Process Safety and Environmental Protection

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ISSN: 0957-5820 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Recovery of pentoses-containing olive stones for their conversion into furfural in the presence of solid acid catalysts
Funez-Nunez I, Garcia-Sancho C, Cecilia JA, Moreno-Tost R, Serrano-Cantador L, Maireles-Torres P
14 - 24 Operation parameters optimization of a hybrid dead-end/cross-flow forward osmosis system for microalgae dewatering by response surface methodology
Ma C, Yu HH, Gao YJ, Xu WJ, Xu TF, Wang L, Zhao B, Zhang ZH, Xu J
25 - 35 Efficient oxidative desulfurization of model fuel by visible-light-driven MoS2-CeO2/SiO2-Al2O3 nano photocatalyst coating
Yengejeh SM, Allahyari S, Rahemi N
36 - 44 The use of artificial intelligence models in the prediction of optimum operational conditions for the treatment of dye wastewaters with similar structural characteristics
Picos-Benitez AR, Martinez-Vargas BL, Duron-Torres SM, Brillas E, Peralta-Hernandez JM
45 - 54 Bilayer adsorptive ceramic membranes supported cage-like mesoporous silica for hexavalent chromium removal: Experimental and DFT studies
Ganji R, Peyravi M, Khalili S, Jahanshahi M
55 - 65 Removal of bifenthrin pesticide from aqueous solutions by treated patellidae shells using a new fixed bed column filtration technique
Bakka A, Mamouni R, Saffaj N, Laknifli A, Aziz K, Roudani A
66 - 75 The reactivity of hydrogen enriched turbulent flames
Hampp F, Goh KHH, Lindstedt RP
76 - 90 Simultaneous removal of Fe(II) and Mn(II) from acid mine wastewater by electro-Fenton process
Chai YZ, Qin PF, Zhang JC, Li TY, Dai ZJ, Wu ZB
91 - 100 Combining pyrolysis-two-dimensional gas chromatography-time-of-flight mass spectrometry with hierarchical cluster analysis for rapid identification of pyrolytic interactions: Case study of co-pyrolysis of PVC and biomass components
Kumagai S, Matsukami A, Kabashima F, Sakurai M, Kanai M, Kameda T, Saito Y, Yoshioka T
101 - 113 Study on the spray field distribution of the roadway full-section water curtain device and its effect on the settlement of PM2.5
Peng HT, Cheng WM, Guo YX, Xu CW, Guo C, Ma QX, Liu ZQ, Yang SB
114 - 120 Protection from thermal radiation of hazardous fires: Optimizing microscale droplet size in mist barriers using radiative transfer analysis
Gonome H, Nagao T, Takagi Y, Ono M, Kogawa T, Moriya S, Okajima J
121 - 128 Comprehensive investigation of landfill leachate treatment by integrated Fenton/microfiltration and aerobic membrane bioreactor with nanofiltration
Reis BG, Silveira AL, Lebron YAR, Moreira VR, Teixeira LPT, Okuma AA, Amaral MCS, Lange LC
129 - 137 Effects of chemical additives on emissions of ammonia and greenhouse gas during sewage sludge composting
Li YB, Liu TT, Song JL, Lv JH, Jiang JS
138 - 163 Recent advances in the treatment of dye-containing wastewater from textile industries: Overview and perspectives
Samsami S, Mohamadi M, Sarrafzadeh MH, Rene ER, Firoozbahr M
164 - 176 Hydrogen infrastructure-Efficient risk assessment and design optimization approach to ensure safe and practical solutions
Hansen OR
177 - 185 Coupling mechanism of natural gas deflagration flame and continuous water in closed pipeline
Zhang Q, Fu LY, Li ZY, Fan T, Ma YL, Cai P, Qian XM, Zhang RH, Chen YY
186 - 195 Behavior of radioactive cesium during direct melting treatment of decontamination waste with and without Cl-containing additives
Noda K, Kuramochi H, Yui K, Ito K, Yoshimoto N, Yoshimoto Y, Nagata T, Koshida H, Suzuki H, Takaoka M, Osako M
196 - 203 SARS-CoV-2 in sewer systems and connected facilities
Collivignarelli MC, Collivignarelli C, Miino MC, Abba A, Pedrazzani R, Bertanza G
204 - 211 The influence of household filter types on quality of drinking water
Alsulaili A, Al-Harbi M, Elsayed K
212 - 221 A feasibility study on optimization of combined advanced oxidation processes for municipal solid waste leachate treatment
Umamaheswari J, Bharathkumar T, Shanthakumar S, Gothandam KM
222 - 230 Degradation of dimethoate using combined approaches based on hydrodynamic cavitation and advanced oxidation processes
Thanekar P, Lakshmi NJ, Shah M, Gogate PR, Znak Z, Sukhatskiy Y, Mnykh R
231 - 238 Inhibition on biological acidification and microbial community by high-strength acetaldehyde
Tian XM, Shen ZQ, Zhou YX, Wang KJ
239 - 247 Sound-turbulence interaction model for low mach number flows and its application in natural gas pipeline leak location
Liu CW, Liao YH, Cui ZX, Li YX, Weng CY
248 - 261 Outlining a comprehensive techno-economic approach to evaluate the performance of an advanced sorting plant for plastic waste recovery
Gadaleta G, De Gisi S, Binetti SMC, Notarnicola M
262 - 272 Biometallurgical recovery of metals from waste printed circuit boards using pure and mixed strains of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidan and Acidiphilium acidophilum
Priya A, Hait S
273 - 284 Performance of membrane photocatalytic reactor incorporated with ZnO- Cymbopogon citratus in treating palm oil mill secondary effluent
Sidik DAB, Hairom NHH, Ahmad MK, Madon RH, Mohammad AW
285 - 292 Improving performance of microbial fuel cell by enhanced bacterial-anode interaction using sludge immobilized beads with activated carbon
Neethu B, Bhowmick GD, Ghangrekar MM
293 - 303 Maximum flash point behavior of ternary mixtures with single and two maximum flash point binary constituents
Liaw HJ, Yang CA
304 - 312 Systematic facile study of singleton e-waste recycling site to unveil the potential bio-indicator for atmospheric heavy metals by using tree leaves
Wang GH, Sang L, Tariq M, Lu C, Zhang W, Lin KF, Huang BT
313 - 321 Performance analysis and fate of bromine in a single screw reactor for pyrolysis of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
Evangelopoulos P, Persson H, Kantarelis E, Yang WH
322 - 331 Tuning the structure flexibility of metal-organic frameworks via adjusting precursor anionic species for selective removal of phosphorus
Li SJ, Liu M, Yin C, Chen J, Yang XJ, Wang SX
332 - 339 Biosurfactants as demulsification enhancers in bio-electrokinetic remediation of petroleum contaminated soil
Gidudu B, Chirwa EMN
340 - 347 Fabrication of novel tetrahedral Ag3PO4/g-C3N4/BiVO4 ternary composite for efficient detoxification of sulfamethoxazole
Li J, Li Y, Zhang WL, Naraginti S, Sivakumar A, Zhang C
348 - 360 Towards a causal model from pipeline incident data analysis
Halim SZ, Yu MX, Escobar H, Quddus N, Kay M
361 - 366 Regional risk assessment methods in relation to urban public safety
Guo HM, Cheng LH, Li SG, Lin HF