Process Safety and Environmental Protection

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ISSN: 0957-5820 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Remediation of stainless steel slag with MnO for CO2 mineralization
Zhao Q, Liu CJ, Gao TC, Gao L, Saxen H, Zevenhoven R
9 - 15 Community level defluoridation of groundwater with limestone derived adsorbent
Vijayeeswarri J, Geethapriyai M, Ramamurthy V
16 - 22 Dust removal performance in counter airflow shear rotating packed bed
Qi GS, Ren HY, Zhang SJ, Wei SK, Li WW, Jiao WZ, Liu YZ
23 - 35 Static and dynamic flame model effects on thermal buckling: Fixed-roof tanks adjacent to an ethanol pool-fire
Li YH, Jiang JC, Zhang QW, Yu Y, Wang ZR, Liu HS, Shu CM
36 - 44 Reductive and adsorptive elimination of bromate from water using Ru/C, Pt/C and Pd/C in the absence of H-2: A comparative study
Chiu YT, Wang HT, Lee J, Lin KYA
45 - 55 Comparison of underground mine DPM simulation using discrete phase and continuous phase models
Chang P, Xu G, Zhou FB, Mullins B, Abishek S
56 - 65 Visible light photoelectrocatalysis for wastewater treatment using bifacial N-TiO2/Graphene/Ho2O3/Titanium nanocomposite: Artificial neural network modeling and evaluation of ozone addition
Ayoubi-Feiz B, Sheydaei M, Karimi M
66 - 72 Activated sludge process faults diagnosis based on an improved particle filter algorithm
Yu P, Cao J, Jegatheesan V, Shu L
73 - 81 Chemical composition and bioactive compounds of Cucurbitaceae seeds: Potential sources for new trends of plant oils
Rezig L, Chouaibi M, Meddeb W, Msaada K, Hamdi S
82 - 89 Biogas production from water hyacinth in a novel anaerobic digester: A continuous study
Barua VB, Kalamdhad AS
90 - 102 A technoeconomic assessment of microalgal culture technology implementation for combined wastewater treatment and CO2 mitigation in the Arabian Gulf
Al Ketife AMD, Almomani F, EL-Naas M, Judd S
103 - 124 Coalbed methane emissions and drainage methods in underground mining for mining safety and environmental benefits: A review
Zheng CS, Jiang BY, Xue S, Chen ZW, Li H
125 - 132 A detailed screening on the mass transfer modeling of the CO2 absorption utilizing silica nanofluid in a wetted wall column
Valeh-e-Sheyda P, Afshari A
133 - 140 Performance evaluation of fertilizer draw solutions for forward osmosis membrane bioreactor treating domestic wastewater
Adnan M, Khan SJ, Manzoor K, Hankins NP
141 - 150 Recovery of indium from LCD screens using solid-phase extraction onto nanofibers modified with Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid (DEHPA)
Cadore JS, Bertuol DA, Tanabe EH
151 - 161 Using enriched water and soil-based indigenous halophilic consortia of an oilfield for the biological removal of organic pollutants in hypersaline produced water generated in the same oilfield
Zare N, Bonakdarpour B, Amoozegar MA, Shayandi M, Fallah N, Darabi S, Taromsary NB
162 - 170 Removals of micropollutants in staged anaerobic fluidized bed membrane bioreactor for low-strength wastewater treatment
Lim M, Ahmad R, Guo J, Tibi F, Kim M, Kim J
171 - 179 Thermal pyrolysis of high density polyethylene (HDPE) in a novel fixed bed reactor system for the production of high value gasoline range hydrocarbons (HC)
Al-Salem SM
180 - 188 Techno-economic assessment of fertiliser drawn forward osmosis process for greenwall plants from urban wastewater
Kim JE, Kuntz J, Jang A, Kim IS, Choi JY, Phuntsho S, Shon HK
189 - 196 Mathematical modelling and application for simulation of water pollution accidents
Guo GM, Cheng G
197 - 205 Recovery of high purity secondary silver from waste Ag/Cu electrical contacts
Guo WY, Zhang SH, Zhu NW, Luo DL, Wu PX
206 - 210 Characterisation of dairy processing sludge using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
Daly K, Fenton O, Ashekuzzaman SM, Fenelon A
211 - 225 Adsorptive removal studies of fluoride in aqueous system by bimetallic oxide incorporated in cellulose
Raghav S, Nehra S, Kumar D
226 - 244 Numerical and analytical prediction of pressure and impulse from vented gas explosion in large cylindrical tanks
Li JD, Hao H
245 - 256 An intelligent fire detection approach through cameras based on computer vision methods
Wu H, Wu DY, Zhao JS
257 - 266 Biochar derived from watermelon rinds as regenerable adsorbent for efficient removal of thallium(I) from wastewater
Li HS, Xiong JF, Xiao TF, Long JY, Wang QM, Li KK, Liu XM, Zhang GS, Zhang HG
267 - 276 Detection of oil leakage in soil by monitoring impedance using time domain reflectometry and hydraulic control system
Lee SG, Kwon KS, Kim BJ, Choi NC, Choi JW, Lee S
277 - 287 Investigating the performance of internet of things based anaerobic digestion of food waste
Logan M, Safi M, Lens P, Visvanathan C
288 - 298 Experimental investigation of particle deposition in filter media during filtration cycles with regeneration by pulse jet cleaning
Cirqueira SSR, Tanabe EH, Aguiar ML
299 - 305 Analysis of manganese oxidase and its encoding gene in Lysinibacillus strain MK-1
Tang WW, Liu YY, Gong JM, Chen SC, Zeng XP
306 - 313 Biodegradation of veterinary antibiotics in lagoon waters
Cha J, Carlson KH
314 - 320 Verification of appropriate life parameters in risk and reliability quantifications of process hazards
Kodoth M, Shibutani T, Khalil YF, Miyake A
321 - 328 Combinatorial optimization of petrochemical plants by asset integrity management indicators
Sheikhalishahi M, Karimi M, Raghebi R
329 - 347 Investigation on underwater spreading characteristics and migration law of oil leakage from damaged submarine pipelines
Sun Y, Cao XW, Liang FC
348 - 358 Insights into the reactivity of zero-valent-copper-containing materials as reducing agents of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol in a recirculating packed-column system: Degradation mechanism and toxicity evaluation
Souza LP, Graca CAL, Taqueda MES, Teixeira ACSC, Chiavone O