Process Safety and Environmental Protection

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ISSN: 0957-5820 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Safety distances for the sour biogas in digestion plants
Carboni M, Pio G, Vianello C, Salzano E
8 - 36 A comprehensive study on modified-pillared clays as an adsorbent in wastewater treatment processes
Najafi H, Farajfaed S, Zolgharnian S, Mirak SHM, Asasian-Kolur N, Sharifian S
37 - 44 A semi-scaled experiment for metals separating and recovering from waste printed circuit boards by slurry electrolysis
Wang JQ, Huang ZM, Yang DZ, Zeng XF, Chen MJ, Shu JC, Sun Z, Sun SH, Xiao ZX
45 - 54 Experimental study of transient liquid nitrogen jet impingement boiling on concrete surface using inverse conduction problem algorithm
Shao XY, Pu L, Tang X, Yang SY, Lei G, Li YZ
55 - 67 Experimental determination of the static equivalent pressures of detonative explosions of cyclohexane/O-2/N-2-mixtures in long and short pipes
Schildberg HP, Eble J
68 - 79 Sludge reduction and pollutants removal in anaerobic-anoxic-oxic reactor with 2450 MHz electromagnetic wave loading on returned sludge: Performance and mechanism
Sang WJ, Li D, He YJ, Zhan C, Zhang Q, Li CH, Singh RP
80 - 91 The Delft 1974 and 2019 European Loss Prevention Symposia: Highlights and an impression of process safety evolutionary changes from the 1st to the 16th LPS
Pasman HJ, Fabiano B
92 - 102 A compound binder of coal dust wetting and suppression for coal pile
Cheng JW, Zheng XR, Lei YD, Luo W, Wang Y, Borowski M, Li XC, Song WT, Wang Z, Wang K
103 - 114 Inherent occupational health assessment index for research and development stage of process design
So WY, Hassim MH, Ahmad SI, Rashid R
115 - 124 On hierarchical bayesian based predictive maintenance of autonomous natural gas regulating operations
Leoni L, BahooToroody A, Abaei MM, De Carlo F, Paltrinieri N, Sgarbossa F
125 - 133 The effects of thermal pyrolysis and decomposition products on explosive characteristics of flufenacet and sulfentrazone
Luo TY, Yang J, Li YH, Yu Y, Suo YF, Chen TT, Song N, Li CX, Jiang JC
134 - 145 Hepatic distribution and toxicity of zirconia nanoparticles in vivo and in vitro
Sun T, Liu XN, Zhan XZ, Ou LL, Lai RF
146 - 161 Numerical simulation of fire smoke control methods in subway stations and collaborative control system for emergency rescue
Wang K, Cai WY, Zhang YC, Hao HQ, Wang ZT
162 - 180 Enhanced catalytic activity of series LaCuxFe1-xO3 (x=0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8) perovskite-like catalyst for the treatment of highly toxic ABS resin wastewater: Phytotoxicity study, parameter optimization andreaction pathways
Kumar A, Prasad B, Garg KK
181 - 191 Extraction of cellulose from corn stover using designed ionic liquids with improved reusing capabilities
Glinska K, Gitalt J, Torrens E, Plechkova N, Bengoa C
192 - 213 Recent Advances in Sensing and Assessment of Corrosion in Sewage Pipelines
Foorginezhad S, Mohseni-Dargah M, Firoozirad K, Aryai V, Razmjou A, Abbassi R, Garaniya V, Beheshti A, Asadnia M
214 - 225 Phycoremediation - An emerging technique for dye abatement: An overview
Sarkar P, Dey A
226 - 233 Rapid recycling of spent lithium-ion batteries using microwave route
Pindar S, Dhawan N
234 - 244 Enhanced coalbed permeability and methane recovery via hydraulic slotting combined with liquid CO2 injection
Wei GM, Wen H, Deng J, Li ZB, Fan SX, Lei CK, Liu MY, Ren LF
245 - 258 Superior reduction of nitrate with simultaneous oxidation of intermediates and enhanced nitrogen gas selectivity via novel electrochemical treatment
Chauhan R, Srivastava VC
259 - 273 Involving resilience in optimizing the water-energy-food nexus at macroscopic level
Nunez-Lopez JM, Rubio-Castro E, Ponce-Ortega JM
274 - 282 Monitoring of wastewater treatment processes using dynamic concurrent kernel partial least squares
Liu HB, Yang J, Zhang YC, Yang C
283 - 291 Compounds interactions during simultaneous biodegradation of hydrophobic n-hexane and hydrophilic methanol vapors in one- and two-liquid phase conditions
Keramati S, Ferdowsi M, Zamir SM
292 - 299 An experimental study on the methane migration induced by spontaneous combustion of coal in longwall gobs
Ma D, Qin BT, Gao Y, Jiang JN, Feng BC
300 - 310 Modeling the corrosion rate of carbon steel in carbonated mixtures of MDEA-based solutions using artificial neural network
Li Q, Wang DX, Zhao MY, Yang MH, Tang JF, Zhou K
311 - 319 Precoating for improving the cleaning of filter media clogged with metallic nanoparticles
Khirouni N, Charvet A, Drisket C, Ginestet A, Thomas D, Bemer D
320 - 333 Experimental synthesis and performance comparison analysis of high-efficiency wetting enhancers for coal seam water injection
Sun J, Zhou G, Wang CM, Liu RL, Miao YN
334 - 345 Improvement of ammonia mixing in an industrial scale selective catalytic reduction De-NOx system of a coal-fired power plant: A numerical analysis
Sohn J, Hwang IS, Hwang J
346 - 355 Electrocoagulation of kraft pulp bleaching filtrates to improve biotreatability
Coimbra ECL, Mounteer AH, do Carmo ALV, Michielsen MJF, Totola LA, Guerino JPF, Goncalves JGAN, da Silva PR
356 - 366 Degradation of ciprofloxacin by photocatalytic ozonation process under irradiation with UVA: Comparative study, performance and mechanism
Asgari E, Sheikhmohammadi A, Nourmoradi H, Nazari S, Aghanaghad M
367 - 384 Review and analysis of supervised machine learning algorithms for hazardous events in drilling operations
Osarogiagbon AU, Khan F, Venkatesan R, Gillard P
385 - 391 Biological pre-treatment system for ammonia removal from slightly contaminated river used as a drinking water source
Wu YJ, Liu YW, Cheng HH, Ke CW, Lin TF, Whang LM
392 - 404 A facile strategy for designing core-shell nanocomposite of ZIF-67/Fe3O4: A novel insight into ciprofloxacin removal from wastewater
Alamgholiloo H, Hashemzadeh B, Pesyan NN, Sheikhmohammadi A, Asgari E, Yeganeh J, Hashemzadeh H
405 - 420 A review of Moringa oleifera seeds in water treatment: Trends and future challenges
Yamaguchi NU, Cusioli LF, Quesada HB, Ferreira MEC, Fagundes-Klen MR, Vieira AMS, Gomes RG, Vieira MF, Bergamasco R
421 - 429 Time-trend analysis of offshore fire incidents using nonhomogeneous Poisson process through Bayesian inference
Halim SZ, Quddus N, Pasman H
430 - 438 Nitrogen pulse jet cleaning of the pleated filter cartridge clogged with adhesive hygroscopic dusts
He CH, Yan CP, Tang CY, Huang M, Ren L, Zhang MX
439 - 449 Pilot-scale combined adsorption columns using activated carbon and zeolite for hazardous trace elements removal from wastewater of entrained-flow coal gasification
Wan CR, Xie Q, Liu JC, Liang DC, Huang XQ, Zhou HB, Tang YG, Liu DQ
450 - 459 Electrostatic precipitation of nickel (II) oxide and sodium chloride nanoparticles: Operating conditions promoting sputtering with electro-fluid dynamics analysis
de Oliveira AE, Guerra VG
460 - 476 What do we know already about reactor runaway? - A review
Kummer A, Varga T
477 - 487 Feasibility of re-using soil-like material obtained from mining of old MSW dumps as an earth-fill and as compost
Datta M, Somani M, Ramana GV, Sreekrishnan TR
488 - 496 Electrochemically assisted photocatalysis for the simultaneous degradation of organic micro-contaminants and inactivation of microorganisms in water
Salmeron I, Sharma PK, Polo-Lopez MI, Tolosana A, McMichael S, Oller I, Byrne JA, Fernandez-Ibanez P
497 - 504 Green filters of Eucalyptus globulus for microalgae harvesting from freshwater reservoir and reuse of biomass harvested for pellet production
Alvarez X, Cancela A, Rodriguez A, Valero E, Sanchez A
505 - 517 Sustainability evaluation of intensified alternatives applied to the recovery of nylon industry effluents
Bravo-Garcia J, Huerta-Rosas B, Sanchez-Ramirez E, Segovia-Hernandez JG
518 - 526 Assessment of diesel engine performance, emissions and combustion characteristics burning biodiesel blends from jatropha seeds
Gad MS, El-Shafay AS, Abu Hashish HM
527 - 546 Insight into quinolones and sulfonamides degradation, intermediate product identification and decomposition pathways with the assistance of Bi2MoO6/Bi2WO6/MWCNTs photocatalyst
Wang W, Tian JM, Zhu ZJ, Zhu CM, Liu BJ, Hu CY
547 - 558 Flame extension area and temperature profile of horizontal jet fire impinging on a vertical plate
Wang ZH, Zhou KB, Zhang L, Nie X, Wu YQ, Jiang JC, Dederichs AS, He L
559 - 577 Utilization potential of mine tailings in geopolymers: Physicochemical and environmental aspects
Lazorenko G, Kasprzhitskii A, Shaikh F, Krishna RS, Mishra J
578 - 588 Atomic insights into the thermal runaway process of hydrogen peroxide and 1,3,5-trimethybenzene mixture: Combining ReaxFF MD and DFT methods
Qian YN, Xu W, Zhan JH, Jia XW, Zhang F
589 - 608 Energy consumption and environmental impact assessment of desalination plants and brine disposal strategies
Soliman MN, Guen FZ, Ahmed SA, Saleem H, Khalil MJ, Zaidi SJ
609 - 625 Bio-membrane based on modified cellulose, lignin, and tannic acid for cation and oxyanion removal: Experimental and theoretical study
Perendija J, Velickovic ZS, Cvijetic I, Levic S, Marinkovic AD, Milosevic M, Onjia A
626 - 641 Recycling bone waste and cobalt-wastewater into a highly stable and efficient activator of peroxymonosulfate for dye and HEPES degradation
Amiri MJ, Faraji A, Azizi M, Nejad BG, Arshadi M
642 - 653 A methodology for transport modelling of a contaminated site with perfluorooctane sulfonate due to climate interaction
Mahinroosta R, Senevirathna L, Li M, KrishnaPillai K
654 - 673 Process hazard evaluation and exothermic mechanism for the synthesis of n-butylmagnesium bromide Grignard reagent in different solvents
Cheng Z, Ni L, Wang JJ, Jiang JC, Yao H, Chen Q, Cui FS, Jiang W, Ye SL
674 - 683 Decontamination and toxicity removal of an industrial effluent containing pesticides via multistage treatment: Coagulation-flocculation-settling and photo-enton process
Gomes O, Santos MGB, Nossol ABS, Starling MCVM, Trovo AG
684 - 692 Biodiesel production via esterification of oleic acid as a representative of free fatty acid using electrolysis technique as a novel approach: Non-catalytic and catalytic conversion
Moradi P, Saidi M, Najafabadi AT
693 - 702 Safety distances for storage tanks to prevent fire damage in Wildland-Industrial Interface
Ricci F, Scarponi GE, Pastor E, Planas E, Cozzani V
703 - 713 A comprehensive analysis of the occurrence of Natech events in the process industry
Ricci F, Moreno VC, Cozzani V
714 - 722 A comparative study of combustion and emission characteristics of dual-fuel engine fueled with diesel/methanol and diesel-polyoxymethylene dimethyl ether blend/methanol
Chen H, He JJ, Chen ZM, Geng LM
723 - 733 Functionalization of char derived from pyrolysis of metallised food packaging plastics waste and its application as a filler in fiberglass/epoxy composites
Yousef S, Eimontas J, Subadra SP, Striugas N
734 - 741 The influence of oversizing on maintenance cost in wastewater treatment plants
Hernandez-Chover V, Bellver-Domingo A, Hernandez-Sancho F
742 - 755 Modelling of the minimum ignition temperature (MIT) of corn dust using statistical analysis and artificial neural networks based on the synergistic effect of concentration and dispersion pressure
Arshad U, Taqvi SAA, Buang A
756 - 771 A novel thin film composite forward osmosis membrane using bio-inspired polydopamine coated polyvinyl chloride substrate: Experimental and computational fluid dynamics modelling
Shabani Z, Kahrizi M, Mohammadi T, Kasiri N, Sahebi S
772 - 787 Effectiveness and mechanism of sodium phytate as a green inhibitor for the dust deflagration of lysine sulfate
Zhang Y, Zhang BN, Chen Y, Yuan BH, Zhang W, Shang S
788 - 797 Dopamine-decorated lotus leaf-like PVDF/TiO2 membrane with underwater superoleophobic for highly efficient oil-water separation
Sun F, Li TT, Ren HT, Shiu BC, Peng HK, Lin JH, Lou CW
798 - 807 Contrasting the performance of photo-Fenton at neutral pH in the presence of different organic iron-complexes using hydrogen peroxide or persulfate as oxidants for naproxen degradation and removal of antimicrobial activity
Silva GD, Marson EO, Batista LL, Ueira-Vieira C, Starling MCVM, Trovo AG
808 - 817 Comparative study of zeolites matrices in bio-wastes pyrolytic valorization
Fermanelli CS, Pierella LB, Saux C
818 - 833 Advanced intelligence frameworks for predicting maximum pitting corrosion depth in oil and gas pipelines
Ben Seghier ME, Keshtegar B, Taleb-Berrouane M, Abbassi R, Trung NT
834 - 845 Sustainable future technologies: A concept for risk assessment applied to chemical looping combustion installations
Geerts L, Witters H, Frijns E, Tirez K, Davila Y, el Aissami A, Snijkers F
846 - 856 Influence of element composition and microcrystalline structure on thermal properties of bituminous coal under nitrogen atmosphere
Xiao Y, Meng X, Yin L, Li QW, Shu CM, Tian Y
857 - 865 Large capacity and rapid rate of ion removal from synthetic municipal wastewater via CDI using chitosan-based nitrogen-doped porous carbon electrode
Cen BQ, Yang R, Li KX, Lv CC, Liang BL
866 - 877 Methodology for quantitative risk analysis of domino effects triggered by flood
Zeng T, Chen GH, Reniers G, Yang YF
878 - 887 Development of a novel switched packed bed process for cryogenic CO2 capture from natural gas
Babar M, Mukhtar A, Mubashir M, Saqib S, Ullah S, Quddusi AA, Bustam MA, Show PL
888 - 899 Experimental and numerical studies of insulating layers effect on liquid pipelines leakage in chemical plants
Fu JM, Chen GM, Zheng XY, Gao QH, Qiu SX, Xu ZQ
900 - 911 Thermodynamic analysis of CaS production from various Ca-based precursors: A prequel to SO2 reduction mediated by CaS/CaSO4 redox agents
Ng KH, Liew SC, Zhang SL
912 - 923 Usage of solar greenhouse evaporator to enhance dehydration and potable water extraction from tannery effluent
Vigneswaran VS, Kumar PG, Jeyachandran J, Sahayaraj SB, Kumaresan G
924 - 931 Techno-economic assessment of a biorefinery plant for extracted olive pomace valorization
Orive M, Cebrian M, Amayra J, Zufia J, Bald C
932 - 941 A feasibility study of the installation of a modular bioreactor inside a chemical scrubber at a wastewater treatment plant
Barona A, Malo A, Elias A, Rojo N, Santaolalla A, Gallastegui G
942 - 964 Linear and non-linear analysis of Ibuprofen riddance efficacy by Terminalia catappa active biochar: Equilibrium, kinetics, safe disposal, reusability and cost estimation
Show S, Mukherjee S, Devi MS, Karmakar B, Halder G
965 - 971 Numerical investigation of oil droplets motion in water using LBM
Li XQ, Fan YZ, Liu RQ, Xu Y, Liu XY
972 - 984 Simultaneous energy and environment-based optimization and retrofit of TEG dehydration process: An industrial case study
Al Ani Z, Gujarathi AM, Vakili-Nezhaad GR
985 - 992 Gasification of biomass waste in the moving-grate gasifier with the addition of all air into the oxidizing stage: Experimental and numerical investigation
Cai JJ, Zheng WH, Luo M, Tang XY
993 - 1008 Investigation of phosphoric acid fuel cell, linear Fresnel solar reflector and Organic Rankine Cycle polygeneration energy system in different climatic conditions
Sun Q, Lin DL, Khayatnezhad M, Taghavi M
1009 - 1017 Experimental study of flame morphology and size model of a horizontal jet flame impinging a wall
Wang C, Ding L, Wan HX, Ji J, Huang YL
1018 - 1051 Improvements in effluent treatment technologies in Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs): Review and recent advances
Ghumra DP, Agarkoti C, Gogate PR
1052 - 1065 Experimental study of activated carbon as a porous absorber in solar desalination with environmental, exergy, and economic analysis
Abdelaziz GB, El-Said EMS, Bedair AG, Sharshir SW, Kabeel AE, Elsaid AM
1066 - 1076 Accelerating phosphorus release from waste activated sludge by nitrilotriacetic acid addition during anaerobic fermentation process and struvite recovery
Xu HQ, Guo L, Zhao YG, Gao MC, Jin CJ, Ji JY, She ZL
1077 - 1087 Potassium struvite (slow release fertilizer) and activated carbon production: Resource recovery from vinasse and grape marc organic waste using thermal processing
Arslanoglu H, Tumen F
1088 - 1100 Locality preserving randomized canonical correlation analysis for real-time nonlinear process monitoring
Wu P, Zhang XJ, He JJ, Lou SW, Gao JF
1101 - 1109 Evaluation of the effect of water mist on propane/air mixture deflagration: Large-scale test
Li GC, Pan CY, Liu YP, Zhu XL, Ni XM, Zhao XD, Chen GX, Wang XS
1110 - 1124 A model to determine the effects of low proportion of hydrogen and the flame kernel radius on combustion and emission performance of direct injection spark ignition engine
Zhen XD, Tian Z, Wang Y, Liu DM, Li XY
1125 - 1134 Numerical analysis on the potential danger zone of compound hazard in gob under mining condition
Li ZJ, Xu Y, Liu HS, Zhai XW, Zhao SQ, Yu ZJ
1135 - 1159 Recycling asphalt using waste bio-oil: A review of the production processes, properties and future perspectives
Zahoor M, Nizamuddin S, Madapusi S, Giustozzi F
1160 - 1170 Nutrient removal and microbial community structure in an artificial-natural coupled wetland system
Zhang Y, Ji ZH, Pei YS
1171 - 1184 Food waste treatment through anaerobic co-digestion: Effects of mixing intensity on the thermohydraulic performance and methane production of a liquid recirculation digester
El Ibrahimi M, Khay I, El Maakoul A, Bakhouya M
1185 - 1192 A win-win strategy for simultaneous air-quality benign and profitable emission reduction during chemical plant shutdown operations
Ge SJ, Xu YL, Wang SJ, Xu Q, Ho T
1193 - 1200 Evolutionary model of coal mine safety system based on multi-agent modeling
Cheng LH, Guo HM, Lin HF
1201 - 1208 Simulation and experimental study of working characteristics of an improved bioreactor for degrading oily sludge
Luo F, He LL, He N
1209 - 1228 Industrial reheating furnaces: A review of energy efficiency assessments, waste heat recovery potentials, heating process characteristics and perspectives for steel industry
Zhao J, Ma L, Zayed ME, Elsheikh AH, Li WJ, Yan Q, Wang JC