Process Safety and Environmental Protection

Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Vol.135 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0957-5820 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Effect of admixed solid inertants on dispersibility of combustible dust clouds in a modified hartmann tube
Bu YJ, Ma ZP, Li C, Amyotte P, Yuan WB, Yuan CM, Li G
12 - 21 Characterization of pore structure and the gas diffusion properties of tectonic and intact coal: Implications for lost gas calculation
Wang ZY, Cheng YP, Wang L, Zhou HX, He XX, Yi MH, Xi CP
22 - 37 Occurrence, impacts and general aspects of pesticides in surface water: A review
de Souza RM, Seibert D, Quesada HB, Bassetti FD, Fagundes-Klen MR, Bergamasco R
38 - 45 Tannery wastewater as nutrient supply in production of biogas from solid tannery wastes mixed through anaerobic co-digestion
Agustini CB, da Costa M, Gutterres M
46 - 58 Air quality control in mine refuge chamber with ventilation through pressure air pipeline
Zhang ZJ, Wu HW, Wang KQ, Day R, Yuan YP
59 - 69 Emergency rescue capability evaluation on urban fire stations in China
Chen MM, Wang K, Dong XL, Li HL
70 - 80 Process Safety Assessment Considering Multivariate Non-linear Dependence Among Process Variables
Ghosh A, Ahmed S, Khan F, Rusli R
81 - 90 Recovery of calcium and magnesium bearing phases from iron- and steelmaking slag for CO2 sequestration
Zhao Q, Li JY, You KW, Liu CJ
91 - 100 Insight into the application of hydrogen-rich energy in iron ore sintering: Parameters optimization and function mechanism
Ji ZY, Zhou HY, Fan XH, Gan M, Liu Q, Huang XX, Chen XL, Li HR
101 - 112 Investigation on the overpressure of methane-air mixture gas explosions in straight large-scale tunnels
Zhu YF, Wang DM, Shao ZL, Zhu XL, Xu CH, Zhang YT
113 - 125 Root causality analysis at early abnormal stage using principal component analysis and multivariate Granger causality
Pyun H, Kim K, Ha D, Lee CJ, Lee WB
126 - 134 An experimental investigation on the effect of carboxymethyl cellulose on morphological characteristics of dust-suppression foam and its mechanism exploration
Wei XB, Wang HT, Xie Y, Du YH
135 - 143 Study on the propagation characteristics of hydrogen/methane/air premixed flames in variable cross-section ducts
Wang J, Wu Y, Zheng LG, Yu MG, Pan RK, Shan WW
144 - 156 A novel failure control technology of cross-measure borehole for gas drainage: A case study
Zhang YF, Hu SY, Xia TQ, Liu YK, Pan Z, Zhou FB
157 - 165 On reliability challenges of repairable systems using hierarchical bayesian inference and maximum likelihood estimation
BahooToroody A, Abaei MM, Arzaghi E, Song GZ, De Carlo F, Paltrinieri N, Abbassi R
166 - 170 The effects of vent area and ignition position on pressure oscillations in a large L/D ratio duct
Xing HD, Xu QM, Song XZ, Wang YX, Li B, Xie LF
171 - 178 Bioconversion of chicken feather wastes by keratinolytic bacteria
Alahyaribeik S, Sharifi SD, Tabandeh F, Honarbakhsh S, Ghazanfari S
179 - 186 What went right
Amyotte PR
187 - 206 Experimental investigation of potential confined ignition sources for vapour cloud explosions
Gill J, Atkinson G, Cowpe E, Phylaktou H, Andrews G
207 - 218 Risk assessment of gas explosion in coal mines based on fuzzy AHP and bayesian network
Li M, Wang HT, Wang DM, Shao ZL, He S
219 - 227 Thermal stability and flammability assessment of 1-ethyl-2, 3-dimethylimidazolium nitrate
Bin Z, Liu SH, Jie L, Zhang ZH, Bin LW, Shu CM
228 - 235 Organic ultraviolet-absorbing materials in street dust from Hefei, China: Concentrations, profiles, and human health risks
Xing XY, Han X, He L, Cheng JL, Zhong FY, Sun JZ, Tang ZW
236 - 243 Homogeneous solar Fenton and alternative processes in a pilot-scale rotatable reactor for the treatment of petroleum refinery wastewater
Pourehie O, Saien J
244 - 256 Analysis of the corrosion failure of a semiconductor polycrystalline distillation column
Sun PP, Wang ZR, Lu YW, Shen SX, Yang RR, Xue AX, Parker T, Wang J, Wang QS
257 - 264 Assessment of gas emission hazard associated with rockburst in coal containing methane
Wei MY, Wang EY, Liu XF
265 - 272 Gas-phase aromatic compounds degradation by a partially TiO2 coated photoreactor assisted with ozone
Ribeiro BMB, Fujimoto TM, Bricio BGM, Doubek ULR, Tomaz E
273 - 281 Enhanced removal and recovery of binary mixture of n-butyl acetate and p-xylene by temperature swing-Vacuum pressure swing hybrid adsorption process
Han ZW, Wang D, Jiang P, Sui H, He L, Li XG
282 - 293 Risk-based safety measure allocation to prevent and mitigate storage fire hazards
Ding L, Khan F, Ji J
294 - 300 Runaway inhibition of styrene polymerization: A simulation study by chaos divergence theory
Ni L, Cui JW, Jiang JC, Pan Y, Wu H, Shu CM, Wang ZR, Mou SJ, Shi N
301 - 314 A New simplified calculation model of geometric thermal features of a vertical propane jet fire based on experimental and computational studies
Mashhadimoslem H, Ghaemi A, Behroozi AH, Palacios A
315 - 322 Toward an efficient multi-step separation protocol to recover metallic components from waste leachates
Rivas E, Martin-Lara MA, Blazquez G, Munoz-Batista MJ, Perez A, Calero M
323 - 341 Efficiency of a coagulation/flocculation-membrane filtration hybrid process for the treatment of vegetable oil refinery wastewater for safe reuse and recovery
Khouni I, Louhichi G, Ghrabi A, Moulin P
342 - 349 Assessment of low-temperature oxidation characteristics of coal based on standard oxygen consumption rate
Qin YP, Song YP, Liu W, Wei J, Lv QL
350 - 363 Regional evaluation of fire apparatus requirements for petrol stations based on travel times
Liu DL, Xu ZS, Wang ZY, Fan CG
364 - 382 Assessing the performances of an aerobic membrane bioreactor for textile wastewater treatment: Influence of dye mass loading rate and biomass concentration
Khouni I, Louhichi G, Ghrabi A