Renewable Energy

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1 - 8 Experimental testing of cooling internal loads with a radiant wall
Romani J, Cabeza LF, Perez G, Pisello AL, de Gracia A
9 - 21 Numerical analysis of the Al2O3-water nanofluid forced laminar convection in an asymmetric heated channel for application in flat plate PV/T collector
Bianco V, Scarpa F, Tagliafico LA
22 - 37 Reliable fault detection and diagnosis of photovoltaic systems based on statistical monitoring approaches
Harrou F, Sun Y, Taghezouit B, Saidi A, Hamlati ME
38 - 47 Highly efficient synthesis of dimethyl ether directly from biomass-derived gas over Li-modified Cu-ZnO-Al2O3/HZSM-5 hybrid catalyst
Zuo HM, Mao DS, Guo XM, Yu J
48 - 63 Modeling and analysis of profit based self scheduling of GENCO in electricity markets with renewable energy penetration and emission constraints
Reddy KS, Panwar L, Panigrahi BK, Kumar R
64 - 74 Parametric study of the small scale linear Fresnel reflector
Barbon A, Barbon N, Bayon L, Sanchez-Rodriguez JA
75 - 87 PROX reaction of CO in H-2/H2O/CO2 Water-Gas Shift (WGS) feedstocks over Cu-Mn/Al2O3 and Cu-Ni/Al2O3 catalysts for fuel cell applications
Dasireddy VDBC, Valand J, Likozar B
88 - 96 Interannual and spatial variability of solar radiation energy potential in Kenya using Meteosat satellite
Kariuki BW, Sato T
97 - 108 Willingness to pay for the preservation of geothermal areas in Iceland - The contingent valuation studies of Eldvorp and Hverahlio
Cook D, Daviosdottir B, Kristofersson DM
109 - 119 Tungsten supported Ti/SiO2 nanoflowers as reusable heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production
Kaur M, Malhotra R, Ali A
120 - 132 Residential solar water heaters in Brisbane, Australia: Key performance parameters and indicators
Vieira AS, Stewart RA, Lamberts R, Beal CD
133 - 154 Slow-drift of a floating wind turbine: An assessment of frequency-domain methods based on model tests
Simos AN, Ruggeri F, Watai RA, Souto-Iglesias A, Lopez-Pavon C
155 - 168 Local wind speed estimation, with application to wake impingement detection
Bottasso CL, Cacciola S, Schreiber J
169 - 175 A novel wind turbine fault diagnosis method based on intergral extension load mean decomposition multiscale entropy and least squares support vector machine
Gao QW, Liu WY, Tang BP, Li GJ
176 - 182 Photovoltaics in Nigeria - Awareness, attitude and expected benefit based on a qualitative survey across regions
Nwokocha CO, Okoro UK, Usoh CI
183 - 193 Trans-esterification of waste cooking oil with methanol by electrolysis process using KOH
Fereidooni L, Tahvildari K, Mehrpooya M
194 - 201 A new setting criterion of tailrace surge chambers for pumped-storage power plants
Huang W, Yang KL, Ma JM, Xu YW, Guo XL, Wang J
202 - 214 Towing tank testing of passively adaptive composite tidal turbine blades and comparison to design tool
Murray RE, Ordonez-Sanchez S, Porter KE, Doman DA, Pegg MJ, Johnstone CM
215 - 223 Experimental and theoretical investigation of micro wind turbine for low wind speed regions
Akour SN, Al-Heymari M, Ahmed T, Khalil KA
224 - 233 Evaluation of methane yield using acidogenic effluent of NaOH pretreated corn stover in anaerobic digestion
Liu CM, Wacherno AC, Yuan HR, Zou DX, Liu YP, Zhang L, Pang YZ, Li XJ
234 - 249 PATS selection towards sustainability in irrigation networks: Simulated annealing as a water management tool
Perez-Sanchez M, Sanchez-Romero FJ, Jimenez PAL, Ramos HM
250 - 257 Transesterification of soybean oil by PAAc catalytic membrane: Sorption properties and reactive performance for biodiesel production
Aca-Aca G, Loria-Bastarrachea MI, Ruiz-Trevino EA, Aguilar-Vega M
258 - 271 Renewable transitions and the net energy from oil liquids: A scenarios study
Sole J, Garcia-Olivares A, Turiel A, Ballabrera-Poy J
272 - 287 Stochastic optimal scheduling of distributed energy resources with renewables considering economic and environmental aspects
Di Somma M, Graditi G, Heydarian-Forushani E, Shafie-Khah M, Siano P
288 - 298 Biomethane generation in an AnSBBR treating effluent from the biohydrogen production from vinasse: Optimization, metabolic pathways modeling and scale-up estimation
Volpini V, Lovato G, Albanez R, Ratusznei SM, Rodrigues JAD
299 - 308 Pretreatments of Carnauba (Copernicia prunifera) straw residue for production of cellulolytic enzymes by Trichorderma reesei CCT-2768 by solid state fermentation
da Silva FL, Campos AD, dos Santos DA, de Oliveira SD, Padilha CED, de Sousa FC, de Macedo GR, dos Santos ES
309 - 323 Multi-layer perceptron hybrid model integrated with the firefly optimizer algorithm for windspeed prediction of target site using a limited set of neighboring reference station data
Deo RC, Ghorbani MA, Samadianfard S, Maraseni T, Bilgili M, Biazar M
324 - 334 Geothermal resource assessment using Experimental Design and Response Surface Methods: The Ngatamariki geothermal field, New Zealand
Quinao JJD, Zarrouk SJ
335 - 343 The solar noise barrier project: 3. The effects of seasonal spectral variation, cloud cover and heat distribution on the performance of full-scale luminescent solar concentrator panels
Debije MG, Tzikas C, de Jong MM, Kanellis M, Slooff LH
344 - 355 Can brownfield land be reused for ground source heating to alleviate fuel poverty?
Donaldson R, Lord R
356 - 366 Full long-term design response analysis of a wave energy converter
Coe RG, Michelen C, Eckert-Gallup A, Sallaberry C
367 - 383 An over-limit risk assessment of PV integrated power system using probabilistic load flow based on multi-time instant uncertainty modeling
Prusty BR, Jena D
384 - 401 Projection of the diffusion of photovoltaic systems in residential low voltage consumers
dos Santos LLC, Canha LN, Bernardon DP
402 - 411 Analysis of the main drivers of CO2 emissions changes in Colombia (1990-2012) and its political implications
Roman R, Cansino JM, Rodas JA
412 - 422 Dynamic response and power production of a floating integrated wind, wave and tidal energy system
Li L, Gao Y, Yuan ZM, Day S, Hu ZQ
423 - 437 Elastic actuator line modelling for wake-induced fatigue analysis of horizontal axis wind turbine blade
Meng H, Lien FS, Li L
438 - 446 Flexible operation of shared energy storage at households to facilitate PV penetration
Wang ZM, Gu CH, Li FR
447 - 457 Improvement of longitudinal fins configuration in latent heat storage systems
Kazemi M, Hosseini MJ, Ranjbar AA, Bahrampoury R
458 - 469 Microgeneration: The installer perspective
Hanna R, Leach M, Torriti J
470 - 478 Comparison of wind farm large eddy simulations using actuator disk and actuator line models with wind tunnel experiments
Stevens RJAM, Martinez-Tossas LA, Meneveau C
479 - 491 Comparison of heat sink and water type PV/T collector for polycrystalline photovoltaic panel cooling
Rajput UJ, Yang J
492 - 499 A novel SMART energy system for using biomass energy effectively
Nakagawa T, Chisaka H, Notoji Y
500 - 517 Modelling different types of uncertainty in biofuel supply network design and planning: A robust optimization approach
Bairamzadeh S, Saidi-Mehrabad M, Pishvaee MS
518 - 526 Effect of aluminium oxide nanoparticles blended pongamia methyl ester on performance, combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engine
Sivakumar M, Sundaram NS, Kumar RR, Thasthagir MHS
527 - 542 Hydrodynamic responses and efficiency analyses of a heaving-buoy wave energy converter with PTO damping in regular and irregular waves
Zang ZP, Zhang QH, Qi Y, Fu XY
543 - 551 Selection of catalyst and reaction conditions for ultrasound assisted biodiesel production from canola oil
Korkut I, Bayramoglu M
552 - 569 Effect of high irradiation and cooling on power, energy and performance of a PVT system
Nasrin R, Hasanuzzaman M, Rahim NA
570 - 583 Impacts and benefits of UPFC to wind power integration in unit commitment
Li J, Liu F, Li ZY, Mei SW, He GY
584 - 593 Numerical analysis of lightning attachment to wind turbine blade
Zhou QB, Liu CX, Bian XY, Lo KL, Li DD
594 - 605 Solar PV powered mixed-mode tunnel dryer for drying potato chips
Eltawil MA, Azam MM, Alghannam AO
606 - 612 Production of biodiesel and bioethanol using algal biomass harvested from fresh water river
Kumar V, Nanda M, Joshi HC, Singh A, Sharma S, Verma M
613 - 622 Effects of physicochemical characteristics of magnetically recoverable biocatalysts upon fatty acid methyl esters synthesis from oils
Esmaeilnejad-Ahranjani P, Kazemeini M, Singh G, Arpanaei A
623 - 629 Evaluation of energy gain from the segregation of organic materials from municipal solid waste in gasification processes
Lopes EJ, Okamura LA, Maruyama SA, Yamamoto CI
630 - 638 Modelling and evaluating a solar pyrolysis system
Sanchez M, Clifford B, Nixon JD
639 - 646 Effect of rectangular hot water tank position and aspect ratio on thermal stratification enhancement
Kursun B, Okten K
647 - 658 Multi-dimensional optimisation of Tidal Energy Converters array layouts considering geometric, economic and environmental constraints
Gonzalez-Gorbena E, Qassim RY, Rosman PCC
659 - 668 Public opinion on renewable energy technologies and climate change in Peninsular Malaysia
Kardooni R, Yusoff SB, Kari FB, Moeenizadeh L
669 - 684 Research and application of a combined model based on variable weight for short term wind speed forecasting
Li HM, Wang JZ, Lu HY, Guo ZH
685 - 696 Experimental optimisation of power for large arrays of cross-flow tidal turbines
Sutherland D, Ordonez-Sanchez S, Belmont MR, Moon I, Steynor J, Davey T, Bruce T
697 - 709 Review of hydrodynamics instabilities in Francis turbine during off-design and transient operations
Goyal R, Gandhi BK
710 - 719 Increasing microalgal carbohydrate content for hydrothermal gasification purposes
Samiee-Zafarghandi R, Karimi-Sabet J, Abdoli MA, Karbassi A
720 - 727 Searching for possibilities to improve the performance of full scale agricultural biogas plants
Wandera SM, Qiao W, Algapani DE, Bi SJ, Yin DM, Qi XY, Liu YL, Dach J, Dong RJ
728 - 740 Experimental study on the performance of double pass and two inlet ports solar air heater (SAH) at different configurations of the absorber plate
Hassan H, Abo-Elfadl S
741 - 748 Awareness of secondary school students about renewable energy sources
Altuntas EC, Turan SL
749 - 754 Pre-aligned downwind rotor for a 13.2 MW wind turbine
Noyes C, Qin C, Loth E
755 - 761 Process optimization of biodiesel production from Hevea brasiliensis oil using lipase immobilized on spherical silica aerogel
Arumugam A, Thulasidharan D, Jegadeesan GB
762 - 774 Experimental investigation of the solar drying of Tunisian phosphate under different conditions
Fadhel A, Charfi K, Balghouthi M, Kooli S
775 - 785 Performance simulation and exergy analysis of a hybrid source heat pump system with low GWP refrigerants
Wu D, Hu B, Wang RZ
786 - 794 Energy-storage system sizing and operation strategies based on discrete Fourier transform for reliable wind-power generation
Oh E, Son SY
795 - 804 Experimental investigation on air displacement and air excess effect on CO, CO2 and NOx emissions of a small size fixed bed biomass boiler
Caposciutti G, Antonelli M
805 - 814 Metal alloys for the new generation of compressors at hydrogen stations: Parametric study of corrosion behavior
Kermani NA, Petrushina I, Nikiforov A, Rokni M
815 - 826 Development of a centrifugal fan with increased part-load efficiency for fuel cell applications
Burgmann S, Fischer T, Rudersdorf M, Roos A, Heinzel A, Seume J
827 - 834 Impacts of climate change, policy and Water-Energy-Food nexus on hydropower development
Zhang X, Li HY, Deng ZQD, Ringler C, Gao Y, Hejazi MI, Leung LR
835 - 841 Characterization and methane production of different nut residue wastes in anaerobic digestion
Shen J, Yan H, Zhang RH, Liu GQ, Chen C
842 - 856 Efficient unstructured mesh generation for marine renewable energy applications
Avdis A, Candy AS, Hill J, Kramer SC, Piggott MD
857 - 865 Biodiesel production in a continuous packed bed reactor with recycle: A modeling approach for an esterification system
Hernandez-Montelongo R, Garcia-Sandoval JP, Gonzalez-Alvarez A, Dochain D, Aguilar-Garnica E
866 - 877 Increased cogeneration of renewable electricity through energy cooperation in a Swedish district heating system - A case study
Amiri S, Weinberger G
878 - 891 Microstructure and enhanced gaseous hydrogen storage behavior of CoS2-catalyzed Sm5Mg41 alloy
Yuan ZM, Zhang YH, Yang T, Bu WG, Guo SH, Zhao DL