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1 - 8 Hydrogen production and energy recovery from macroalgae Saccharina japonica by different pretreatment methods
Yin YN, Wang JL
9 - 19 Numerical investigation of the flow regime and cavitation in the vanes of reversible pump-turbine during pump mode's starting up
Tao R, Zhou XZ, Xu BC, Wang ZW
20 - 27 Diauxie during biogas production from collagen-based substrates
Gomes CS, Repke JU, Meyer M
28 - 39 CFD modeling of a ducted Savonius wind turbine for the evaluation of the blockage effects on rotor performance
Mauro S, Brusca S, Lanzafame R, Messina M
40 - 45 Biomass based activated carbons for fuel cells
Volperts A, Plavniece A, Dobele G, Zhurinsh A, Kruusenberg I, Kaare K, Locs J, Tamasauskaite-Tamasiunaite L, Norkus E
46 - 56 A two-dimensional Jensen model with a Gaussian-shaped velocity deficit
Ge MW, Wu Y, Liu YQ, Yang XIA
57 - 63 Improving methane production from Pennisetum hybrid by monitoring plant height and ensiling pretreatment
Zhang Y, Li LH, Kang XH, Sun YM, Yuan ZH, Xing T, Lin RC
64 - 75 Sustainable siting of solar power installations in Mediterranean using a GIS/AHP approach
Giamalaki M, Tsoutsos T
76 - 87 Designing and economic aspects of run-of-canal based micro-hydro system on Balloki-Sulaimanki Link Canal-I for remote villages in Punjab, Pakistan
Kamran M, Asghar R, Mudassar M, Abid MI
88 - 95 Geometric structural design for lead tellurium thermoelectric power generation application
Wang X, Wang HC, Su WB, Mehmood F, Zhai JZ, Wang T, Chen TT, Wang CL
96 - 106 Catalytic liquefaction of switchgrass in isobutanol/water system for bio-oil development over bifunctional Ni-HPMo/Fe3O4@Al-MCM-41 catalysts
Wu HT, Zheng JL, Wang GQ
107 - 123 Comparison of optimum design, sizing, and economic analysis of standalone photovoltaic/battery without and with hydrogen production systems
Nordin ND, Rahman HA
124 - 138 A review of DC/DC converter-based electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for fuel cell electric vehicles
Wang HG, Gaillard A, Hissel D
139 - 147 Modelling and optimization of modular system for power generation from a salinity gradient
Altaee A, Cipolina A
148 - 161 Air-source heat pump heating system with a new temperature and hydraulic-balance control strategy: A field experiment in a teaching building
Zhou CH, Ni L, Li J, Lin ZR, Wang J, Fu XH, Yao Y
162 - 180 Investigation of pressure transient analysis methods for single-phase and CO2-rich geothermal reservoirs
Kaya E, Adityatama D, Zarrouk SJ
181 - 194 Influence of climatological data records on design of a standalone hybrid PV-hydroelectric power system
Shabani M, Mahmoudimehr J
195 - 208 Roof ponds combined with a water-to-air heat exchanger as a passive cooling system: Experimental comparison of two system variants
Almodovar JM, La Roche P
209 - 216 Optimum operation states and parametric selection criteria of an updated solar-driven AMTEC
Peng WL, Li WY, Chen XH, Su GZ, Chen JC
217 - 235 Rejection of varying-frequency periodic load disturbances in wind-turbines through active disturbance rejection-based control
Coral-Enriquez H, Cortes-Romero J, Dorado-Rojas SA
236 - 245 CFD modeling of the effects of particle shrinkage and intra-particle heat conduction on biomass fast pyrolysis
Zhong HB, Xiong QG, Zhu YQ, Liang SR, Zhang JT, Niu B, Zhang XY
246 - 258 Nanofluid flow inside a solar collector utilizing twisted tape considering exergy and entropy analysis
Farshad SA, Sheikholeslami M
259 - 277 Deep geothermal energy in Canadian sedimentary basins VS. Fossils based energy we try to replace - Exergy [KJ/KG] compared
Majorowicz J, Grasby SE
278 - 286 Energy cost minimization for net zero energy homes through optimal sizing of battery storage system
Sharma V, Haque MH, Aziz SM
287 - 297 Impact of dust on the performance of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems under United Arab Emirates weather conditions
Hachicha AA, AI-Sawafta I, Said Z
298 - 304 Tailoring of structural and optical parameters of corncobs through ball milling pretreatment
Zhang ZP, Tahir N, Li YM, Zhang T, Zhu SN, Zhang QG
305 - 321 Multi-body dynamics modeling and TMD optimization based on the improved AFSA for floating wind turbines
He J, Jin X, Xie SY, Cao L, Lin YF, Wang N
322 - 339 Thermal management of electronic devices and concentrator photovoltaic systems using phase change material heat sinks: Experimental investigations
Emam M, Ookawara S, Ahmed M
340 - 348 Effect of the heat load distribution on thermal performance predictions of ground heat exchangers in a stratified subsurface
Li WX, Li XD, Wang Y, Du RQ, Tu JY
349 - 358 Optimization of microwave-assisted solvent extraction of non-edible sandbox (Hura crepitans) seed oil: A potential biodiesel feedstock
Ibrahim AP, Omilakin RO, Betiku E
359 - 367 Anaerobic digestion of wheat straw and rape oil cake in a two-stage solid-state system
Pohl M, Sanchez-Sanchez M, Mumme J
368 - 378 Performance analysis of a grid-connected photovoltaic park after 6 years of operation
Roumpakias E, Stamatelos A
379 - 389 Future biogas resource potential in India: A bottom-up analysis
Mittal S, Ahlgren EO, Shukla PR
390 - 401 Estimating the impact of climate change on wind and solar energy in Brazil using a South American regional climate model
de Jong P, Barreto TB, Tanajura CAS, Kouloukoui D, Oliveira-Esquerre KP, Kiperstok A, Torres EA
402 - 410 Evaluation of gaseous emissions from thermal conversion of a mixture of solid municipal waste and wood chips in a pilot-scale heat generator
da Silva VF, Batistella L, Alves JLF, da Silva JCG, Althoff CA, Moreira RDPM, Jose HJ
411 - 419 Experimental investigations of ethanol blended biodiesel fuel on automotive diesel engine performance, emission and durability characteristics
Kandasamy SK, Selvaraj AS, Rajagopal TKR
420 - 430 Catalytic upgrading of hydrothermal liquefaction biocrudes: Different challenges for different feedstocks
Castello D, Haider MS, Rosendahl LA
431 - 443 Influence of NiTi alloy phase change heat-storage particles on thermophysical parameters, phase change heat-storage thermoregulation effect, and pavement performance of asphalt mixture
Wei K, Ma B, Huang XF, Xiao Y, Liu H
444 - 450 Description of performance degradation of photovoltaic modules using spectral mismatch correction factor under different irradiance levels
Imai Y, Chantana J, Kawano Y, Hishikawa Y, Minemoto T
451 - 459 Magnesium oxide nanoparticles dispersed solar salt with improved solid phase thermal conductivity and specific heat for latent heat thermal energy storage
Saranprabhu MK, Rajan KS
460 - 467 Facility location allocation modelling for bio-energy system in Anambra State of Nigeria: Integration of GIS and location model
Chukwuma EC
468 - 481 Numerical investigation of flow through inclined fins under the absorber plate of solar air heater
Qader BS, Supeni EE, Ariffin MKA, Abu Talib AR
482 - 492 Enhanced bio-ethanol production from Chlorella sp. biomass by hydrothermal pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis
Ngamsirisomsakul M, Reungsang A, Liao Q, Kongkeitkajorn MB
493 - 506 Environmental sustainability of small-scale biomass power technologies for agricultural communities in developing countries
Aberilla JM, Gallego-Schmid A, Azapagic A
507 - 515 Energy and environmental indices through life cycle assessment of raisin production: A case study (Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, Iran)
Elhami B, Raini MGN, Soheili-Fard F
516 - 525 Investigation of semi-transparent dye-sensitized solar cells for fenestration integration
Selvaraj P, Ghosh A, Mallick TK, Sundaram S
526 - 540 Spatial planning and optimisation for virtual distribution of BioCNG derived from palm oil mill effluent to meet industrial energy demand
Lee MK, Hashim H, Lim JS, Taib MR
541 - 548 Easy to implement ventilated sunspace for energy retrofit of condominium buildings with balconies
Allesina G, Ferrari C, Muscio A, Pedrazzi S
549 - 558 Pyrolysis of three waste biomass: Effect of biomass bed thickness and distance between successive beds on pyrolytic products yield and properties
Mishra RK, Mohanty K
559 - 569 Aerodynamic noise assessment for a vertical axis wind turbine using Improved Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation
Su J, Lei H, Zhou D, Han ZL, Bao Y, Zhu HB
570 - 582 DDES analysis of the unsteady wake flow and its evolution of a centrifugal pump
Zhang N, Liu XK, Gao B, Xia B
583 - 595 A sensitivity study on the effect of mass distribution of a single-tether spherical point absorber
Meng FT, Cazzolato B, Li Y, Ding BY, Sergiienko N, Arjomandi M
596 - 612 Proposal of solar-aided coal-fired power generation system with direct steam generation and active composite sun-tracking
Wang RL, Sun J, Hong H
613 - 631 Multiscale multiphase phenomena in bubble column reactors: A review
Shu SL, Vidal D, Bertrand F, Chaouki J
632 - 645 Effect of compression ratio on performance, combustion and emissions characteristics of compression ignition engine fueled with jojoba methyl ester
Hawi M, Elwardany A, Ookawara S, Ahmed M
646 - 656 Balancing Europe: Can district heating affect the flexibility potential of Norwegian hydropower resources?
Askeland K, Bozhkova KN, Sorknaes P
657 - 668 Effect of biogas on the performance and emissions of diesel engine fuelled with biodiesel-ethanol blends through response surface methodology approach
Sharma A, Ansari NA, Pal A, Singh Y, Lalhriatpuia S
669 - 677 Experimental study on the performance improvement of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell with dual air supply
Kang DG, Shin DK, Kim S, Kim MS
678 - 692 Components and design guidelines for solar cooling systems: The experience of ZEOSOL
Palomba V, Wittstadt U, Bonanno A, Tanne M, Harborth N, Vasta S
693 - 706 Reliability prediction of an offshore wind turbine gearbox
Bhardwaj U, Teixeira AP, Soares CG
707 - 716 Thermogravimetric Analysis of biosolids pyrolysis in the presence of mineral oxides
Patel S, Kundu S, Halder P, Rickards L, Paz-Ferreiro J, Surapaneni A, Madapusi S, Shah K
717 - 727 The effect of tongue geometry on pump performance in reverse mode: An experimental study
Arani HA, Fathi M, Raisee M, Nourbakhsh SA
728 - 735 Third generation bioethanol from invasive macroalgae Sargassum muticum using autohydrolysis pretreatment as first step of a biorefinery
del Rio PG, Dominguez E, Dominguez VD, Romani A, Domingues L, Garrote G
736 - 750 A multi-period MILP model for the investment and design planning of a national-level complex renewable energy supply system
Han S, Kim J
751 - 759 Categorization of tars from fast pyrolysis of pure lignocellulosic compounds at high temperature
Trubetskaya A, Souih N, Umeki K
760 - 769 ZnO:InN oxynitride: A novel and unconventional photocatalyst for efficient UV-visible light driven hydrogen evolution from water
Menon SS, Hafeez HY, Gupta B, Baskar K, Bhalerao G, Hussain S, Neppolian B, Singh S
770 - 781 Effects of moisture content, temperature, and die thickness on the compaction process, and the density and strength of walnut shell pellets
Lisowski A, Pajor M, Swietochowski A, Dabrowska M, Klonowski J, Mieszkalski L, Ekielski A, Stasiak M, Piatek M
782 - 790 Isolation and characterization of new Botryococcus braunii (Trebouxiophyceae) isolates
Abdel-Hamid MI, Abdel-Aal EI, Abdel-Mogib M
791 - 801 Comparative study of different functionalized graphene-nanoplatelet aqueous nanofluids for solar energy applications
Vallejo JP, Mercatelli L, Martina MR, Di Rosa D, Dell'Oro A, Lugo L, Sani E
802 - 813 High production of levulinic acid from cellulosic feedstocks being catalyzed by temperature-responsive transition metal substituted heteropolyacids
Zhang XY, Zhang XY, Sun NY, Wang ST, Wang XH, Jiang ZJ
814 - 827 Pyrolysis performance, kinetic, thermodynamic, product and joint optimization analyses of incense sticks in N-2 and CO2 atmospheres
Wen ST, Yan YP, Liu JY, Buyukada M, Evrendilek F
828 - 846 Impact of climate change on the existing residential building stock in Turkey: An analysis on energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and occupant comfort
Dino IG, Akgul CM
847 - 857 Co-immobilization of Rhizomucor miehei lipase and Candida antarctica lipase B and optimization of biocatalytic biodiesel production from palm oil using response surface methodology
Shahedi M, Yousefi M, Habibi Z, Mohammadi M, As'habi MA
858 - 873 Optimal planning and design of run-of-river hydroelectric power projects
Ibrahim M, Imam Y, Ghanem A
874 - 882 Magnetic cross-linked enzyme aggregates of Km12 lipase: A stable nanobiocatalyst for biodiesel synthesis from waste cooking oil
Badoei-dalfard A, Malekabadi S, Karami Z, Sargazi G
883 - 893 Exergoeconomic analysis of a combined solar-waste driven power plant
Sadi M, Arabkoohsar A
894 - 902 A torrefaction of Sida hermaphrodita to improve fuel properties. Advanced analysis of torrefied products
Szwaja S, Magdziarz A, Zajemska M, Poskart A
903 - 913 The influence of soil thermal properties on the operation performance on ground source heat pump system
Li B, Han ZW, Bai CG, Hu HH
914 - 921 Bench-scale production of sewage sludge derived-biodiesel (SSD-BD) and upgrade of its quality
Choi OK, Park JY, Kim JK, Lee JW
922 - 936 State of the art on mixing in an anaerobic digester: A review
Singh B, Szamosi Z, Simenfalvi Z
937 - 949 Solar photothermal conversion characteristics of hybrid nanofluids: An experimental and numerical study
Jin X, Lin GP, Zeiny A, Jin HC, Bai LZ, Wen DS
950 - 963 Numerical study on heat extraction performance of a multilateral-well enhanced geothermal system considering complex hydraulic and natural fractures
Shi Y, Song XZ, Wang GS, Li JC, Geng LD, Li XJ
964 - 972 Comparing severity of continuous torrefaction for five biomass with a wide range of bulk density and particle size
Campbell WA, Coller A, Evitts RW
973 - 987 European electricity sector decarbonization under different levels of foresight
Gerbaulet C, von Hirschhausen C, Kemfert C, Lorenz C, Oei PY
988 - 1004 Mathematical modeling of heat storage unit for air heating of the building
Taler D, Dzierwa P, Trojan M, Sacharczuk J, Kaczmarski K, Taler J
1005 - 1012 Preparation and characterization of GO/PEG photo-thermal conversion form-stable composite phase change materials
Li M, Wang CC
1013 - 1025 Energy and exergy analyses of a nanofluid based solar cooling and hydrogen production combined system
Toghyani S, Afshari E, Baniasadi E, Shadloo MS
1026 - 1041 Reaction parameters effect on hydrothermal liquefaction of castor (Ricinus Communis) residue for energy and valuable hydrocarbons recovery
Kaur R, Gera P, Jha MK, Bhaskar T
1042 - 1053 Green production of biodiesel over waste borosilicate glass derived catalyst and the process up-gradation in pilot scale
Vadery V, Cherikkallinmel SK, Ramakrishnan RM, Sugunan S, Narayanan BN
1054 - 1066 An overview of Eulerian CFD modeling and simulation of non-spherical biomass particles
Ullah A, Hong K, Gao YA, Gungor A, Zaman M
1067 - 1079 Experimental and numerical investigation of flow patterns and performance of a modified Savonius hydrokinetic rotor
Zhang YC, Kang C, Ji YG, Li Q
1080 - 1091 Thermodynamic assessment of downhole heat exchangers for geothermal power generation
Yildirim N, Parmanto S, Akkurt GG
1092 - 1102 Predictable changes in fish school characteristics due to a tidal turbine support structure
Williamson B, Fraser S, Williamson L, Nikora V, Scott B
1103 - 1116 Airborne wind energy resource analysis
Bechtle P, Schelbergen M, Schmehl R, Zillmann U, Watson S
1117 - 1126 Thermodynamics and LCA analysis of biomass supercritical water gasification system using external recycle of liquid residual
Wang C, Jin H, Peng P, Chen J
1127 - 1145 Strongly-coupled aeroelastic free-vortex wake framework for floating offshore wind turbine rotors. Part 1: Numerical framework
Rodriguez SN, Jaworski JW
1146 - 1146 Life cycle human health and ecosystem quality implication of biomass-based strategies to climate change mitigation (vol 108, pg 11, 2017)
Weldu YW