parametric study on the effect of twist in rotor shape for harnessing Pico hydropower
Sonawat A, Choi YS, Kim KM, Kim JH
1250 - 1268 Simulation method for assessing hourly energy flows in district heating system with seasonal thermal energy storage
Narula K, de Oliveira F, Villasmil W, Patel MK
1269 - 1277 The potential for battery energy storage to provide peaking capacity in the United States
Denholm P, Nunemaker J, Gagnon P, Cole W
1278 - 1285 Electrocatalytic production of hydrogen over highly efficient ultrathin carbon encapsulated S, P co-existence copper nanorods composite
Xu F, Yu C, Qian GF, Luo L, Hasan SW, Yin SB, Tsiakaras P
1286 - 1297 Design of sensible and latent heat thermal energy storage systems for concentrated solar power plants: Thermal performance analysis
Liu M, Riahi S, Jacob R, Belusko M, Bruno F
1298 - 1306 Disaggregated renewable energy consumption and environmental pollution nexus in G-7 countries
Destek MA, Aslan A
1307 - 1317 Input-output modeling analysis with a detailed disaggregation of energy sectors for climate change policy-making: A case study of Saskatchewan, Canada
Liu LR, Huang G, Baetz B, Cheng GH, Pittendrigh SM, Pan SY
1318 - 1338 Numerical study on the hydrodynamic and thermodynamic properties of compressed carbon dioxide energy storage in aquifers
Li Y, Yu H, Li Y, Liu YN, Zhang GJ, Tang D, Jiang ZM
1339 - 1351 Evaluation of geothermal energy extraction in Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) with multiple fracturing horizontal wells (MFHW)
Gong FC, Guo TK, Sun W, Li ZM, Yang B, Chen YM, Qu ZQ
1352 - 1364 Life cycle assessment analysis of an ultrasound-assisted system converting waste cooking oil into biodiesel
Aghbashlo M, Tabatabaei M, Amid S, Hosseinzadeh-Bandbafha H, Khoshnevisan B, Kianian G