Process Safety and Environmental Protection

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1 - 1 Performance of a laboratory-scale moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) and its microbial diversity in palm oil mill effluent (POME) treatment (vol 142, pg 325, 2020)
Abu Bakar SNH, Abu Hasan H, Mohammad AW, Abdullah SRS, Ngteni R, Yusof KMM
2 - 14 Simultaneous removal of bioaerosols, odors and volatile organic compounds from a wastewater treatment plant by a full-scale integrated reactor
Liu JW, Kang XY, Liu XL, Yue P, Sun JB, Lu C
15 - 22 Thermo-kinetic studies on azodicarbonamide/potassium periodate airbag gas generants
Aravind SL, Sivapirakasam SP, Balasubramanian KR, Surianarayanan M
23 - 31 Design of a mobile dissolved air flotation system with high rate for the treatment of liquid radioactive waste
Ortiz-Oliveros HB, Flores-Espinosa RM
32 - 41 From calorimetry to thermal risk assessment: gamma-Valerolactone production from the hydrogenation of alkyl levulinates
Wang YJ, Plazl I, Vernieres-Hassimi L, Leveneur S
42 - 51 Cooling tower water treatment using a combination of electrochemical oxidation and constructed wetlands
Saha P, Wagner TV, Ni JH, Langenhoff AAM, Bruning H, Rijnaarts HHM
52 - 64 A bioassimilation and bioaccumulation model for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater using algae: New strategy
Al Ketife AMD, Al Momani F, Judd S
65 - 78 Development of high flux nanofiltration membrane using para-amino benzoate ferroxane nanoparticle for enhanced antifouling behavior and dye removal
Moradi G, Zinadini S, Rajabi L
79 - 92 A dynamic and simulation-based method for quantitative risk assessment of the domino accident in chemical industry
He ZC, Weng WG
93 - 99 Hydrothermal alkaline conversion of actual acrylonitrile wastewater to organic acids
Shen Z, Yu YB, Wang K, Yue C, Miao J, Xia M, Gu MY, Zhang YL
100 - 110 Prompt removal of antibiotic by adsorption/electro-Fenton degradation using an iron-doped perlite as heterogeneous catalyst
Puga A, Rosales E, Pazos M, Sanroman MA
111 - 122 Enhanced particle precipitation from flue gas containing ultrafine particles through precharging
Wang YF, Gao WC, Zhang H, Shao LY, Wu ZC, Li LM, Sun DS, Zheng CH, Gao X
123 - 132 Experimental studies on influencing factors of stress corrosion in rectifying column
Lu YW, Wang ZR, Parker T, Yang RR, Shen SX, Sun PP, Wang QS
133 - 142 System for ammonia removal from anaerobic digestion and associated ammonium sulfate production: Simulation and design considerations
Costamagna P, Delucchi M, Busca G, Giordano A
143 - 157 Catalytic degradation of sulfamethoxazole by persulfate activated with magnetic graphitized biochar: Multiple mechanisms and variables effects
Shen B, Liu YG, Liu SB, Tan XF, Zhang P, Du L, Wen J
158 - 165 A new method for identifying persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic organic pollutants in coking wastewater
Bu QW, Li QS, Cao YB, Cao HM
166 - 176 Prediction model of traffic loading rate for large-scale evacuations in unconventional emergencies: A real case survey
Hou J, Gai WM, Cheng WY, Deng YF
177 - 185 Biodegradable CA/CPB electrospun nanofibers for efficient retention of airborne nanoparticles
de Almeida DS, Martins LD, Muniz EC, Rudke AP, Squizzato R, Beal A, de Souza PR, Bonfim DPF, Aguiar ML, Gimenes ML
186 - 192 Experimental study on thermal runaway and vented gases of lithium-ion cells
Yuan LM, Dubaniewicz T, Zlochower I, Thomas R, Rayyan N
193 - 207 Hybrid air filters: A review of the main equipment configurations and results
de Castro BJC, Sartim R, Guerra VG, Aguiar ML
208 - 224 A novel ternary mixed matrix membrane comprising polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-modified poly (ether-block-amide)(Pebax (R) 1657)/graphene oxide nanoparticles for CO2 separation
Kheirtalab M, Abedini R, Ghorbani M
225 - 235 Fabrication and modification of forward osmosis membranes by using graphene oxide for dye rejection and sludge concentration
Lin CS, Tung KL, Lin YL, Dong CD, Chen CW, Wu CH
236 - 241 Fate of road-dust associated microplastics and per- and polyfluorinated substances in stormwater
Pramanik BK, Roychand R, Monira S, Bhuiyan M, Jegatheesan V
242 - 252 Fuzzy bayesian network based on an improved similarity aggregation method for risk assessment of storage tank accident
Guo XX, Ji J, Khan F, Ding L
253 - 262 Effect of sulfonamides on the dissolved organic matter fluorescence in biogas slurry during anaerobic fermentation according to the PARAFAC analysis
Wang SN, Yuan RF, Chen HL, Wang F, Zhou BH
263 - 272 Effects of ventilation conditions and procedures during a fire in a reduced-scale room
Manescau B, Courty L, Acherar L, Coudour B, Wang HY, Garo JP
273 - 283 Microwave-assisted wet co-torrefaction of food sludge and lignocellulose biowaste for biochar production and nutrient recovery
Zheng NY, Lee M, Lin YL, Samannan B
284 - 296 Study on safety pressure of water jet breaking coal based on the characteristic analysis of electromagnetic radiation signal
Wang H, Wang EY, Li ZH, Shen RX, Liu XF, Gao XY, Li B, Zhang QM
297 - 309 Removal of H2S in biogas using biotrickling filter: Recent development
Nhut HH, Thanh VLT, Le LT
310 - 321 A multi-criteria-based hazard and operability analysis for process safety
Viegas RA, Mota FDD, Costa APCS, dos Santos FFP
322 - 329 Prediction of power consumption and water productivity of seawater greenhouse system using random vector functional link network integrated with artificial ecosystem-based optimization
Essa FA, Abd Elaziz M, Elsheikh AH
330 - 336 Multiphase CFD modeling and laboratory testing of a Vortecone for mining and industrial dust scrubbing applications
Kumar AR, Schafrik S
337 - 348 Investigation of methane/air explosion suppression by modified montmorillonite inhibitor
Yu MG, Wang XY, Zheng K, Han SX, Chen CD, Si RJ, Wang L
349 - 365 CO2 capture and fluidity performance of CaO-based sorbents: Effect of Zr, Al and Ce additives in tri-, bi- and mono-metallic configurations
Heidari M, Tahmasebpoor M, Antzaras A, Lemonidou AA
366 - 371 Metal mobility and toxicity of zinc hydrometallurgical residues
Wang R, Yan QL, Su PX, Shu JC, Chen MJ, Xiao ZX, Han YB, Cheng ZQ
372 - 372 Investigation on effect of KCl addition on desalination performance of co-polymerized GO/Nylon nanocomposite membrane (vol 125, pg 31, 2019)
Talar AJ, Ebadi T, Maknoon R, Rashidi A