Process Safety and Environmental Protection

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ISSN: 0957-5820 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Co-pyrolysis and synergistic effect analysis of biomass sawdust and polystyrene mixtures for production of high-quality bio-oils
Stancin H, Safar M, Ruzickova J, Mikulcic H, Raclavska H, Wang X, Duic N
12 - 22 The application of cloud model combined with nonlinear fuzzy analytic hierarchy process for the safety assessment of chemical plant production process
Song QS, Jiang P, Zheng S
23 - 38 Hazard identification and analysis in work areas within the Manufacturing Sector through the HAZID methodology
Dominguez CR, Mares JIP, Hernandez RGZ
39 - 51 Reliability analysis of pumping station for sewage network using hybrid neural networks - genetic algorithm and method of moment
Piri J, Pirzadeh B, Keshtegar B, Givehchi M
52 - 62 Assessment of product yields and catalyst deactivation in fixed and fluidized bed reactors in the steam reforming of biomass pyrolysis volatiles
Fernandez E, Amutio M, Artetxe M, Arregi A, Santamaria L, Lopez G, Bilbao J, Olazar M
63 - 70 Control of primary disinfection in a drinking water treatment plant based on a fuzzy inference system
Godo-Pla L, Rodriguez JJ, Suquet J, Emiliano P, Valero F, Poch M, Monclus H
71 - 82 A cost-beneficial area-partition-involved collaborative patrolling game in a large-scale chemical cluster
Chen FR, Chen B, Zhu ZQ, Zhang LB, Qiu XG, Wang YD, Zhao Y
83 - 93 Experimental study of accidental release behavior of high-pressurized CO2 vessel
Tian GY, Zhou Y, Huang YP, Wang JF, Wang YL, Zeng CT, Huang JJ
94 - 109 Numerical simulation of medium to large scale BLEVE and the prediction of BLEVE's blast wave in obstructed environment
Li JD, Hao H
110 - 119 Combining enzymatic membrane bioreactor and ultraviolet photolysis for enhanced removal of trace organic contaminants: Degradation efficiency and by-products formation
Tufail A, Alharbi S, Alrifai J, Ansari A, Price WE, Hai FI
120 - 132 Modeling the effect of process parameters on the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants using artificial neural networks
Ayodele BV, Alsaffar MA, Mustapa SI, Cheng CK, Witoon T
133 - 140 Recycling of spent industrial soil in manufacturing process of clay brick
Heidari L, Ghazizade MJ
141 - 149 Impact of heavy metal laden algal biomass on hydrothermal liquefaction and biorefinery approach
Naaz F, Bhattacharya A, Pant KK, Malik A
150 - 156 An overview of test standards and regulations relevant to the fire testing of pressure vessels
Bradley I, Scarponi GE, Otremba F, Birk AM
157 - 171 An assessment of energy, exergy and CO2 emissions of a solar desalination system under hot climate conditions
Hassan H, Yousef MS
172 - 194 Catalytic conversions of CO2 to help mitigate climate change: Recent process developments
Ravanchi MT, Sahebdelfar S
195 - 202 Mainstream anammox reactor performance treating municipal wastewater and batch study of temperature, pH and organic matter concentration cross-effects
Pedrouso A, del Rio AV, Morales N, Vazquez-Padin JR, Campos JL, Mosquera-Corral A
203 - 210 Experimental investigation of small-scale CS2 (carbon disulphide) pool fires
Mishra S, Vishwakarma PK, Sharma A, Mishra KB
211 - 221 Experimental and numerical simulation to identify the thermal hazards and hazardous scenarios of N-Nitrodihydroxyethyl dinitrate
Zhang J, Ma YY, Chen LP, Chen WH
222 - 235 Effects of forced-air volume and suction region on the migration and dust suppression of air curtain during fully mechanized tunneling process
Wang H, Sa ZY, Cheng WM, Zhang R, Yang S
236 - 246 CO2 reforming of methane over carbon fiber-lanthanum oxide supported bimetallic nickel-cobalt catalysts: Kinetic and mechanistic studies
Wei YX, Song M, Yu L, Meng FY
247 - 254 Experimental study on the effects of diversion device on pulse-jet cleaning of horizontal filter cartridge
Yuan N, Ren L, Wang BZ, Teng DL, Li P, Xu ZY, Li YJ, Chen HY, Lin LY
255 - 261 Can microaeration boost the biotransformation of parabens in high-rate anaerobic systems?
do Nascimento JGS, de Araujo MHP, dos Santos AB, da Silva MER, Firmino PIM
262 - 272 Adsorption and desorption of water-soluble naphthenic acid in simulated offshore oilfield produced water
Hendges LT, Costa TC, Temochko B, Gonzalez SYG, Mazur LP, Marinho BA, da Silva A, Weschenfelder SE, de Souza AAU, de Souza SMAGU
273 - 284 Homoacetogenesis: New insights into controlling this unsolved challenge by selecting the optimal C/N ratio, C/P ratio and hydraulic retention time
Carosia MF, dos Reis CM, de Menezes CA, Sakamoto IK, Varesche MBA, Silva EL
285 - 292 Understanding the effects of operational conditions on the membrane distillation process applied to the recovery of water from textile effluents
Silva RD, Cavalcanti CDK, Valle RDSC, Machado RAF, Marangoni C
293 - 302 Application of machine learning techniques for predicting the consequences of construction accidents in China
Zhu RC, Hu XF, Hou JQ, Li X
303 - 311 Explosion effect of vapor-liquid two-phase n-heptane at various initial temperatures
Song YF, Zhang Q
312 - 320 Studies on development of adhesive material from post-consumer (waste) expanded polystyrene: a two-edged sword approach
Uttaravalli AN, Dinda S, Gidla BR, Kasturi G, Kasala P, Penta G
321 - 339 Anaerobic fermentation of waste activated sludge for volatile fatty acid production: Recent updates of pretreatment methods and the potential effect of humic and nutrients substances
Liang T, Elmaadawy K, Liu BC, Hu JP, Hou HJ, Yang JK
340 - 353 Computational fluid dynamics simulation of two-phase flow and dissolved oxygen in a wastewater treatment oxidation ditch
Matko T, Chew J, Wenk J, Chang J, Hofman J
354 - 363 Intensified heat transfer applied to a zinc roasting process: Economic and environmental factors
Sales FA, Neto APD, Neto GWF, Brito RP
364 - 377 Degradation of tetracycline hydrochloride by coupling of photocatalysis and peroxymonosulfate oxidation processes using CuO-BiVO4 heterogeneous catalyst
Chen X, Zhou JB, Chen Y, Zhou Y, Ding LD, Liang H, Li X
378 - 387 Suppression of hydrogen-air explosions by hydrofluorocarbons
Gao MD, Bi MS, Ye LL, Li YC, Jiang HP, Yang MR, Yan CC, Gao W
388 - 394 Cultivation of phagotrophic algae with microbial cells released from waste activated sludge: An evaluation of different pretreatment methods to enhance release of microbial cells from sludge flocs
Li C, Chen Y, Qin D, Chen Y
395 - 410 Lignin based nano-composites: Synthesis and applications
Parvathy G, Sethulekshmi AS, Jayan JS, Raman A, Saritha A
411 - 424 Influence of the addition of titanium oxide nanoparticles to Fischer-Tropsch diesel synthesised from coal on the combustion characteristics and particulate emission of a diesel engine
Geng LM, Li SJ, Xiao YG, Chen H, Chen XB, Ma YL
425 - 434 Dynamic intelligent risk assessment of hazardous chemical warehouse fire based on electrostatic discharge method and improved support vector machine
Li Y, Wang H, Bai K, Chen SM
435 - 446 Dynamic Bayesian network-based reliability and safety assessment of the subsea Christmas tree
Pang N, Jia P, Wang LQ, Yun FH, Wang G, Wang XY, Shi L