Renewable Energy

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1 - 13 The evolution of electricity price on the German day-ahead market before and after the energy switch
Khoshrou A, Dorsman AB, Pauwels EJ
14 - 24 Sustainability indicator for the prevention of potential thermal interferences between groundwater heat pump systems in urban aquifers
Garcia-Gil A, Maya SM, Schneider EG, Moreno MM, Vazquez-Sune E, Marazuela MA, Lazaro JM, Sanchez-Navarro JA
25 - 43 Theoretical and experimental evaluation of thermal interface materials and other influencing parameters for thermoelectric generator system
Karthick K, Suresh S, Singh H, Joy GC, Dhanuskodi R
44 - 53 Simultaneous saccharification and juice co-fermentation for high-titer ethanol production using sweet sorghum stalk
Zhang CW, Wen H, Chen CJ, Cai D, Fu CH, Li P, Qin PY, Tan TW
54 - 63 Numerical analysis of magnetic field effects on the heat transfer enhancement in ferrofluids for a parabolic trough solar collector
Khosravi A, Malekan M, Assad MEH
64 - 77 An appraisal of the geometry and energy efficiency of parabolic trough collectors with laser scanners and image processing
Salamanca S, Merchan P, Adan A, Perez E
78 - 88 Numerical investigation of heat transfer enhancement in a solar air heater roughened by multiple V-shaped ribs
Jin DX, Quan SL, Zuo JG, Xu SM
89 - 94 Alkenones as renewable phase change materials
O'Neil GW, Yen TQ, Leitch MA, Wilson GR, Brown EA, Rider DA, Reddy CM
95 - 102 Feasibility of seawater heat extraction from sub-Arctic coastal water; a case study of Onundarfjordur, northwest Iceland
Eskafi M, Asmundsson R, Jonsson S
103 - 112 Anaerobic co-digestion of water hyacinth and banana peels with and without thermal pretreatment
Barua VB, Rathore V, Kalamdhad AS
113 - 124 Enhanced photoreforming hydrogen production: Pickering interfacial catalysis from a bio-derived biphasic system
Wang C, Bu EQ, Chen Y, Cheng ZD, Zhang JT, Shu RY, Song QB
125 - 134 Biodiesel production in an autoclave reactor using waste palm oil and coconut coir husk derived catalyst
Thushari I, Babel S, Samart C
135 - 146 How to measure flexibility - Performance indicators for demand driven power generation from biogas plants
Dotzauer M, Pfeiffer D, Lauer M, Pohl M, Mauky E, Bar K, Sonnleitner M, Zorner W, Hudde J, Schwarz B, Fassauer B, Dahmen M, Rieke C, Herbert J, Thran D
147 - 160 Thermodynamic properties and application of LiNO3-[MMIM][DMP]/H2O ternary working pair
Luo CH, Wang YN, Li YQ, Wu YJ, Su QQ, Hu TY
161 - 168 Experimental study of a modified evaporative photovoltaic chimney including water sliding
Lucas M, Ruiz J, Aguilar FJ, Cutillas CG, Kaiser AS, Vicente PG
169 - 177 Solar photovoltaics pumps operating head selection for the optimum efficiency
Yadav K, Kumar A, Sastry OS, Wandhare R
178 - 185 Study on the influence of fog and haze on solar radiation based on scattering-weakening effect
Zhao Q, Yao WX, Zhang CX, Wang X, Wang Y
186 - 193 Technical and economic evaluation of the integration of a wind-hydro system in El Hierro island
Latorre FJG, Quintana JJ, de la Nuez I
194 - 214 Solid Oxide Fuel Cells fuelled with biogas: Potential and constraints
Saadabadi SA, Thattai AT, Fan LY, Lindeboom REF, Spanjers H, Aravind PV
215 - 227 A robust control of nZEBs for performance optimization at cluster level under demand prediction uncertainty
Huang P, Sun YJ
228 - 234 Evaluating the efficiency of gamma-valerolactone/water/acid system on Eucalyptus pretreatment by confocal Raman microscopy and enzymatic hydrolysis for bioethanol production
Li YJ, Li HY, Sun SN, Sun RC
235 - 240 Altering the chemical state of boron towards the facile synthesis of LiBH4 via hydrogenating lithium compound-metal boride mixture
Cai WT, Hou JM, Huang SY, Chen JN, Yang YZ, Tao PJ, Ouyang LZ, Wang H, Yang XS
241 - 246 Start-up of a pilot scale anaerobic reactor for the biogas production from the pineapple processing industries of Belgium
Mamo TZ, Dutta A, Jabasingh SA
247 - 257 One-Sun CPC-type solar collectors with evacuated tubular receivers
Osorio T, Horta P, Marcha J, Collares-Pereira M
258 - 266 Stability analysis of a hydro-turbine governing system considering inner energy losses
Xu BB, Jun HB, Chen DY, Li HH, Zhang JJ, Blanco CJC, Shen HJ
267 - 275 Experimental investigation on the performance of a double-cylinder flow-induced vibration (FIV) energy converter
Arionfard H, Nishi Y
276 - 283 Effects of outdoor dry bale storage conditions on corn stover and the subsequent biogas production from anaerobic digestion
Wang F, Xu FQ, Liu Z, Cui ZF, Li YB
284 - 291 Experimental study and optical analyses of a multi-segment plate (MSP) concentrator for solar concentration photovoltaic (CPV) system
Wang G, Wang FS, Chen ZS, Hu P, Cao RF
292 - 305 Modelling and dynamic simulation of solar-thermal energy conversion in an unconventional solar thermal water pump
Bandaru R, Muraleedharan C, Kumar MVP
306 - 320 An analytical solution for the solar flux density produced by a round focusing heliostat
Huang WD, Yu L, Hu P
321 - 329 Scientific and economic comparison of outdoor characterisation methods for photovoltaic power plants
Muhleisen W, Hirschl C, Brantegger G, Neumaier L, Spielberger M, Sonnleitner H, Kubicek B, Ujvari G, Ebner R, Schwark M, Eder GC, Voronko Y, Knobl K, Stoicescu L
330 - 342 Using lakes and rivers for extraction and disposal of heat: Estimate of regional potentials
Gaudard A, Wuest A, Schmid M
343 - 356 Comparative study of photovoltaic thermal (PVT) integrated thermoelectric cooler (TEC) fluid collectors
Dimri N, Tiwari A, Tiwari GN
357 - 366 Wind turbine fault diagnosis based on Gaussian process classifiers applied to operational data
Li YT, Liu SJ, Shu LJ
367 - 378 A high-fidelity wave-to-wire model for wave energy converters
Penalba M, Ringwood JV
379 - 389 A hybrid optimisation approach to improve long-term performance of enhanced geothermal system (EGS) reservoirs
Samin MY, Faramarzi A, Jefferson I, Harireche O
390 - 405 Numerical benchmarking study of a Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter
Siegel SG
406 - 415 The effect of switching environmental conditions on content and structure of lipid produced by a wild strain Picochlorum sp.
Dahmen-Ben Moussa I, Chtourou H, Hassairi I, Sayadi S, Dhouib A
416 - 425 Feasibility study of power generation from agricultural residue in comparison with soil incorporation of residue
Gojiya A, Deb D, Lyer KKR
426 - 435 Comparison of a Lagrangian and a Gaussian model for power output predictions in a random sea
Wang YG
436 - 445 Thermal and flammable properties of bamboo pulp fiber/high-density polyethylene composites: Influence of preparation technology, nano calcium carbonate and fiber content
Wang CC, Cai LP, Shi SQ, Wang G, Cheng HT, Zhang SB
446 - 452 Effects of hydrothermal treatment on enhancing enzymatic hydrolysis of rapeseed straw
Wang ZW, Zhu MQ, Li MF, Wei Q, Sun RC
453 - 460 Efficiency of evacuated tube solar collector using WO3/Water nanofluid
Sharafeldin MA, Grof G
461 - 477 Optimal mapping of hybrid renewable energy systems for locations using multi-criteria decision-making algorithm
Diemuodeke EO, Addo A, Oko COC, Mulugetta Y, Ojapah MM
478 - 495 Design of robust MPPT controller for grid-connected PMSG-Based wind turbine via perturbation observation based nonlinear adaptive control
Chen J, Yao W, Zhang CK, Ren YX, Jiang L
496 - 508 Investigation on the feasibility and performance of transcritical CO2 heat pump integrated with thermal energy storage for space heating
Wang ZH, Wang FH, Ma ZJ, Lin WY, Ren HS
509 - 525 Intensified transesterification of mixture of edible and nonedible oils in reverse flow helical coil reactor for biodiesel production
Gupta J, Agarwal M, Dalai AK
526 - 537 Effects of heave plates on the global performance of a multi-unit floating offshore wind turbine
Jang HK, Park S, Kim MH, Kim KH, Hong K
538 - 549 Multi-figure of merit optimization for global scale sustainable power systems
Al-Masri HMK, AbuElrub A, Almehizia AA, Ehsani M
550 - 557 Impact of building thermal load on the developed thermal plumes of a multi-borehole GSHP system in different canadian climates
Daemi N, Krol MM
558 - 568 Pelletizing of Colombian agro-industrial biomasses with crude glycerol
Marrugo G, Valdes CF, Gomez C, Chejne F
569 - 578 Use of a new agricultural product as thermal insulation for solar collector
Nadir N, Bouguettaia H, Boughali S, Bechki D
579 - 602 Optimization of compression ignition engine fueled with diesel - chaulmoogra oil - diethyl ether blend with engine parameters and exhaust gas recirculation
Krishnamoorthi M, Malayalamurthi R, Sakthivel R
603 - 611 Experimental study of carbon dioxide as working fluid in a closed-loop compressed gas energy storage system
Alami AH, Abu Hawili A, Hassan R, Al-Hemyari M, Aokal K
612 - 628 Globalization in the wind energy industry: contribution and economic impact of European companies
Lacal-Arantegui R
629 - 638 Optimal shape of thick blades for a hydraulic Savonius turbine
Kerikous E, Thevenin D
639 - 652 A constrained wind farm controller providing secondary frequency regulation: An LES study
Boersma S, Doekemeijer BM, Siniscalchi-Minna S, van Wingerden JW
653 - 668 The best fuel selection with hybrid multiple-criteria decision making approaches in a CI engine fueled with their blends and pure biodiesels produced from different sources
Erdogan S, Balki MK, Aydin S, Sayin C
669 - 680 Assessing the effectiveness of dynamic metrics in predicting daylight availability and visual comfort in classrooms
Zomorodian ZS, Tahsildoost M
681 - 697 Research and application based on the swarm intelligence algorithm and artificial intelligence for wind farm decision system
Zhao XJ, Wang C, Su JX, Wang JZ
698 - 709 Feasibility of 100% renewable energy-based electricity production for cities with storage and flexibility
Narayanan A, Mets K, Strobbe M, Develder C
710 - 726 Complex but negligible: Non-linearity of the inertial coupling between the platform and blades of floating wind turbines
Lupton RC, Langley RS
727 - 738 The German incentive regulation and its practical impact on the grid integration of renewable energy systems
Matschoss P, Bayer B, Thomas H, Marian A
739 - 744 A quick method for producing biodiesel from soy sauce residue under supercritical carbon dioxide
Xiang C, Liu SY, Fu Y, Chang J
745 - 756 Smart control of fatigue loads on a floating wind turbine with a tension-leg-platform
Zhang MM, Li X, Xu JZ
757 - 768 Investigation of photovoltaic coverage ratio for maximum overall thermal energy of photovoltaic thermal system
Shehadeh SH, Aly HH, El-Hawary ME
769 - 782 Modelling of dynamics and stratification effects in pellet boilers
Persson T, Wiertzema H, Win KM, Bales C
783 - 795 A high-resolution hindcast of sea level and 3D currents for marine renewable energy applications: A case study in the Bay of Biscay
Chiri H, Cid A, Abascal AJ, Garcia-Alba J, Garcia A, Iturrioz A
796 - 806 AGC of PV-thermal and hydro-thermal power systems using CES and a new multi-stage FPIDF-(1+PI) controller
Arya Y
807 - 817 Effect of blade thickness on the hydraulic performance of a Francis hydro turbine model
Kim SJ, Choi YS, Cho Y, Choi JW, Kim JH
818 - 827 Overall energy assessment of semi-transparent photovoltaic insulated glass units for building integration under different climate conditions
Zhang WL, Lu L
828 - 836 Preliminary study of integrating the vapor compression cycle with concentrated photovoltaic panels for supporting hydrogen production
Kwan TH, Yao QH
837 - 845 Sky image-based solar irradiance prediction methodologies using artificial neural networks
Kamadinata JO, Ken TL, Suwa T
846 - 861 Hydropower system operation stability considering the coupling effect of water potential energy in surge tank and power grid
Guo WC, Peng ZY
862 - 874 The experimental investigation of the thermal stratification in a solar hot water tank
Wang ZL, Zhang H, Huang HJ, Dou BL, Huang XH, Goula MA
875 - 887 A new flexible geothermal based cogeneration system producing power and refrigeration, part two: The influence of ambient temperature
Kordlar MA, Mahmoudi SMS, Talati F, Yari M, Mosaffa AH
888 - 901 Improving the performance of heat pipe embedded evacuated tube collector with nanofluids and auxiliary gas system
Daghigh R, Zandi P
902 - 913 Assessment of cost-competitiveness and profitability of fixed and tracking photovoltaic systems: The case of five specific sites
Talavera DL, Munoz-Ceron E, Ferrer-Rodriguez JP, Perez-Higueras PJ
914 - 926 Real-time optimization of renewable energy sources power using neural network-based anticipative extremum-seeking control
Kebir A, Woodward L, Akhrif O
927 - 946 Two-phase flow measurement of geothermal fluid using orifice plate: Field testing and CFD validation
Mubarok MH, Zarrouk SJ, Cater JE
947 - 960 Geospatial and techno-economic analysis of wind and solar resources in India
Deshmukh R, Wu GC, Callaway DS, Phadke A
961 - 969 Theoretical performance estimation of shrouded-twin-rotor wind turbines using the actuator disk theory
Kumar V, Saha S
970 - 981 Enhanced efficiency of photovoltaic panels by integrating a spray cooling system with shallow geothermal energy heat exchanger
Yang LH, Liang JD, Hsu CY, Yang TH, Chen SL
982 - 988 High-performance and low-leakage phosphoric acid fuel cell with synergic composite membrane stacking of micro glass microfiber and nano PTFE
Lu CL, Chang CP, Guo YH, Yeh TK, Su YC, Wang PC, Hsueh KL, Tseng FG
989 - 1002 Turbulence-resolving simulations of wind turbine wakes
Deskos G, Laizet S, Piggott MD
1003 - 1016 Potential use of methane and syngas from residues generated in rice industries of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul: Thermal and electrical energy
Silveira ARR, Nadaleti WC, Przybyla G, Belli P
1017 - 1033 Stochastic Wind Energy Management Model within smart grid framework: A joint Bi-directional Service Level Agreement (SLA) between smart grid and Wind Energy District Prosumers
Hussain I, Ali SM, Khan B, Ullah Z, Mehmood CA, Jawad M, Farid U, Haider A
1034 - 1041 Effect of tuyer distance above grate on propagation front and performance of downdraft gasifier with the feedstock of rice husk
Susastriawan AAP, Saptoadi H, Purnomo
1042 - 1055 Energy storage allocation in wind integrated distribution networks: An MILP-Based approach
Karimi A, Aminifar F, Fereidunian A, Lesani H
1056 - 1070 Yaw motion of floating wind turbine platforms induced by pitch actuator fault in storm conditions
Uzunoglu E, Soares CG
1071 - 1080 PV module temperature distribution with a novel segmented solar cell absorbance model
Zhou JC, Zhang Z, Ke HY
1081 - 1088 Investigation on performance and emissions of RCCI dual fuel combustion on diesel - bio diesel in a light duty engine
Charitha V, Thirumalini S, Prasad M, Srihari S
1089 - 1098 Preparation, important fuel properties, and comparative use of un-preheated palm fatty acid distillate-diesel blends in a single cylinder diesel engine
Eiadtrong S, Maliwan K, Prateepchaikul G, Kattiyawan T, Thephsorn P, Leevijit T
1099 - 1113 A study on a floating type shrouded wind turbine: Design, modeling and analysis
Zhu HZ, Sueyoshi M, Hu CH, Yoshida S
1114 - 1128 Electricity supply in Ghana: The implications of climate-induced distortions in the water-energy equilibrium and system losses
Adom PK, Agradi MP, Bekoe W
1129 - 1147 An advanced onlooker-ranking-based adaptive differential evolution to extract the parameters of solar cell models
Muangkote N, Sunat K, Chiewchanwattana S, Kaiwinit S
1148 - 1155 Analyzing truck fleets' acceptance of alternative fuel freight vehicles in China
Zhang Y, Jiang YJ, Rui WN, Thompson RG
1156 - 1162 Microencapsulated binary carbonate salt mixture in silica shell with enhanced effective heat capacity for high temperature latent heat storage
Zhang HF, Shin D, Santhanagopalan S
1163 - 1172 Impact of state policies on generating capacity for production of electricity and combined heat and power from forest biomass in the United States
Broughel AE
1173 - 1189 Reactivity controlled compression ignition and low temperature combustion of Fischer-Tropsch Fuel Blended with n-butanol
Soloiu V, Gaubert R, Moncada J, Wiley J, Williams J, Harp S, Ilie M, Molina G, Mothershed D
1190 - 1199 A multi-objective optimization methodology for window design considering energy consumption, thermal environment and visual performance
Zhai YN, Wang Y, Huang YQ, Meng XJ
1200 - 1212 Modeling diesel engine fueled with tamanu oil - Diesel blend by hybridizing neural network with firefly algorithm
Rao YKSS, Krishna BB
1213 - 1231 Analysis of land availability for utility-scale power plants and assessment of solar photovoltaic development in the state of Arizona, USA
Majumdar D, Pasqualetti MJ
1232 - 1239 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of TiO2 photoanode decorated with Pd-carbon core shell nanoparticles
Sharma R, Kodan N, Singh V, Sharma SN, Sinha OP
1240 - 1247 Performance optimization and benefit analyses of a photovoltaic loop heat pipe/solar assisted heat pump water heating system
Li H, Sun Y
1248 - 1261 Measuring public acceptance of climate-friendly technologies based on creativity and cognitive approaches: Practical guidelines for reforming risky energy policies in Iran
Fetanat A, Shafipour G, Mohtasebi SM
1262 - 1272 Operation performance of up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) bioreactor for biohydrogen production by self-granulated sludge using pre-treated palm oil mill effluent (POME) as carbon source
Mahmod SS, Azahar AM, Tan JP, Jahim JM, Abdul PM, Mastar MS, Anuar N, Yunus MFM, Asis AJ, Wu SY
1273 - 1284 Cost estimation relationships of a small scale linear Fresnel reflector
Barbon A, Sanchez-Rodriguez JA, Bayon L, Bayon-Cueli C
1285 - 1294 Optimizing energy performance of a ventilated composite Trombe wall in an office building
Ma QS, Fukuda H, Wei XD, Hariyadi A
1295 - 1306 Ineffectiveness of optimization algorithms in building energy optimization and possible causes
Si BH, Tian ZC, Jin X, Zhou X, Shi X
1307 - 1319 Comparative assessment of a spark ignition engine fueled with gasoline and raw biogas
Hotta SK, Sahoo N, Mohanty K
1320 - 1331 Performance evaluation of a diesel engine using blends of optimized yields of sand apple (Parinari polyandra) oil biodiesel
Ogunkunle O, Ahmed NA
1332 - 1343 Optimization on a cylindrical Fresnel lens and its validation in a medium-temperature solar steam generation system
Ma XL, Zheng HF, Liu SL
1344 - 1361 Experimental investigation and numerical modelling on the performance assessments of evacuated U - Tube solar collector systems
Naik BK, Bhowmik M, Muthukumar P
1362 - 1368 Experimental analysis of a cooling system effect on photovoltaic panels' efficiency and its preheating water production
Fakouriyan S, Saboohi Y, Fathi A
1369 - 1380 The economy-wide effects of large-scale renewable electricity expansion in Europe: The role of integration costs
Bachner G, Steininger KW, Williges K, Tuerk A
1381 - 1391 Energy storage in underground coal mines in NW Spain: Assessment of an underground lower water reservoir and preliminary energy balance
Menendez J, Loredo J, Galdo M, Fernandez-Oro JM
1392 - 1399 Generating renewable power from water hammer pressure surges
Roberts A, Thomas B, Sewell P, Hoare E
1400 - 1422 Sizing of biomass based distributed hybrid power generation systems in India
Parihar AKS, Sethi V, Banerjee R
1423 - 1433 Properties and performance evaluation of dual-layer ceramic hollow fiber with modified electrolyte for MT-SOFC
Jamil SM, Othman MHD, Rahman MA, Jaafar J, Ismail AF, Honda S, Iwamoto Y
1434 - 1446 An improved numerical optimization algorithm for sizing and configuration of standalone photo-voltaic system components in Yemen
Sarhan A, Hizam H, Mariun N, Ya'acob ME
1447 - 1464 Effect of Linear Fresnel Concentrators field key parameters on reflectors configuration, Trapezoidal Cavity Receiver dimension, and heat loss
Roostaee A, Ameri M
1465 - 1472 Engine roughness and exhaust emissions of a diesel engine fueled with three biofuels
Ospina G, Selim MYE, Al Omani SAB, Ali MIH, Hussien AMM
1473 - 1490 Osmotic desalination by solar energy: A critical review
Kasaeian A, Rajaee F, Yan WM
1491 - 1491 Thermodynamic and economic assessments of a novel CCHP cycle utilizing low -temperature heat sources for domestic applications (vol 120, pg 134, 2018)
Mosaffa AH, Farshi LG