Renewable Energy

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1 - 12 Optimal reactive power dispatch of permanent magnet synchronous generator-based wind farm considering levelised production cost minimisation
Li J, Wang N, Zhou D, Hu WH, Huang Q, Chen Z, Blaabjerg F
13 - 20 Coevaporated Cd1-xMgxTe thin films for CdTe solar cells
Feng Y, Wang TW, Yu MZ, Huang J, Li W, Hao X, Zhang JQ, Wu LL
21 - 28 Absorption characteristics of nanoparticles with sharp edges for a direct-absorption solar collector
Qin C, Kim JB, Gonome H, Lee BJ
29 - 40 Energy and environmental life-cycle impacts of solar-assisted systems: The application of the tool "ELISA"
Longo S, Beccali M, Cellura M, Guarino F
41 - 51 Analysis of a laboratory scale thermal energy accumulator using two-phases heterogeneous paraffin wax-water mixtures
Reyes A, Henriquez-Vargas L, Vasquez J, Pailahueque N, Aguilar G
52 - 64 Parametric analysis of applying PCM wallboards for energy saving in high-rise lightweight buildings in Shanghai
Wang H, Lu W, Wu ZG, Zhang GH
65 - 83 Electricity generation from a three-horizontal-well enhanced geothermal system in the Qiabuqia geothermal field, China: Slickwater fracturing treatments for different reservoir scenarios
Lei ZH, Zhang YJ, Zhang SQ, Fu L, Hu ZJ, Yu ZW, Li LZ, Zhou J
84 - 92 Polyethylene glycol/silica (PEG@SiO2) composite inspired by the synthesis of mesoporous materials as shape-stabilized phase change material for energy storage
Li BM, Shu D, Wang RF, Zhai LL, Chai YY, Lan YJ, Cao HW, Zou C
93 - 98 Antioxidative performance and oil-soluble properties of conventional antioxidants in rubber seed oil biodiesel
Ni ZH, Li FS, Wang H, Wang S, Gao SY, Zhou L
99 - 105 Production of biodiesel from waste shark liver oil for biofuel applications
Al Hatrooshi AS, Eze VC, Harvey AP
A1 - A1 Editor's note
Kalogirou S
106 - 115 Experimental and numerical study of a PCM solar air heat exchanger and its ventilation preheating effectiveness
Hu Y, Heiselberg PK, Johra H, Guo R
116 - 123 Methane enhancement by the co-digestion of soybean straw and farm wastewater under different thermo-chemical pretreatments
Xiong JD, Hassan M, Wang WX, Ding WM
124 - 132 Efficient ZnS-ZnO/ZnAl-LDH composite for H-2 production by photocatalysis
Gil JJ, Aguilar-Martinez O, Pina-Perez Y, Perez-Hernandez R, Santolalla-Vargas CE, Gomez R, Tzompantzi F
133 - 140 Laser scribing of Cd2SnO4-based CdTe polycrystalline solar cells
Lai HG, Ren AB, Wu LL, Hao X, Zhang JQ, Wang WW, Wei QZ, Ni ZC, Feng LH
141 - 152 Operation of conventional and unconventional energy sources to drive a reverse osmosis desalination plant in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
Atallah MO, Farahat MA, Lotfy ME, Senjyu T
153 - 163 Analysis of the daylight performance of window integrated photovoltaics systems
Sun YY, Liu DM, Flor JF, Shank K, Baig H, Wilson R, Liu H, Sundaram S, Mallick TK, Wu YP
164 - 179 Mathematical modelling and experimental investigation of solar air collectors with corrugated absorbers
Lin WY, Ren HS, Ma ZJ
180 - 189 Comparative analyses of three olive mill solid residues from different countries and processes for energy recovery by gasification
Ducom G, Gautier M, Pietraccini M, Tagutchou JP, Lebouil D, Gourdon R
190 - 201 Biodiesels from three feedstock: The effect of graphene oxide (GO) nanoparticles diesel engine parameters fuelled with biodiesel
Hoseini SS, Najafi G, Ghobadian B, Ebadi MT, Mamat R, Yusaf T
202 - 214 Effects of saturated soil on the lengths of a double U-tube borehole with two independent circuits, a parallel double U-tube borehole and on the power consumption of a GSHP
Kimiaei S, Salmanzadeh M
215 - 221 Improving cellulase recycling efficiency by decreasing the inhibitory effect of unhydrolyzed solid on recycled corn stover saccharification
Xin DL, Yang M, Chen X, Zhang Y, Wang R, Wen PY, Zhang JH
222 - 232 Attapulgite enhances methane production from anaerobic digestion of pig slurry by changing enzyme activities and microbial community
Liang YG, Xu L, Bao J, Firmin KA, Zong WM
233 - 241 Application of environmental friendly and eutectic phase change materials for the efficiency enhancement of household freezers
Abdolmaleki L, Sadrameli SM, Pirvaram A
242 - 260 Mechanical analysis of photovoltaic panels with various boundary condition
Li YX, Xie LZ, Zhang TY, Wu YP, Sun YY, Ni ZC, Zhang JQ, He B, Zhao P
261 - 269 Experimental study of the thermal behavior of direct absorption parabolic trough collector by applying copper metal foam as volumetric solar absorption
Valizade M, Heyhat MM, Maerefat M
270 - 281 Chaotic wind power time series prediction via switching data-driven modes
Ouyang TH, Huang HM, He YS, Tang ZH
282 - 293 Thermal management and uniform temperature regulation of photovoltaic modules using hybrid phase change materials-nanofluids system
Hassan A, Wahab A, Qasim MA, Janjua MM, Ali MA, Ali HM, Jadoon TR, Ali E, Raza A, Javaid N
294 - 307 Thermal performance of a solar facade system for building ventilation in the southeast of Mexico
Hernandez-Lopez I, Xaman J, Zavala-Guillen I, Hernandez-Perez I, Moreno-Bernal P, Chavez Y
308 - 317 Characterization of nano-oxide added water emulsified biodiesel blend prepared with optimal emulsifying parameters
Kumar N, Raheman H
318 - 332 General models for estimating daily and monthly mean daily diffuse solar radiation in China's subtropical monsoon climatic zone
Song Z, Ren ZG, Deng QL, Kang X, Zhou M, Liu DR, Chen X
333 - 346 Novel stochastic methods to predict short-term solar radiation and photovoltaic power
Dong J, Olama MM, Kuruganti T, Melin AM, Djouadi SM, Zhang YC, Xue YS
347 - 362 The evaluation of reanalysis and analysis products of solar radiation for Sindh province, Pakistan
Tahir ZU, Azhar M, Blanc P, Asim M, Imran S, Hayat N, Shahid H, Ali H
363 - 374 Spatially-explicit models should consider real-world diffusion of renewable electricity: Solar PV example in Switzerland
Thormeyer C, Sasse JP, Trutnevyte E
375 - 381 Experimental study on the effects of feedstock on the properties of biodiesel using multiple linear regressions
Mairizal AQ, Awad S, Priadi CR, Hartono DM, Moersidik SS, Tazerout M, Andres Y
382 - 390 The impacts of economic growth, trade openness and technological progress on renewable energy use in organization for economic cooperation and development countries
Alam MM, Murad MW
391 - 398 Combustion process of a Korean wood pellet at a low temperature
Ahn J, Kim HJ
399 - 407 Enzymatic production of biodiesel using lipase catalyst and testing of an unmodified compression ignition engine using its blends with diesel
Jayaraman J, Alagu K, Appavu P, Joy N, Jayaram P, Mariadoss A
408 - 418 Comparison of synthetic turbulence approaches for blade element momentum theory prediction of tidal turbine performance and loads
Togneri M, Pinon G, Carlier C, Bex CC, Masters I
419 - 427 Numerical investigations into the idealized diurnal cycle of atmospheric boundary layer and its impact on wind turbine's power performance
Tian LL, Song YL, Zhao N, Shen WZ, Wang TG, Zhu CL
428 - 441 Performance improvement of a flat-plate solar collector by inserting intermittent porous blocks
Anirudh K, Dhinakaran S
442 - 457 Implicit meteorological parameter-based empirical models for estimating back temperature solar modules under varying tilt-angles in Lagos, Nigeria
Obiwulu AU, Chendo MAC, Erusiafe N, Nwokolo SC
458 - 465 Performance and emission characteristics of a CI engine using graphene oxide (GO) nano-particles additives in biodiesel-diesel blends
Hoseini SS, Najafi G, Ghobadian B, Ebadi MT, Mamat R, Yusaf T
466 - 477 Micro cracks distribution and power degradation of polycrystalline solar cells wafer: Observations constructed from the analysis of 4000 samples
Dhimish M
478 - 489 Simulated local climatic impacts of large-scale photovoltaics over the barren area of Qinghai, China
Chang R, Luo Y, Zhu R
490 - 499 Pretreatment of cotton spinning residues for optimal enzymatic hydrolysis: A case study using green solvents
Fockink DH, Andreaus J, Ramos LP, Lukasik RM
500 - 507 Production and characterization of fuel pellets from rice husk and wheat straw
Rios-Badran IM, Luzardo-Ocampo I, Garcia-Trejo JF, Santos-Cruz J, Gutierrez-Antonio C
508 - 513 Voltammetric study of one-step electrochemical methane production during water and CO2 co-electrolysis in molten CsH2PO4
Nikiforov AV, Petrushina IM, Christensen E, Berg RW, Bjerrum NJ
514 - 520 Mechanism and kinetic study of pulse electrodeposition process of Pt/C catalysts for fuel cells
Ye F, Wang ZM, Xu C, Yuan MD, Liu P, Yang WC, Liu GC
521 - 529 A novel electrical charging condensing heat exchanger for efficient particle emission reduction in small wood boilers
Rodriguez JGL, Suhonen H, Laitinen A, Tissari J, Kortelainen M, Tiitta P, Lande A, Keskinen J, Jokiniemi J, Sippula O
530 - 541 Combustion characteristics and kinetics of different food solid wastes treatment by blast furnace
Zhou D, Wei RF, Long HM, Li JX, Qi LY, Xu CC
542 - 556 A comparative study on methanol/diesel and methanol/PODE dual fuel RCCI combustion in an automotive diesel engine
Duraisamy G, Rangasamy M, Govindan N
557 - 568 One-year performance evaluation of two newly developed back-contact solar modules in two different climates
Ozden T, Carr AJ, Geerligs BJ, Turan R, Akinoglu BG
569 - 584 Efficiency enhancement of the parabolic trough solar collector using the rotating absorber tube and nanoparticles
Norouzi AM, Siavashi M, Oskouei MK
585 - 595 Development of a simulation-optimization model for sustainable operation of groundwater heat pump system
Park DK, Kaown D, Lee KK
596 - 603 The role of pole and molecular geometry of fatty acids in vegetable oils droplet on ignition and boiling characteristics
Marlina E, Wijayanti W, Yuliati L, Wardana ING
604 - 621 Thermal energy storage radiatively coupled to a supercritical Rankine cycle for electric grid support
Meroueh L, Chen G
622 - 631 Biogas improving by adsorption of CO2 on modified waste tea activated carbon
Rattanaphan S, Rungrotmongkol T, Kongsune P
632 - 641 Numerical analysis and wave tank validation on the optimal design of a two-body wave energy converter
Martin D, Li XF, Chen CA, Thiagarajan K, Ngo K, Parker R, Zuo L
642 - 650 An integrated fault diagnosis and prognosis approach for predictive maintenance of wind turbine bearing with limited samples
Wang JJ, Liang YY, Zheng YH, Gao RX, Zhang FL
651 - 662 Transient CFD simulation of wood log combustion in stoves
Scharler R, Gruber T, Ehrenhofer A, Kelz J, Bardar RM, Bauer T, Hochenauer C, Anca-Couce A
663 - 670 Sustainable production of value-added products from fast pyrolysis of palm shell residue in tandem micro-reactor and pilot plant
Ghorbannezhad P, Kool F, Rudi H, Ceylan S
671 - 681 Parametric analysis and optimization for the catalytic air gasification of palm kernel shell using coal bottom ash as catalyst
Inayat A, Inayat M, Shahbaz M, Sulaiman SA, Raza M, Yusup S
682 - 690 Ultrasonic assisted petha waste water pretreatment of rice straw for optimum production of methane and ethanol using mixed microbial culture
Kumari D, Singh R
691 - 698 Co3O4 imbedded g-C3N4 heterojunction photocatalysts for visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution
Yang LY, Liu J, Yang LP, Zhang M, Zhu H, Wang F, Yin J
699 - 710 Conversion of residues from agro-food industry into bioethanol in Iran: An under-valued biofuel additive to phase out MTBE in gasoline
Panahi HKS, Dehhaghi M, Aghbashlo M, Karimi K, Tabatabaei M
711 - 724 Determination of the effects of temperature changes on solar glass used in photovoltaic modules
Gurturk M, Benli H, Erturk NK
725 - 743 An accurate one-diode model suited to represent the current-voltage characteristics of crystalline and thin-film photovoltaic modules
Orioli A
744 - 756 Numerical and experimental investigation of the indoor air quality and thermal comfort performance of a low energy cooling windcatcher with heat pipes and extended surfaces
Calautit JK, Tien PW, Wei SY, Calautit K, Hughes B
757 - 771 y Simulation of eco-friendly and affordable energy production via solid oxide fuel cell integrated with biomass gasification plant using various gasification agents
Hosseinpour J, Chitsaz A, Liu L, Gao Y
772 - 782 Reducing the impact of wind farms on the electric power system by the use of energy storage
Simla T, Stanek W
783 - 804 Research and review study of solar dish concentrators with different nanofluids and different shapes of cavity receiver: Experimental tests
Loni R, Asli-Areh EA, Ghobadian B, Kasaeian AB, Gorjian S, Najafi G, Bellos E
805 - 813 Superposition of the single point source solution to generate temperature response factors for geothermal piles
Fossa M, Priarone A, Silenzi F
814 - 834 Multiobjective optimisation and integrated design of wind turbine blades using WTBM-ANSYS for high fidelity structural analysis
Maheri A
835 - 846 Investigation on the fusion characterization and melting kinetics of ashes from co-firing of anthracite and pine sawdust
Yao XW, Zhou HD, Xu KL, Xu QW, Li L
847 - 857 Life cycle analysis of biogas production from anaerobic digestion of palm oil mill effluent
Aziz NIHA, Hanafiah MM
858 - 866 Achieving high ethanol yield by co-feeding corncob residues and tea seed cake at high-solids simultaneous saccharification and fermentation
Zheng TR, Yu HL, Liu SJ, Jiang JX, Wang K
867 - 877 Numerical analysis of phase-change material melting in triplex tube heat exchanger
Yang K, Zhu N, Chang C, Yu HR, Yang S
878 - 892 A comprehensive simulation on optical and thermal performance of a cylindrical cavity receiver in a parabolic dish collector system
Xiao L, Guo FW, Wu SY, Chen ZL
893 - 902 Effect of concentration and size of sediments on hydro-abrasive erosion of Pelton turbine
Rai AK, Kumar A, Staubli T
903 - 913 A review of nanofluid-based direct absorption solar collectors: Design considerations and experiments with hybrid PV/Thermal and direct steam generation collectors
Goel N, Taylor RA, Otanicar T
914 - 924 A novel concept for managing thermal interference between geothermal systems in cities
Attard G, Bayer P, Rossier Y, Blum P, Eisenlohr L
925 - 936 Effect of 1-pentanol addition and EGR on the combustion, performance and emission characteristic of a CRDI diesel engine
Radheshyam, Santhosh K, Kumar GN
937 - 950 Assessment model of economic and environmental synergies for water surface photovoltaic projects based on spectral analysis
Liu D, Li CB, Sun M, Zeng W
951 - 962 Energy storage needs for the substitution of fossil fuel power plants with renewables
Leonard MD, Michaelides EE, Michaelides DN
963 - 980 Mathematical and neural network modeling for predicting and analyzing of nanofluid-nano PCM photovoltaic thermal systems performance
Al-Waeli AHA, Kazem HA, Yousif JH, Chaichan MT, Sopian K
981 - 996 Design and implementation of partial offline fuzzy model-predictive pitch controller for large-scale wind-turbines
Abdelbaky MA, Liu XJ, Jiang D
997 - 1003 The use of lignocellulosic waste in the production of pellets for energy purposes
Zawislak K, Sobczak P, Kraszkiewicz A, Niedziolka I, Parafiniuk S, Kuna-Broniowska I, Tanas W, Zukiewicz-Sobczak W, Obidzinski S
1004 - 1013 Solar photovoltaic source based magnetic launcher simulation design with thermal requirements consideration
Ozkucuk S, Kulahli MC
1014 - 1019 Ethyl esters biodiesel production from Spirulina sp. and Nannochloropsis oculata microalgal lipids over alumina-calcium oxide catalyst
Turkkul B, Deliismail O, Seker E
1020 - 1032 Wind speed variability and wind power potential over Turkey: Case studies for Canakkale and Istanbul
Arslan H, Baltaci H, Akkoyunlu BO, Karanfil S, Tayanc M
1033 - 1039 The "perfect storm" for distributed wind markets
Foster N, Orrell A, Homer J, Tagestad J
1040 - 1048 Improving wind turbine power curve monitoring with standardisation
Helbing G, Ritter M
1049 - 1060 Effect of inner pipe type on the heat transfer performance of deep buried coaxial double-pipe heat exchangers
Li C, Guan YL, Yang RT, Lu X, Xiong WX, Long AJ
1061 - 1072 An innovative variable shroud for micro wind turbines
Siavash NK, Najafi G, Hashjin TT, Ghobadian B, Mahmoodi E
1073 - 1079 Reuse of waste animal fat in biodiesel: Biorefining heavily-degraded contaminant-rich waste animal fat and formulation as diesel fuel additive
Ndiaye M, Arhaliass A, Legrand J, Roelens G, Kerihuel A
1080 - 1090 Active control of variable geometry Francis Turbine
Shanab BH, Elrefaie ME, El-Badawy AA
1091 - 1103 Analysis of temporal properties of extremes of wind measurements from 132 stations over Switzerland
Telesca L, Guignard F, Laib M, Kanevski M
1104 - 1125 Optimal scenarios for solar cell supply chain considering degradation in powerhouses
Manouchehrabadi MK, Yaghoubi S, Tajik J
1126 - 1148 Performance enhancement of solar energy systems using nanofluids: An updated review
Sahin AZ, Uddin MA, Yilbas BS, Al-Sharafi A
1149 - 1157 Recurrent neural network based adaptive integral sliding mode power maximization control for wind power systems
Yin XX, Jiang ZS, Pan L
1158 - 1175 Thermodynamic and thermoeconomic analysis of a novel ammonia-water mixture combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) cycle
Parikhani T, Azariyan H, Behrad R, Ghaebi H, Jannatkhah J
1176 - 1191 Stochastic financial appraisal of offshore wind farms
Ioannou A, Angus A, Brennan F
1192 - 1213 CFD modeling and evaluation the performance of a solar cabinet dryer equipped with evacuated tube solar collector and thermal storage system
Iranmanesh M, Akhijahani HS, Jahromi MSB
1214 - 1221 A novel backtracking approach for two-axis solar PV tracking plants
Fernandez-Ahumada LM, Ramirez-Faz J, Lopez-Luque R, Varo-Martinez M, Moreno-Garcia IM, de la Torre FC
1222 - 1234 Numerical simulation on solar collector and cascade heat pump combi water heating systems in Kazakhstan climates
Yerdesh Y, Abdulina Z, Aliuly A, Belyayev Y, Mohanraj M, Kaltayev A
1235 - 1245 Processing of extracted olive oil pomace residue by hydrothermal or dilute acid pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis in a biorefinery context
Manzanares P, Ballesteros I, Negro MJ, Gonzalez A, Oliva JM, Ballesteros M
1246 - 1254 Lipases immobilized on the modified polyporous magnetic cellulose support as an efficient and recyclable catalyst for biodiesel production from Yellow horn seed oil
Zhang HX, Liu TS, Zhu YW, Hong L, Li TF, Wang XQ, Fu YJ
1255 - 1265 Optimal design for solar greenhouses based on climate conditions
Esmaeli H, Roshandel R
1266 - 1279 Hybrid off-grid renewable power system for sustainable rural electrification in Benin
Odou ODT, Bhandari R, Adamou R
1280 - 1291 Experimental study on double pipe PCM floor heating system under different operation strategies
Lu SL, Xu BW, Tang XL
1292 - 1305 Flexible dynamic modeling and analysis of drive train for Offshore Floating Wind Turbine
Li ZW, Wen BR, Wei KX, Yang WX, Peng ZK, Zhang WM
1306 - 1316 Impacts of climate change on wind energy power - Four wind farms in Spain
Solaun K, Cerda E
1317 - 1324 Impact of average photon energy on spectral gain and loss of various-type PV technologies at different locations
Chantana J, Imai Y, Kawano Y, Hishikawa Y, Nishioka K, Minemoto T
1325 - 1333 Political risk and valuation of renewable energy investments in developing countries
Shimbar A, Ebrahimi SB
1334 - 1347 Sensitivity of OWC performance to air compressibility
Lopez I, Carballo R, Taveira-Pinto F, Iglesias G
1348 - 1360 Influence of structural design variations on economic viability of offshore wind turbines: An interdisciplinary analysis
Hubler C, Piel JH, Stetter C, Gebhardt CG, Breitner MH, Rolfes R
1361 - 1387 Experimental and numerical investigations of a single and double pass porous serpentine wavy wiremesh packed bed solar air heater
Singh S
1388 - 1398 Acidic and thermal pre-treatments for anaerobic digestion inoculum to improve hydrogen and volatile fatty acid production using xylose as the substrate
Mockaitis G, Bruant G, Guiot SR, Peixoto G, Foresti E, Zaiat M
1399 - 1411 Comprehensive evaluation of window-integrated semi-transparent PV for building daylight performance
Liu DM, Sun YY, Wilson R, Wu YP
1412 - 1429 Hybrid and adaptive sectors P&O MPPT algorithm based wind generation system
Mousa HHH, Youssef AR, Mohamed EEM
1430 - 1448 Heat transfer simulation, analysis and performance study of single U-tube borehole heat exchanger
Kerme ED, Fung AS
1449 - 1464 D-STATCOM for harmonic mitigation in low voltage distribution network with high penetration of nonlinear loads
Rohouma W, Balog RS, Peerzada AA, Begovic MM
1465 - 1473 A n-octadecane/hierarchically porous TiO2 form-stable PCM for thermal energy storage
Li CE, Yu H, Song Y, Wang M, Liu ZY
1474 - 1486 Influence of a wet wood particle form on the characteristics of its ignition in the high-temperature medium
Kuznetsov GV, Syrodoy SV, Gutareva NY
1487 - 1493 Design and development of small wind turbine for power generation through high velocity exhaust air
Nimje AA, Gandhi NM
1494 - 1506 Modeling and comparative analysis of solar drying behavior of potatoes
Djebli A, Hanini S, Badaoui O, Haddad B, Benhamou A
1507 - 1516 Efficient syngas production via dry reforming of renewable ethanol over Ni/KIT-6 nanocatalysts
Wei YC, Cai WJ, Deng SJ, Li ZC, Yu H, Zhang SY, Yu ZH, Cui L, Qu FZ
1517 - 1527 Very short-term wind power density forecasting through artificial neural networks for microgrid control
Rodriguez F, Florez-Tapia AM, Fontan L, Galarza A
1528 - 1542 Long-term high frequency monitoring of a large borehole heat exchanger array
Naicker SS, Rees SJ
1543 - 1571 Uncertainty models for stochastic optimization in renewable energy applications
Zakaria A, Ismail FB, Lipu MSH, Hannan MA
1572 - 1577 Surface modification of the La1.7Mg1.3Ni9 alloy with trace Y2O3 related to the electrochemical hydrogen storage properties
Zhang HW, Fu L, Xuan WD, Qi JB
1578 - 1596 CO2 emission reduction in the cement industry by using a solar calciner
Moumin G, Ryssel M, Zhao L, Markewitz P, Sattler C, Robinius M, Stolten D
1597 - 1607 Advanced design optimization of combustion equipment for biomass combustion
Smith JD, Sreedharan V, Landon M, Smith ZP
1608 - 1619 Numerical simulation on the thermal performance of a PCM-containing ventilation system with a continuous change in inlet air temperature
Sun WC, Huang R, Ling ZY, Fang XM, Zhang ZG
1620 - 1632 Techno-economic analysis of microalgae production with simultaneous dairy effluent treatment using a pilot-scale High Volume V-shape pond system
Kumar AK, Sharma S, Dixit G, Shah E, Patel A
1633 - 1646 Annual thermal performance analysis of underground cave dwellings based on climate responsive design
Zhu JY, Tong LP, Li RX, Yang JZ, Li HX
1647 - 1657 Anaerobic membrane reactor: Biomethane from chicken manure and high-quality effluent
Busato CJ, Da Ros C, Pellay R, Barbierato P, Pavan P
1658 - 1671 Novel collector design for enhancing the performance of solar chimney power plant
Nasraoui H, Driss Z, Kchaou H
1672 - 1676 Co-sputtered Cu2ZnTi(S:Se)(4) absorbers for thin film solar cells
Batibay D, Ocak YS, Genisel MF, Turan R
1677 - 1692 Experimental and numerical study of the effect of integrating plus-shaped perforated baffles to solar air collector in drying application
Khanlari A, Guler HO, Tuncer AD, Sirin C, Bilge YC, Yilmaz Y, Gungor A
1693 - 1708 Model-fitting approach to kinetic analysis of non-isothermal pyrolysis of pure and crude glycerol
Almazrouei M, Janajreh I
1709 - 1719 Immobilized polymeric sulfonated ionic liquid on core-shell structured Fe3O4/SiO2 composites: A magnetically recyclable catalyst for simultaneous transesterification and esterifications of low-cost oils to biodiesel
Xie WL, Wang H
1720 - 1729 The storage stability of biocrude obtained by the hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae
Palomino A, Godoy-Silva RD, Raikova S, Chuck CJ
1730 - 1747 Study of the tribological properties the mixture of soybean oil and used (waste) frying oil fatty acid methyl ester under boundary lubrication conditions
Ameen NHA, Durak E
1748 - 1760 Thermo-ecological cost analysis of cogeneration and polygeneration energy systems - Case study for thermal conversion of biomass
Gladysz P, Saari J, Czarnowska L
1761 - 1771 Thermal cracking behavior, products distribution and char/steam gasification kinetics of seawater Spirulina by TG-FTIR and Py-GC/MS
Li J, Tian YY, Zong PJ, Qiao YY, Qin S
1772 - 1779 Quality control of diffuse solar radiation component with satellite-based estimation methods
Rusen SE, Konuralp A
1780 - 1798 Challenges of diffusion and commercialization of bioenergy in developing countries
Bakhtiar A, Aslani A, Hosseini SM
1799 - 1807 Feasibility study of MgSO4 + zeolite based composite thermochemical energy stores charged by vacuum flat plate solar thermal collectors for seasonal thermal energy storage
Mahon D, Henshall P, Claudio G, Eames PC
1808 - 1816 Low temperature ionic liquid pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass to enhance bioethanol yield
Alayoubi R, Mehmood N, Husson E, Kouzayha A, Tabcheh M, Chaveriat L, Sarazin C, Gosselin I
1817 - 1830 Transient simulation on closure of wicket gates in a high-head Francis-type reversible turbine operating in pump mode
Wang WJ, Pavesi G, Pei J, Yuan SQ
1831 - 1848 Numerical comparative investigation of a flexible lignite-fired boiler using pre-dried lignite or biomass as supporting fuel
Drosatos P, Nikolopoulos N, Karampinis E, Strotos G, Grammelis P, Kakaras E
1849 - 1861 Consistent coupled optical and thermal analysis of volumetric solar receivers with honeycomb absorbers
Ali M, Rady M, Attia MAA, Ewais EMM
1862 - 1869 Carbonaceous supports decorated with Pt-TiO2 nanoparticles using electrostatic self-assembly method as a highly visible-light active photocatalyst for CO2 photoreduction
Larimi A, Rahimi M, Khorasheh F
1870 - 1882 Life cycle assessment (LCA) of the energetic use of bagasse in Iranian sugar industry
Mohammadi F, Roedl A, Abdoli MA, Amidpour M, Vahidi H
1883 - 1889 Predictions of energy recovery from hydrochar generated from the hydrothermal carbonization of organic wastes
Li L, Flora JRV, Berge ND
1890 - 1900 The influence of location on solar photo-Fenton: Process performance, photoreactor scaling-up and treatment cost
Reina AC, Miralles-Cuevas S, Cornejo L, Pomares L, Polo J, Oller I, Malato S
1901 - 1909 Economic performance assessment of building integrated photovoltaic system with battery energy storage under grid constraints
Sharma P, Kolhe M, Sharma A
1910 - 1922 Designing linked journey maps to understand the complexities of the residential solar energy market
Sinitskaya E, Gomez KJ, Bao QF, Yang MC, MacDonald EF
1923 - 1931 Fault diagnosis of wind turbine with SCADA alarms based multidimensional information processing method
Qiu YN, Feng YH, Infield D
1932 - 1940 Acetamide for latent heat storage: Thermal stability and metal corrosivity with varying thermal cycles
Brahma B, Narzary R, Baruah DC
1941 - 1948 Chicken feather and wheat straw hydrolysate for direct utilization in biobutanol production
Branska B, Fortova L, Dvorakova M, Liu H, Patakova P, Zhang J, Melzoch M
1949 - 1956 Effect of TEMPO and characterization of bio-oil from cellulose liquefaction in supercritical ethanol
Sun J, Xie XA, Fan D, Wang X, Liao WT
1957 - 1971 Transient performance analysis of concentrating solar thermal power plant with finned latent heat thermal energy storage
Raul A, Saha SK, Jain M
1972 - 1984 Experimental study of a new mixed mode solar greenhouse drying system with and without thermal energy storage for pepper
Azaizia Z, Kooli S, Hamdi I, Elkhal W, Guizani AA
1985 - 1991 Electron-mediated carbohydrate fuel cells: Characterizing the homogeneous viologen-mediated electron transfer rate of carbohydrate oxidation
Bingham H, Oliveira D, Larimer C, Hedworth H, Bahari M, Watt GD, Harb JN, Lewis RS
1992 - 2004 Numerical simulation and experimental validation of a micro-channel PV/T modules based direct-expansion solar heat pump system
Zhou JZ, Ma XL, Zhao XD, Yuan YP, Yu M, Li J
2005 - 2018 Ultrasonic de-icing of wind turbine blades: Performance comparison of perspective transducers
Daniliuk V, Xu YM, Liu RB, He TP, Wang X
2019 - 2024 The relationship of renewable energy consumption to stock market development and economic growth in Iran
Razmi SF, Bajgiran BR, Behname M, Salari TE, Razmi SMJ
2025 - 2033 Dynamic model of solar heating plant with seasonal thermal energy storage
Kubinski K, Szablowski L
2034 - 2045 Hybrid support vector machines with heuristic algorithms for prediction of daily diffuse solar radiation in air-polluted regions
Fan JL, Wu LF, Ma X, Zhou HM, Zhang FC
2046 - 2055 Experimental investigation on a novel phase change material composites coupled with graphite film used for thermal management of lithium-ion batteries
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2074 - 2090 Thermo-hydrodynamic behavior of an innovative solar chimney
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2091 - 2100 Upgrading almond-tree pruning as a biofuel via wet torrefaction
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2101 - 2107 Seasonal biomass production, fermentable saccharification and potential ethanol yields in the marine macroalga Ulva sp. (Chlorophyta)
Qarri A, Israel A
2108 - 2120 Enhancement in combustion, performance, and emission characteristics of a biodiesel-fueled diesel engine by using water emulsion and nanoadditive
Vellaiyan S
2121 - 2129 Water washing for upgrading fuel properties of greenhouse crop residue from pepper
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2130 - 2143 Numerical Optimization Study of Archimedes Screw Turbine (AST): A case study
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2144 - 2150 Heat collection in an attached sunspace
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2151 - 2158 Carbon counter electrode mesoscopic ambient processed & characterised perovskite for adaptive BIPV fenestration
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2159 - 2168 Kinetic study of the pyrolysis of microalgae under nitrogen and CO2 atmosphere
Hong Y, Xie CR, Chen WR, Luo X, Shi KQ, Wu T
2169 - 2177 Probabilistic power flow analysis with correlated wind speeds
Zhou SW, Xiao Q, Wu LH
2178 - 2191 Assessment of Deep Learning techniques for Prognosis of solar thermal systems
Correa-Jullian C, Cardemil JM, Droguett EL, Behzad M
2192 - 2200 Improving performance and stability in quantum dot-sensitized solar cell through single layer graphene/Cu2S nanocomposite counter electrode
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2201 - 2216 Current limiter circuit to avoid photovoltaic mismatch conditions including hot-spots and shading
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2217 - 2232 Minimizing erosive wear through a CFD multi-objective optimization methodology for different operating points of a Francis turbine
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2233 - 2244 Integral thermal and electrical energy utilization of the capacitive deionization regeneration method for absorption air-conditioning system
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2245 - 2252 Performance of calcium-added molten alkali carbonates for high-temperature desulfurization from pyrolysis gases
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2253 - 2270 Performance evaluation of gasification system efficiency using artificial neural network
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2271 - 2285 Challenges and solution technologies for the integration of variable renewable energy sources-a review
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2286 - 2295 Exploration of potassium migration behavior in straw ashes under reducing atmosphere and its modification by additives
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2296 - 2305 Technical challenges for the optimum penetration of grid-connected photovoltaic systems: Spain as a case study
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2306 - 2315 An improved volumetric method of geothermal resources assessment for shallow ground combining geophysical data
Tian BQ, Kong YL, Gong YL, Ye CT, Pang ZH, Wang JY, Zhang DD
2316 - 2326 Auto-thermal reforming of acetic acid for hydrogen production by ordered mesoporous Ni-xSm-Al-O catalysts: Effect of samarium promotion
Zhou Q, Zhong XY, Xie XY, Jia XY, Chen BQ, Wang N, Huang LH
2327 - 2336 Experimental investigation of floor-attached vortex effects on the pressure pulsation at the bottom of the axial flow pump sump
Song XJ, Liu C
2337 - 2344 Nanoparticles enabled pump-free direct absorption solar collectors
Jin HC, Lin GP, Guo YD, Bai LZ, Wen DS
2345 - 2357 Airfoil design for large horizontal axis wind turbines in low wind speed regions
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2358 - 2372 Liquefaction characteristics of offshore wind turbine with hybrid monopile foundation via centrifuge modelling
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2373 - 2379 Sub-hourly forecasting of wind speed and wind energy
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2409 - 2425 Exergy performance evaluation of a basin-type double-slope solar still equipped with phase-change material and PV/T collector
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2426 - 2434 A hybrid wind power forecasting approach based on Bayesian model averaging and ensemble learning
Wang G, Jia R, Liu JH, Zhang HG
2435 - 2444 Preparation and enhanced thermal conductivity of molten salt nanofluids with nearly unaltered viscosity
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2451 - 2462 Experimental analysis of Transient melting process in a horizontal cavity with different configurations of fins
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2463 - 2476 Methodology of quantitative analysis and diagnosis of higro-thermal and lighting monitoring for school buildings in a hot-humid mid-latitude climate
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2477 - 2488 New approach to estimate 5-min global solar irradiation data on tilted planes from horizontal measurement
Takilalte A, Harrouni S, Yaiche MR, Mora-Lopez L
2489 - 2502 Prospects and challenges for clean energy in European Islands.The TILOS paradigm
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2503 - 2509 Anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge and slaughterhouse waste in existing wastewater digesters
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2510 - 2515 Managing moisture content during storage of logging residues at landings - Effects of coverage strategies
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2516 - 2529 Preliminary experimental study on multi-stage gravitational water vortex turbine in a conical basin
Ullah R, Cheema TA, Saleem AS, Ahmad SM, Chattha JA, Park CW
2530 - 2537 Synthesis of quality biodiesel from Calophyllum inophyllum kernels through reactive extraction method: Optimization of process parameters and characterization of the products
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2538 - 2549 Thermal performance evaluation and optimal design of building roof with outer-layer shape-stabilized PCM
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2550 - 2560 Synergies between the microwave reactor and CaO/zeolite catalyst in waste lard biodiesel production
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2561 - 2574 Investigation of a hybrid solar collector/nocturnal radiator for water heating/cooling in selected Nigerian cities
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2575 - 2586 Biodiesel production optimization from waste cooking oil using green chemistry metrics
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2587 - 2597 An integrated solution with SWARA&COPRAS methods in renewable energy production: City selection for biogas facility
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2598 - 2614 CFD study of heat transfer and fluid flow in a parabolic trough solar receiver with internal annular porous structure and synthetic oile-Al2O3 nanofluid
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2615 - 2620 The photocatalytic hydrogen formation and NO2- oxidation on the hetero-junction Ag/NiFe2O4 prepared by chemical route
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2621 - 2628 The PRISMI proposal for a user-friendly load-flow tool for analysis of island grids
Rikos E, Perakis C
2629 - 2636 Functional phase change composites with highly efficient electrical to thermal energy conversion
Sun QR, Zhang N, Zhang HQ, Yu XP, Ding YL, Yuan YP
2637 - 2646 See-through, light-through, and color modules for large-area tandem amorphous/microcrystalline silicon thin-film solar modules: Technology development and practical considerations for building-integrated photovoltaic applications
Tsai CY, Tsai CY
2647 - 2657 Hydrogen production through glycerol steam reforming over beehive-biomimetic graphene-encapsulated nickel catalysts
Chen D, Wang WJ, Liu CL
2658 - 2670 CFD modeling of varying complexity for aerodynamic analysis of H-vertical axis wind turbines
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2671 - 2682 Comparative analysis of the economic feasibility of five large-power photovoltaic irrigation systems in the Mediterranean region
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2683 - 2693 Lignocellulose-degrading enzymes production by solid-state fermentation through fungal consortium among Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes
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2694 - 2706 Alternative operational strategies for wind turbines in cold climates
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2707 - 2714 Effects of different laser modified surface morphologies and post-texturing cleanings on c-Si solar cell performance
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2715 - 2722 Increase in stability of BaCo/CeO2 catalyst by optimizing the loading amount of Ba promoter for high-temperature water-gas shift reaction using waste-derived synthesis gas
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2723 - 2732 Optimization of glucose yield from potato and sweet lime peel waste through different pre-treatment techniques along with enzyme assisted hydrolysis towards liquid biofuel
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2733 - 2740 Silicone oil envelope for enhancing the performance of nanofluid-based direct absorption solar collectors
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2741 - 2753 Wind turbine load analysis of a full range LPV controller
Bernabe I, Inthamoussou FA, Hernan D
2754 - 2769 Multi-objective stochastic programming energy management for integrated INVELOX turbines in microgrids: A new type of turbines
Shaterabadi M, Jirdehi MA
2770 - 2782 Flexibility requirements and electricity system planning: Assessing inter-regional coordination with large penetrations of variable renewable supplies
English J, Niet T, Lyseng B, Keller V, Palmer-Wilson K, Robertson B, Wild P, Rowe A
2783 - 2795 Inverse heat transfer technique for estimation of focal flux distribution for a concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) square solar parabola dish collector
Singh NP, Reddy KS