Renewable Energy

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1 - 13 A parameter study and optimization of two body wave energy converters
Al Shami E, Wang X, Zhang R, Zuo L
14 - 24 Electrical & mechanical diagnostic indicators of wind turbine induction generator rotor faults
Zappala D, Sarma N, Djurovic S, Crabtree CJ, Mohammad A, Tavner PJ
25 - 36 Active control of wind turbines through varying blade tip sweep
Boulamatsis AM, Barlas TK, Stapountzis H
37 - 44 A wind farm control strategy for power reserve maximization
Siniscalchi-Minna S, Bianchi FD, De-Prada-Gil M, Ocampo-Martinez C
45 - 54 Assessing solution quality and computational performance in the long-term generation scheduling problem considering different hydro production function approaches
Fredo GLM, Finardi EC, de Matos VL
55 - 72 Utilization of residues from rice parboiling industries in southern Brazil for biogas and hydrogen-syngas generation: Heat, electricity and energy planning
Nadaleti WC
73 - 82 The effects of site selection, opportunity costs and transportation costs on bioethanol production
De Laporte AV, Ripplinger DG
83 - 99 Quasi-steady model of a pumping kite power system
van der Vlugt R, Bley A, Noom M, Schmehl R
100 - 110 Continuous process for biodiesel production from palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD) using helical static mixers as reactors
Somnuk K, Soysuwan N, Prateepchaikul G
111 - 119 Techno-economic analysis of a megawatt-scale thermoplastic resin wind turbine blade
Murray RE, Jenne S, Snowberg D, Berry D, Cousins D
120 - 127 How business model innovation affects firm performance in the energy storage market
Hamelink M, Opdenakker R
128 - 136 Integrating stakeholder preferences into assessment of scenarios for electricity production from locally produced biomass on a small island
Chopin P, Guinde L, Causeret F, Bergkvist G, Blazy JM
137 - 143 Process modeling and simulation for butanol removing from fermentation broth by extraction with biodiesel
Dumitrescu AM, Banu I, Bumbac G
144 - 151 Effect of calcination temperature on the association between free NiO species and catalytic activity of Ni-Ce0.6Zr0.4O2 deoxygenation catalysts for biodiesel production
Jeon KW, Shim JO, Jang WJ, Lee DW, Na HS, Kim HM, Lee YL, Yoo SY, Roh HS, Jeon BH, Bae JW, Ko CH
152 - 158 Enzymatic hydrolysis at high lignocellulosic content: Optimization of the mixing system geometry and of a fed-batch strategy to increase glucose concentration
Battista F, Almendros MG, Rousset R, Bouillon PA
159 - 167 Physic of secondary flow phenomenon in distributor and bifurcation pipe of Pelton turbine
Han L, Duan XL, Gong RZ, Zhang GF, Wang HJ, Wei XZ
168 - 179 Transient thermal prediction methodology for parabolic trough solar collector tube using artificial neural network
Heng SY, Asako Y, Suwa T, Nagasaka K
180 - 186 Fabrication of noble-metal-free CdSnanorods-carbon layer-cobalt phosphide multiple heterojunctions for efficient and robust photocatalyst hydrogen evolution under visible light irradiation
Wang PF, Wu TF, Ao YH, Wang C
187 - 196 Esterification of palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD) to biodiesel using Bi-functional catalyst synthesized from waste angel wing shell (Cyrtopleura costata)
Syazwani ON, Rashid U, Mastuli MS, Taufiq-Yap YH
197 - 207 Numerical analysis for detecting head losses in trifurcations of high head in hydropower plants
Aguirre CA, Camacho RGR, de Oliveira W, Avellan F
208 - 216 CO2 emissions, economic growth, renewable and non-renewable energy production and foreign trade in China
Chen YL, Wang Z, Zhong ZQ
217 - 228 Oleaginous yeast biomass flocculation using bioflocculant produced in wastewater sludge and transesterification using petroleum diesel as a co-solvent
Yellapu SK, Klai N, Kaur R, Tyagi RD, Surampalli RY
229 - 239 Investigation of the thermoelectric potential for heating, cooling and ventilation in buildings: Characterization options and applications
Zuazua-Ros A, Martin-Gomez C, Ibanez-Puy E, Vidaurre-Arbizu M, Gelbstein Y
240 - 249 Hydraulic and biological characterization of a large Kaplan turbine
Martinez JJ, Deng ZD, Titzler PS, Duncan JP, Lu J, Mueller RP, Tian C, Trumbo BA, Ahmann ML, Renholds JF
250 - 260 Experimental study of the potential of eucalyptus fibres for evaporative cooling
Dogramaci PA, Riffat S, Gan GH, Aydin D
261 - 267 An experimental and modeling approach for ethanol production by Kluyveromyces marxianus in stirred tank bioreactor using vacuum extraction as a strategy to overcome product inhibition
Tavares B, Felipe MDD, dos Santos JC, Pereira FM, Gomes SD, Sene L
268 - 283 Urban wind conditions and small wind turbines in the built environment: A review
Anup KC, Whale J, Urmee T
284 - 296 Analysis of direct interconnection technique for offshore airborne wind energy systems under normal and fault conditions
Salari ME, Coleman J, Toal D
297 - 307 Decentralized solar rooftop photovoltaic in India: On the path of sustainable energy security
Rathore PKS, Chauhan DS, Singh RP
308 - 317 A comprehensive exergy analysis of a prototype Peltier air-cooler; experimental investigation
Dizaji HS, Jafarmadar S, Khalilarya S, Pourhedayat S
318 - 332 Saturation characteristics for stability of hydro-turbine governing system with surge tank
Peng ZY, Guo WC
333 - 347 Optimization of a stand-alone photovoltaic-wind-diesel-battery system with multi-layered demand scheduling
Tu T, Rajarathnam GP, Vassallo AM
348 - 355 Optimization of esterification reaction over niobium phosphate in a packed bed tubular reactor
Rade LL, Lemos COT, Barrozo MAD, Ribas RM, Monteiro RD, Hori CE
356 - 363 Effect of humic acid on photofermentative hydrogen production of volatile fatty acids derived from wastewater fermentation
Xiao ND, Chen YG, Zhou WB
364 - 371 The effect of electricity markets, and renewable electricity penetration, on the levelised cost of energy of an advanced electro-fuel system incorporating carbon capture and utilisation
McDonagh S, Wall DM, Deane P, Murphy JD
372 - 380 Multi-unit renewables auctions for small markets - Designing the Danish multi-technology auction scheme
Welisch M
381 - 389 Modeling residential adoption of solar energy in the Arabian Gulf Region
Mohandes N, Sanfilippo A, Al Fakhri M
390 - 403 A new distributed energy system configuration for cooling dominated districts and the performance assessment based on real site measurements
Kang J, Wang SW, Yan CC
404 - 412 Exergetic and thermo-ecological assessment of heat pump supported by electricity from renewable sources
Stanek W, Simla T, Gazda W
413 - 421 Investigation on effect of indoor air distribution strategy on solar air-conditioning systems
Fong KF, Lee CK, Lin Z
422 - 434 Bill saving analysis of rooftop PV customers and policy implications for Thailand
Chaianong A, Tongsopit S, Bangviwat A, Menke C
435 - 447 Effect of waves on the leading-edge undulated tidal turbines
Shi WC, Atlar M, Norman R, Day S, Aktas B
448 - 458 Accounting for low solar resource days to size 100% solar microgrids power systems in Africa
Plain N, Hingray B, Mathy S
459 - 471 Biodiesel production from Calophyllum inophyllum oil a potential non-edible feedstock: An overview
Arumugam A, Ponnusami V
472 - 481 Competitive advantage in the renewable energy industry: Evidence from a gravity model
Kuik O, Branger F, Quirion P
482 - 493 Dynamic response analysis of Darrieus wind turbine geared transmission system with unsteady wind inflow
Mabrouk IB, El Hami A
494 - 505 Transient heat transfer performance of a vertical double U-tube borehole heat exchanger under different operation conditions
Zhu L, Chen S, Yang Y, Sun Y
506 - 517 What affects the development of renewable energy power generation projects in China: ISM analysis
Zhao ZY, Chen YL, Li H
518 - 548 Dynamic analysis of an offshore monopile foundation used as heat exchanger for energy extraction
Banerjee A, Chakraborty T, Matsagar V
549 - 562 Tube-based explicit model predictive output-feedback controller for collective pitching of wind turbines
Lasheen A, Saad MS, Emara HM, Elshafei AL
563 - 584 Comparative analysis of liquid versus vapor-feed passive direct methanol fuel cells
Abdelkareem MA, Allagui A, Sayed ET, Assad ME, Said Z, Elsaid K
585 - 596 Assessment of the power potential extraction in the Chilean Chacao channel
Villalon V, Watts D, Cienfuegos R
597 - 605 A mechanism investigation of synergy behaviour variations during blended char co-gasification of biomass and different rank coals
Wei JT, Gong Y, Guo QH, Chen XL, Ding L, Yu GS
606 - 616 Optimization of the performance of the SnTe uni-leg thermoelectric module via metallized layers
Wang X, Wang HC, Su WB, Zhai JZ, Wang T, Chen TT, Mehmood F, Wang CL
617 - 624 Elemental, morphological and thermal analysis of mixed microalgae species from drain water
Hossain N, Zaini J, Mahlia TMI, Azad AK
625 - 643 Design methodology of hybrid turbine towards better extraction of wind energy
Jacob J, Chatterjee D
644 - 659 The effects of unsteady wind on the performances of a newly developed cross-axis wind turbine: A wind tunnel study
Wang WC, Wang JJ, Chong WT
660 - 666 A shrinking core model for Nannochloropsis salina oil extraction using subcritical water
Eikani MH, Khandan N, Feyzi E, Ebrahimi IM
667 - 677 New detected uncertainties in the design of foundations for offshore Wind Turbines
Luengo J, Negro V, Garcia-Barba J, Lopez-Gutierrez JS, Esteban MD
678 - 688 Combustion of jojoba-oil/diesel blends in a small scale furnace
Al Omari SAB, Hamdan MO, Selim MYE, Elnajjar E
689 - 699 Comparing stakeholder incentives across state-of-the-art renewable support mechanisms
Mihaylov M, Radulescu R, Razo-Zapata I, Jurado S, Arco L, Avellana N, Nowe A
700 - 712 Costs and benefits of renewable energy development in China's power industry
Liang YY, Yu BY, Wang L
713 - 729 Comparative 2D and 3D analysis on the hydrodynamics behaviour during biomass gasification in a pilot-scale fluidized bed reactor
Cardoso J, Silva V, Eusebio D, Brito P, Boloy RM, Tarelho L, Silveira JL
730 - 736 Colour properties and glazing factors evaluation of multicrystalline based semi-transparent Photovoltaic-vacuum glazing for BIPV application
Ghosh A, Sundaram S, Mallick TK
737 - 744 Experimental studies on engine performance and emission characteristics using castor biodiesel as fuel in CI engine
Arunkumar M, Kannan M, Murali G
745 - 754 Soot abatement from biomass boilers by means of open-cell foams filters
Meloni E, Caldera M, Palma V, Pignatelli V, Gerardi V
755 - 762 Daily irradiance test signal for photovoltaic systems by selection from long-term data
Avila A, Vizcaya PR, Diez R
763 - 777 Efficient workflow for simulation of multifractured enhanced geothermal systems (EGS)
Asai P, Panja P, McLennan J, Moore J
778 - 787 Estimates of clear-sky solar irradiances over Nigeria
Otunla TA
788 - 799 Performance improvement and development of correlation for friction factor and heat transfer using computational fluid dynamics for ribbed triangular duct solar air heater
Kumar R, Kumar A, Goel V
800 - 810 Overshoots in the water-level control of hydropower plants
Vesipa R, Ridolfi L
811 - 817 Modelling assessment of the tidal stream resource in the Ria of Ferrol (NW Spain) using a year-long simulation
Mestres M, Cerralbo P, Grifoll M, Sierra JP, Espino M
818 - 828 Consideration of lifetime and fatigue load in wind turbine control
Njiri JG, Beganovic N, Do MH, Soffker D
829 - 840 CFD prediction of dust pollution and impact on an isolated ground mounted solar photovoltaic system
Lu H, Zhao WJ
841 - 853 Using high-frequency SCADA data for wind turbine performance monitoring: A sensitivity study
Gonzalez E, Stephen B, Infield D, Melero JJ
854 - 860 Pyrolysis of high ash sewage sludge: Kinetics and thermodynamic analysis using Coats-Redfern method
Naqvi SR, Tariq R, Hameed Z, Ali I, Naqvi M, Chen WH, Ceylan S, Rashid H, Ahmad J, Taqvi SA, Shahbaz M
861 - 878 Modelling the global solar radiation climate of Mauritius using regression techniques
Doorga JRS, Rughooputh SDDV, Boojhawon R
879 - 889 Wind speed and wind direction forecasting using echo state network with nonlinear functions
Chitsazan MA, Fadali MS, Trzynadlowski AM
890 - 899 Numerical modeling of homogeneous gas and heterogeneous char combustion for a wood-fired hydronic heater
Richter JP, Weisberger JM, Bojko BT, Mollendorf JC, DesJardin PE
900 - 910 Assessment of early degradation and performance loss in five co-located solar photovoltaic module technologies installed in Ghana using performance ratio time-series regression
Quansah DA, Adaramola MS
911 - 922 Experimental investigation on thermal properties and thermal performance enhancement of octadecanol/expanded perlite form stable phase change materials for efficient thermal energy storage
Lv PZ, Ding MY, Liu CZ, Rao ZH
923 - 937 Al-Abdaliya integrated solar combined cycle power plant: Case study of Kuwait, part I
Binamer AO
938 - 945 Spectral characterization of spectrally selective liquid absorption filters and exploring their effects on concentrator solar cells
Han XY, Xue DS, Zheng J, Alelyani SM, Chen XB
946 - 955 Optimizing the combination of conventional carbonaceous additives of culture media to produce lignocellulose-degrading enzymes by Trichoderma reesei in solid state fermentation of agricultural residues
Taherzadeh-Ghahfarokhi M, Panahi R, Mokhtarani B
956 - 965 Day-ahead thermal and renewable power generation scheduling considering uncertainty
Salkuti SR
966 - 976 Profitability of a solar water heating system with evacuated tube collector in the meat industry
Garcia JL, Porras-Prieto CJ, Benavente RM, Gomez-Villarino MT, Mazarron FR
977 - 992 A novel hybrid free-wake model for wind turbine performance and wake evolution
Su KY, Bliss D
993 - 1001 Optimization of PV powered SPD switchable glazing to minimise probability of loss of power supply
Ghosh A, Norton B
1002 - 1012 Thermal analysis of a finned receiver for a central tower solar system
Pina-Ortiz A, Hinojosa JF, Perez-Enciso RA, Maytorena VM, Calleja RA, Estrada CA
1013 - 1021 Opportunities and challenges to rural renewable energy projects in Africa: Lessons from the Esaghem Village, Cameroon solar electrification project
Njoh AJ, Etta S, Ngyah-Etchutambe IB, Enomah LED, Tabrey HT, Essia U
1022 - 1034 Evaluation of loss effect on optimum operation of variable speed micro-hydropower energy conversion systems
Iman-Eini H, Frey D, Bacha S, Boudinet C, Schanen JL
1035 - 1046 Using renewables coupled with thermal energy storage to reduce natural gas consumption in higher temperature commercial/industrial applications
Jacob R, Belusko M, Liu M, Saman W, Bruno F
1047 - 1059 The macroeconomic impact of renewable electricity power generation projects
Andini C, Cabral R, Santos JE
1060 - 1072 Analysis and optimization of a Dual Mass-Spring-Damper (DMSD) wave-energy convertor with variable resonance capability
Chen ZF, Zhang L, Yeung RW
1073 - 1088 Cumulative social effect assessment framework to evaluate the accumulation of social sustainability benefits of regional bioenergy value chains
Fedorova E, Pongracz E
1089 - 1106 Optimized design of a Linear Fresnel reflector for solar process heat applications
Pulido-Iparraguirre D, Valenzuela L, Serrano-Aguilera JJ, Fernandez-Garcia A
1107 - 1116 Geopolymer composites for the catalytic cleaning of tar in biomass-derived gas
Bendoni R, Miccio E, Medri V, Benito P, Vaccari A, Landi E
1117 - 1127 Optimizing purity and recovery of biogas methane enrichment process in a closed landfill
Seman SZA, Idris I, Abdullah A, Shamsudin IK, Othman MR
1128 - 1137 Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity studies of lanthanum oxide from Thai monazite ore for biodiesel production
Rattanaphra D, Soodjit P, Thanapimmetha A, Saisriyoot M, Srinophakun P
1138 - 1145 Small-scale biogas plants in central Vietnam and biogas appliances with a focus on a flue gas analysis of biogas cook stoves
Roubik H, Mazancova J
1146 - 1155 Synthesis of methyl esters through residual feedstock using acid and free catalyst - Proposal of new reactor
Villardi HGD, Leal MF, Pessoa FLP, Salgado AM
1156 - 1167 Multi-Objective Particle Swarm optimal sizing of a renewable hybrid power plant with storage
Duchaud JL, Notton G, Darras C, Voyant C
1168 - 1185 Prospects of hydropower industry in the Yangtze River Basin: China's green energy choice
Chu PH, Liu PK, Pan H
1186 - 1207 Prediction of dynamic response of semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine using augmented Morison's equation with frequency dependent hydrodynamic coefficients
Ishihara T, Zhang SN
1208 - 1225 Power-to-load balancing for heaving asymmetric wave-energy converters with nonideal power take-off
Tom NM, Madhi F, Yeung RW
1226 - 1235 Energy assessment and enhancement of the lipid yield of indigenous Chlorella sp KA-24NITD using Taguchi approach
Bobde K, Momin H, Bhattacharjee A, Aikat K
1236 - 1246 Constant temperature response factors for fast calculation of sparse BHE field g-functions
Fossa M, Priarone A
1247 - 1254 A novel heat transfer model of biomass briquettes based on secondary development in EDEM
Li YD, Xu HG, Jing CH, Jiang JH, Hou XY
1255 - 1273 Numerical study of effect of winglet planform and airfoil on a horizontal axis wind turbine performance
Farhan A, Hassanpour A, Burns A, Motlagh YG
1274 - 1287 Energy and economic analysis for the design of greenhouses with semi-transparent photovoltaic cladding
Bambara J, Athienitis AK
1288 - 1299 Assessment of net energy contribution to buildings by rooftop photovoltaic systems in hot-humid climates
Dehwah AHA, Asif M
1300 - 1317 Velocity and performance correction methodology for hydrokinetic turbines experimented with different geometry of the channel
Patel V, Eldho TI, Prabhu SV