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1 - 10 Anaerobic digestion of industrial dairy wastewater and cheese whey: Performance of internal circulation bioreactor and laboratory batch test at pH 5-6
Charalambous P, Shin J, Shin SG, Vyrides I
11 - 24 Preparation and characterization of novel hybrid bio-support material immobilized from Pseudomonas cepacia lipase and its application to enhance biodiesel production
Kumar D, Das T, Gifi BS, Verma B
25 - 34 AC/CuFe2O4@CaO as a novel nanocatalyst to produce biodiesel from chicken fat
Seffati K, Esmaeili H, Honarvar B, Esfandiari N
35 - 42 Experimental analysis of heat coupling during TES based reverse cycle defrosting method for cascade air source heat pumps
Qu ML, Zhang R, Chen JB, Cheng YD, Zhao XD, Zhang TY, Li Z
43 - 54 Assessment and optimization of the power performance of twin vertical axis wind turbines via numerical simulations
Peng HY, Han ZD, Liu HJ, Lin K, Lam HF
55 - 68 Hydraulically actuated horizontal axis wind turbine pitch control by model free adaptive controller
Venkaiah P, Sarkar BK
69 - 76 Porous carbon particles as metal-free superior catalyst for hydrogen release from methanolysis of sodium borohydride
Demirci S, Yildiz M, Inger E, Sahiner N
77 - 88 Hybrid thermal energy storage with phase change materials for solar domestic hot water applications: Direct versus indirect heat exchange systems
Abdelsalam MY, Teamah HM, Lightstone MF, Cotton JS
89 - 99 Compatibility of diesel engine materials with biodiesel fuel
Chandran D
100 - 109 Medium, short and very short-term prognosis of load demand for the Greek Island of Tilos using artificial neural networks and human thermal comfort-discomfort biometeorological data
Moustris K, Kavadias KA, Zafirakis D, Kaldellis JK
110 - 117 Torque coefficient analysis of a novel direct-drive parallel-stream counter-rotating darrieus turbine system
Janon A
118 - 129 Experimental validation of the dynamic thermal behavior of two types of agricultural greenhouses in the Mediterranean context
Ben Ali R, Bouadila S, Mami A
130 - 140 Structural health monitoring of grouted connections for offshore wind turbines by means of acoustic emission: An experimental study
Tziavos NI, Hemida H, Dirar S, Papaelias M, Metje N, Baniotopoulos C
141 - 154 Investigation on the performance of ASHP heating system using frequency-conversion technique based on a temperature and hydraulic-balance control strategy
Zhou CH, Ni L, Wang J, Yao Y
155 - 163 An experimental design of the solid oxide fuel cell performance by using partially oxidation reforming of natural gas
Farnak M, Esfahani JA, Bozorgmehri S
164 - 178 Numerical investigation on the operation and energy demand of a seven-stage metal hydride hydrogen compression system for Hydrogen Refuelling Stations
Gkanas EI, Christodoulou CN, Tzamalis G, Stamatakis E, Chroneos A, Deligiannis K, Karagiorgis G, Stubos AK
179 - 191 Precise prediction of biogas thermodynamic properties by using ANN algorithm
Farzaneh-Gord M, Mohseni-Gharyehsafa B, Arabkoohsar A, Ahmadi MH, Sheremet MA
192 - 203 Numerical investigation of the average wind speed of a single wind turbine and development of a novel three-dimensional multiple wind turbine wake model
Sun HY, Yang HX
204 - 213 Enhancing methane yield of chicken litter in anaerobic digestion using magnetite nanoparticles
Aguilar-Moreno GS, Navarro-Ceron E, Velazquez-Hernandez A, Hernandez-Eugenio G, Aguilar-Mendez MA, Espinosa-Solares T
214 - 222 Wind turbine power curve modeling for reliable power prediction using monotonic regression
Mehrjoo M, Jozani MJ, Pawlak M
223 - 238 A tip loss correction model for wind turbine aerodynamic performance prediction
Zhong W, Shen WZ, Wang T, Li Y
239 - 248 Experimental investigation of loop heat pipe with a large squared evaporator for multi-heat sources cooling
Xiao B, Deng WZ, Ma ZY, He S, He L, Li X, Yuan F, Liu W, Liu ZC
249 - 264 Collaborative optimization of ground source heat pump-radiant ceiling air conditioning system based on response surface method and NSGA-II
Xie YW, Hu PF, Zhu N, Lei F, Xing L, Xu LH
265 - 274 Enhanced properties of diatomite-based composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Li CC, Wang MF, Xie BS, Ma H, Chen J
275 - 283 Function promotion of SO42-/Al2O3-SnO2 catalyst for biodiesel production from sewage sludge
Zhang RY, Zhu FF, Dong Y, Wu XM, Sun YH, Zhang DR, Zhang T, Han ML
284 - 292 Analysis of performance and emission characteristics of Waste cooking oil and Chlorella variabilis MK039712.1 biodiesel blends in a single cylinder, four strokes diesel engine
Nirmala N, Dawn SS, Harindra C
293 - 301 Production of high-quality biofuel via ethanol liquefaction of pretreated natural microalgae
Zhou YD, Chen YG, Li MY, Hu CW
302 - 309 Potential of water natural circulation coupled with nano-enhanced PCM for PV module cooling
Abdollahi N, Rahimi M
310 - 321 Ochrocarpus longifolius assisted green synthesis of CaTiO3 nanoparticle for biodiesel production and its kinetic study
Yatish KV, Lalithamba HS, Suresh R, Latha HKE
322 - 329 The relationship between renewable energy consumption and trade openness: New evidence from emerging economies
Zeren F, Akkus HT
330 - 338 The effect of financial development on renewable energy consumption. A panel data approach
Anton SG, Nucu AEA
339 - 355 The effect of complementarity between solar, wind and tidal energy in isolated hybrid microgrids
Neto PBL, Saavedra OR, Oliveira DQ
356 - 373 Climatic and seasonal suitability of phase change materials coupled with night ventilation for office buildings in Western China
Liu J, Liu Y, Yang L, Liu T, Zhang C, Dong H
374 - 383 Preparation and characterization of a novel composite phase change material with double phase change points based on nanocapsules
Zhao MX, Zhang X, Kong XF
384 - 398 Numerical investigation of wind turbines and turbine arrays on highways
Tian WL, Song BW, Mao ZY
399 - 408 Renewable and non-renewable energy consumption-economic growth nexus: New evidence from South Asia
Rahman MM, Velayutham E
409 - 422 A numerical study on the performance of a superhydrophobic coated very low head (VLH) axial hydraulic turbine using entropy generation method
Haghighi MHS, Mirghavami SM, Ghorani MM, Riasi A, Chini SF
423 - 436 Jordan toward a 100% renewable electricity system
Kiwan S, Al-Gharibeh E
437 - 446 Trailing-edge serrations effect on the performance of a wind turbine
Llorente E, Ragni D
447 - 463 Coupling a Hydronic Heating Pavement to a Horizontal Ground Heat Exchanger for harvesting solar energy and heating road surfaces
Mirzanamadi R, Hagentoft CE, Johansson P
464 - 472 Production of bio-hydrogenated kerosene by catalytic hydrocracking from refined bleached deodorised palm/ palm kernel oils
Dujjanutat P, Kaewkannetra P
473 - 486 Large Eddy Simulations on Vertical Axis Hydrokinetic Turbines - Power coefficient analysis for various solidities
Guillaud N, Balarac G, Goncalves E, Zanette J
487 - 501 Modelling of linear and non-linear two-body wave energy converters under regular and irregular wave conditions
Ji XY, Al Shami E, Monty J, Wang X
502 - 514 Modelling of operation and optimum design of a wave power take-off system with energy storage
Bonovas MI, Anagnostopoulos IS
515 - 528 Solar Irradiation Data Processing using estimator MatriceS (SIMS) validated for Portugal (southern Europe)
Silva HG, Abreu EFM, Lopes FM, Cavaco A, Canhoto P, Neto J, Collares-Pereira M
529 - 540 Developing a coupled turbine thrust methodology for floating tidal stream concepts: Verification under prescribed motion
Brown SA, Ransley EJ, Greaves DM
541 - 555 Carica papaya stem: A source of versatile heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production and C-C bond formation
Gohain M, Laskar K, Paul AK, Daimary N, Maharana M, Goswami IK, Hazarika A, Bora U, Deka D
556 - 569 Solar driven water heating systems for medium-rise residential buildings in urban mediterranean areas
Panagiotidou M, Aye L, Rismanchi B
570 - 583 Small scale solar tower coupled with micro gas turbine
Giostri A, Binotti M, Sterpos C, Lozza G
584 - 593 A facile and mild one-pot process for direct extraction of lipids from wet energy insects of black soldier fly larvae
Feng WL, Xiong H, Wang WG, Duan XL, Yang T, Wu C, Yang F, Wang TL, Wang CW
594 - 601 Water collection from air by ionic liquids for efficient visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution by metal-free conjugated polymer photocatalysts
Chen Y, Gao X, Liu XW, Ji GP, Fu L, Yang YZ, Yu QQ, Zhang WJ, Xue XM
602 - 609 Utilization of low-concentration coal-bed gas to generate power using a core-shell catalyst-modified solid oxide fuel cell
Yuan XQ, Chen HL, Tian WJ, Shi J, Zhou W, Cheng FQ, Li SD, Shao ZP
610 - 619 Used disposable nappies and expired food products valorisation through one- & two-stage anaerobic co-digestion
Tsigkou K, Tsafrakidou P, Kopsahelis A, Zagklis D, Zafiri C, Kornaros M
620 - 629 Experimental and numerical studies on the thermal performance of ground heat exchangers in a layered subsurface with groundwater
Li WX, Li XD, Peng YL, Wang Y, Tu JY
630 - 638 A theoretical model of natural circulation flow and heat transfer within horizontal evacuated tube considering the secondary flow
Li JR, Li XD, Wang Y, Tu JY
639 - 649 Hydrogen storage for off-grid power supply based on solar PV and electrochemical reforming of ethanol-water solutions
Gutierrez-Martin F, Calcerrada AB, de Lucas-Consuegra A, Dorado F
650 - 662 Study of internal multi-parameter distributions of proton exchange membrane fuel cell with segmented cell device and coupled three-dimensional model
Yin C, Gao Y, Li T, Xie GY, Li K, Tang H
663 - 671 Comparisons of next-day solar forecasting for Singapore using 3DVAR and 4DVAR data assimilation approaches with the WRF model
Huva R, Verbois H, Walsh W
672 - 682 Utilizing shallow geothermal energy to develop an energy efficient HVAC system
Lyu WH, Li XT, Yan S, Jiang SH
683 - 694 Collaborative optimization between passive design measures and active heating systems for building heating in Qinghai-Tibet plateau of China
Wang XL, Mai XM, Lei B, Bi HQ, Zhao B, Mao G
695 - 704 Mechanistic study of the catalytic transfer hydrogenation of biodiesel catalyzed by Raney-Ni under microwave heating
Zhang LY, Xin ZW, Liu ZH, Wei GT, Li ZM, Ou YN
705 - 718 Overtopping breakwater for wave Energy Conversion: Review of state of art, recent advancements and what lies ahead
Contestabile P, Crispino G, Di Lauro E, Ferrante V, Gisonni C, Vicinanza D
719 - 729 Reaction kinetics analysis of branched-chain alkyl esters of palmitic acid and cold flow properties
Ni ZH, Zhai YL, Li FS, Wang H, Yang K, Wang BC, Chen Y
730 - 740 The energy gain reduction due to shadow inside a flat-plate solar collector
Farhadi R, Taki M
741 - 750 Life-cycle probabilistic geotechnical model for energy piles
Hu B, Luo Z
751 - 763 City-scale solutions for the energy use of shallow urban subsurface resources - Bridging the gap between theoretical and technical potentials
Epting J, Bottcher F, Mueller MH, Garcia-Gil A, Zosseder K, Huggenberger P
764 - 775 Long-term assessment of a floating offshore wind turbine under environmental conditions with multivariate dependence structures
Li X, Zhang W
776 - 797 Detection of sub-surface damage in wind turbine bearings using acoustic emissions and probabilistic modelling
Fuentes R, Dwyer-Joyce RS, Marshall MB, Wheals J, Cross EJ
798 - 805 Fish waste: An efficient alternative to biogas and methane production in an anaerobic mono-digestion system
Bucker F, Marder M, Peiter MR, Lehn DN, Esquerdo VM, Pinto LAD, Konrad O
806 - 813 Recirculation of char from biomass gasification: Effects on gasifier performance and end-char properties
Hernandez JJ, Saffe A, Collado R, Monedero E
814 - 823 Improving stability of torrefied biomass at cooling stage
Kutlu O, Kocar G
824 - 832 Thermodynamic optimization of composite insulation system with cold shield for liquid hydrogen zero-boil-off storage
Zheng JP, Chen LB, Liu XM, Zhu HL, Zhou Y, Wang JJ
833 - 844 Drying characteristics and kinetics solar drying of Mediterranean mussel (mytilus galloprovincilis) type under forced convection
Kouhila M, Moussaoui H, Lamsyehe H, Tagnamas Z, Bahammou Y, Idlimam A, Lamharrar A
845 - 855 Thermal performance of a passive, mixed-type solar dryer for tomato slices (Solanum lycopersicum)
Cesar LVE, Lilia CMA, Octavio GV, Isaac PF, Rogelio BO
856 - 863 A Z-scheme TiO2 quantum dots fragment-Bi12TiO20 composites for enhancing photocatalytic activity
Wang T, Liu XQ, Men QY, Ma CC, Liu Y, Huo PW, Yan YS
864 - 873 A novel application of biologically synthesized nanoparticles for enhanced biohydrogen production and carbon monoxide bioconversion
Sinharoy A, Pakshirajan K
874 - 883 Experimental investigation on a MnCl2-SrCl2/NH3 thermochemical resorption heat storage system
Yan T, Kuai ZH, Wu SF
884 - 894 Investigating the feasibility of valorizing residual char from biomass gasification as catalyst support in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Benedetti V, Ail SS, Patuzzi F, Cristofori D, Rauch R, Baratieri M
895 - 902 Description of short circuit current of outdoor photovoltaic modules by multiple regression analysis under various solar irradiance levels
Nakayama K, Tsuji M, Chantana J, Kawano Y, Nishimura T, Hishikawa Y, Minemoto T
903 - 915 Alternatives for current net metering policy for solar PV in the Netherlands: A comparison of impacts on business case and purchasing behaviour of private homeowners, and on governmental costs
Londo M, Matton R, Usmani O, van Klaveren M, Tigchelaar C, Brunsting S
916 - 923 Cascade conversion of furfural to fuel bioadditive ethyl levulinate over bifunctional zirconium-based catalysts
Li MZ, Wei JN, Yan GH, Liu H, Tang X, Sun Y, Zeng XH, Lei TZ, Lin L
924 - 936 Enhanced hydrogen production by a sequential dark and photo fermentation process: Effects of initial feedstock composition, dilution and microbial population
Nino-Navarro C, Chairez I, Christen P, Canul-Chan M, Garcia-Pena EI
937 - 946 Valorizing of weeds algae through the solar assisted pyrolysis: Effects of dependable parameters on yields and characterization of products
Rahman MA
947 - 956 Thermodynamic equilibrium analysis of the vapor phase hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol
Silva NKG, Ribas RM, Monteiro RS, Barrozo MADS, Soares RR
957 - 968 Combustion characteristics of sewage sludge solid fuels produced by drying and hydrothermal carbonization in a fluidized bed
Ahn H, Kim D, Lee Y
969 - 978 Development of granular thermochemical heat storage composite based on calcium oxide
Xia BQ, Zhao CY, Yan J, Khosa AA
979 - 995 Experimental and numerical investigations on the thermal performance of a horizontal spiral-coil ground heat exchanger
Yang WB, Xu R, Wang F, Chen SK
996 - 1010 A numerical study on utilizing horizontal flat-panel ground heat exchangers in ground-coupled heat pumps
Habibi M, Amadeh A, Hakkaki-Fard A
1011 - 1018 Experimental investigation on heat transfer characteristics of various nanofluids in an indoor electric heater
Chen ZX, Zheng D, Wang J, Chen L, Sunden B
1019 - 1032 Effect of injection timing on modified direct injection diesel engine performance operated with dairy scum biodiesel and Bio-CNG
Channappagoudra M, Ramesh K, Manavendra G
1033 - 1043 Valorization of walnut shell ash as a catalyst for biodiesel production
Miladinovic MR, Zdujic MV, Veljovic DN, Krstic JB, Bankovic-Ilic IB, Veljkovic VB, Stamenkovic OS
1044 - 1057 Wind energy utilization for hydrogen production in an underdeveloped country: An economic investigation
Rezaei M, Naghdi-Khozani N, Jafari N
1058 - 1069 Comparative assessment of engine performance and emissions fueled with three different biodiesel generations
Tayari S, Abedi R, Rahi A
1070 - 1081 Photoactivated Fe(III)/Fe(II)/WO3-Pd fuel cell for electricity generation using synthetic and real effluents under visible light
Russo D, Muscetta M, Clarizia L, Di Somma I, Garlisi C, Marotta R, Palmisano G, Andreozzi R
1082 - 1097 Experimental evaluation of the culture parameters for optimum yield of lipids and other nutraceutically valuable compounds in Chloroidium saccharophillum (Kruger) comb. Nov
Santhakumaran P, Kookal SK, Mathew L, Ray JG
1098 - 1106 Field tests on thermal response characteristics of micro-steel-pipe pile under multiple temperature cycles
Ren LW, Xu J, Kong GQ, Liu HL
1107 - 1119 Influence of drying methods on the thermodynamic parameters, effective moisture diffusion and drying rate of wastewater sewage sludge
Ameri B, Hanini S, Boumandi M
1120 - 1130 Unveiling the pyrolysis mechanisms of cellulose: Experimental and theoretical studies
Yang XX, Fu ZW, Han DD, Zhao YY, Li R, Wu YL
1131 - 1138 Characterization and effects of thermal cycling on the properties of paraffin/expanded graphite composites
Wang QQ, Zhou D, Chen YM, Eames P, Wu ZG
1139 - 1150 Biofuel quality analysis of fallen leaf pellets: Effect of moisture and glycerol contents as binders
Gonzalez WA, Lopez D, Perez JF
1151 - 1163 Thermodynamic assessment of the integrated gasification-power plant operating in the sawmill industry: An energy and exergy analysis
Gonzalez AM, Jaen RL, Lora EES
1164 - 1179 Cost-aware renewable energy management: Centralized vs. distributed generation
Leithon J, Werner S, Koivunen V
1180 - 1187 In-situ reforming of biomass primary tars via reactive flash volatilization
Ahmed TY, Hoadley AFA, Tanksale A
1188 - 1198 Comparative evaluation of two biomass direct-fired power plants with carbon capture and sequestration
Yan LB, Wang ZQ, Cao Y, He BS
1199 - 1208 Investigation of the correlation mechanism between cavitation rope behavior and pressure fluctuations in a hydraulic turbine
Yu A, Zou ZP, Zhou DQ, Zheng Y, Luo XW
1209 - 1220 A new passive PV heatsink design to reduce efficiency losses: A computational and experimental evaluation
Hernandez-Perez JG, Carrillo JG, Bassam A, Flota-Banuelos M, Patino-Lopez LD
1221 - 1230 Distributed heating/centralized monitoring mode of biomass briquette fuel in Chinese northern rural areas
Liu LS, Wang DJ, Gao LW, Duan RZ
1231 - 1238 Real-time inspection and determination methods of faults on photovoltaic power systems by thermal imaging in Turkey
Cubukcu M, Akanalci A
1239 - 1250 Combustion and grindability characteristics of palm kernel shells torrefied in a pilot-scale installation
Junga R, Pospolita J, Niemiec P
1251 - 1265 Assessment of a Compressed Air Energy Storage System using gas pipelines as storage devices in Chile
Valdivia P, Barraza R, Saldivia D, Gacitua L, Barrueto A, Estay D
1266 - 1274 Auctions for allocation of offshore wind contracts for difference in the UK
Welisch M, Poudineh R
2555 - 2555 Editorial
Tsagarakis KP, Biscontin G, Sanchez M
2556 - 2571 A review of the legal framework in shallow geothermal energy in selected European countries: Need for guidelines
Tsagarakis KP, Efthymiou L, Michopoulos A, Mavragani A, Andelkovic AS, Antolini F, Bacic M, Bajare D, Baralis M, Bogusz W, Burlon S, Figueira J, Genc MS, Javed S, Jurelionis A, Koca K, Ryiynski G, Urchueguia JF, Zlender B
2572 - 2581 Thermally-activated piles and pile groups under monotonic and cyclic thermal loading-A review
Bourne-Webb PJ, Freitas TMB
2582 - 2598 Transient evaluation of a soil-borehole thermal energy storage system
Baser T, McCartney JS
2599 - 2617 Heating and cooling induced stresses and displacements in heat exchanger piles in sand
Georgiadis K, Skordas D, Kamas I, Comodromos E
2618 - 2632 Response of unsaturated soils to heating of geothermal energy pile
Sani AK, Singh RM
2633 - 2642 Determining optimal designs for conventional and geothermal energy piles
Jelusic P, Zlender B
2643 - 2653 Thermal behaviour of geothermal diaphragm walls: Evaluation of exchanged thermal power
Rammal D, Mroueh H, Burlon S
2654 - 2663 Energy and mechanical aspects on the thermal activation of diaphragm walls for heating and cooling
Barla M, Di Donna A, Santi A
2664 - 2675 Influence of rainfall events on the energy performance of an earth-air heat exchanger embedded in a multilayered soil
Cuny M, Lin J, Siroux M, Fond C
2676 - 2687 Impact of soil moisture on the long-term energy performance of an earth-air heat exchanger system
Lin J, Nowamooz H, Braymand S, Wolff P, Fond C
2688 - 2695 Study on the effect of groundwater flow on the identification of thermal properties of soils
Li B, Han ZW, Hu HH, Bai CG
2696 - 2707 Analytical solutions for predicting thermal plumes of groundwater heat pump systems
Pophillat W, Attard G, Bayer P, Hecht-Mendez J, Blum P
2708 - 2723 Measurements and analysis of the thermal properties of a sedimentary succession in Yangtze plate in China
Luo J, Qiao Y, Xiang W, Rohn J
2724 - 2735 A case study of the sizing and optimisation of an energy pile foundation (Rosborg, Denmark)
Alberdi-Pagola M, Poulsen SE, Jensen RL, Madsen S
2736 - 2747 Thermal performance and economic study of an energy piles system under cooling dominated conditions
Akrouch GA, Sanchez M, Briaud JL
2748 - 2760 Energy performance of ground heat exchangers embedded in diaphragm walls: Field observations and optimization by numerical modelling
Sterpi D, Tomaselli G, Angelotti A
2761 - 2773 Characterisation of efficiency losses in ground source heat pump systems equipped with a double parallel stage: A case study
Garcia-Cespedes J, Arno G, Herms I, de Felipe JJ
2774 - 2790 Investigation of a hybrid system with ground source heat pump and solar collectors: Charging of thermal storages and space heating
Georgiev A, Popov R, Toshkov E
2791 - 2800 Shallow geothermal energy integration in district heating system: An example from Serbia
Kljajic MV, Andelkovic AS, Hasik V, Muncan VM, Bilec M
2801 - 2808 Shallow geothermal energy under the microscope: Social, economic, and institutional aspects
Tsagarakis KP
2809 - 2809 Editorial
Karellas S, Dossena V, Guardone A, Astolfi M
2810 - 2821 Techno-economic optimization of a geothermal ORC with novel "Emeritus" heat rejection units in hot climates
Astolfi M, La Diega LN, Romano MC, Merlo U, Filippini S, Macchi E
2822 - 2832 Thermodynamic and economic optimization of a double-pressure organic Rankine cycle driven by low-temperature heat source
Sun QX, Wang YX, Cheng ZY, Wang JF, Zhao P, Dai YP
2833 - 2841 Performance assessment of a standard radial turbine as turbo expander for an adapted solar concentration ORC
Deligant M, Sauret E, Danel Q, Bakir F
2842 - 2854 CO2-TiCl4 working fluid for high-temperature heat source power cycles and solar application
Bonalumi D, Lasala S, Macchi E
2855 - 2864 Experimental evaluation of nucleate pool boiling heat transfer correlations for R245fa and R1233zd(E) in ORC applications
Welzl M, Heberle F, Bruggemann D
2865 - 2873 Potential analysis of pumped heat electricity storages regarding thermodynamic efficiency
Roskosch D, Venzik V, Atakan B
2874 - 2881 Working fluid parametric analysis for recuperative supercritical organic Rankine cycles for medium geothermal reservoir temperatures
Moloney F, Almatrafi E, Goswami DY
2882 - 2895 Experimental development of a kilowatt-scale biomass fired micro - CHP unit based on ORC with rotary vane expander
Mascuch J, Novotny V, Vodicka V, Spale J, Zeleny Z
2896 - 2904 Field performance evaluation of geothermal ORC power plants with a focus on radial outflow turbines
Zanellato L, Astolfi M, Serafino A, Rizzi D, Macchi E
2905 - 2912 A thermo-economic methodology to select sCO(2) power cycles for CSP applications
Crespi F, Sanchez D, Rodriguez JM, Gavagnin G
2913 - 2931 Hybrid solar-biomass combined Brayton/organic Rankine-cycle plants integrated with thermal storage: Techno-economic feasibility in selected Mediterranean areas
Pantaleo AM, Camporeale SM, Sorrentino A, Miliozzi A, Shah N, Markides CN
2932 - 2943 The Ottana solar facility: dispatchable power from small-scale CSP plants based on ORC systems
Petrollese M, Cau G, Cocco D