Process Safety and Environmental Protection

Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Vol.131 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0957-5820 (Print) 

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1 - 8 A new method for determining coal seam permeability redistribution induced by roadway excavation and its applications
Liu HH, Lin BQ, Jiang CL
9 - 15 Recent advances for prediction of electric spark and shock sensitivities of organic compounds containing energetic functional groups to assess reliable models
Keshavarz MH, Damiri S, Bagheri V
16 - 27 Numerical investigation of flow erosion of sand-laden oil flow in a U-bend
Zhu HJ, Qi YH
28 - 37 Investigation of pre-treatments improving low-temperature anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge
Chiappero M, Demichelis F, Lin X, Liu CX, Frigon D, Fiore S
38 - 47 Treatment of table olive processing wastewaters using electrocoagulation in laboratory and pilot-scale reactors
Benekos AK, Zampeta C, Argyriou R, Economou CN, Triantaphyllidou IE, Tatoulis TI, Tekerlekopoulou AG, Vayenas DV
48 - 54 Experimental study for flame base drag and burning efficiency of spilled crude oil during in-situ burning on water
Kong DP, He X, Yang HB, Zhang Z
55 - 62 Determination of the thermal hazard and decomposition behaviors of 2,2 '-azobis-(2,4-dimethylvaleronitrile)
Liu SH, Lu YM, Chiang CL, Cao CR
63 - 72 Assessment of sewage sludge gasification in supercritical water for H-2-rich syngas production
Hantoko D, Antoni, Kanchanatip E, Yan M, Weng ZC, Gao ZL, Zhong YJ
73 - 88 Protective Lines for Suppressing the Combustion Front of Forest Fuels: Experimental Research
Atroshenko YK, Kuznetsov GV, Strizhak PA, Volkov RS
89 - 104 Uncertainty handling in fault tree based risk assessment: State of the art and future perspectives
Yazdi M, Kabir S, Walker M
105 - 115 Pentachlorophenol biodegradation in two-phase bioreactors operated with absorptive polymers: Box-Behnken experimental design and optimization by response surface methodology
Angelucci DM, Piscitelli D, Tomei MC
116 - 126 Enhanced decolorization of reactive violet dye 1 by halo-alkaliphilic Nesterenkonia strain: Process optimization, short acclimatization and reusability analysis in batch cycles
Prabhakar Y, Gupta A, Kaushik A
127 - 134 Effects of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium nitrate on the thermal hazardous properties of lignitous and long flame coal through a green approach and thermokinetic models
Bin LW, Tsai YT, Liu SH, Deng J, Xiao Y, Wang QH, Shu CM
135 - 143 Integral exploitation from olive cake for energy production in a biorefinery scheme
Galvez-Perez A, Perez A, Calero M, Martin-Lara MA, Blazquez G
144 - 151 Performance evaluation of natural catalysts during the thermochemical conversion of poultry litter
Perondi D, Manera C, Godinho M, Zattera AJ
152 - 159 Experimental study of carbon dioxide absorption by mixed aqueous solutions of methyl diethanolamine (MDEA) and piperazine (PZ) in a microreactor
Aghel B, Sahraie S, Heidaryan E, Varmira K
160 - 168 Prevention of explosion accidents by employing boron instead of aluminium in flash powder
Azhagurajan A, Prakash L, Jeyasubramanian K
169 - 177 Method of pre-oxidation treatment for spontaneous combustion inhibition and its application
Li JL, Lu W, Cao YJZ, Kong B, Zhang QS
178 - 188 Case study of the Tianjin accident: Application of barrier and systems analysis to understand challenges to industry loss prevention in emerging economies
Chen QL, Wood M, Zhao JS
189 - 196 Adsorption of active trace gases by ensemble of ultrafine porous particles with impermeable cores
Fominykh A, Katra I, Krasovitov B, Levy A
197 - 204 Thermal hazard assessment of the thermal stability of acne cosmeceutical therapy using advanced calorimetry technology
Huang AC, Huang CF, Xing ZX, Jiang JC, Shu CM
205 - 211 The effectiveness of injected carbon sources in enhancing the denitrifying processes in groundwater with high nitrate concentrations
Park S, Kim HK, Kim DH, Lee GM, Yoon J, Choi H, Kim M, Han K, Kim Y, Chung HM
212 - 222 Novel heterogeneous degradation of mature landfill leachate using persulfate and magnetic CuFe2O4/RGO nanocatalyst
Karimipourfard D, Eslamloueyan R, Mehranbod N
223 - 234 Coal spontaneous combustion characteristics based on constant temperature difference guidance method
Sun Y, Wang SG, Wei L, Cao YJZ, Li JL
235 - 245 Co-digestion of tannery waste activated sludge with slaughterhouse sludge to improve organic biodegradability and biomethane generation
Mpofu AB, Oyekola OO, Welz PJ
246 - 254 Modeling and simulation of coal spontaneous combustion in a gob of shallow buried coal seams
Zhuo H, Qin BT, Qin QH, Su ZW
255 - 267 Presence of endocrine disrupting chemicals in sanitary landfill leachate, its treatment and degradation by Fenton based processes: A review
Seibert D, Quesada H, Bergamasco R, Borba FH, Pellenz L
268 - 281 Combined effects of protective film and oxidant on the performance of the supercritical water oxidation system with a film protective reactor: A simulation study
Zhang FM, Chen JL, Su CJ, Chen SQ, Chen ZY, Ding YX
282 - 291 Experimental set-up to measure the maximum mass burning rate of storage tank fires
Sharma A, Mishra KB
292 - 299 Use of the osmotic membrane bioreactor for the management of tannery wastewater using absorption liquid waste as draw solution
Lujan-Facundo MJ, Mendoza-Roca JA, Soler-Cabezas JL, Bes-Pia A, Vincent-Vela MC, Pastor-Alcaniz L
300 - 306 High performance homogeneous photo-activated persulfate for nicotinic acid removal, intensified with copper ions and ultrasonic waves
Saien J, Seyyedan S
307 - 319 Hierarchical Bayesian model for failure analysis of offshore wells during decommissioning and abandonment processes
Babaleye AO, Kurt RE, Khan F
320 - 328 Phosphorus removal by in situ sprayed ferric chloride in Dianchi Lake: Efficiency, stability, and mechanism
Li SJ, Jiang F, Lei T, Ren ZX, Wang SX, Yang XJ
329 - 330 Challenges in environmental science and engineering 2018 Preface
Shon HK, Jegatheesan V, Chiemchaisri C
331 - 348 Development of prediction models for repair and maintenance-related accidents at oil refineries using artificial neural network, fuzzy system, genetic algorithm, and ant colony optimization algorithm
Zaranezhad A, Mahabadi HA, Dehghani MR