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1429 - 1443 An experimental work on the performance of new integration of photovoltaic panel with solar still in semi-arid climate conditions
Abd Elbar AR, Hassan H
1444 - 1450 Importance of redefinition of corn stover harvest time to enhancing non-food bio-ethanol production
Zhang CW, Chen HD, Pang SY, Su CS, Lv M, An N, Wang K, Cai D, Qin PY
1451 - 1464 Simulation study of a pipe-encapsulated PCM wall system with self-activated heat removal by nocturnal sky radiation
Yan T, Sun ZW, Gao JJ, Xu XH, Yu JH, Gang WJ
1465 - 1470 Solar cells fabricated by spray pyrolysis deposited Cu2CdSnS4 thin films
Tombak A, Kilicoglu T, Ocak YS
1471 - 1485 Economic assessment of flexible power generation from biogas plants in Germany's future electricity system
Lauer M, Leprich U, Thran D
1486 - 1497 Simplified model to correct thermopile pyranometer solar radiation measurements for photovoltaic module yield estimation
Lillo-Bravo I, Larraneta M, Nunez-Ortega E, Gonzalez-Galvan R
1498 - 1509 Improvements of global models for the determination of the kinetic parameters associated to the thermal degradation of lignocellulosic materials under low heating rates
Brillard A, Brilhac JF
1510 - 1523 3D characterization of thermo-hydro-geological fields and estimation of power potential from Puga geothermal reservoir, Ladakh, India
Jha SK, Puppala H, Kumar MSM
1524 - 1535 Design optimization of a curved wind turbine blade using neural networks and an aero-elastic vortex method under turbulent inflow
Sessarego M, Feng J, Ramos-Garcia N, Horcas SG
1536 - 1548 Performance analysis of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES)
Fleuchaus P, Schuppler S, Godschalk B, Bakema G, Blum P
1549 - 1559 The controllable deposition of large area roll-to-roll sputtered ito thin films for photovoltaic applications
Demirhan Y, Koseoglu H, Turkoglu F, Uyanik Z, Ozdemir M, Aygun G, Ozyuzer L
1560 - 1577 Maximizing energy production from hydropower dams using short-term weather forecasts
Ahmad SK, Hossain F
1578 - 1587 Experimental investigation on the thermal management performance of heat sink using low melting point alloy as phase change material
Zhao L, Xing YM, Liu X
1588 - 1595 Effect of pre-fermentation types on the potential of methane production and energy recovery from food waste
Feng K, Li H, Deng Z, Wang Q, Zhang YY, Zheng CZ
1596 - 1608 An efficiency-aware continuous adaptive proportional-integral velocity-feedback control for wave energy converters
Nguyen HN, Tona P
1609 - 1617 Single cell oil and ethanol production by the oleaginous yeast Trichosporon fermentans utilizing dried sweet sorghum stalks
Antonopoulou I, Spanopoulos A, Matsakas L
1618 - 1639 Solar water heating technical-economic potential in the household sector in Brazil
Cruz T, Schaeffer R, Lucena AFP, Melo S, Dutra R
1640 - 1648 Energetic valorization of the residual biomass produced during Jatropha curcas oil extraction
Salgado MAH, Tarelho LAC, Rivadeneira D, Ramirez V, Sinche D
1649 - 1658 Suitability of hydrothermal carbonization to convert water hyacinth to added-value products
Roman S, Ledesma B, Alvarez A, Coronella C, Qaramaleki SV
1659 - 1666 Enhancing the efficiency of mixed halide mesoporous perovskite solar cells by introducing amine modified graphene oxide buffer layer
Sahin C, Diker H, Sygkridou D, Varlikli C, Stathatos E
1667 - 1675 Intensity dependent features of the light-induced gasification of the waste-derived coal-water compositions
Egorov RI, Zaitsev AS, Li H, Gao X, Strizhak PA
1676 - 1681 Optimization of PERC fabrication based on loss analysis in an industrially relevant environment: First results from GUNAM photovoltaic line (GPVL)
Es F, Semiz E, Orhan E, Genc E, Kokbudak G, Baytemir G, Turan R
1682 - 1690 Numerical simulation and application of noise for high-power wind turbines with double blades based on large eddy simulation model
Li J, Liu RH, Yuan P, Pei YL, Cao RJ, Wang G
1691 - 1699 Effects of carbonization conditions on the yield and fixed carbon content of biochar from pruned apple tree branches
Yang XM, Kang K, Qiu L, Zhao LX, Sun RH
1700 - 1709 Activated carbons synthesized from unaltered and pelletized biomass wastes for bio-tar adsorption in different phases
Shen YF, Zhou YW, Fu YH, Zhang NY
1710 - 1716 Slow pyrolysis of Defatted Seeds Cakes of African star apple and silk cotton for production of bio-oil
Sokoto MA, Biswas B, Kumar J, Bhaskar T
1717 - 1724 Mechanical strength of bio-coke from briquettes
Florentino-Madiedo L, Diaz-Faes E, Barriocanal C
1725 - 1745 Sea trial results of a predictive algorithm at the Mutriku Wave power plant and controllers assessment based on a detailed plant model
Fay FX, Robles E, Marcos M, Aldaiturriaga E, Camacho EF
1746 - 1765 Robust estimation and diagnosis of wind turbine pitch misalignments at a wind farm level
Sales-Setien E, Penarrocha-Alos I
1766 - 1780 CFD model-based analysis and experimental assessment of key design parameters for an integrated unglazed metallic thermal collector facade
Elguezabal P, Lopez A, Blanco JM, Chica JA
1781 - 1795 A study on performance, emission and combustion characteristics of diesel engine powered by nano-emulsion of waste orange peel oil biodiesel
Kumar ARM, Kannan M, Nataraj G
1796 - 1804 Conversion of bio-oil extracted from Chlorella vulgaris micro algae to biodiesel via modified superparamagnetic nano-biocatalyst
Nematian T, Salehi Z, Shakeri A
1805 - 1817 Experimental study on the thermal performance of a grey water heat harnessing exchanger using Phase Change Materials
Mazhar AR, Liu SL, Shukla A
1818 - 1832 Dynamic modeling and free vibration analysis of horizontal axis wind turbine blades in the flap-wise direction
Jokar H, Mahzoon M, Vatankhah R
1833 - 1845 A novel approach based on hybrid vortex search algorithm and differential evolution for identifying the optimal parameters of PEM fuel cell
Fathy A, Abd Elaziz M, Alharbi AG
1846 - 1866 Characteristics of heat fluxes in subsurface shallow depth soil layer as a renewable thermal source for ground coupled heat pumps
Brys K, Brys T, Sayegh MA, Ojrzynska H
1867 - 1878 Experimental study on the influence of preparation parameters on strengthening stability of phase change materials (PCMs)
Yang B, Liu JM, Song YW, Wang N, Li H
1879 - 1887 Numerical simulation and experimental study of transient characteristics in an axial flow pump during start-up
Fu SF, Zheng Y, Kan K, Chen HX, Han XX, Liang XL, Liu HW, Tian XQ
1888 - 1896 Comparison and analysis on air-to-air and air-to-water heat pump heating systems
Xiao B, He L, Zhang SH, Kong TT, Hu B, Wang RZ
1897 - 1906 Performance comparison of medium temperature domestic packed bed latent heat storage systems
Mawire A, Lefenya TM, Ekwomadu CS, Lentswe KA, Shobo AB
1907 - 1921 Using CaCl2 center dot 6H(2)O as a phase change material for thermo-regulation and enhancing photovoltaic panels' conversion efficiency: Experimental study and TRNSYS validation
Rezvanpour M, Borooghani D, Torabi F, Pazoki M
1922 - 1931 Dynamic characteristics of load rejection process in a reversible pump-turbine
Liu QZ, Su WT, Li XB, Zhang YN
1932 - 1942 The energy efficient use of an air handling unit for balancing an aquifer thermal energy storage system
Bozkaya B, Zeiler W
1943 - 1957 Design, development and performance investigation of solar Parabolic Trough Collector for large-scale solar power plants
Reddy KS, Ananthsornaraj C
1958 - 1975 A parametric study and optimization of the fully-passive flapping-foil turbine at high Reynolds number
Boudreau M, Picard-Deland M, Dumas G
1976 - 1983 Strategies for energy recovery and gains associated with the implementation of a solid state batch methanization system for treating organic waste from the city of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Ornelas-Ferreira B, Lobato LCS, Colturato LFD, Torres EO, Pombo LM, Pujatti FJP, Araujo JC, Chernicharo CAL
1984 - 1990 The enhanced activity of base metal modified MgAl mixed oxides from sol-gel hydrotalcite for ethylic transesterification
Lima-Correa RAB, Castro CS, Damasceno AS, Assaf JM
1991 - 2007 Hydrodeoxygenation of phenols, acids, and ketones as model bio-oil for hydrocarbon fuel over Ni-based catalysts modified by Al, La and Ga
Li ZY, Jiang EC, Xu XW, Sun Y, Tu R
2008 - 2023 Improving the thermal performance of ground air heat exchanger system using sand-bentonite (in dry and wet condition) as backfilling material
Agrawal KK, Misra R, Agrawal GD
2024 - 2043 A numerical tool for modelling oscillating wave surge converter with nonlinear mechanical constraints
Brito M, Canelas RB, Garcia-Feal O, Dominguez JM, Crespo AJC, Ferreira RML, Neves MG, Teixeira L
2044 - 2059 Estimation of global solar radiation for the tropical wet climatic region of India: A theory of experimentation approach
Makade RG, Chakrabarti S, Jamil B, Sakhale CN
2060 - 2069 Stochastic unit commitment in microgrids: Influence of the load forecasting error and the availability of energy storage
Alvarado-Barrios L, del Nozal AR, Valerino JB, Vera IG, Martinez-Ramos JL
2070 - 2083 To study the effect of different parameters on the thermal performance of ground-air heat exchanger system: In situ measurement
Agrawal KK, Misra R, Ghanshyam GD
2084 - 2094 Energetic use of biogas from the anaerobic digestion of coffee wastewater in southern Minas Gerais, Brazil
Pin BVD, Barros RM, Lora EES, del Olmo OA, dos Santos IFS, Ribeiro EM, Rocha JVD
2095 - 2111 Daily condition monitoring of grid-connected wind turbine via high-fidelity power curve and its comprehensive rating
Hu Y, Xi YH, Pan CY, Li GD, Chen BW
2112 - 2123 Gaussian Process Regression for numerical wind speed prediction enhancement
Cai HS, Jia XD, Feng JS, Li WZ, Hsu YM, Lee J
2124 - 2133 Feasibility and performance study on hybrid air source heat pump system for ultra-low energy building in severe cold region of China
Xu W, Liu CP, Li AG, Li J, Qiao BA
2134 - 2141 Pyrolysis characteristics and products distribution of haematococcus pluvialis microalgae and its extraction residue
Gong ZQ, Fang PW, Wang ZB, Li XY, Wang ZT, Meng FZ
2142 - 2157 The performance of a desiccant wheel air conditioning system with high-temperature chilled water from natural cold source
Chen L, Tan YK
2158 - 2169 Effect of different co-solvents on biodiesel production from various low-cost feedstocks using Sr-Al double oxides
Ambat I, Srivastava V, Iftekhar S, Haapaniemi E, Sillanpaa M
2170 - 2187 An efficient rotational sampling method of wind fields for wind turbine blade fatigue analysis
Chen JB, Song YP, Peng YB, Nielsen SRK, Zhang ZL
2188 - 2198 An explicit method to extract fitting parameters in lumped-parameter equivalent circuit model of industrial solar cells
Yu F, Huang GY, Xu CZ
2199 - 2209 Survey of the near wake of an axial-flow hydrokinetic turbine in the presence of waves
Lust EE, Flack KA, Luznik L
2210 - 2223 Exergo-environmental analysis of an indirect forced convection solar dryer for drying bitter gourd slices
Vijayan S, Arjunan TV, Kumar A
2224 - 2233 Study of quinoa plant residues as a way to produce energy through thermogravimetric analysis and indexes estimation
Bermejo SP, Prado-Guerra A, Perez AIG, Prieto LFC
2234 - 2242 Thermal performance enhancement of micro-grooved aluminum flat plate heat pipes applied in solar collectors
Chen G, Tang Y, Duan LH, Tang H, Zhong GS, Wan ZP, Zhang SW, Fu T
2243 - 2254 Techno-economic analysis of using three Fresnel solar fields coupled to a thermal power plant for different cost of natural gas
Khajepour S, Ameri M
2255 - 2269 Banana peduncle - A green and renewable heterogeneous base catalyst for biodiesel production from Ceiba pentandra oil
Balajii M, Niju S
2270 - 2280 N-doped hard carbon nanotubes derived from conjugated microporous polymer for electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction
Zhang WL, Sun HX, Zhu ZQ, Jiao R, Mu P, Liang WD, Li A
2281 - 2290 Boron-Doped Carbon nanoparticles supported palladium as an efficient hydrogen evolution electrode in PEM water electrolysis
Kumar SS, Himabindu V
2291 - 2307 An investigation on the influence of aluminium oxide nano-additive and honge oil methyl ester on engine performance, combustion and emission characteristics
Soudagar MEM, Nik-Ghazali NN, Kalam MA, Badruddin IA, Banapurmath NR, Bin Ali MA, Kamangar S, Cho HM, Akram N
2308 - 2315 Wood surface treatment techniques for enhanced solar steam generation
Ghafurian MM, Niazmand H, Ebrahimnia-Bajestan E, Taylor RA
2316 - 2329 Heat transfer enhancement in a flat plate solar collector with different flow path shapes using nanofluid
Saffarian MR, Moravej M, Doranehgard MH
2330 - 2336 Improved ADM1 for modelling C, N, P fates in anaerobic digestion process of pig manure and optimization approaches to biogas production
Li H, Chen Z, Fu D, Wang YP, Zheng YM, Li QB
2337 - 2350 Seasonal and interannual variability of the wave climate at a wave energy hotspot off the southwestern coast of Australia
Cuttler MVW, Hansen JE, Lowe RJ
2351 - 2361 Experimental and optical performances of a solar CPV device using a linear Fresnel reflector concentrator
Wang G, Wang FS, Shen F, Jiang TL, Chen ZS, Hu P
2362 - 2373 Development of an eco-friendly deinking process for the production of bioethanol using diverse hazardous paper wastes
Saini S, Chutani P, Kumar P, Sharma KK
2374 - 2379 Experimental modeling and optimization of biodiesel production from waste cooking oil and ethanol using N,N ',N ''-tris(3-dimethylaminopropyl)-guanidine as catalyst
Racar M, Faraguna F, Glasovac Z, Jukic A
2380 - 2389 Improved high solid anaerobic digestion of chicken manure by moderate in situ ammonia stripping and its relation to metabolic pathway
Bi SJ, Qiao W, Xiong LP, Mandy A, Wandera SM, Yin DM, Dong RJ
2390 - 2407 Wind actions on large-aperture parabolic trough solar collectors: Wind tunnel tests and structural analysis
Winkelmann U, Kamper C, Hoffer R, Forman P, Ahrens MA, Mark P
2408 - 2415 Biohydrogen production using xylose or xylooligosaccharides derived from sugarcane bagasse obtained by hydrothermal and acid pretreatments
de Sa LRV, Faber MD, da Silva AS, Cammarota MC, Ferreira-Leitao VS
2416 - 2429 Organosulfonic acid functionalized montmorillonites as solid catalysts for (trans) esterification of free fatty acids and (waste) oils
Silva SM, Peixoto AF, Freire C
2430 - 2437 Sustainable development using renewable energy technology
Ostergaard PA, Duic N, Noorollahi Y, Mikulcic H, Kalogirou S
2438 - 2449 Diagnosis of a battery energy storage system based on principal component analysis
Banguero E, Correcher A, Perez-Navarro A, Garcia E, Aristizabal A
2450 - 2461 Characteristics analysis of the photovoltaic thermal heat pump system on refrigeration mode: An experimental investigation
Liang RB, Zhou C, Zhang JL, Chen JQ, Riaz A
2462 - 2471 Developing of the new models in solar radiation estimation with curve fitting based on moving least-squares approximation
Kaplan AG, Kaplan YA
2472 - 2487 A systematic review of recent air source heat pump (ASHP) systems assisted by solar thermal, photovoltaic and photovoltaic/thermal sources
Wang XR, Xia L, Bales C, Zhang XX, Copertaro B, Pan S, Wu JS
2488 - 2498 Response of thermoelectric generators to Bi2Te3 and Zn4Sb3 energy harvester materials under variant solar radiation
Mahmoudinezhad S, Cotfas PA, Cotfas DT, Rosendahl LA, Rezania A
2499 - 2516 Validation of a CFD-based numerical wave tank model for the power production assessment of the wavestar ocean wave energy converter
Windt C, Davidson J, Ransley EJ, Greaves D, Jakobsen M, Kramer M, Ringwood JV
2517 - 2523 Hydrogen generation by aluminum alloy corrosion in aqueous acid solutions promoted by nanometal: Kinetics study
Martinez-Salazar AL, Melo-Banda JA, Coronel-Garcia MA, Gonzalez-Barbosa J, Dominguez-Esquivel JM
2524 - 2534 Refrigeration characteristics of a hybrid heat dissipation photovoltaic-thermal heat pump under various ambient conditions on summer night
Lu SX, Zhang JL, Liang RB, Zhou C
2535 - 2555 Analysis of hazards related to syngas production and transport
Stolecka K, Rusin A
2556 - 2565 Experimental investigations on the thermal stability of Na2CO3-K2CO3 eutectic salt/ceramic composites for high temperature energy storage
Li BR, Tan H, Liu Y, Liu Q, Zhang GQ, Deng ZF, Xu GZ, Guo YQ, Du XZ
2566 - 2576 Numerical study of biomass Co-firing under Oxy-MILD mode
Wang XB, Zhang JY, Xu XW, Mikulcic H, Li Y, Zhou YG, Tan HZ
2577 - 2588 Sustainable water supply systems for the islands: The integration with the energy problem
Papapostolou CM, Kondili EM, Zafirakis DP, Tzanes GT
2589 - 2625 A survey on smart grid technologies and applications
Dileep G
2626 - 2636 Optimal process design for integrated municipal waste management with energy recovery in Argentina
Morero B, Montagna AF, Campanella EA, Cafaro DC
2637 - 2645 Experimental study on thermal conductivity of paraffin-based shape-stabilized phase change material with hybrid carbon nano-additives
Qu Y, Wang S, Zhou D, Tian Y
2646 - 2658 Effect of intermittent operation on the thermal efficiency of energy tunnels under varying tunnel air temperature
Ogunleye O, Singh RM, Cecinato F, Choi JC
2659 - 2667 A mobile energy harvesting autowinder - Build and test
George A, Moline D, Wagner J
2668 - 2675 The effect of pollutants on leakage current and power degradation of photovoltaic modules
Wang P, Kong MY, Du W, Wang LH, Ni L
2676 - 2687 Box-Behnken optimization of glycerol transesterification reaction to glycerol carbonate over calcined oil palm fuel ash derived catalyst
Okoye PU, Wang S, Khanday WA, Li SX, Tang T, Zhang LN
2688 - 2699 Optimized charging of lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles: Adaptive multistage constant current-constant voltage charging strategy
Li YJ, Li KN, Xie Y, Liu JY, Fu CY, Liu B
2700 - 2715 The optimal design and operation strategy of renewable energy-CCHP coupled system applied in five building objects
Zhu XY, Zhan XY, Liang H, Zheng XY, Qiu YW, Lin J, Chen JC, Meng C, Zhao YR
2716 - 2723 Hot dry rock (HDR) hydraulic fracturing propagation and impact factors assessment via sensitivity indicator
Ma WW, Wang YD, Wu XT, Liu G
2724 - 2735 Application of iron oxide (Fe3O4) nanoparticles during the two-stage anaerobic digestion with waste sludge: Impact on the biogas production and the substrate metabolism
Zhang ZS, Guo L, Wang Y, Zhao YG, She ZL, Gao MC, Guo YD
2736 - 2743 A Markovian approach to power generation capacity assessment of floating wave energy converters
Arzaghi E, Abaei MM, Abbassi R, O'Reilly M, Garaniya V, Penesis I
2744 - 2757 Analysis and optimization of a methanol reactor with the adsorption of carbon monoxide and water
Leonzio G
2758 - 2765 Enhanced anaerobic fermentation of dairy manure by microelectrolysis in electric and magnetic fields
Qu GF, Lv P, Cai YY, Tu C, Ma X, Ning P
2766 - 2784 Comparative assessment of control strategies for the biradial turbine in the Mutriku OWC plant
Fay FX, Henriques JC, Kelly J, Mueller M, Abusara M, Sheng WA, Marcos M
2785 - 2796 An applied methodology for optimal sizing and placement of hybrid power source in remote area of South Algeria
Berbaoui B, Dehini R, Hatti M
2797 - 2811 Biomass-based gas use in Swedish iron and steel industry - Supply chain and process integration considerations
Nwachukwu CM, Toffolo A, Wetterlund E
2812 - 2826 A new diffuse luminous efficacy model for daylight availability in Burgos, Spain
Dieste-Velasco MI, Diez-Mediavilla M, Alonso-Tristan C, Gonzalez-Pena D, Rodriguez-Amigo MC, Garcia-Calderon T
2827 - 2839 Onshore wind farm siting prioritization based on investment profitability for Greece
Sakka EG, Bilionis DV, Vamvatsikos D, Gantes CJ