Renewable Energy

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1 - 11 Spatial layout optimization for solar photovoltaic (PV) panel installation
Zhong Q, Tong DQ
12 - 22 Experimental investigation of a photovoltaic thermal collector with energy storage for power generation, building heating and natural ventilation
Gan GH, Xiang YT
23 - 30 Low concentrations of furfural facilitate biohydrogen production in dark fermentation using Enterobacter aerogenes
Lin RC, Deng C, Cheng J, Murphy JD
31 - 45 Improving the efficiency and the wake recovery rate of vertical-axis turbines using detached end-plates
Villeneuve T, Boudreau M, Dumas G
46 - 57 Effect of the inlet gas void fraction on the tip leakage vortex in a multiphase pump
Shi GT, Liu ZK, Xiao YX, Yang H, Li HL, Liu XB
58 - 77 Potential of bio-ethanol in different advanced combustion modes for hybrid passenger vehicles
Garcia A, Monsalve-Serrano J, Martinez-Boggio S, Roso VR, Santos NDSA
78 - 90 Effective carbon nanotube supported metal (M=Au, Ag, Co, Mn, Ni, V, Zn) core Pd shell bimetallic anode catalysts for formic acid fuel cells
Caglar A, Cogenli MS, Yurtcan AB, Kivrak H
91 - 100 Sonoprecipitation fabrication of enhanced electron transfer Cu(OH)(2)/g-C3N4 nanophotocatalyst with promoted H-2-Production activity under visible light irradiation
Mahzoon S, Haghighi M, Nowee SM
101 - 115 Energy assessment and economic sensitivity analysis of a grid-connected photovoltaic system
Cui YL, Zhu J, Meng FR, Zoras S, McKechnie J, Chu JZ
116 - 127 Development of thermally enhanced controlled low-strength material incorporating different types of steel-making slag for ground-source heat pump system
Kim YS, Dinh BH, Do TM, Kang GO
128 - 135 Alternatives to rethink tomorrow: Biodiesel production from residual and non-edible oils using biocatalyst technology
Ferrero GO, Faba EMS, Rickert AA, Eimer GA
136 - 146 Thermal performance of BIPV system by considering periodic nature of insolation and optimum tilt-angle of PV panel
Yadav S, Panda SK
147 - 155 Optimal design of hydrokinetic turbine for low-speed water flow in Golden Gate Strait
Mohammadi S, Hassanalian M, Arionfard H, Bakhtiyarov S
156 - 166 Antimony-tin based intermetallics supported on reduced graphene oxide as anode and MnO2@rGO as cathode electrode for the study of microbial fuel cell performance
Priya AD, Deva S, Shalini P, Setty YP
167 - 175 Solar thermal performance of two innovative configurations of air-vacuum layered triple glazed windows
Fang YP, Memon S, Peng JQ, Tyrer M, Ming TZ
176 - 190 Evaluation on year-round performance of double-circulation waterflow window
Li CY, Tang HD
191 - 203 Comparative analysis of solar-air dual source heat pump system with different heat source configurations
Cai JY, Zhang F, Ji J
204 - 212 Significantly decreased stability of MgH2 in the Mg-In-C alloy system: Long-period-stacking-ordering as a new way how to improve performance of hydrogen storage alloys?
Cermak J, Kral L, Roupcova P
213 - 220 Effect of hydraulic retention time on anaerobic co-digestion of cattle manure and food waste
Bi SJ, Hong XJ, Yang HZ, Yu XH, Fang SM, Bai Y, Liu JL, Gao YM, Yan L, Wang WD, Wang YJ
221 - 233 Application of co-evolution RNA genetic algorithm for obtaining optimal parameters of SOFC model
Wang N, Wang DX, Xing YZ, Shao LM, Afzal S
234 - 254 Numerical study on the effect of viscosity on a multistage pump running in reverse mode
Maleki A, Ghorani MM, Haghighi MHS, Riasi A
255 - 265 Experimental analysis and comparison of flat plate solar air heater with and without integrated sensible heat storage
Kalaiarasi G, Velraj R, Vanjeswaran MN, Pandian NG
266 - 277 Assessment of the role of renewable energy consumption and trade policy on environmental degradation using innovation accounting: Evidence from the US
Usman O, Alola AA, Sarkodie SA
278 - 292 Promotion of solar energies usage in Iran: A scenario-based road map
Zanjirchi SM, Shojaei S, Sadrabadi AN, Jalilian N
293 - 306 The effect of support on Pd1Nb1 electrocatalysts for ethanol fuel cells
Souza FM, Nandenha J, Oliveira VHA, Paz EC, Pinheiro VS, Aveiro LR, Parreira LS, Silva JCM, Batista BL, Neto AO, Santos MC
307 - 319 Estimating the practical potential for deep ocean water extraction in the Caribbean
Arias-Gaviria J, Osorio AF, Arango-Aramburo S
320 - 333 Waste-to-energy generation technologies and the developing economies: A multi-criteria analysis for sustainability assessment
Khan I, Kabir Z
334 - 341 Direct-methane solid oxide fuel cells with an in situ formed Ni-Fe alloy composite catalyst layer over Ni-YSZ anodes
Lv XQ, Chen HL, Zhou W, Cheng FQ, Li SD, Shao ZP
342 - 355 Wave power extraction from a tubular structure integrated oscillating water column
Zheng SM, Zhu GX, Simmonds D, Greaves D, Iglesias G
356 - 369 Hierarchical planning of PEV charging facilities and DGs under transportation-power network couplings
Sun SY, Yang Q, Ma J, Ferre AJ, Yan WJ
370 - 381 Prepared multifunctional catalyst Ni2P/Zr-SBA-15 and catalyzed Jatropha Oil to producebio-aviation fuel
Tan QH, Cao Y, Li J
382 - 400 Renewable energy investment attractiveness: Enabling multi-criteria cross-regional analysis from the investors' perspective
Kozlova M, Collan M
401 - 411 Degummed Pongamia oil - Ethanol microemulsions as novel alternative CI engine fuels for remote Small Island Developing States: Preparation, characterization, engine performance and emissions characteristics
Prasad SS, Singh A, Prasad S
412 - 427 The flow regime and hydrodynamic performance for a pitching hydrofoil
Zhang MJ, Wu Q, Wang GY, Huang B, Fu XY, Chen J
428 - 434 Corrosion assessment of promising hydrated salts as sorption materials for thermal energy storage systems
Fernandez AG, Fullana M, Calabrese L, Palomba V, Frazzica A, Cabeza LF
435 - 442 Step-wise algorithm for estimating multi-parameter of the ground and geothermal heat exchangers from thermal response tests
Li M, Zhang LW, Liu G
443 - 455 Cobalt-molybdenum catalysts for the hydrodeoxygenation of cyclohexanone
Bakhtyari A, Rahimpour MR, Raeissi S
456 - 468 Investigation of soiling effects, dust chemistry and optimum cleaning schedule for PV modules in Lahore, Pakistan
Ullah A, Amin A, Haider T, Saleem M, Butt NZ
469 - 475 Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction activity comparable to 1-D nanofiber materials exhibited by the kesterite nanorods catalysts
Yanalak G, Sarilmaz A, Aslan E, Ozel F, Patir IH
476 - 486 Multi-objective optimization of media components for improved algae biomass, fatty acid and starch biosynthesis from Scenedesmus sp. ASK22 using desirability function approach
Pandey A, Gupta A, Sunny A, Kumar S, Srivastava S
487 - 508 Numerical and experimental study of an underground water pit for seasonal heat storage
Bai YK, Wang ZF, Fan JH, Yang M, Li XX, Chen LF, Yuan GF, Yang JF
509 - 522 Interannual weather variability and the challenges for Great Britain's electricity market design
Coker PJ, Bloomfield HC, Drew DR, Brayshaw DJ
523 - 537 Multi-objective aerodynamic and structural integrated optimization design of wind turbines at the system level through a coupled blade-tower model
Zhu J, Zhou Z, Cai X
538 - 549 A new measure of wind power variability with implications for the optimal sizing of standalone wind power systems
Yuan QH, Zhou KL, Yao J
550 - 560 Long-term visual impacts of aging infrastructure: Challenges of decommissioning wind power infrastructure and a survey of alternative strategies
Szumilas-Kowalczyk H, Pevzner N, Giedych R
561 - 569 Analysis and modeling of thermoelectric power generation in oil wells: A potential power supply for downhole instruments using in-situ geothermal energy
Liu JR, Wang Z, Shi KY, Li YQ, Liu LX, Wu XR
570 - 577 Empirical development of parsimonious model for international diffusion of residential solar
Williams E, Carvalho R, Hittinger E, Ronnenberg M
578 - 588 Dynamic analysis of wave action on an OWC wave energy converter under the influence of viscosity
Wang RQ, Ning DZ
589 - 597 Approach for the analysis of TES technologies aiming towards a circular economy: Case study of building-like cubicles
Boer D, Segarra M, Fernandez AI, Valles M, Mateu C, Cabeza LF
598 - 606 Hidden Markov model based principal component analysis for intelligent fault diagnosis of wind energy converter systems
Kouadri A, Hajji M, Harkat MF, Abodayeh K, Mansouri M, Nounou H, Nounou M
607 - 615 Impact of the variation of the receiver glass envelope transmittance as a function of the incidence angle in the performance of a linear Fresnel collector
Lopez-Alvarez JA, Larraneta M, Silva-Perez MA, Lillo-Bravo I
616 - 623 Risk management in distributed wind energy implementing Analytic Hierarchy Process
Zhou S, Yang P
624 - 636 Supercritical water gasification of biomass and agro-food residues: Energy assessment from modelling approach
Macri D, Catizzone E, Molino A, Migliori M
637 - 648 Understanding coastal impacts by nearshore wave farms using a phase-resolving wave model
Rijnsdorp DP, Hansen JE, Lowe RJ
649 - 655 Design of injection liner of high-temperature vapor-dominated geothermal reservoir
Marbun BTH, Ridwan RH, Sinaga SZ, Purbantanu BA
656 - 669 A non-centralized predictive control strategy for wind farm active power control: A wake-based partitioning approach
Siniscalchi-Minna S, Bianchi FD, Ocampo-Martinez C, Dominguez-Garcia JL, De Schutter B
670 - 690 The renewable energy consumption-environmental degradation nexus in Top-10 polluted countries: Fresh insights from quantile-on-quantile regression approach
Sharif A, Mishra S, Sinha A, Jiao ZL, Shahbaz M, Afshan S
691 - 702 A Bayesian approach for site-specific wind rose prediction
Lepore A, Palumbo B, Pievatolo A
703 - 711 Tip leakage vortex trajectory and dynamics in a multiphase pump at off-design condition
Shi GT, Liu ZK, Xiao YX, Li HL, Liu XB
712 - 721 Characteristics of hurricane-induced wind, wave, and storm surge maxima along the US Atlantic coast
Qiao C, Myers AT, Arwade SR
722 - 742 A robust methodology for the design optimization of diffuser augmented wind turbine shrouds
Leloudas SN, Lygidakis GN, Eskantar AI, Nikolos IK
743 - 764 A review on remedial attempts to counteract the power generation compromise from draft tubes of hydropower plants
Muhirwa A, Cai WH, Su WT, Liu QZ, Binama M, Li B, Wu J
765 - 776 PV power generation on hydro dam's reservoirs in Brazil: A way to improve operational flexibility
Stiubiener U, da Silva TC, Trigoso FBM, Benedito RD, Teixeira JC
777 - 785 Insight into structural features of soluble portions from cellulose, cellobiose and monosaccharide methanolysis by GC/MS and ESI FTICRMS
Li ZK, Yan HL, Yan JC, Lei ZP, Ren SB, Wang ZC, Kang SG, Tian YJ, Pan CX, Shui HF
786 - 796 Do renewable energy production spillovers matter in the EU?
Shahnazi R, Shabani ZD
797 - 807 Time series forecasting of solar power generation for large-scale photovoltaic plants
Sharadga H, Hajimirza S, Balog RS
808 - 820 Selection of a phase change material and its thickness for application in walls of buildings for solar-assisted steam curing of precast concrete
Yu N, Chen C, Mahkamov K, Han FT, Zhao C, Lin J, Jiang LX, Li YR
821 - 830 Phase change material Chinese Kang: Design and experimental performance study
Li G, Bi XX, Feng GH, Chi L, Zheng XF, Liu XT
831 - 839 Pyrolysis of oleaginous yeast biomass from wastewater treatment: Kinetics analysis and biocrude characterization
Yu DY, Hu S, Liu WS, Wang XN, Jiang HF, Dong NH
840 - 853 Thermo-economic analysis of photovoltaic, central tower receiver and parabolic trough power plants for Herat city in Afghanistan
Hakimi M, Baniasadi E, Afshari E
854 - 867 Ignition timing and compression ratio as effective means for the improvement in the operating characteristics of a biogas fueled spark ignition engine
Hotta SK, Sahoo N, Mohanty K, Kulkarni V
868 - 877 Compounded energy gains in collocated wind plants: Energy balance quantification and wake morphology description
Kadum H, Cal RB, Quigley M, Cortina G, Calaf M
878 - 890 Techno-economic optimization of open-air swimming pool heating system with PCM storage tank for winter applications
Li YT, Ding ZX, Du YX
891 - 906 Energy modeling of solar water heating systems with on-off control and thermally stratified storage using a fast computation algorithm
Araujo A, Silva R
907 - 917 Similarity functions and a new k - epsilon closure for predicting stratified atmospheric surface layer flows in complex terrain
Han XX, Liu DY, Xu C, Shen WZ
918 - 923 Performance analysis and mathematical modelling of banana slices in a heat pump drying system
Tunckal C, Doymaz I
924 - 934 Modeling of cetane number of biodiesel from fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) information using GA-, PSO-, and HGAPSO- LSSVM models
Bemani A, Xiong QG, Baghban A, Habibzadeh S, Mohammadi AH, Doranehgard MH
935 - 942 Selective separation of CH4 and CO2 using membrane contactors
Hidalgo D, Sanz-Bedate S, Martin-Marroquin JM, Castro J, Antolin G
943 - 956 Impact of neighbourhood-scale climate characteristics on building heating demand and night ventilation cooling potential
Xie XX, Sahin O, Luo ZW, Yao RM
957 - 964 Pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse using two different acid-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles: A novel approach for high sugar recovery
Ingle AP, Philippini RR, da Silva SS
965 - 972 Sulfur-oxidizing bacteria in full-scale biogas cleanup system of ethanol industry
Haosagul S, Prommeenate P, Hobbs G, Pisutpaisal N
973 - 980 Sulfide-oxidizing bacteria community in full-scale bioscrubber treating H2S in biogas from swine anaerobic digester
Haosagul S, Prommeenate P, Hobbs G, Pisutpaisal N
981 - 989 Exergy, exergoeconomic and enviroeconomic analysis of a building integrated semi-transparent photovoltaic/thermal (BISTPV/T) by natural
Saadon S, Gaillard L, Menezo C, Giroux-Julien S
990 - 1000 Stabilization of K2CO3 in vermiculite for thermochemical energy storage
Shkatulov AI, Houben J, Fischer H, Huinink HP
1001 - 1009 Experimental determination of the thermal performance of a solar box cooker with a modified cooking pot
Sagade AA, Samdarshi SK, Lahkar PJ, Sagade NA
1010 - 1018 A distributed multiple-heat source staged heating method in an electric vehicle
Ding P, Wang Z, Wang Y, Li KY
1019 - 1029 Numerical study on the application of biodiesel and bioethanol in a multiple injection diesel engine
Asadi A, Kadijani ON, Doranehgard MH, Bozorg MV, Xiong QG, Shadloo MS, Li LKB
1030 - 1036 Thermodynamic and economic evaluation of an innovative electricity storage system based on thermal energy storage
Attonaty K, Pouvreau J, Deydier A, Oriol J, Stouffs P
1037 - 1046 Investigating the performance enhancement of copper fins on trapezoidal thermochemical reactor
Han XJ, Liu SL, Zeng C, Yang L, Shukla A, Shen YL
1047 - 1056 Numerical study on the heat release capacity of the active-passive phase change wall affected by ventilation velocity
Guan Y, Wang T, Tang R, Hu WL, Guo JX, Yang HJ, Zhang Y, Duan SJ
1057 - 1065 Preparation and thermal property analysis of a novel phase change heat storage material
Wu SF, Yan T, Kuai ZH, Pan WG
1066 - 1073 Fabrication of enhanced epoxy composite by embedded hierarchical porous lignocellulosic foam
Zaman A, Huang F, Jiang M, Wei W, Kadhim N, Zhou ZW
1074 - 1088 Study on heat transfer model of capillary exchanger in subway source heat pump system
Liu GD, Li CR, Hu ST, Ji YM, Tong Z, Wang YM, Tong L, Mao Z, Lu S
1089 - 1097 Techno-economic feasibility study of a solar-powered distributed cogeneration system producing power and distillate water: Sensitivity and exergy analysis
Coppitters D, Contino F, El-Baz A, Breuhaus P, De Paepe W
1098 - 1107 Solidification performance of heat exchanger with tree-shaped fins
Zheng JY, Wang J, Chen TT, Yu YS
1108 - 1117 A method for reconstructing two-dimensional surface and internal temperature distributions in structures by ultrasonic measurements
Wei D, Yang XF, Shi YA, Xiao GM, Du YX, Gui YW
1118 - 1126 Numerical analysis of the operation regulation in a solar heating system with seasonal water pool thermal storage
Zhao JL, Lyu LY, Li XX
1127 - 1135 Study on properties of phase change foam concrete block mixed with paraffin / fumed silica composite phase change material
Qu Y, Chen JY, Liu LF, Xu T, Wu HJ, Zhou XQ
1136 - 1150 Proposal and performance analysis of a novel solar-assisted resorption-subcooled compression hybrid heat pump system for space heating in cold climate condition
Jia T, Dou PB, Chu P, Dai YJ
1151 - 1159 Gasification studies of low-grade Indian coal and biomass in a lab-scale pressurized circulating fluidized bed
Mahapatro A, Mahanta P
1160 - 1164 Marine renewable energy
Taveira-Pinto F, Rosa-Santos P, Fazeres-Ferradosa T
1165 - 1177 Techno-economic planning and construction of cost-effective large-scale hot water thermal energy storage for Renewable District heating systems
Ochs F, Dahash A, Tosatto A, Janetti MB
1178 - 1186 Design of a planar solar illumination system to bring natural light into the building core
Gao SH, Xu XP, Yin P