Process Safety and Environmental Protection

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ISSN: 0957-5820 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Evaluation and prediction of the safe distance in liquid hydrogen spill accident
Liu YL, Liu Z, Wei JJ, Lan YQ, Yang SY, Jin T
9 - 19 Sub-period division strategies combined with multiway principle component analysis for fault diagnosis on sequence batch reactor of wastewater treatment process in paper mill
Zhou J, Huang FN, Shen WH, Liu Z, Corriou JP, Seferlis P
20 - 34 Tailored synthesis of Ag/AgBr nanostructures coupled activated carbon with intimate interface interaction for enhanced photodegradation of tetracycline
Sanni SO, Viljoen EL, Ofomaja AE
35 - 42 Experimental and numerical study on the effect of low vent burst pressure on vented methane-air deflagrations
Rui SC, Li Q, Guo J, Sun XX
43 - 53 Modelling and optimisation of the biogas yield after hybrid alkaline-ultrasonic pre-treatment in the early stages of anaerobic digestion of pot ale to shorten the processing time
Gunes B, Stokes J, Davis P, Connolly C, Lawler J
54 - 68 Mass transfer performance of carbon dioxide absorption in a packed column using monoethanoleamine-Glycerol as a hybrid solvent
Valeh-e-Sheyda P, Barati J
69 - 76 Catalytic fast hydropyrolysis of seaweed biomass with different zeolite catalysts to produce high-grade bio-oil
Hu YM, Li JC, Wang S, Xu LJ, Barati B, Cao B, Wang HW, Xie KH, Wang Q
77 - 84 Microplastics in wastewater treatment plants: Occurrence, fate and identification
Turan NB, Erkan HS, Engin GO
85 - 94 In-depth analyses of kinetics, thermodynamics and solid reaction mechanism for pyrolysis of hazardous petroleum sludge based on isoconversional models for its energy potential
Singh B, Singh S, Kumar P
95 - 107 A 2D CFD model investigation of the impact of obstacles and turbulence model on methane flame propagation
Nguyen T, Strebinger C, Bogin GE, Brune J
108 - 117 Dechlorination of polyvinyl chloride by hydrothermal treatment with cupric ion
Ma DC, Liang LW, Hu EF, Chen HQ, Wang DB, He C, Feng QG
118 - 125 The use of second-hand items based on delay time modelling
Santos ACJ, Cavalcante CAV, Ribeiro LFA
126 - 135 Performance study and population structure analysis of hydrolytic acidification immobilized fillers using municipal wastewater
Liu XY, Yang H, Fang XY, Wang XT, Su Y
136 - 160 Graphene composites in photocatalytic oxidation of aqueous organic contaminants - A state of art
Karim AV, Selvaraj A
161 - 168 Application of polystyrene nanofibers filled with sawdust as separator pads for separation of oil spills
Ghiasvand S, Rahmani A, Samadi M, Asgari G, Azizian S, Poormohammadi A
169 - 189 Electrocoagulation processes: A general review about role of electro-generated flocs in pollutant removal
Tegladza ID, Xu QL, Xu K, Lv GJ, Lu J
190 - 200 Bio-ethanol production: A route to sustainability of fuels using bio-based heterogeneous catalyst derived from waste
Gohain M, Hasin M, Eldiehy KSH, Bardhan P, Laskar K, Phukon H, Mandal M, Kalita D, Deka D
201 - 207 Investigation of spherical alumina supported catalyst for carbon nanotubes production from waste polyethylene
Liu XT, He S, Han ZN, Wu CF
208 - 219 Modelling of a pulp mill wastewater treatment plant for improving its performance on phosphorus removal
Bentancur S, Lopez-Vazquez CM, Garcia HA, Duarte M, Travers D, Brdjanovic D
220 - 256 Recent advances in advanced oxidation processes for removal of contaminants from water: A comprehensive review
Giwa A, Yusuf A, Balogun HA, Sambudi NS, Bilad MR, Adeyemi I, Chakraborty S, Curcio S
257 - 266 Anatomy of the organic carbon in an industrial wastewater: Implications of particle size distribution, respirometry and process modelling
Dogruel S, Altun A, Cokgor EU, Insel G, Keskinler B, Orhon D
267 - 275 New understanding about the relationship between surface ignition and low-carbon iron ore sintering performance
Fan XH, Zhao YJ, Ji ZY, Li HR, Gan M, Zhou HY, Chen XL, Huang XX
276 - 291 Comprehensive parametric analysis, design and performance assessment of a solar dish/Stirling system
Zayed ME, Zhao J, Elsheikh AH, Zhao ZN, Zhong SY, Kabeel AE
292 - 299 Efficiency improvements of the CO-H-2 mixed gas utilization related to the molten copper slag reducing modification
Zhang HW, Bao L, Chen YF, Xuan WD, Yuan YJ
300 - 311 Processing spent coffee ground powders for renewable energy generation: Mechanical dewatering and thermal drying
Rocha TDF, Ferreira MD, Freire JT
312 - 328 Field data analysis and risk assessment of gas kick during industrial deepwater drilling process based on supervised learning algorithm
Yin QS, Yang J, Tyagi M, Zhou X, Hou XX, Cao BH
329 - 337 Enhanced dynamic Cu(II) ion removal using hot-pressed chitosan/poly (vinyl alcohol) electrospun nanofibrous affinity membrane (ENAM)
Managheb M, Zarghami S, Mohammadi T, Asadi AA, Sahebi S
338 - 349 Application of safety and reliability analysis in wastewater reclamation system
Zhang QY, Liu LS, Liu ZJ
350 - 359 Fire behaviors of fuels with different sootiness levels in hot and humid conditions
Li ZJ, Zhang PH
360 - 368 Thermal stability and insulation characteristics of three-phase fire-fighting foam exposed to radiant heating
Zhou RF, Lang XQ, Zhang X, Tao B, He LM
369 - 376 Evaluating the effect of multiple flammable gases on the flammability limit of CH4: Experimental study and theoretical calculation
Luo ZM, Liang H, Wang T, Cheng FM, Su B, Liu LT, Liu B
377 - 382 Effect of nicotine inhibition on anaerobic digestion and the co-digestion performance of tobacco stalks with different animal manures
Wang LG, Zhang HY, Dai ZQ, Liu Y, Chen C, Liu GQ
383 - 395 Production of diesel range hydrocarbons from crude oil sludge via microwave-assisted pyrolysis and catalytic upgradation
Prashanth PF, Shravani B, Vinu R, Lavanya M, Prabu VR
396 - 411 Full-scale experimental study on water mist fire suppression in a railway tunnel rescue station: Temperature distribution characteristics
Fan CG, Bu RW, Xie XQ, Zhou Y
412 - 423 Returning excrement from livestock, poultry, and humans to farmland as nutrient resources for crop growth: Assessment of rural China
Wang B, Huang Y, Liu W, Chen S, Zhu JP, Belzile N, Chen YW, Liu MQ, Liu C
424 - 431 Sequential bioethanol and methane production from municipal solid waste: An integrated biorefinery strategy towards cost-effectiveness
Moreno AD, Magdalena JA, Oliva JM, Greses S, Lozano CC, Latorre-Sanchez M, Negro MJ, Susmozas A, Iglesias R, Llamas M, Tomas-Pejo E, Gonzalez-Fernandez C
432 - 440 Time-dependent economic risk analysis of the natural gas transmission pipeline system
Shi GY, Yu WC, Wang K, Dang FH, Gong J, Lu YN
441 - 450 Energy-saving investigation of organic material recovery from wastewater via thermal coupling extractive distillation combined with heat pump based on thermoeconomic and environmental analysis
Zhu ZY, Qi HQ, Shen YY, Qiu XM, Zhang HR, Qi JG, Yang JW, Wang L, Wang YL, Ma YX, Gao J
451 - 463 Characterization of the health and environmental radiological effects of TENORM and radiation hazard indicators in petroleum waste -Yemen
Ali MMM, Li ZG, Zhao HT, Rawashdeh A, Al Hassan M, Ado M
464 - 472 Impacts of different operational temperatures and organic loads in anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and sewage sludge on the fate of SARS-CoV-2
Bardi MJ, Oliaee MA
473 - 480 Experimental study on flame merging probability and pulsation frequency of annular hydrocarbon pool fires with various inner and outer diameters
Deng L, Tang F, Ma X
481 - 489 Reverse pulsed-flow cleaning of pleated filter cartridges having an inner pleated filter cone
Qiu J, Wu DS, Chen R, Li JL
490 - 498 Implementation of fluidized-bed Fenton as tertiary treatment of nitro-aromatic industrial wastewater
Sun L, Jiang H, Zhao YX, Deng XY, Ke S, Li Y, Tian MG
499 - 514 A review of aerosol flammability and explosion related incidents, standards, studies, and risk analysis
Yuan S, Ji CX, Han HT, Sun Y, Mashuga CV
515 - 530 CFD comparative analysis on the pollution characteristics of coal dust under turbulent airflow from coal cutting in the fully mechanized mining face
Zhang GB, Sun B, Song SZ, Wang H, Zhou G
531 - 551 Thermodynamic performance of a new hybrid system based on concentrating solar system, molten carbonate fuel cell and organic Rankine cycle with CO2 capturing analysis
Mei B, Qin YH, Taghavi M
552 - 563 Quantifying methane release and dispersion estimations for buried natural gas pipeline leakages
Liu CW, Liao YH, Liang J, Cui ZX, Li YX
564 - 576 Synergistic degradation employing photocatalysis and photo-Fenton process of real industrial pharmaceutical effluent utilizing the Iron-Titanium dioxide composite
Talwar S, Verma AK, Sangal VK
577 - 585 Performance evaluation of urea injection on the emission reduction of dioxins and furans in a commercial municipal solid waste incinerator
Qian LX, Wang YF, Liu ML, Hu YL, Chun TJ, Meng QM, Long HM, Wang Y
586 - 598 Intensification of co-pyrolysis of plastic with biomass via pretreatment
Muhammad I, Manos G
599 - 609 Study on the natural gas diffusion behavior in sewage pipeline by a new outdoor full-scale water cycling experimental pipeline system
Wang D, Huang P, Qian XM, Wu ZQ, Jing Q
610 - 619 A novel approach to reduce fire-induced domino effect risk by leveraging loading/unloading demands in chemical industrial parks
Ding L, Khan F, Guo XX, Ji J
620 - 628 Chlorine and peracetic acid in decentralized wastewater treatment: Disinfection, oxidation and odor control
Freitas BD, Leite LD, Daniel LA
629 - 638 Turbidity measurement: Its application for water resource recycling in buildings
Hyde K
639 - 646 The separation of radionuclides and silicon from boron-containing radioactive wastewater with modified reverse osmosis membranes
Chen BX, Yu SP, Zhao X
647 - 655 Numerical modeling of methane oxidation and emission from landfill cover soil coupling water-heat-gas transfer: Effects of meteorological factors
Bian RX, Chen JH, Li WH, Sun YJ, Chai XL, Wang HW, Wang YN, Zhao JW
656 - 669 Techno-economic assessment of minimal liquid discharge (MLD) treatment systems for saline wastewater (brine) management and treatment
Panagopoulos A
670 - 685 Advanced dynamic modeling study of fire and smoke of crude oil storage tanks
Elhelw M, El-Shobaky A, Attia A, El-Maghlany WM
686 - 693 Degradation of pyrene in contaminated water and soil by Fe2+-activated persulfate oxidation: Performance, kinetics, and background electrolytes (Cl-, HCO3- and humic acid) effects
Guo JY, Gao QF, Yang SQ, Zheng F, Du BX, Wen SL, Wang DY
694 - 701 Environment-friendly recycling of resin in waste printed circuit boards
Wei XX, Nie CC, Yu YX, Wang JX, Lyu XJ, Wu P, Zhu XN
702 - 717 Simultaneous pretreatment and catalytic conversion of polyolefins into hydrocarbon fuels over acidic zeolite catalysts
Muhammad I, Manos G
718 - 725 Highly flexible, transparent film prepared by upcycle of wasted jute fabrics with functional properties
Zhong X, Li R, Wang ZH, Wang YP, Wang W, Yu D
726 - 735 Enhanced spectrum convolutional neural architecture: An intelligent leak detection method for gas pipeline
Ning FL, Cheng ZH, Meng D, Duan S, Wei J
736 - 744 Gas leak detection in galvanised steel pipe with internal flow noise using convolutional neural network
Song YJ, Li SZ
745 - 762 Role of ejector expander in optimal inherently safety design of cascade NH3/Propane/CO2 vapor compression refrigeration systems
Rostamzadeh H, Gholizadeh T, Rostamzadeh S, Vosoughi S, Farshad AA
763 - 769 Exploring the role of sulfuric acid aerosol in corona discharge through a honeycomb wet electrostatic precipitator
Wang YF, Gao WC, Zhang XF, Zhang H, Liu WJ, Chen YJ, Shao LY, Wu ZC, Dai HB, Zheng CH, Gao X
770 - 778 Effect of metal wire mesh on premixed H-2/air flame quenching behaviors in a closed tube
Jin KQ, Wang QS, Duan QL, Chen JY, Sun JH
779 - 788 Improving the microenvironment of Cd-contaminated river sediments through humic substances washing and zeolite immobilization
Xing L, Wen J, Yan CY, Wang Q, Hu XH, Xue ZZ
789 - 799 Forward osmosis using highly water dispersible sodium alginate sulfate coated-Fe3O4 nanoparticles as innovative draw solution for water desalination
Khazaie F, Shokrollahzadeh S, Bide Y, Sheshmani S, Shahvelayati AS
800 - 810 Influence of blunt-nose and conical fragment on domino accident probability in spherical-tank area
Li XX, Liao KX, He GX, Zhao JH
811 - 836 A comprehensive approach to analyze the risk of floating roof storage tanks
Pouyakian M, Jafari MJ, Laal F, Nourai F, Zarei E
837 - 852 UMAP and LSTM based fire status and explosibility prediction for sealed-off area in underground coal mine
Kumari K, Dey P, Kumar C, Pandit D, Mishra SS, Kisku V, Chaulya SK, Ray SK, Prasad GM
853 - 866 Numerical simulation investigation on optimal dust-exhausting airflow volume in fully mechanized caving face of high-gas coal mine
Song SZ, Zhou G, Duan JJ, Zhang LC, Gao DH, Sun B
867 - 876 Status and associated human health risk of zinc accumulation in agricultural soils across China
Li XY, Zhou YZ, Zhang JR
877 - 885 Treatment of a platinum leachate by membrane distillation: Mechanism of combined silica scaling and organic fouling for distinct system performance decline
Chen G, Xie M, Huang MH
886 - 892 Pilot-scale anaerobic digestion of by-product liquid (brown juice) from grass protein extraction using an un-heated anaerobic filter
Feng L, Ward AJ, Ambye-Jensen M, Moller HB
893 - 904 A bi-objective mathematical model to determine risk-based inspection programs
Javid Y
905 - 915 Data-driven techniques for fault detection in anaerobic digestion process
Kazemi P, Bengoa C, Steyer JP, Giralt J
916 - 926 Petri net simulation of multi-department emergency response to avert domino effects in chemical industry accidents
Zhou JF, Reniers G
927 - 942 A sequence-based method for dynamic reliability assessment of MPD systems
Zhu JY, Chen GM, Khan AS, Yang M, Li XH, Meng XK, He R
943 - 951 Enhancement of CH4 oxidation potential in bio-based landfill cover materials
Niemczyk M, Berenjkar P, Wilkinson N, Lozecznik S, Sparling R, Yuan QY
952 - 960 Analysis of lockdown for CoViD-19 impact on NO2 in London, Milan and Paris: What lesson can be learnt?
Collivignarelli MC, De Rose C, Abba A, Baldi M, Bertanza G, Pedrazzani R, Sorlini S, Miino MC
961 - 967 Experimental study of the effects of ullage height on fire plume centerline temperature with a new virtual origin model
Liu CX, Ding L, Ji J