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1 - 10 The study of producing "drop-in" fuels from agricultural waste through fast pyrolysis and catalytic hydro-processing
Wang WC, Lee AC
11 - 22 Upgrading bio-oil by catalytic fast pyrolysis of acid-washed Saccharina japonica alga in a fluidized-bed reactor
Ly HV, Choi JH, Woo HC, Kim SS, Kim J
23 - 31 Business model translation-The case of spreading a business model for solar energy
Ode KA, Wadin JL
32 - 43 Numerical investigation into power extraction by a fully passive oscillating foil with double generators
Jiang W, Wang YL, Zhang D, Xie YH
44 - 52 Pleasure is the profit - The adoption of solar PV systems by households in Finland
Karjalainen S, Ahvenniemi H
53 - 65 Field testing of morphing flaps on a wind turbine blade using an outdoor rotating rig
Ai Q, Weaver PM, Barlas TK, Olsen AS, Madsen HA, Andersen TL
66 - 76 Synthesis of chitosan-cellulase nanohybrid and immobilization on alginate beads for hydrolysis of ionic liquid pretreated sugarcane bagasse
Saha K, Verma P, Sikder J, Chakraborty S, Curcio S
77 - 90 Overview of V-RIB geometries in solar air heater and performance evaluation of a new V-RIB geometry
Jain PK, Lanjewar A
91 - 102 Design and prediction hydrodynamic performance of horizontal axis micro-hydrokinetic river turbine
Wang WQ, Yin R, Yan Y
103 - 117 Wind farm distributed PSO-based control for constrained power generation maximization
Gionfra N, Sandou G, Siguerdidjane H, Faille D, Loevenbruck P
118 - 125 Solar energy harvesting in buildings using a proposed novel electrochemical device as an alternative to PV modules
Fathabadi H
126 - 143 Recent advances in failure diagnosis techniques based on performance data analysis for grid-connected photovoltaic systems
Livera A, Theristis M, Makrides G, Georghiou GE
144 - 155 Experimental and modelling study of tomato pomace waste drying in a new solar greenhouse: Evaluation of new drying models
Badaoui O, Hanini S, Djebli A, Haddad B, Benhamou A
156 - 165 The expansion and changing cropping pattern of rapeseed production and biodiesel manufacturing in Poland
Klepacka AM, Florkowski WJ, Revoredo-Giha C
166 - 176 High efficiency sub-critical carbon dioxide supplementary heat pump for low temperature climates (energy and exergy analysis)
Purjam M, Goudarzi K
177 - 189 Investigation on the effects of gasoline reactivity controlled compression ignition application in a diesel generator in high loads using safflower biodiesel blends
Isik MZ, Aydin H
190 - 204 A versatile one-dimensional numerical model for packed-bed heat storage systems
Esence T, Bruch A, Fourmigue JF, Stutz B
205 - 215 Structural and electrical characterization of the novel SrCo1-xTixO3-delta (x=0.05, 0.1 and 0.15) perovskites: Evaluation as cathode materials in solid oxide fuel cells
Cascos V, Fernandez-Diaz MT, Alonso JA
216 - 232 Comparative study of standard engine and modified engine with different piston bowl geometries operated with B20 fuel blend
Channappagoudra M, Ramesh K, Manavendra G
233 - 239 Application of pulse electric field pretreatment for enhancing lipid extraction from Chlorella pyrenoidosa grown in wastewater
Han SF, Jin WB, Yang Q, Abomohra A, Zhou X, Tu RJ, Chen C, Xie GJ, Wang QL
240 - 247 Encapsulation of high-temperature inorganic phase change materials using graphite as heat transfer enhancer
Zhong YJ, Zhao BC, Lin J, Zhang F, Wang HR, Zhu ZY, Dai ZM
248 - 260 A fast and simplified method using non-linear translation of operating points for PV modules energy output and daily pumped water to predict the performance of a stand-alone photovoltaic pumping system at different heads
Yaichi M, Fellah MK, Tayebi A, Boutadara A
261 - 267 Euonymus maackii Rupr. Seed oil as a new potential non-edible feedstock for biodiesel
Liu JZ, Cui Q, Kang YF, Meng Y, Gao MZ, Efferth T, Fu YJ
268 - 274 Study on active disturbance rejection control with actuator saturation to reduce the load of a driving chain in wind turbines
Ren LN, Mao CH, Song ZY, Liu FC
275 - 283 Research on a cost-effective measure dedicated to stabilizing offshore wind farm crew transfer vessels
Yang WX, Tian WY, Wei KX, Peng ZK, Huang ZH
284 - 294 Steady and transient operation of an organic Rankine cycle power system
Cao S, Xu JL, Miao Z, Liu XL, Zhang M, Xie XW, Li Z, Zhao XL, Tang GH
295 - 306 Comparative thermo-economic analysis of multi-fuel fired gas turbine power plant
Udeh GT, Udeh PO
307 - 316 Effectiveness of recyclable aluminum cans in fabricating an efficient solar collector for drying agricultural products
Kishk SS, ElGamal RA, ElMasry GM
317 - 324 Preparation of phosphotungstic acid based poly(ionic liquid) and its application to esterification of palmitic acid
Wang YQ, Zhao D, Chen GY, Liu SJ, Ji N, Ding H, Fu JF
325 - 342 Improving the cavitation inception performance of a reversible pump turbine in pump mode by blade profile redesign: Design concept, method and applications
Tao R, Xiao RF, Wang FJ, Liu WC
343 - 353 Assessment of surface wind datasets for estimating offshore wind energy along the Central California Coast
Wang YH, Walter RK, White C, Farr H, Ruttenberg BI
354 - 366 Variable speed wind turbine control scheme using a robust wind torque estimation
Barambones O, Cortajarena JA, Calvo I, de Durana JMG, Alkorta P, Karami-Mollaee A
367 - 372 Effect of lanthanide ion doping on Mg-Al mixed oxides as active acid-base catalysts for fatty acid ethyl ester synthesis
Rossi JD, Perrone OM, Siqueira MR, Volanti DP, Gomes E, Da-Silva R, Boscolo M
373 - 381 Apparent kinetic and thermodynamic calculation for thermal degradation of stearic acid and its esterification derivants through thermogravimetric analysis
Niu SL, Yu HW, Zhao S, Zhang XY, Li XM, Han KH, Lu CM, Wang YZ
382 - 392 Performance assessment of a solar parabolic dish for domestic use based on experimental measurements
Bianchini A, Guzzini A, Pellegrini M, Saccani C
393 - 400 Optimisation of viscosity and density of refined palm Oil-Melaleuca Cajuputi oil binary blends using mixture design method
Mat SC, Idroas MY, Teoh YH, Hamid MF
401 - 410 The environmental benefits and economic impacts of Fit-in-Tariff in China
Wei WX, Zhao YR, Wang JL, Song ML
411 - 421 BaZrO3 and Cs-BaZrO3 catalysed transesterification of Millettia Pinnata oil and optimisation of reaction variables by response surface Box-Behnken design
Kumar D, Singh B
422 - 432 Fault diagnosis of wind turbine based on Long Short-term memory networks
Lei JH, Liu C, Jiang DX
433 - 441 Real-time condition monitoring and fault detection of components based on machine-learning reconstruction model
Yang CZ, Liu JQ, Zeng YY, Xie GY
442 - 461 Impacts of stochastic forecast errors of renewable energy generation and load demands on microgrid operation
Chen YH, Deng CH, Yao WW, Liang N, Xia P, Cao P, Dong YW, Zhang YA, Liu ZC, Li DL, Chen M, Peng P
462 - 469 Influences of binderless briquetting stresses on intrinsic bioconstituents of rice straw based solid biofuel
Gangil S, Bhargav VK
470 - 479 The technical efficiency of China's wind power list enterprises: An estimation based on DEA method and micro-data
Zhao XG, Zhen W
480 - 488 On-line measurement of activation energy of ground bamboo using near infrared spectroscopy
Sirisomboon P, Posom J
489 - 499 Anaerobic co-digestion of sludge cake from poultry slaughtering wastewater treatment and sweet potato: Energy and nutrient recovery
Damaceno FM, Chiarelotto M, Restrepo JCPS, Buligon EL, Costa LAD, de Lucas J, Costa MSSD
500 - 511 Economic analysis of a field monitored residential wood pellet boiler heating system in New York State
Wang K, Zhang YY, Sekelj G, Hopke PK
512 - 519 Synthesis and application of Co doped ZnO as heterogeneous nanocatalyst for biodiesel production from non-edible oil
Borah MJ, Devi A, Borah R, Deka D
520 - 527 Intensification of Reutealis trisperma biodiesel production using infrared radiation: Simulation, optimisation and validation
Silitonga AS, Mahlia TMI, Kusumo F, Dharma S, Sebayang AH, Sembiring RW, Shamsuddin AH
528 - 537 Energy efficient design of high depth raceway pond using computational fluid dynamics
Sawant SS, Gosavi SN, Khadamkar HP, Mathpati CS, Pandit R, Lali AM
538 - 550 Optimal orientation angles for maximizing energy yield for solar PV in Saudi Arabia
Al Garni HZ, Awasthi A, Wright D
551 - 565 Parameter estimation of fuzzy sliding mode controller for hydraulic turbine regulating system based on HICA algorithm
Chen ZH, Yuan XH, Yuan YB, Lei XH, Zhang BQ
566 - 574 Sn doped alpha-Fe2O3 (Sn=0,10,20,30 wt%) photoanodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting applications
Rani BJ, Ravi G, Yuvakkumar R, Ravichandran S, Ameen F, AlNadhary S
575 - 592 A novel estimation approach for the solar radiation potential with its complex spatial pattern via machine-learning techniques
Koo C, Li WZ, Cha SH, Zhang SJ
593 - 605 Optimization design of a thermal protection structure for the solar array of stratospheric airships
Meng JH, Liu SY, Yao ZB, Lv MY
606 - 619 5-Na/ZnO doped mesoporous silica as reusable solid catalyst for biodiesel production via transesterification of virgin cottonseed oil
Malhotra R, Ali A
620 - 635 Machine learning methods for wind turbine condition monitoring: A review
Stetco A, Dinmohammadi F, Zhao XY, Robu V, Flynn D, Barnes M, Keane J, Nenadic G
636 - 646 Risk of penstock fatigue in pumped-storage power plants operating with variable speed in pumping mode
Martinez-Lucas G, Perez-Diaz JI, Chazarra M, Sarasua JI, Cavazzini G, Pavesi G, Ardizzon G
647 - 662 Study of assessment on capability of wind power accommodation in regional power grids
Ye L, Zhang CH, Xue H, Li JC, Lu P, Zhao YN
663 - 675 An experimental study on the aerodynamic performance degradation of a wind turbine blade model induced by ice accretion process
Gao LY, Liu Y, Zhou WW, Hu H
676 - 684 Biogas from a full scale digester operated in psychrophilic conditions and fed only with fruit and vegetable waste
Marti-Herrero J, Soria-Castellon G, Diaz-de-Basurto A, Alvarez R, Chemisana D
685 - 691 The dynamic relationship of renewable and nonrenewable energy consumption with carbon emission: A global study with the application of heterogeneous panel estimations
Sharif A, Raza SA, Ozturk I, Afshan S
692 - 702 Decision making for sustainable aggregation of clean energy in day-ahead market: Uncertainty and risk
Gomes ILR, Melicio R, Mendes VMF, Pousinho HMI
703 - 711 Opportunistic maintenance strategy for wind turbines considering weather conditions and spare parts inventory management
Zhang C, Gao W, Yang T, Guo S
712 - 724 Predicting unsteady behavior of a small francis turbine at several operating points
Laouari A, Ghenaiet A
725 - 730 Exploitation of Nannochloropsis gaditana biomass for biodiesel and pellet production
Cancela A, Perez L, Febrero A, Sanchez A, Salgueiro JL, Ortiz L
731 - 742 Experimental investigation of flows inside draft tube of a high-head pump-turbine
Lai XD, Liang QW, Ye DX, Chen XM, Xia MM
743 - 748 Synthesis and optimization of ethyl esters from fish oil waste for biodiesel production
Cardoso LD, de Almeida FNC, Souza GK, Asanome IY, Pereira NC
749 - 759 Climate change impact on future photovoltaic resource potential in an orographically complex archipelago, the Canary Islands
Perez JC, Gonzalez A, Diaz JP, Exposito FJ, Felipe J
760 - 769 A direct absorption solar collector based on a water-ethylene glycol based nanofluid with anti-freeze property and excellent dispersion stability
Xu XX, Xu C, Liu J, Fang XM, Zhang ZG
770 - 786 Energy storage based on SrCO3 and Sorbents-A probabilistic analysis towards realizing solar thermochemical power plants
Meroueh L, Yenduru K, Dasgupta A, Jiang D, AuYeung N
787 - 796 PV system design with the effect of soiling on the optimum tilt angle
Conceicao R, Silva HG, Fialho L, Lopes FM, Collares-Pereira M
797 - 806 Evaluation of the Energy-Efficiency of an Aerated Slurry-Infiltrated Mesh Building System with Biomass-Based Insulation
Almalkawi AT, Soroushian P, Shrestha SS
807 - 827 A new perturb and observe based higher order sliding mode MPPT control of wind turbines eliminating the rotor inertial effect
Karabacak M
828 - 839 A data mining system for predicting solar global spectral irradiance. Performance assessment in the spectral response ranges of thin-film photovoltaic modules
del Campo-Avila J, Piliougine M, Morales-Bueno R, Mora-Lopez L
840 - 848 An experimental study on the diffuser-enhanced propeller hydrokinetic turbines
Nunes MM, Mendes RCF, Oliveira TF, Brasil ACP
849 - 860 Takagi Sugeno fuzzy modeling applied to an indirect solar dryer operated in both natural and forced convection
Zoukit A, El Ferouali H, Salhi I, Doubabi S, Abdenouri N
861 - 872 Energy and exergy analysis and optimization of low-flux direct absorption solar collectors (DASCs): Balancing power- and temperature-gain
Sharaf OZ, Al-Khateeb AN, Kyritsis DC, Abu-Nada E
873 - 882 Hydropower revenues under the threat of climate change in Brazil
de Queiroz AR, Faria VAD, Lima LMM, Lima JWM
883 - 892 Superiority of random inverted nanopyramid as efficient light trapping structure in ultrathin flexible c-Si solar cell
Tang QT, Shen HL, Yao HY, Gao K, Jiang Y, Li YF, Liu YW, Zhang L, Ni ZC, Wei QZ
893 - 900 Theoretical and experimental study on the uniformity of reflective high concentration photovoltaic system with light funnel
Wang CL, Gong JH, Yan JJ, Zhou Y, Fan DW
901 - 913 Gender and renewable energy study in Tibetan pastoral areas of China
Ding WG, He L, Zewudie D, Zhang HL, Zafar TB, Liu XD
914 - 918 Factor analysis of projected carbon dioxide emissions according to the IPCC based sustainable emission scenario in Turkey
Kone AC, Buke T
919 - 929 Multi-step wind speed forecasting based on a hybrid decomposition technique and an improved back-propagation neural network
Qu ZX, Mao WQ, Zhang KQ, Zhang WY, Li ZP
930 - 940 Sustainable energy modelling of non-interconnected Mediterranean islands
Kougias I, Szabo S, Nikitas A, Theodossiou N
941 - 950 Fusarium oxysporum cultured with complex nitrogen sources can degrade agricultural residues: Evidence from analysis of secreted enzymes and intracellular proteome
da Rosa-Garzon NG, Laure HJ, Rosa JC, Cabral H
951 - 963 What is the level of incentivisation required for biomethane upgrading technologies with carbon capture and reuse?
Rajendran K, Browne JD, Murphy JD
964 - 970 A stall-regulated wind turbine design to reduce fatigue
Macquart T, Maheri A
971 - 999 Optimization of renewable hybrid energy systems - A multi-objective approach
Eriksson ELV, Gray EM
1000 - 1010 Performance of global luminous efficacy models and proposal of a new model for daylighting in Burgos, Spain
Dieste-Velasco MI, Diez-Mediavilla M, Granados-Lopez D, Gonzalez-Pena D, Alonso-Tristan C
1011 - 1023 Improving CFD wind farm simulations incorporating wind direction uncertainty
Antonini EGA, Romero DA, Amon CH
1024 - 1033 Peak forces on a point absorbing wave energy converter impacted by tsunami waves
Sjokvist L, Goteman M
1034 - 1045 Energy efficiency analysis of distillation for thermally regenerative salinity gradient power technologies
Brogioli D, La Mantia F, Yip NY
1046 - 1054 Anaerobic co-digestion of canola straw and banana plant wastes with buffalo dung: Effect of Fe3O4 nanoparticles on methane yield
Noonari AA, Mahar RB, Sahito AR, Brohi KM
1055 - 1065 Fast short-term global solar irradiance forecasting with wrapper mutual information
Bouzgou H, Gueymard CA
1066 - 1077 Three-dimensionality of the wake recovery behind a vertical axis turbine
Ouro P, Runge S, Luo QY, Stoesser T
1078 - 1085 Partially shaded heat collector element - A practical approach to performance improvement
Wang P, Li JB, Zhao L, Ghahremannezhad A, Zhou L
1086 - 1098 Method for customized design of a quasi-stationary CPC-type solar collector to minimize the energy cost
Osorio T, Horta P, Collares-Pereira M
1099 - 1107 Evaluating the variability of photovoltaics: A new stochastic method to generate site-specific synthetic solar data and applications to system studies
Tang YC, Cheng JWM, Duan QW, Lee CW, Zhong J
1108 - 1123 An assessment of micro-hydropower potential at historic watermill, weir, and non-powered dam sites in selected EU countries
Punys P, Kvaraciejus A, Dumbrauskas A, Silinis L, Popa B
1124 - 1135 Modeling wellbore heat exchangers: Fully numerical to fully analytical solutions
Tang HW, Xu BY, Hasan AR, Sun Z, Killough J
1136 - 1146 The future scope of large-scale solar in the UK: Site suitability and target analysis
Palmer D, Gottschalg R, Betts T
1147 - 1157 Competitiveness analysis of "social soybeans" in biodiesel production in Brazil
Cesar AD, Conejero MA, Ribeiro ECB, Batalha MO
1158 - 1166 New approach for solar tracking systems based on computer vision, low cost hardware and deep learning
Carballo JA, Bonilla J, Berenguel M, Fernandez-Reche J, Garcia G
1167 - 1177 Economic analysis of photovoltaic projects: The Argentinian renewable generation policy for residential sectors
Coria G, Penizzotto F, Pringles R
1178 - 1187 Laboratory investigation of the efficiency optimization of an inclined two-phase closed thermosyphon in ambient cool energy utilization
Pei WS, Zhang MY, Li SY, Lai YM, Dong YH, Jin L
1188 - 1200 Photovoltaic waste assessment of major photovoltaic installations in the United States of America
Dominguez A, Geyer R
1201 - 1219 Multi-criteria GIS-based modelling technique for identifying potential solar farm sites: A case study in Mauritius
Doorga JRS, Rughooputh SDDV, Boojhawon R
1220 - 1230 Stochastic characteristics for the vortical structure of a 5-MW wind turbine wake
Na JS, Koo E, Ko SC, Linn R, Munoz-Esparza D, Jin EK, Lee JS
1231 - 1235 Test method for determination of different biodiesels (fatty acid alkyl esters) content in diesel fuel using FTIR-ATR
Faraguna F, Racar M, Jukic A
1236 - 1246 Study of an earth-to-water heat exchange system which relies on underground water tanks
Kappler G, Dias JB, Haeberle F, Wander PR, Moraes CAM, Modolo RCE
1247 - 1256 Combined power and thrust capping in the design of tidal turbine farms
Wang T, Adcock TAA
1257 - 1267 An overview of ultra-refractory ceramics for thermodynamic solar energy generation at high temperature
Silvestroni L, Sciti D, Zoli L, Balbo A, Zanotto F, Orru R, Licheri R, Musa C, Mercatelli L, Sani E
1268 - 1284 Feasibility study on applications of an Earth-air Heat Exchanger (EAHE) for preheating fresh air in severe cold regions
Li H, Ni L, Liu G, Zhao ZS, Yao Y
1285 - 1294 Assessing the impacts of a utility-scale photovoltaic solar energy facility on birds in the Northern Cape, South Africa
Visser E, Perold V, Ralston-Paton S, Cardenal AC, Ryan PG
1295 - 1307 Sodium modified fluorapatite as a sustainable solid bi-functional catalyst for biodiesel production from rapeseed oil
Essamlali Y, Amadine O, Fihri A, Zahouily M
1308 - 1326 Peristaltic pumping of magnetic nanofluids with thermal radiation and temperature-dependent viscosity effects: Modelling a solar magneto-biomimetic nanopump
Prakash J, Siva EP, Tripathi D, Kuharat S, Beg OA
1327 - 1337 Evaluation of the economics of desalination by integrating greenhouse gas emission costs: An empirical application for Chile
Molinos-Senante M, Gonzalez D
1338 - 1351 The performance and hydrodynamics in unsteady flow of a horizontal axis tidal turbine
Abuan BE, Howell RJ
1352 - 1365 Characterizing forecastability of wind sites in the United States
Feng C, Sun MC, Cui MJ, Chartan EK, Hodge BM, Zhang J
1366 - 1379 A review of recent advances in high gravity ethanol fermentation
Puligundla P, Smogrovicova D, Mok C, Obulam VSR
1380 - 1392 Forecasting of solar power ramp events: A post-processing approach
Abuella M, Chowdhury B
1393 - 1403 Automated daily maintenance planning for offshore wind farms
Stock-Williams C, Swamy SK
1404 - 1413 Analyzing the impact of small solar water heating systems on peak demand and on emissions in the Brazilian context
Giglio T, Santos V, Lamberts R
1414 - 1425 Extraction and esterification of waste coffee grounds oil as non-edible feedstock for biodiesel production
Mueanmas C, Nikhom R, Petchkaew A, Iewkittayakorn J, Prasertsit K
1426 - 1435 Stability analysis of hydro-turbine governing system including surge tanks under interconnected operation during small load disturbance
Yu XD, Yang XW, Zhang J
1436 - 1444 Integrating heuristic time series with modified grey forecasting for renewable energy in Taiwan
1445 - 1454 Control strategy optimization of electrolyte flow rate for all vanadium redox flow battery with consideration of pump
Xiao WY, Tan L
1455 - 1467 Fault Tree Analysis of floating offshore wind turbines
Kang JC, Sun LP, Soares CG
1468 - 1478 Assessing variables of regional reanalysis data sets relevant for modelling small-scale renewable energy systems
Camargo LR, Gruber K, Nitsch F
1479 - 1483 Comments to "A simple method to achieve a uniform flux distribution in a multi-faceted point focus concentrator"
Moreno-Alvarez L, Amat-Castrillon A
1484 - 1484 Answer to the comments to "A simple method to achieve a uniform flux distribution in a multi-faceted point focus concentrator"
Perez-Enciso R, Gallo A, Riveros-Rosas D, Fuentealba-Vidal E, Perez-Rabago CA
1485 - 1485 Development of heterogeneous alkali catalyst from waste chicken eggshell for biodiesel production (vol 128, pg 142, 2018)
Goli J, Mondal P, Sahu O