Renewable Energy

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1 - 21 An experimental and numerical investigation on temperature profile of underground soil in the process of heat storage
Zhang DH, Gao PH, Zhou Y, Wang YJ, Zhou GQ
22 - 30 The grid parity analysis of onshore wind power in China: A system cost perspective
Chen H, Gao XY, Liu JY, Zhang Q, Yu SW, Kang JT, Yan R, Wei YM
31 - 43 A new trigeneration system for power, cooling, and freshwater production driven by a flash-binary geothermal heat source
Gholizadeh T, Vajdi M, Rostamzadeh H
44 - 59 Investigation of deflector geometry and turbine aspect ratio effect on 3D modified in-pipe hydro Savonius turbine: Parametric study
Payambarpour SA, Najafi AF, Magagnato F
60 - 71 Numerical investigation into the energy extraction characteristics of 3D self-induced oscillating foil
Jiang W, Wang YL, Zhang D, Xie YH
72 - 80 Potable water extraction from the atmosphere: Potential of MOFs
Gordeeva LG, Solovyeva MV, Sapienza A, Aristov YI
81 - 90 Brewer's spent grain as a source of renewable fuel through optimized dilute acid pretreatment
Rojas-Chamorro JA, Romero I, Lopez-Linares JC, Castro E
91 - 102 Theoretical model of a fluidized bed solar reactor design with the aid of MCRT method and synthesis gas production
Gomaa MR, Al-Dmour N, AL-Rawashdeh HA, Shalby M
103 - 112 Numerical investigation on improvement of energy transfer in solar power satellite
Meng XL, Du K, Bai XH, Mankins JC, Liu CL
113 - 123 Optimal active and reactive power cooperative dispatch strategy of wind farm considering levelised production cost minimisation
Wang N, Li J, Yu X, Zhou D, Hu WH, Huang Q, Chen Z, Blaabjerg F
124 - 134 Production of microbial lipids from optimized waste office paper hydrolysate, lipid profiling and prediction of biodiesel properties
Nair AS, Al-Bahry S, Gathergood N, Tripathi BN, Sivakumar N
135 - 149 Multi-distribution ensemble probabilistic wind power forecasting
Sun MC, Feng C, Zhang J
150 - 167 Chemical Kinetics Study on Combustion of Ethanol/biodiesel/n-heptane
Kong J, Liu HY, Zheng ZL
168 - 175 Alkali metal bifunctional catalyst-sorbents enabled biomass pyrolysis for enhanced hydrogen production
Zhao M, Memon MZ, Ji GZ, Yang XX, Vuppaladadiyam AK, Song YQ, Raheem A, Li JH, Wang W, Zhou H
176 - 192 Solar and wind power generation systems with pumped hydro storage: Review and future perspectives
Javed MS, Ma T, Jurasz J, Amin MY
193 - 204 The potential for grid defection of small and medium sized enterprises using solar photovoltaic, battery and generator hybrid systems
Peffley TB, Pearce JM
205 - 213 A spatio-temporal Durbin fixed effects IV-Model for ENTSO-E electricity flows analysis
Croonenbroeck C, Palm M
214 - 222 Performance and energy recovery of single and two stage biogas production from paper sludge: Clostridium thermocellum augmentation and microbial community analysis
An Q, Cheng JR, Wang YT, Zhu MJ
223 - 233 A global approach to obtain biobutanol from corn stover
Hijosa-Valsero M, Garita-Cambronero J, Paniagua-Garcia AI, Diez-Antolinez R
234 - 246 GPU-accelerated numerical analysis of jet interference in a six-jet Pelton turbine using Finite Volume Particle Method
Alimirzazadeh S, Kumashiro T, Leguizamon S, Jahanbakhsh E, Maertens A, Vessaz C, Tani K, Avellan F
247 - 260 Development of a small scale plant for a solar chimney power plant (SCPP): A detailed fabrication procedure, experiments and performance parameters evaluation
Balijepalli R, Chandramohan VP, Kirankumar K
261 - 274 Thermodynamic performance evaluation of a geothermal ORC power plant
Altun AF, Kilic M
275 - 283 Integrating spent coffee grounds and silver skin as biofuels using torrefaction
Chen YC, Jhou SY
284 - 297 Radiogenic heat production variations in the Gonghe basin, northeastern Tibetan Plateau: Implications for the origin of high-temperature geothermal resources
Zhang C, Hu SB, Zhang SS, Li ST, Zhang LY, Kong YL, Zuo YH, Song RC, Jiang GZ, Wang ZT
298 - 308 Statistical analysis of glucose production from Eucalyptus pellita with individual control of chemical constituents
Jang SK, Choi JH, Kim JH, Kim H, Jeong H, Choi IG
309 - 325 On the dynamics of an array of spar-buoy oscillating water column devices with inter-body mooring connections
Oikonomou CLG, Gomes RPF, Gato LMC, Falcao AFO
326 - 337 Optimizing heat mining strategies in a fractured geothermal reservoir considering fracture deformation effects
Chen Y, Ma GW, Wang HD, Li T, Wang Y, Sun ZZ
338 - 348 Air purification and thermal performance of photocatalytic-Trombe wall based on multiple physical fields coupling
Wu SY, Xu L, Xiao L
349 - 362 Syngas from palm oil mill effluent (POME) steam reforming over lanthanum cobaltite: Effects of net-basicity
Cheng YW, Chong CC, Lee SP, Lim JW, Wu TY, Cheng CK
363 - 373 CFD modeling of biomass grate combustion using a steady-state discrete particle model (DPM) approach
Somwangthanaroj S, Fukuda S
374 - 379 Increased anode respiration enhances utilization of short-chain fatty acid and lipid wet-extraction from Scenedesmus acutus biomass in electro-selective fermentation
Liu YZ, Lai YJS, Rittmann BE
380 - 387 rGO decorated BiVO4/Cu2O n-n heterojunction photoanode for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Bai SL, Han JY, Zhao YY, Chu HM, Wei SQ, Sun JH, Sun LX, Luo RX, Li DQ, Chen AF
388 - 401 Thermal and in situ infrared analysis to characterise the slow pyrolysis of mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) and its components
Chhabra V, Bambery K, Bhattacharya S, Shastri Y
402 - 416 Performance evaluation of phase change materials suitable for cities representing the whole tropical savanna climate region
Bimaganbetova M, Memon SA, Sheriyev A
417 - 424 Life cycle assessment of the use of nanomaterials in biogas production from anaerobic digestion of manure
Hijazi O, Abdelsalam E, Samer M, Attia YA, Amer BMA, Amer MA, Badr M, Bernhardt H
425 - 436 Effect of design parameters on performance and emissions of a CI engine operated with diesel-biodiesel- higher alcohol blends
Saravanan S, Kaliyanasunder R, Kumar BR, Rao GLN
437 - 450 Comparing the performance of passive and active double and single slope solar stills incorporated with parabolic trough collector via energy, exergy and productivity
Hassan H
451 - 466 Molybdenum hybrid - Nanocrystals supported on modified Laponite composite as superior catalyst for vapour phase hydrodeoxygenation of clove oil
Krishnan PS, Tamizhdurai P, Theres GS, Shanthi K
467 - 477 Formulation of synthetic bacterial consortia and their evaluation by principal component analysis for lignocellulose rich biomass degradation
Sadalage PS, Dar MA, Chavan AR, Pawar KD
478 - 491 Multi-objective optimization of hydraulic transient condition in a pump-turbine hydropower considering the wicket-gates closing law and the surge tank position
Rezghi A, Riasi A, Tazraei P
492 - 503 Thermo-physical investigation and experimental discharge characteristics of lauryl alcohol as a potential phase change material for thermal management in buildings
Veerakumar C, Sreekumar A
504 - 511 Eco-friendly electrospun nanofibrous membranes with high thermal energy capacity and improved thermal transfer efficiency
Song SK, Ai H, Zhu WT, Qiu F, Wang YQ, Zhou J
512 - 522 Effects of a wave-shaped piston bowl geometry on the performance of heavy duty Diesel engines fueled with alcohols and biodiesel blends
Zhang TK, Eismark J, Munch K, Denbratt I
523 - 533 Upgrading current method of anaerobic co-digestion of waste activated sludge for high-efficiency methanogenesis: Establishing direct interspecies electron transfer via ethanol-type fermentation
Zhao ZQ, Sun C, Li Y, Peng H, Zhang YB
534 - 547 Impact of wide particle size distribution on the gasification performance of biomass in a bubbling fluidized bed gasifier
Zhou T, Yang SL, Wei YG, Hu JH, Wang H
548 - 557 Glycerol acetylation with acetic acid over Purolite CT-275. Product yields and process kinetics
Banu I, Bumbac G, Bombos D, Velea S, Galan AM, Bozga G
558 - 572 Performance assessment of a hybrid photovoltaic-thermal and heat pump system for solar heating and electricity
Obalanlege MA, Mahmoudi Y, Douglas R, Ebrahimnia-Bajestan E, Davidson J, Bailie D
573 - 584 Design approaches of performance-scaled rotor for wave basin model tests of floating wind turbines
Wen BR, Tian XL, Dong XJ, Li ZW, Peng ZK, Zhang WM, Wei KX
585 - 599 Mean kinetic energy distribution in finite-size wind farms: A function of turbines' arrangement
Cortina G, Sharma V, Torres R, Calaf M
600 - 610 Mechanisms of power augmentation in two side-by-side vertical axis wind turbines
Alexander AS, Santhanakrishnan A
611 - 626 Maximum power extraction from wind energy system using homotopy singular perturbation and fast terminal sliding mode method
Abolvafaei M, Ganjefar S
627 - 638 Numerical and experimental study of a helical Savonius wind turbine and a comparison with a two-stage Savonius turbine
Kothe LB, Moller SV, Petry AP
639 - 650 Ground testing of a 1% gravo-aeroelastically scaled additively-manufactured wind turbine blade with bio-inspired structural design
Kaminski M, Loth E, Griffith DT, Qin C
651 - 664 Designing wind turbine rotor blades to enhance energy capture in turbine arrays
Moghadassian B, Sharma A
665 - 673 Fuzzy-based novel risk and reward definition applied for optimal generation-mix estimation
Unni AC, Ongsakul W, Madhu MN
674 - 688 Catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis oil over tailored hierarchical MFI zeolite: Effect of porosity enhancement and porosity-acidity interaction on deoxygenation reactions
Palizdar A, Sadrameli SM
689 - 696 Enzymatic synthesis of neopentyl glycol-bases biolubricants using biodiesel from soybean and castor bean as raw materials
Aguieiras ECG, Cavalcanti EDC, da Silva PR, Soares VF, Fernandez-Lafuente R, Assuncao CLB, da Silva JAC, Freire DMG
697 - 711 Economic analysis of grid-connected residential rooftop PV systems in Turkey
Duman AC, Guler O
712 - 719 Catalytic pyrolysis of chemical extraction residue from microalgae biomass
Gong ZQ, Fang PW, Wang ZB, Li Q, Li XY, Meng FZ, Zhang HT, Liu L
720 - 728 Analysis of property variation and stability on the aging of bio-oil from fractional condensation
Wang C, Ding HZ, Zhang YM, Zhu XF
729 - 738 Selective hydrogenolysis of lignin-derived aryl ethers over Co/C@N catalysts
Song QL, Zhao YP, Wu FP, Li GS, Fan X, Wang RY, Cao JP, Wei XY
739 - 755 Performance and emission characterization of a common-rail compression-ignition engine fuelled with ternary mixtures of rapeseed oil, pyrolytic oil and diesel
Mikulski M, Ambrosewicz-Walacik M, Duda K, Hunicz J
756 - 771 In-depth physiochemical characterization and detailed thermo-kinetic study of biomass wastes to analyze its energy potential
Siddiqi H, Bal M, Kumari U, Meikap BC
772 - 789 Experimental investigation on combined effect of ignition promoters and ceramic coating fuelled with papaya seed oil methyl ester in DI diesel engine
Karthickeyan V
790 - 797 Modeling of a bench-scale fixed-bed reactor for catalytic hydrotreating of vegetable oil
Tirado A, Ancheyta J
798 - 806 Effect of fish steroids 17 beta-estradiol and 17,20 beta-dihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one on growth, accumulation of pigments, and fatty acid profiles in the microalgae Scenedesmus quadricauda (CPCC-158)
Kozlova TA, Hardy BP, Levin DB
807 - 815 Effect of cultivation parameters and heat management on the algae species growth conditions and biomass production in a continuous feedstock photobioreactor
El Shenawy EA, Elkelawy M, Bastawissi HAE, Taha M, Panchal H, Sadasivuni KK, Thakar N
816 - 823 Energy balance, GHG emission and economy for cultivation of high biomass verities of bamboo, sorghum and pearl millet as energy crops at marginal ecologies of Gujarat state in India
Patel B, Patel A, Gami B, Patel P
824 - 838 Effect of reservoir's permeability and porosity on the performance of cellular development model for enhanced geothermal system
Zhang J, Xie JX
839 - 851 Techno-economic assessment and optimization of a hybrid renewable earth - air heat exchanger coupled with electric boiler, hydrogen, wind and PV configurations
Akhtari MR, Shayegh I, Karimi N
852 - 863 Numerical investigation on the thermal performance of double glazing air flow window with integrated blinds
Movassag SZ, Zamzamian K
864 - 875 Effect of niobia addition on cobalt catalysts supported on alumina for glycerol steam reforming
Menezes JPDQ, Duarte KR, Manfro RL, Souza MMVM
876 - 888 Effect of aspect ratio and dispersed PCM balls on the charging performance of a latent heat thermal storage unit for solar thermal applications
Afshan ME, Selvakumar AS, Velraj R, Rajaraman R
889 - 896 Effect of basicity in the aqueous phase reforming of brewery wastewater for H-2 production
Oliveira AS, Baeza JA, Garcia D, de Miera BS, Calvo L, Rodriguez JJ, Gilarranz MA
897 - 906 Catalytic activity of heterogeneous acid catalysts derived from corncob in the esterification of oleic acid with methanol
Dechakhumwat S, Hongmanorom P, Thunyaratchatanon C, Smith SM, Boonyuen S, Luengnaruemitchai A
907 - 922 Influence of C groove on suppressing vortex and cavitation for a NACA0009 hydrofoil with tip clearance in tidal energy
Liu YB, Tan L
923 - 934 Organosolv pretreatments of rice straw followed by microbial hydrolysis for efficient biofuel production
Tsegaye B, Balomajumder C, Roy P
935 - 945 Performance evaluation of modified nanohybrid membrane polyethersulfone-nano ZnO (PES-nano ZnO) using three combination effect of PVP, irradiation of ultraviolet and thermal for biodiesel purification
Kusworo TD, Widayat W, Utomo DP, Pratama YHS, Arianti RAV
946 - 952 Synthesis of zinc/ferrocyanide nano-composite catalysts having a high activity for transesterification reaction
Kumar P, Matoh L, Srivastava VC, Stangar UL
953 - 963 Optimization of a downdraft furnace for rice straw-based heat generation
Migo-Sumagang MVP, Hung NV, Detras MCM, Alfafara CG, Borines MG, Capunitan JA, Gummert M
964 - 974 Effect of morphed trailing-edge flap on aerodynamic load control for a wind turbine blade section
Zhuang C, Yang G, Zhu YW, Hu D
975 - 986 Inverse optimization of building thermal resistance and capacitance for minimizing air conditioning loads
Yang JM, Lin ZQ, Wu HJ, Chen QC, Xu XH, Huang GS, Fan LS, Shen XJ, Gan KM
987 - 1001 Discharge of a composite metal foam/phase change material to air heat exchanger for a domestic thermal storage unit
Sardari PT, Giddings D, Grant D, Gillott M, Walker GS
1002 - 1016 Physical and combustion properties of agricultural residue bio-char bio-composite briquettes as sustainable domestic energy sources
Lubwama M, Yiga VA, Muhairwe F, Kihedu J
1017 - 1033 A new approach based on economic profitability to sizing the photovoltaic generator in self-consumption systems without storage
Jimenez-Castillo G, Munoz-Rodriguez FJ, Rus-Casas C, Talavera DL
1034 - 1040 Development of bio-inspired supports based on Ca-SiO2 and their use in hydrodeoxygenation of palmitic acid
Valencia D, Conde RI, Garcia B, Ramirez-Verduzco LF, Aburto J
1041 - 1053 Comparative studies for CO oxidation and hydrogenation over supported Pt catalysts prepared by different synthesis methods
Mohamed Z, Dasireddy VDBC, Singh S, Friedrich HB
1054 - 1064 A coupled modeling of design and investment parameters for optimal operation of methane bioreactors: Attainable region concept approach
Neba FA, Asiedu NY, Addo A, Morken J, Osterhus SW, Seidu R
1065 - 1073 Evaluation of comparative combustion, performance, and emission of soybean-based alternative biodiesel fuel blends in a CI engine
Serac MR, Aydin S, Yilmaz A, Sevik S
1074 - 1093 Bioenergy and emission characterizations of catalytic combustion and pyrolysis of litchi peels via TG-FTIR-MS and Py-GC/MS
Liu C, Liu JY, Evrendilek F, Xie WM, Kuo JH, Buyukada M
1094 - 1109 The added value of high resolution regional reanalyses for wind power applications
Frank CW, Pospichal B, Wahl S, Keller JD, Hense A, Crewell S
1110 - 1123 Numerical modeling of a coaxial borehole heat exchanger to exploit geothermal energy from abandoned petroleum wells in Hinton, Alberta
Hu XC, Banks J, Wu LP, Liu WV
1124 - 1136 Probabilistic modelling of wind turbine power curves with application of heteroscedastic Gaussian Process regression
Rogers TJ, Gardner P, Dervilis N, Worden K, Maguire AE, Papatheou E, Cross EJ
1137 - 1149 Significant decrease of photovoltaic power production by aerosols. The case of Santiago de Chile
Del Hoyo M, Rondanelli R, Escobar R
1150 - 1164 Three tidal turbines in interaction: An experimental study of turbulence intensity effects on wakes and turbine performance
Gaurier B, Carlier C, Germain G, Pinon G, Rivoalen E
1165 - 1173 Novel solar collector: Evaluating the impact of nanoparticles added to the collector's working fluid, heat transfer fluid temperature and flow rate
Fathabadi H
1174 - 1189 Design of domestic photovoltaics manufacturing systems under global constraints and uncertainty
Santibanez-Aguilar JE, Castellanos S, Flores-Tlacuahuac A, Shapiro BB, Powell DM, Buonassisi T, Kammen DM
1190 - 1199 Evaluation of the potential performance of hyphenated pyrolysis-anaerobic digestion (Py-AD) process for carbon negative fuels from woody biomass
Torri C, Pambieri G, Gualandi C, Piraccini M, Rombola AG, Fabbri D
1200 - 1215 Self-consumption and self-sufficiency for household solar producers when introducing an electric vehicle
Gudmunds D, Nyholm E, Taljegard M, Odenberger M
1216 - 1226 Experimental study on the performance of gasification of corncobs in a downdraft fixed bed gasifier at various conditions
Martinez LV, Rubiano JE, Figueredo M, Gomez MF
1227 - 1243 Introducing a hybrid renewable energy system for production of power and fresh water using parabolic trough solar collectors and LNG cold energy recovery
Ghorbani B, Mahyari KB, Mehrpooya M, Hamedi MH
1244 - 1255 Influences of hydrochloric acid washing on the thermal decomposition behavior and thermodynamic parameters of sweet sorghum stalk
Chen DY, Gao DX, Capareda SC, Shuang E, Jia FR, Wang Y
1256 - 1265 Multi-objective optimal sizing of grid connected photovoltaic batteryless system minimizing the total life cycle cost and the grid energy
Ndwali K, Njiri JG, Wanjiru EM
1266 - 1279 Solar PV generation in Colombia - A qualitative and quantitative approach to analyze the potential of solar energy market
Lopez AR, Krumm A, Schattenhofer L, Burandt T, Montoya FC, Oberlander N, Oei PY
1280 - 1291 Waste heat recovery from a biomass heat engine for thermoelectric power generation using two-phase thermosyphons
Goswami R, Das R
1292 - 1301 Combustion and Co-Combustion characteristics of torrefied poultry litter with lignite
Atimtay A, Yurdakul S
1302 - 1320 Solar thermal drying plant for agricultural products. Part 1: Direct air heating system
Garcia-Valladares O, Ortiz NM, Pilatowsky I, Menchaca AC
1321 - 1326 Effect of antioxidant additives on oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emission reduction from Annona biodiesel operated diesel engine
Rajendran S