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1 - 8 Evaluation of inoculum acclimatation and biochemical seasonal variation for the production of renewable gaseous fuel from biorefined Laminaria sp. waste streams
Tedesco S, Daniels S
9 - 21 Life cycle cost profitability of biomass power plants in South Africa within the international context
Visser H, Thopil GA, Brent A
22 - 27 Z scheme system ZnIn2S4/RGO/BiVO4 for hydrogen generation from water splitting and simultaneous degradation of organic pollutants under visible light
Zhu RS, Tian F, Yang RJ, He JS, Zhong J, Chen BY
28 - 39 Texture/phase evolution during plasma treatment of microwave-combustion synthesized KOH/Ca12Al14O33-C nanocatalyst for reusability enhancement in conversion of canola oil to biodiesel
Nayebzadeh H, Haghighi M, Saghatoleslami N, Alaei S, Yousefi S
40 - 51 An economic holistic feasibility assessment of centralized and decentralized biogas plants with mono-digestion and co-digestion systems
Pinas JAV, Venturini OJ, Lora EES, del Olmo OA, Roalcaba ODC
52 - 70 Exploratory research into the enhanced geothermal system power generation project: The Qiabuqia geothermal field, Northwest China
Lei ZH, Zhang YJ, Yu ZW, Hu ZJ, Li LZ, Zhang SQ, Fu L, Zhou L, Xie YY
71 - 79 Experimental research on the rupture characteristics of fractures subsequently filled by magma and hydrothermal fluid in hot dry rock
Yin WT, Zhao YS, Feng ZJ
80 - 101 Flexible electricity generation, grid exchange and storage for the transition to a 100% renewable energy system in Europe
Child M, Kemfert C, Bogdanov D, Breyer C
102 - 109 A numerical study on the performance of a Savonius-type vertical-axis wind turbine in a confined long channel
Bai HL, Chan CM, Zhu XM, Li KM
110 - 119 Performance evaluation of methanogenic digester using kitchen waste for validation of optimized hydrolysis conditions for reduction in ammonia accumulation
Sahu N, Sharma G, Chandrashekhar B, Jadeja NB, Kapley A, Pandey RA, Sharma A
120 - 135 Numerical simulation of thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling effect in mining fault-mode hot dry rock geothermal energy
Wei X, Feng ZJ, Zhao YS
136 - 146 Pipe-work optimization of water flow window
Lyu YL, Liu W, Chow TT, Su H, Qi XJ
147 - 160 Robust hydrogen-consumption-minimization strategy based salp swarm algorithm for energy management of fuel cell/supercapacitor/batteries in highly fluctuated load condition
Fathy A, Rezk H, Nassef AM
161 - 175 A study on the spatial distribution of the renewable energy industries in China and their driving factors
Wang Q, Kwan MP, Fan J, Zhou K, Wang YF
176 - 185 A simulation approach to sizing batteries for integration with net-zero energy residential buildings
Heine K, Thatte A, Tabares-Velasco PC
186 - 197 Examining carbon dioxide emissions, fossil & renewable electricity generation and economic growth: Evidence from a panel of South American countries
Hdom HAD
198 - 213 Impact of renewable energy consumption and financial development on CO2 emissions and economic growth in the MENA region: A panel vector autoregressive (PVAR) analysis
Charfeddine L, Kahia M
214 - 227 Dynamic mode decomposition of cavitating flow around ALE 15 hydrofoil
Liu M, Tan L, Cao SL
228 - 234 A 30-year projection of the future wind energy resources in the coastal environment of the Black Sea
Rusu E
235 - 241 Experimental evaluation of beef drying kinetics in a solar tunnel dryer
Mewa EA, Okoth MW, Kunyanga CN, Rugiri MN
242 - 250 Effects of organic loading rate on anaerobic digestion of chicken manure under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions
Bi SJ, Qiao W, Xiong LP, Ricci M, Adani F, Dong RJ
251 - 260 Future changes, or lack thereof, in the temporal variability of the combined wind-plus-solar power production in Europe
Jerez S, Tobin I, Turco M, Jimenez-Guerrero P, Vautard R, Montavez JP
261 - 267 Hydrothermal and alkaline thermal pretreatment at mild temperature in solid state for physicochemical properties and biogas production from anaerobic digestion of rice straw
Du J, Qian YT, Xi YL, Lu XW
268 - 278 Renewable energies: Worldwide trends in research, funding and international collaboration
Aleixandre-Tudo JL, Castello-Cogollos L, Aleixandre JL, Aleixandre-Benavent R
279 - 291 Comprehensive statistical analysis of heterogeneous transport characteristics in multifunctional porous gas diffusion layers using lattice Boltzmann method for fuel cell applications
Liu JW, Shin S, Um S
292 - 301 Optimal reactive power dispatch of a full-scale converter based wind farm considering loss minimization
Wang N, Li J, Hu WH, Zhang BH, Huang Q, Chen Z
302 - 312 Multi-objective optimization of the closure law of guide vanes for pumped storage units
Lai XJ, Li CS, Zhou JZ, Zhang N
313 - 325 Evaluation of turbulence-related high-frequency tidal current velocity fluctuation
Novo PG, Kyozuka Y, Villamayor MJG
326 - 335 Improvement in biomass, lipid production and biodiesel properties of a euryhaline Chlorella vulgaris NIOCCV on mixotrophic cultivation in wastewater from a fish processing plant
Trivedi T, Jain D, Mulla NSS, Mamatha SS, Damare SR, Sreepada RA, Kumar S, Gupta V
336 - 345 Impacts of the active power demand measurement-time resolution on the financial attractiveness of domestic solar hot water systems
Naspolini HF, Ruther R
346 - 358 Energy management in distribution systems, considering the impact of reconfiguration, RESs, ESSs and DR: A trade-off between cost and reliability
Hooshmand E, Rabiee A
359 - 367 Transition to sustainable energy generation in Australia: Interplay between coal, gas and renewables
Guidolin M, Alpcan T
368 - 384 The CECO wave energy converter: Recent developments
Rosa-Santos P, Taveira-Pinto F, Rodriguez CA, Ramos V, Lopez M
385 - 394 The roles of international tourism and renewable energy in environment: New evidence from Asian countries
Zhang S, Liu XY
395 - 409 A novel radial jet drilling stimulation technique for enhancing heat recovery from fractured geothermal reservoirs
Salimzadeh S, Grandahl M, Medetbekova M, Nick HM
410 - 425 Location selection of seawater pumped hydro storage station in China based on multi-attribute decision making
Wu YN, Zhang T, Xu CB, Zhang XY, Ke YM, Chu H, Xu RH
426 - 434 A single-phase transesterification of linseed oil using different co-solvents and hydrogel in the presence of calcium oxide: An optimization study
Gargari MH, Sadrameli SM
435 - 446 Effectiveness of individual pitch control on a 5 MW downwind turbine
Hoghooghi H, Chokani N, Abhari RS
447 - 458 Robust fixed-time sliding mode control for fractional-order nonlinear hydro-turbine governing system
Huang SH, Zhou B, Bu SQ, Li CB, Zhang C, Wang HZ, Wang T
459 - 467 Renewable and fossil energy, terrorism, economic growth, and trade: Evidence from France
Mohamed H, Ben Jebli M, Ben Youssef S
468 - 482 Impact of hydrogen aqua electrolyzer-fuel cell units on automatic generation control of power systems with a new optimal fuzzy TIDF-II controller
Arya Y
483 - 495 Wake measurements from a hydrokinetic river turbine
Guerra M, Thomson J
496 - 506 The impact of spring-neap tidal-stream cycles in tidal energy assessments in the Chilean Inland Sea
Artal O, Pizarro O, Sepulveda HH
507 - 514 Phase Change Material Wallboard (PCMW) melting temperature optimisation for passive indoor temperature control
Zhou D, Eames P
515 - 529 Impact of two-stage injection fuel quantity on engine-out responses of a common-rail diesel engine fueled with coconut oil methyl esters-diesel fuel blends
How HG, Teoh YH, Masjuki HH, Nguyen HT, Kalam MA, Chuah HG, Alabdulkarem A
530 - 537 The renewable wave energy resource in coastal regions of the Florida peninsula
Ozkan C, Mayo T
538 - 550 Experimental study on the performance of a floating array-point-raft wave energy converter under random wave conditions
Yang SH, He HZ, Chen H, Wang YQ, Li H, Zheng SG
551 - 559 Optimization of aviation kerosene from one-step hydrotreatment of catalytic Jatropha oil over SDBS-Pt/SAPO-11 by response surface methodology
Li XY, Chen YB, Hao YJ, Zhang X, Du JC, Zhang AM
560 - 572 Improving the profitability of anaerobic digestion: is the public support framework compatible with participation in the day-ahead electricity market?
Willeghems G, Buysse J
573 - 581 Effect of aspect ratio on thermal performance of cavity receiver for solar parabolic dish concentrator: An experimental study
Venkatachalam T, Cheralathan M
582 - 599 A procedure to evaluate the seven parameters of the two-diode model for photovoltaic modules
Orioli A, Di Gangi A
600 - 610 Numerical studies of co-axial travelling-wave thermoacoustic cooler powered by standing-wave thermoacoustic engine
Saechan P, Jaworski AJ
611 - 620 Simulation and optimization of rice husk gasification using intrinsic reaction rate based CFD model
Gao XY, Xu F, Bao FB, Tu CX, Zhang YN, Wang YY, Yang Y, Li BX
621 - 634 Design and energy management optimization for hybrid renewable energy system- case study: Laayoune region
Mellouk L, Ghazi M, Aaroud A, Boulmalf M, Benhaddou D, Zine-Dine K
635 - 642 Geothermal re-injection performance evaluation using surveillance analysis methods
Akin S
643 - 650 Enhanced photo-fermentative hydrogen production by synergistic effects of formed biofilm and added L-cysteine
Wen HQ, Xing DF, Xie GJ, Yin TM, Ren NQ, Liu BF
651 - 660 Influence of drag equations on computational fluid dynamic modeling of fluidization behavior of loblolly pine wood grinds
Olatunde GA, Fasina OO
661 - 669 Investigation of solid base catalysts for biodiesel production from fish oil
Papargyriou D, Broumidis E, de Vere-Tucker M, Gavrielides S, Hilditch P, Irvine JTS, Bonaccorso AD
670 - 678 Design and analysis of an active daylight harvesting system for building
Li XJ, Wei YY, Zhang JB, Jin P
679 - 687 Insight into the alternative metal oxide modified carbon-supported PtCo for oxygen reduction reaction in proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Chaisubanan N, Chanlek N, Puarporn Y, Limphirat W, Piumsomboon P, Pruksathorn K, Hunsom M
688 - 695 Biodiesel production from esterification of oleic acid by a sulfonated magnetic solid acid catalyst
Wang YT, Yang XX, Xu J, Wang HL, Wang ZB, Zhang L, Wang SL, Liang JL
696 - 706 Biodiesel production from used cooking oil using green solid catalyst derived from calcined fusion waste chicken and fish bones
Tan YH, Abdullah MO, Kansedo J, Mubarak NM, Chan YS, Nolasco-Hipolito C
707 - 717 The mixture of sewage sludge and biomass waste as solid biofuels: Process characteristic and environmental implication
Chen JC, He Y, Liu JY, Liu C, Xie WM, Kuo JH, Zhang XC, Li SP, Liang JL, Sun SY, Buyukada M, Evrendilek F
718 - 729 Dynamics modeling and vibration modulation signal analysis of wind turbine planetary gearbox with a floating sun gear
He GL, Ding K, Wu XM, Yang XQ
730 - 738 In-depth experimental study of pyrolysis characteristics of raw and cooking treated shrimp shell samples
Zhang PC, Hu HY, Tang H, Yang YH, Liu H, Lu Q, Li X, Worasuwannarak N, Yao H
739 - 752 Quantifying the revenue gain of operating a cascade hydropower plant system as a pumped-storage hydropower system
Ak M, Kentel E, Savasaneril S
753 - 764 Weak alkaline treatment of wheat and pearl millet straw for enhanced biogas production and its economic analysis
Kumar S, Gandhi P, Yadav M, Paritosh K, Pareek N, Vivekanand V
765 - 780 Thermodynamic analysis of solar powered triple combined Brayton, Rankine and organic Rankine cycle for carbon free power
Sachdeva J, Singh O
781 - 795 Effects of operating conditions and reactor structure on biomass entrained-flow gasification
Ku XK, Wang J, Jin HH, Lin JZ
796 - 805 Assessment of plant biomass for pellet production using multivariate statistics (PCA and HCA)
Garcia DP, Caraschi JC, Ventorim G, Vieira FHA, Protasio TD
806 - 814 Field testing of a spectrum-splitting transmissive concentrator photovoltaic module
Robertson J, Riggs B, Islam K, Ji YV, Spitler CM, Gupta N, Krut D, Ermer J, Miller F, Codd D, Escarra M
815 - 829 Modelling and experimental analysis of low concentrating solar panels for use in building integrated and applied photovoltaic (BIPV/BAPV) systems
Hadavinia H, Singh H
830 - 843 Investigation of optimal tilt angles and effects of soiling on PV energy production in Pakistan
Ullah A, Imran H, Maqsood Z, Butt NZ
844 - 858 Estimating the global solar irradiation and optimizing the error estimates under Algerian desert climate
Bouchouicha K, Hassan MA, Bailek N, Aoun N
859 - 872 Optimization of tow-steered composite wind turbine blades for static aeroelastic performance
Barr SM, Jaworski JW
873 - 894 A robust numerical method for modeling multiple wells in city-scale geothermal field based on simplified one-dimensional well model
Wang GL, Liu GH, Zhao ZH, Liu YG, Pu H
895 - 903 Removal of combined antibiotic (florfenicol, tylosin and tilmicosin) during anaerobic digestion and their relative effect
Yin FB, Dong HM, Zhang WQ, Zhu ZP, Shang B, Wang Y
904 - 914 Business and socioeconomic assessment of introducing heat pumps with heat storage in small-scale district heating systems
Ostergaard PA, Jantzen J, Marczinkowski HM, Kristensen M
915 - 923 Enhanced photocatalytic reduction of CO2 using CdS/Mn2O3 nanocomposite photocatalysts on porous anodic alumina support with solar concentrators
Kandy MM, Gaikar VG
924 - 935 Evaluation of fan-assisted rice husk fuelled gasifier cookstoves for application in sub-Sahara Africa
Ndindeng SA, Wopereis M, Sanyang S, Futakuchi K
936 - 943 Anaerobic biological fermentation of urine as a strategy to enhance the performance of a microbial electrolysis cell (MEC)
Barbosa SG, Rodrigues T, Peixoto L, Kuntke P, Alves MM, Pereira MA, Ter Heijne A
944 - 959 Simultaneous optimization of multiple operating engine parameters of a biodiesel-producer gas operated compression ignition (CI) engine coupled with hydrogen using response surface methodology
Yaliwal VS, Banapurmath NR, Gaitonde VN, Malipatil MD
960 - 967 A community-scale hybrid energy system integrating biomass for localised solid waste and renewable energy solution: Evaluations in UK and Bulgaria
Tiwary A, Spasova S, Williams ID
968 - 975 Do energy intensity targets matter for wind energy development? Identifying their heterogeneous effects in Chinese provinces with different wind resources
Zhang P
976 - 987 Qualitative biodiesel production from a locally isolated chlorophycean microalga Scenedesmus obliquus (Turpin) Kutzing GA 45 under closed raceway pond cultivation
Bagchi SK, Patnaik R, Sonkar S, Koley S, Rao PS, Mallick N
988 - 999 Development and validation of mass reduction model to optimize torrefaction for agricultural byproduct biomass
Oh KC, Park SY, Kim SJ, Choi YS, Lee CG, Cho LH, Kim DH
1000 - 1011 Study of the internal flow structure of an ultra-small axial flow hydraulic turbine
Nishi Y, Kobori T, Mori N, Inagaki T, Kikuchi N
1012 - 1028 Optimal integration assessment of solar PV in Japan's electric power grid
Komiyama R, Fujii Y
1029 - 1039 Flow induced noise characterization of pump turbine in continuous and intermittent load rejection processes
Mao XL, Pavesi G, Chen DY, Xu HS, Mao GJ
1040 - 1060 Statistical evaluation of PV system performance and failure data among different climate zones
Halwachs M, Neumaier L, Vollert N, Maul L, Dimitriadis S, Voronko Y, Eder GC, Omazic A, Muhleisen W, Hirschl C, Schwark M, Berger KA, Ebner R
1061 - 1076 A new model-based technique for fast and accurate tracking of global maximum power point in photovoltaic arrays under partial shading conditions
Hashemzadeh SM
1077 - 1085 Optimization of hydrogen production from food waste using anaerobic mixed cultures pretreated with waste frying oil
Rafieenia R, Pivato A, Lavagnolo MC
1086 - 1098 Developing an optimal renewable electricity generation mix for China using a fuzzy multi-objective approach
Yu SW, Zhou SS, Zheng SH, Li ZX, Liu LC
1099 - 1110 Graphene nanoplatelets-carbon black hybrids as an efficient catalyst support for Pt nanoparticles for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Das E, Kaplan BY, Gursel SA, Yurtcan AB
1111 - 1119 Understanding dynamics and policy for renewable energy diffusion in Colombia
Arias-Gaviria J, Carvajal-Quintero SX, Arango-Aramburo S
1120 - 1132 Numerical simulation and experimental validation of an evacuated solar collector heating system with gas boiler backup for industrial process heating in warm climates
Lugo S, Garcia-Valladares O, Best R, Hernandez J, Hernandez F
1133 - 1145 Performance analysis of a novel air source hybrid solar assisted heat pump
Cai JY, Li ZH, Ji J, Zhou F
1146 - 1158 The wave and wind power potential in the western Black Sea
Rusu L
1159 - 1175 Dynamic mode decomposition of gas-liquid flow in a rotodynamic multiphase pump
Liu M, Tan L, Cao SL
1176 - 1183 Improving co-fermentation of glucose and xylose by adaptive evolution of engineering xylose-fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae and different fermentation strategies
Li WC, Zhu JQ, Zhao X, Qin L, Xu T, Zhou X, Li X, Li BZ, Yuan YJ
1184 - 1193 Conjugated polymers with benzothiadiazole and benzotriazole moieties for polymer solar cells
Keles D, Erer MC, Bolayir E, Cevher SC, Hizalan G, Toppare L, Cirpan A
1194 - 1216 Toward renewable and sustainable energies perspective in Iran
Tavana A, Javid AE, Houshfar E, Andwari AM, Ashjaee M, Shoaee S, Maghmoomi A, Marashi F
1217 - 1226 Experimental study on a hybrid photo-thermal and radiative cooling collector using black acrylic paint as the panel coating
Hu MK, Zhao B, Ao XZ, Feng JS, Cao JY, Su YH, Pei G
1227 - 1240 Optimization of biogas supply chain in Mexico considering economic and environmental aspects
Diaz-Trujillo LA, Napoles-Rivera F
1241 - 1254 Active power support of wind turbines for grid frequency events using a reliable power reference scheme
Kheshti M, Ding L, Nayeripour M, Wang XW, Terzija V
1255 - 1262 Solid oxide fuel cell stack coupled with an oxygen-blown TwoStage gasifier using minimal gas cleaning
Gadsboll RO, Garcia AV, Ahrenfeldt J, Henriksen UB
1263 - 1271 Corrosive character of Moringa oleifera Lam biodiesel exposed to carbon steel under simulated storage conditions
Fernandes DM, Squissato AL, Lima AF, Richter EM, Munoz RAA
1272 - 1280 Optimization of process variables for biodiesel production by transesterification of flaxseed oil and produced biodiesel characterizations
Ahmad T, Danish M, Kale P, Geremew B, Adeloju SB, Nizami M, Ayoub M
1281 - 1289 A strategy for sequential fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia stipitis in bioethanol production from hardwoods
Song Y, Cho EJ, Park CS, Oh CH, Park BJ, Bae HJ
1290 - 1298 Impacts of ferric chloride, ferrous chloride and solid retention time on the methane-producing and physicochemical characterization in high-solids sludge anaerobic digestion
Qin YJ, Chen LY, Wang TY, Ren JY, Cao Y, Zhou SQ
1299 - 1309 Nuclear energy, renewable energy and economic growth in Pakistan: Evidence from non-linear autoregressive distributed lag model
Luqman M, Ahmad N, Bakhsh K
1310 - 1319 Dark fermentative biohydrogen production from synthetic cheese whey in an anaerobic structured-bed reactor: Performance evaluation and kinetic modeling
Blanco VMC, Oliveira GHD, Zaiat M
1320 - 1335 Application of the actuator disc theory of Delft3D-FLOW to model far-field hydrodynamic impacts of tidal turbines
Ramos V, Carballo R, Ringwood JV
1336 - 1354 Performance evaluation of dc power optimizer (DCPO) for photovoltaic (PV) system during partial shading
Ramli MZ, Salam Z
1355 - 1365 Real-time energy convex optimization, via electrical storage, in buildings - A review
Georgiou GS, Christodoulides P, Kalogirou SA
1366 - 1374 Sustainable development and energy education in Nigeria
Wojuola RN, Alant BP
1375 - 1390 Modeling, simulation and experimental validation of a solar dryer for agro-products with thermal energy storage system
Vasquez J, Reyes A, Pailahueque N
1391 - 1399 Hydrodeoxygenation of oleic acid and palmitic acid to hydrocarbon-like biofuel over unsupported Ni-Mo and Co-Mo sulfide catalysts
Yoosuk B, Sanggam P, Wiengket S, Prasassarakich P
1400 - 1411 Thermo-sonic assisted enzymatic pre-treatment of sludge biomass as potential feedstock for oleaginous yeast cultivation to produce biodiesel
Selvakumar P, Arunagiri A, Sivashanmugam P
1412 - 1427 Comparison of low wind speed aerodynamics of unsymmetrical blade H-Darrieus rotors-blade camber and curvature signatures for performance improvement
Sengupta AR, Biswas A, Gupta R
1428 - 1436 Nano-magnetic potassium impregnated ceria as catalyst for the biodiesel production
Ambat I, Srivastava V, Haapaniemi E, Sillanpaa M
1437 - 1446 Maximum power extraction from a wind turbine using second-order fast terminal sliding mode control
Abolvafaei M, Ganjefar S
1447 - 1462 Life-cycle environmental performance assessment of electricity generation and transmission systems in Greece
Orfanos N, Mitzelos D, Sagani A, Dedoussis V
1463 - 1476 Sector-wide social impact scoping of agrivoltaic systems: A case study in Japan
Irie N, Kawahara N, Esteves AM
1477 - 1478 Preparation and kinetic study of magnetic Ca/Fe3O4@SiO2 nanocatalysts for biodiesel production (vol 94, pg 579, 2016)
Feyzi M, Norouzi L