Process Safety and Environmental Protection

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ISSN: 0957-5820 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Comparison of pressure-swing distillation and heterogeneous azeotropic distillation for recovering benzene and isopropanol from wastewater
Cui Y, Shi XJ, Guang C, Zhang ZS, Wang C, Wang C
13 - 22 Application of the addition of ionic liquids using a complex wetting for agent to enhance dust control efficiency during coal mining
Wang K, Ding CN, Jiang SG, Wu ZY, Shao H, Zhang WQ
23 - 32 Comparative study on vulnerability assessment for urban buried gas pipeline network based on SVM and ANN methods
Li F, Wang WH, Xu J, Yi J, Wang QS
33 - 47 Puncture of an import gasoline pipeline-Spray effects may evaporate more fuel than a Buncefield-type tank overfill event
Hedlund FH, Pedersen JB, Sin G, Garde FG, Kragh EK, Frutiger J
48 - 57 Photodegradation of lignin from pulp and paper mill effluent using TiO2/PS composite under UV-LED radiation: Optimization, toxicity assessment and reusability study
Haghighi M, Rahmani F, Kariminejad F, Sene RA
58 - 67 The role of CaO and its influence on chlorine during the thermochemical conversion of shredder residue
Perondi D, Restelatto D, Manera C, Godinho M, Zattera AJ, Vilela ACF
68 - 82 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons extraction and removal from wastewater by carbon nanotubes: A review of the current technologies, challenges and prospects
Akinpelu AA, Ali ME, Johan MR, Saidur R, Qurban MA, Saleh TA
83 - 93 Output-based modeling of catalytic ozonation by differential neural networks with discontinuous learning law
Poznyak T, Chairez I, Poznyak A
94 - 101 Winery wastewater treatment by sulphate radical based-advanced oxidation processes (SR-AOP): Thermally vs UV-assisted persulphate activation
Amor C, Rodriguez-Chueca J, Fernandes JL, Dominguez JR, Lucas MS, Peres JA
102 - 117 Overview and experimental verification of models to classify hazardous areas
Alves JJN, Neto ATP, Araujo ACB, Silva HB, Silva SK, Nascimento CA, Luiz AM
118 - 130 Hexavalent chromium removal in an electrocoagulation column reactor: Process optimization using CCD, adsorption kinetics and pH modulated sludge formation
Khan SU, Islam DT, Farooqi IH, Ayub S, Basheer F
131 - 143 Emission reduction research and formation of hexavalent chromium in stainless steel smelting: Cooling rate and boron oxide addition effects
Li WL, Xue XX
144 - 152 Suppression of nano-polymethyl methacrylate dust explosions by ABC powder
Zhou JH, Li B, Ma DQ, Jiang HP, Gan B, Bi MS, Gao W
153 - 160 Effect of carbon and nitrogen mobilization from livestock mortalities on nitrogen dynamics in soil
Chowdhury S, Kim GH, Ok YS, Bolan N
161 - 168 An optimization framework to investigate the CO2 capture performance by MEA: Experimental and statistical studies using Box-Behnken design
Sahraie S, Rashidi H, Valeh-e-Sheyda P
169 - 184 Risk prediction and factors risk analysis based on IFOA-GRNN and apriori algorithms: Application of artificial intelligence in accident prevention
Xie XC, Fu G, Xue YJY, Zhao ZQ, Chen P, Lu BJ, Jiang S
185 - 191 A review of the applicability of the jet fire resistance test of passive fire protection materials to a range of release scenarios
Bradley I, Willoughby D, Royle M
192 - 199 Improved partial inerting MIE test method for combustible dusts and its CFD validation
Chaudhari P, Ravi B, Bagaria P, Mashuga C
200 - 208 Enrichment of PHA-accumulators for sustainable PHA production from crude glycerol
Fauzi AHM, Chua ASM, Yoon LW, Nittami T, Yeoh HK
209 - 220 Non-woven fabric activated carbon produced from fibrous waste biomass for sulphur dioxide control
Illingworth JM, Rand B, Williams PT
221 - 231 An impacting factors analysis of miners' unsafe acts based on HFACS-CM and SEM
Liu RL, Cheng WM, Yu YB, Xu QF, Jiang AW, Lv T
232 - 246 Adsorption of Bisphenol-A from aqueous solution using amberlite XAD-7 impregnated with aliquat 336: Batch, column, and design studies
Batra S, Datta D, Beesabathuni NS, Kanjolia N, Saha S
247 - 262 Risk-based operation safety analysis during maintenance activities of subsea pipelines
Li XH, Chen GM, Chang YJ, Xu CH
263 - 270 Polymorphic foam clay for inhibiting the spontaneous combustion of coal
Xi ZL, Wang XD, Wang XL, Wang L, Li D, Guo XY, Jin LW
271 - 280 Geometric effect of buildings on the dispersion of carbon dioxide cloud in idealized urban street canyons
Tan W, Li CJ, Wang K, Zhu GR, Liu LY
281 - 287 Hybrid CH4/coal dust explosions in a 20-L spherical vessel
Song SX, Cheng YF, Meng XR, Ma HH, Dai HY, Kan JT, Shen ZW
288 - 297 High-dry dewatering of sludge based on different pretreatment conditions
Rao BQ, Zhu YF, Yu MZ, Lu XL, Wan YJ, Huang GQ, Su XY, Liu XD
298 - 306 Fast prediction of the replacement process of oil vapor in horizontal tank and its improved safety evaluation method
Zhang KX, Li JF, Yu B, Han DX, Chen YJ
307 - 312 Liquid fertilizer production by alkaline hydrolysis of carcasses and the evaluation of developed fertilizer in hot pepper cultivation
Kang SW, Jeong C, Seo DC, Kim SY, Cho JS
313 - 319 Biodiesel synthesis from eucalyptus oil by utilizing waste egg shell derived calcium based metal oxide catalyst
Rahman WU, Fatima A, Anwer AH, Athar M, Khan MZ, Khan NA, Halder G
320 - 327 Experimental study on the liquid layer spread and burning behaviors of continuous heptane spill fires
Zhao JL, Zhu HQ, Huang H, Zhong MH, Yang R
328 - 338 Optimization of rDNA degradation in recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine production plant wastewater using visible light excited Ag-doped TiO2 nanophotocatalyst
Mahmoudian-Boroujerd L, Karimi-Jashni A, Hosseini SN, Paryan M
339 - 351 Dynamic risk analysis of hydrogen sulfide leakage for offshore natural gas wells in MPD phases
Wu SN, Zhang LB, Fan JC, Zhou YF
352 - 365 New integrated process for production of edible and fishmeal powders from sardines: Drying kinetics and quality attributes
Tarhouni A, Ben Zid M, Talbi O, Elbour M, Sadok S, Boudhrioua NM
366 - 377 Contrasting effects of banana peels waste and its biochar on greenhouse gas emissions and soil biochemical properties
Sial TA, Khan MN, Lan ZL, Kumbhar F, Ying Z, Zhang JG, Sun DQ, Li X
378 - 385 Feasibility study of the hybrid adsorptive hollow fibre ceramic membrane (HFCM) derived from natural zeolite for the removal of ammonia in wastewater
Adam MR, Matsuura T, Othman MHD, Puteh MH, Pauzan MAB, Ismail AF, Mustafa A, Rahman MA, Jaafar J, Abdullah MS