Process Safety and Environmental Protection

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ISSN: 0957-5820 (Print) 

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1 - 23 Accidents analysis and prevention of coal and gas outburst: Understanding human errors in accidents
Fu G, Xie XC, Jia QS, Tong WQ, Ge Y
24 - 35 Effect of ageing on waste characteristics excavated from an Indian dumpsite and its potential valorisation
Singh A, Chandel MK
36 - 46 Real-time risk analysis of road tanker containing flammable liquid based on fuzzy Bayesian network
Li YT, Xu DD, Shuai J
47 - 82 The development history of accident causation models in the past 100 years: 24Model, a more modern accident causation model
Fu G, Xie XC, Jia QS, Li ZH, Chen P, Ge Y
83 - 94 Simultaneous SO2 and NO removal by pellets made of carbide slag and coal char in a bubbling fluidized-bed reactor
Wang X, Li YJ, Zhang W, Zhao JL, Wang ZY
95 - 107 A risk-based approach to determination of optimal inspection intervals for buried oil pipelines
Abubakirov R, Yang M, Khakzad N
108 - 120 Analysis of BLEVE overpressure using spherical shock theory
Birk AM, Eyssette R, Heymes F
121 - 130 Comparative analysis of thermal oxidative decomposition and fire characteristics for different straw powders via thermogravimetry and cone calorimetry
Xie T, Wei RC, Wang Z, Wang J
131 - 139 Experimental and CFD study of H2S oxidation by activated carbon prepared from cotton pulp black liquor
Sun Y, He J, Wang YS, Yang G, Sun GZ, Sage V
140 - 148 Functionalization of membrane surface by layer-by-layer self-assembly method for dyes removal
Januario EFD, Beluci NDL, Vidovix TB, Vieira MF, Bergamasco R, Vieira AMS
149 - 160 Developing an advanced dynamic risk analysis method for fire-related domino effects
Zeng T, Chen G, Yang Y, Chen P, Reniers G
161 - 168 Removal of sulfamonomethoxine and its transformation byproducts from fresh aquaculture wastewater by a rotating advanced oxidation contactor equipped with zeolite/TiO2 composite sheets
Nomura Y, Fukahori S, Fujiwara T
169 - 177 Antibiotic detection in a hospital wastewater and comparison of their removal rate by activated sludge and earthworm-based vermifilteration: Environmental risk assessment
Shokoohi R, Ghobadi N, Godini K, Hadi M, Atashzaban Z
178 - 188 Bayesian network and game theory risk assessment model for third-party damage to oil and gas pipelines
Cui Y, Quddus N, Mashuga CV
189 - 196 A prediction model for debris scattering in vented gas deflagration
Sun S, Wang MY, Xing HD, Gao KH, Qiu YY
197 - 207 Degradation of pesticide thiamethoxam by heat - activated and ultrasound - activated persulfate: Effect of key operating parameters and the water matrix
Lebik-Elhadi H, Frontistis Z, Ait-Amar H, Madjene F, Mantzavinos D
208 - 216 Utilization of nickel-electroplating wastewaters in manufacturing of photocatalysts for water purification
Gorokhovsky A, Vikulova M, Escalante-Garcia JI, Tretyachenko E, Burmistrov I, Kuznetsov D, Yuri D
217 - 225 Research-scale three-phase jet foam generator design and foaming condition optimization based on Box-Behnken design
Fu G, Jiang JC, Ni L
226 - 238 Facile preparation of superwetting surfaces by dip-coating of silane for efficient separation of different types of oils from water
Matin A, Baig U, Gondal MA
239 - 246 Experimental investigation of LNG release underwater and combustion behavior under crosswinds
Zhang YX, Zhu JL, Peng YM, Song CY, Li YX
247 - 259 'Knock on nanocellulose': Approaching the laminar burning velocity of powder-air flames
Santandrea A, Gavard M, Pacault S, Vignes A, Perrin L, Dufaud O
260 - 269 Dynamic analysis and optimization of flare network system for topside process of offshore plant
Jo YP, Cho Y, Hwang S
270 - 276 Assessing the thermal properties of [Bmim]NO3 through thermokinetic calculations and the energy equilibrium method
Liu SH, Zhang B, Cao CR
277 - 291 Multiple versus single response optimization in thiosulfate bio-removal and its products formation and function of optimum point in bioreactor
Pirieh P, Naeimpoor F
292 - 307 Advanced oxidation processes for the removal of organophosphorus pesticides in aqueous matrices: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Malakootian M, Shahesmaeili A, Faraji M, Amiri H, Martinez SS
308 - 322 Supporting risk management decision making by converting linguistic graded qualitative risk matrices through interval type-2 fuzzy sets
Hong YZ, Pasman HJ, Quddus N, Mannan MS
323 - 332 A novel single continuous electrocoagulation process for treatment of licorice processing wastewater: Optimization of operating factors using RSM
Abbasi S, Mirghorayshi M, Zinadini S, Zinatizadeh AA
333 - 342 Control of regenerative catalytic oxidizers used in coal mine ventilation air methane exploitation
Marin P, Vega A, Diez FV, Ordonez S
343 - 352 Combustion behaviors and residues characteristics in hydrogen/aluminum dust hybrid explosions
Yu XZ, Yu JL, Zhang XY, Ji WT, Lv XS, Hou YJ, Li ZY, Yan XQ
353 - 370 Numerical investigation of coal self-heating in longwall goaf considering airflow leakage from mining induced crack
Zhang J, An JY, Wen ZH, Zhang KX, Pan RK, Al Mamun NA
371 - 380 Comparing hexacyanoferrate loaded onto silica, silicotitanate and chabazite sorbents for Cs extraction with a continuous-flow fixed-bed setup: Methods and pitfalls
Grandjean A, Barre Y, Hertz A, Fremy V, Mascarade J, Louradour E, Prevost T
381 - 391 Dynamics of gas flow between interconnected vessels: Experiments and simulations
Jawad J, Soares RD, Vechot LN, Castier M
392 - 405 Cost-benefit management of intentional domino effects in chemical industrial areas
Chen C, Reniers G, Khakzad N
406 - 415 Experimental investigation on the perfluorooctanoic and perfluorooctane sulfonic acids fate and behaviour in the activated sludge reactor
Chiavola A, Di Marcantonio C, Boni MR, Biagioli S, Frugis A, Cecchini G
416 - 428 A novel approach to distinguish the uniform and non-uniform distribution of blast loads in process industry
Hu K, Chen GH, Abbassi R, Zhou ZH, Zeng T, Yang Y
429 - 439 Experimental investigations of the ignition delay time, initial ignition energy and lower explosion limit of zirconium powder clouds in a 20 L cylindrical vessel
Song XZ, Su H, Xie LF, Li B, Cao Y, Wang YX
440 - 447 Enhancing photo-precipitation of chromate with carboxyl radicals: Kinetic, energy analysis and sludge survey
Massoudinejad M, Zarandi SM, Amini MM, Mohseni SM